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Set 1

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Set 1: 43 miniatures
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S1-01 Snake Eyes G.I.Joe/Arashikage  Very Common  search
S1-02 Roadblock G.I.Joe  Rare  search
S1-03 Duke G.I.Joe  Uncommon  search
S1-04 Low-Light G.I.Joe  Uncommon  search
S1-05 Beast Ninja Soldier Beast Ninja  Very Rare  search
S1-06 Ghost Ninja Henchman Ghost Ninja  Very Rare  search
S1-07 Storm Shadow Cobra/Arashikage  Uncommon  search
S1-08 Cobra Commander Cobra  Uncommon  search
S1-09 Snake Eyes G.I.Joe/Arashikage  Very Common  search
S1-10 Roadblock G.I.Joe  Uncommon  search
S1-11 Leatherneck G.I.Joe  Rare  search
S1-12 Shockblast G.I.Joe  Very Rare  search
S1-13 Snake Master Arashikage  Uncommon  search
S1-14 Ghost Ninja Henchman Ghost Ninja  Uncommon  search
S1-15 Red Ninja Arashikage  Very Rare  search
S1-16 Destro Cobra  Very Common  search
S1-17 Snake Eyes G.I.Joe/Arashikage  Rare  search
S1-18 Flint G.I.Joe  Rare  search
S1-19 Grunt G.I.Joe  Uncommon  search
S1-20 Tank Blaster G.I.Joe  Uncommon  search
S1-21 Gold Ninja Assassin Ghost Ninja  Rare  search
S1-22 Ghostblade Oni Ghost Ninja  Uncommon  search
S1-23 Red Ninja Arashikage  Rare  search
S1-24 Cobra Trooper Big Blaster Cobra  Common  search
S1-25 Snake Eyes G.I.Joe/Arashikage  Uncommon  search
S1-26 Lady Jaye G.I.Joe  Rare  search
S1-27 Hit 'N Run G.I.Joe  Uncommon  search
S1-28 Barbecue G.I.Joe  Very Rare  search
S1-29 Beast Ninja Commander Beast Ninja  Rare  search
S1-30 Thunder Ninja Ghost Ninja  Rare  search
S1-31 Arashikage Samurai Arashikage  Common  search
S1-32 Cobra Trooper Spin 'N Smash Cobra  Uncommon  search
S1-33 Timber The Wolf G.I.Joe  Very Rare  search
S1-34 Beachhead G.I.Joe  Uncommon  search
S1-35 Steel Brigade G.I.Joe  Uncommon  search
S1-36 Lt. Stone G.I.Joe  Rare  search
S1-37 Nightclaw The Panther Unknown  Common  search
S1-38 Dark Ninja Master Dark Ninja  Common  search
S1-39 Dark Ninja Brawler Dark Ninja  Rare  search
S1-40 Cobra Infantry Viper Cobra  Common  search
S1-41 Joe Colton G.I.Joe  Rare  search
S1-42 Zartan Cobra  Common  search
S1-43 Cobra Commander Z Cobra  Rare  search
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