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Subject: PotC tribute game   PostPosted: Wed May 24, 2017 11:44 pm Reply with quote

This was a special game to celebrate the 5th (and possibly final) Pirates of the Caribbean movie being released this week, Dead Men Tell No Tales. It's a PotC tribute game, with tons of ships and characters from all 4 movies represented. Video of game (not recommended, I'm looking forward to better productions in the future hopefully. Still, a necessary first try at it!)

Here are the participants. They each have special victory conditions, as they're fighting for separate goals. This makes it a tiny bit like an RPG (role playing game), and should make for an interesting experience. (crew abilities found here)

HMS Endeavour + Lord Cutler Beckett, Mercer
HMS Dauntless + Admiral James Norrington, Governor Weatherby Swann
HMS Interceptor + Mullroy, Murtog
Edinburgh Trader

At 86 total points, the English fleet is out for pirate blood. They will not stop until all pirates have been defeated.
Goal to achieve victory: Eliminate all Pirate ships and crew.

Captain Jack Sparrow:
Black Pearl + Captain Jack Sparrow, Joshamee Gibbs, Cotton, Marty, Pintel and Ragetti

Somehow the crew fit into the point and cargo limits of the ship due to the links! Jack is up to his usual tricks - staying alive by whatever means necessary. He's got his full crew aboard to help him, which should make the Pearl a force to be reckoned with.
Goal to achieve victory: Be alive at the end of the game.

Davy Jones' Cursed:
Flying Dutchman + Captain Davy Jones, Bootstrap Bill Turner, Jimmy Legs, Palafico
The Kraken

Davy Jones is out for more souls, with Jack Sparrow in particular on his hit list. However, he has a target on his back, and wants to live forever. This fleet functions as part of the Cursed faction.
Goal to achieve victory: Be alive at the end of the game. (bonus points for capturing as many enemy crew as possible, and for keeping enemies from finding the chest OR its key)

Hector Barbossa:
Hai Peng + Captain Barbossa, Cursed Crew 1, Cursed Crew 2

Barbossa is wise, and has a lot on his mind. He'd love to get the Pearl back from Jack, but avoiding the English and Davy Jones while doing so will be difficult.
Goal to achieve victory: Capture the Black Pearl. (bonus points for staying alive)

Queen Anne's Revenge + Blackbeard

Blackbeard is the odd one out here, as the only standout from On Stranger Tides. However, his historical record speaks for itself.
Goal to achieve victory: Survive, eliminate other Pirate rivals (especially Jack and Barbossa), and end up with the most gold whether through coins or captured crew. (his ability lets you unload captured crew for gold worth their point cost)

Jolly Mon + Anamaria (obviously illegal due to her point cost, but I'm also negating the Jolly Mon's ability because she would weigh less than Jack, especially with all his gear lol)

Anamaria is still annoyed with Jack for not having gotten her ship back. She had to pay for the Jolly Mon to be raised from the bottom of Port Royal, and now demands payment AND another ship from Jack.
Goal to achieve victory: Receive gold AND a captured ship from Jack Sparrow. (can be any amount of gold and any ship in play, with bonus points for HMS Interceptor)

The Brethren Court:
Empress + Captain Sao Feng, Lian and Park, Tia Dalma
Ranger + Gentleman Jocard
Centurion + Captain Villanueva
Seref + Ammand the Corsair
Fancy + Capitaine Chevalle
Otter + Sri Sumbhajee
Ningpo + Mistress Ching

At 101 points, the Brethren Court's fleet is the only thing capable of directly standing up to the Royal Navy in the Caribbean. Sao Feng has gotten the real Calypso aboard his ship, and intends to release her to combat both Davy Jones, the Royal Navy, and possibly Blackbeard as well. To do this they must get Ragetti's wooden eyeball (Barbossa's piece of eight) and Jack's piece of eight, both of which start the game on the Black Pearl (though they may not realize this).
Goal to achieve victory: Release Calypso, defeat the Royal Navy, and be the last fleet standing.

It's possible that more than one participant will achieve victory, at which point various tiebreakers may be used.

Now onto the house rules and other variables (forgot to use a few others I originally planned on):
-Wind rules
-The Flying Dutchman can submerge. When submerged she follows the rules for submarines, except that she gets +L to her base move and cannot ram.
-Will and Elizabeth Turner will be in the Port Royal jail to start the game. This is where the Royal Navy will sail from. By docking at the port and being given an explore action, any Pirates (not the English or Cursed) can free them and use them if desired.
-Some crew have multiple versions; if that crew is on a ship, either version can be used on that turn.
-The undamaged Empress is standing in for the damaged version, which is the version I'm using stats for.
-Any UT's can be loaded face down. No UT's take up cargo space.

Custom UT rules:
Jack's Compass: Lets you look at all face down treasures on islands and ships. (points to thing you want most)
Dead Man's Chest and Davy Jones' Key: If both are on the same ship, you can either kill Davy Jones outright or command the Flying Dutchman and the Kraken. (the latter of which could make you a huge target)
Curse of the Black Spot: Automatically makes this ship a target of the Kraken. (target changes if the Kraken already had a target)
Aztec Medallion: This ship's crew cannot be eliminated.
Letter of Marque: English ships cannot attack this ship in any way.

Here is the setup. Port Royal is at the upper left, which is the northwest corner of the map. Isla de Muerta is at the top, and you can see that the Black Pearl is starting the game inside a fog bank nearby. Blackbeard has entered the area from the northeast, while Shipwreck Cove holds the Brethren Court's fleet in the far east. Barbossa has emerged in the southeast. That small island near the center represents Isla Cruces, and Davy Jones and his Kraken are to the south of it. The big sandbar represents the one from At World's End in the "Parlay" scene. Anamaria is on the Jolly Mon in the southwest.

The English, with the Dauntless anchored in a position similar to the outset of Curse of the Black Pearl. Three 4L and two 4S cannons occupy the fort, which fire in fixed lines of sight (no rotating their line of fire like normal cannons). The Turner couple is in jail.

Scenes from...
The Curse of the Black Pearl:

Dead Man's Chest:

At World's End:

World's End! Ocean's Edge! This game actually features a waterfall cliff.

A few turns in, and the Interceptor has explored the Sandbar, with Cannibals killing Murtog.

This looks familiar...

... ironically enough, Jack Sparrow has gotten the Curse of the Black Spot! The Kraken is after him! He also picks up Rum (which his whole gets drunk on), a Spyglass, and the key to Davy Jones' chest. (NOT just a drawring of a key!)

Blackbeard aboard the Queen Anne's Revenge has found both Plunder and Smuggled Goods, which will be worth 6 gold combined if he can unload them.

The Edinburgh Trader is the only English ship not to venture into southern waters, but the Flying Dutchman lurks underwater nearby. Barbossa is after the Black Pearl, and would rather not use his Jailhouse Dog to eliminate Jack's Black Spot, hoping the Kraken can damage the Pearl but leave her intact so Barbossa can capture it.

However, the Brethren Court have other plans, which include taking Barbossa's and Jack's pieces of eight to release Calypso!

Barbossa tried to tell Sao Feng that his piece of eight was Ragetti's wooden eyeball, currently aboard the Black Pearl with Jack. But Sao Feng didn't trust him! The Empress gets the weather gauge and rams the Hai Peng! However, Sao Feng's boarding party is repulsed, with Park taking the hit. The Centurion also rammed, taking out one of Barbossa's cursed crew. Unfortunately Captain Villanueva, one of the Pirate Lords, died in the ensuing boarding chaos. This made Sao Feng come to his senses, and he agreed to not attack the Hai Peng any longer as long as Barbossa was telling the truth. (as a side note, Sao Feng has collected the pieces of eight from the 7 Pirate Lords in his fleet, so he need be the only one alive to release Calypso if he acquired all 9 pieces)

I forgot to take pictures for a while. The Black Pearl used her great speed and some occasional wind gusts to avoid the Kraken and Flying Dutchman. Jack decided to rescue Will and Elizabeth from the Port Royal jail, with no English threats guarding the harbor. However, this put him into a corner, surrounded by Port Royal on one side and Davy Jones and his pet on the other! Jack temporarily accepted his fate, letting the Kraken engulf the Pearl. He planned to fight his way out since he couldn't run any longer.

Barbossa, Blackbeard, and the Brethren Court head northwest to seek out Jack and the Black Pearl, who were starting a brutal fight against the Kraken! The Seref was attacked earlier in the game by the Dauntless, and here she is being escorted by the Otter back to Shipwreck Cove where she can repair. Unbeknownst to the Brethren, Blackbeard deposited his stash of Plunder and Smuggled Goods in part of the town of Shipwreck, netting him 6 gold. Tia Dalma's canceller ability halted the Dauntless and Admiral Norrington, so the English have sailed back south. Anamaria was headed to Port Royal to pick up Will and Elizabeth for their assistance, but strong and constantly shifting winds made her journey difficult. By the time she had nearly reached the harbor in this picture, Jack already had them aboard the Pearl.

This looks familiar! Ever the savvy pirate, Jack intentionally let the Kraken take the Black Pearl near Port Royal, who had a cannon in range of the beast.

Devastation: after a fierce fight, the Black Pearl is gone. The Kraken is mortally wounded and has taken damage from the Empress, who used Tia Dalma to cancel the Kraken keyword. All hell has broken loose, as the Royal Navy contingent engages the Brethren Court. Blackbeard has left the scene to pursue Barbossa and the vulnerable Otter with Sumbhajee aboard. However, Barbossa is using the Hai Peng's speed to full advantage, racing towards the ocean's edge/world's end. Anamaria spots him and looks to join, eager to do anything but join the melee up north.

With a timely AA from Beckett, the Royal Navy unleashes English gunnery! The Fancy, Ningpo, and Centurion are quickly dismasted, leaving the Ranger with no support. Even the Interceptor and Edinburgh Trader are available, having no better things to do.

In another unintentional irony, Barbossa steers the Hai Peng off the edge of the world and over the waterfall! Anamaria follows him in desperation on the Jolly Mon!

In the chaotic aftermath of the main battle, the Royal Navy continues to reign supreme. The Flying Dutchman finally was able to get at Sao Feng in the Empress, which sank. Davy Jones then turned his attention to the Dauntless, with Jimmy Legs saccing Lian to provide a move+shoot. It went horribly, and the Dauntless took advantage by blasting off 3 of the FD's masts. The severely weakened Kraken has surrounded the Edinburgh Trader (again), but the Endeavour and Interceptor are healthy, the latter having captured the Ranger and Gentleman Jocard for the fun of it.

Here's a cool sea-level view near a rocky outcropping, showing the Kraken in a familiar place and the Dutchman's gunports. Especially with the Endeavour looming, you can tell the battle is going in favor of the English.

After a turn in Davy Jones' Locker, Barbossa has succeeded in rescuing Jack and his motley crew from the depths!!

Here is the Black Pearl setup with everyone on board!

The English were able to kill the Kraken and capture the Flying Dutchman.

Knowing they must team up with each other to stand a chance against the Royal Navy, the Pirates band together and fight! A shift in the wind gives the English the weather gauge! The Black Pearl is quickly dismasted, while Blackbeard's ship loses two masts. The partially repaired Seref arrives on the scene, but the Otter has already been dismasted. The Edinburgh Trader engages the Empress.

Despite the QAR sinking and having just two ships left, the Pirates put up a good fight.

In the end the Royal Navy emerges victorious, having accomplished their goal of ridding the Caribbean of piracy!

The English definitely benefited from being out of the action during the middle of the game, and basically all the pirates wanted something from Jack, which led to infighting. The themed strategies were fun to watch play out.

This was a fun game that showcased a ton of aspects from Pirates of the Caribbean. I hope you enjoyed reading about it, and I hope my videos will improve over time. I also recorded my first few videos for Instagram, where you can hear the background music I had on and even glimpse a few moments that the pictures don't show.

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Subject:    PostPosted: Sun May 28, 2017 11:52 pm Reply with quote

Taught two relatives how to play today! It was a very simple 20 point introductory game using the simple rules. Didn't have my camera or phone with me but here's a quick summary:

I went first with the Templar and Lucy's Luck, followed by a player with the Enfant Terrible and Felicite. The other player fielded the Lord Cauldwell and Scorpion. The Lucy's Luck and Scorpion were able to bring home 3 coins apiece in their first trips. The Templar shot 2/2 to dismast the Felicite, who was later towed home by the Enfant Terrible, but not before the Templar stole 2 of her 3 coins. Those coins were fought over for the rest of the game, with lots of ramming and boarding between the Lord Cauldwell, Templar, Scorpion, and Enfant. In the end, I tied with the LC/Scorpion player with 13 gold apiece (they won the masts remaining tiebreaker), while the French had 4.
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Subject:    PostPosted: Thu Jun 01, 2017 11:01 pm Reply with quote

To celebrate the 2 year anniversary of my Economy Edition game starting I made a "glideshow" with Adobe Spark. Doesn't work as well as the advertisement showed (big surprise lol), but it's kinda cool.
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Subject:    PostPosted: Sun Jun 04, 2017 12:11 am Reply with quote

Alas, there was no session for the month of April, but the May session has just been completed!
When we last left off, the Lord Sentinel had attacked the First Mate Jones, who got sudden un-expected help from the Ninjamaster, who broke his alliance with the Lord Sentinel. Several of the Lord Sentinel’s ships had been damaged and one had been sunk, the first combat sinkage of the game!
As the Admirals gathered around for another session, the Lord Sentinel had one thing on his mind: revenge.

Here is a shot of the Eastern Ocean, which contains the fleets of the First Mate and Ninja master on the left and right, respectively.

The Fleet of the Lord Sentinel before the session got underway, the Celtic Fury should only have 2 masts standing, but I didn’t want to take them out….. A close look reveals an event on his HI, possibly to counter the several events that the First Mate purchased last session….

Commodore Simon moving his ships about, the Commodore is so far the only admiral to not have been engaged in combat. He has neither shot nor been shot at.

The Commodore sends the ridiculously fast Hai-Peng to an island, where she promptly rolls a one to get stuck.

The fleet of the First Mate Jones spreads out, looking for gold, and looking to stay away from combat.

The Lord Sentinel took quite an eventful turn, sending four ships into the second sea: El Garante, Bloody Jewel, Hades Flame, and Concepcion. Their destination is the islands in the far reaches of the second sea, away from the whirlpool that lets them go between the seas.
That’s not all the Lord Sentinel did, in a game record, he spent over 100 gold and put FIVE ships into the water, each with a Captain, Helmsman, Fire Shot, and Fire Pot Specialist!

The largest launch so far of the game! The five American Schooners squeezed in around the now Crowded HI of the Lord Sentinel. The Hessian is cancelling the Mercenary Keyword of the Celtic Fury, allowing the giant ship to repair at the HI, where she is safe from cannon fire. Additionally when she docked, the CF was able to unload the Captured DJC El Fantasma, who was turned in for a large 9 gold payout!
In the background you can see the Lord Sentinel’s ‘battle fleet’ moving out toward the unprotected El Castillo del Infanata, which was built right before the last session ended

The First Mate Jones uses Jean Desailly to throw the great Intermediaro onto a reef, where the poor beastie loses three tentacles! The Lord Sentinel glowers, displeased with this turn of events.

The fleet of Commodore Simon has grown incrementally, but is now reaching a large enough size to be taken note of by the other admirals, here the wounded Divine Dragon and Amity make for the far flung Castillo del Infanata, and look on at the impressive size of the Commodore’s fleet.

In another unfortuneate turn of events, the First Mate Jones uses Elizabeth’s piece of 8 to make the Darkhawk II fire on the Grand Barnacle, which has taken the derelict HMS Grand Temple in tow (the GT was derelict at the end of last session)! The Lord Sentinel is displeased, but his focus is elsewhere, such as on the fleet of the Ninjamaster…..

Speaking of the Ninjamaster, he has sent the CC Deliverance way into the Lord Sentinel’s waters, using an EA and Ghost Ship to go straight through obstacles in his way. The Deliverance winds up just astern of the Divine Dragon and the Lord Sentinel eyes the ship warily….

In the background, you can see that the Commodore Simon has built his first fort, Fortaleza Dorada, giving him a base of operations away from his HI.

Not liking such a threatening warship near his home, the Lord Sentinel dispatches the newly launched Freedom, and the captured Algiers to take care of the Deliverance. The Algiers got her built in EA, sailed 4S up to the Deliverance, and Percival Blake succeeded with his Broadsides Attack, eliminating three masts! The Freedom followed up with her cannon bonus against Pirates coming in handy, she let loose with regular cannon and hit with a firepot, leaving the Deliverance aflame and derelict!

This aggression certainly got the attention of the Ninjamaster, and a look to the east shows some very powerful warships heading toward the Lord Sentinel, among them the Cristal del Obispo, and the dreaded Endeavour.

The Deliverance is boxed in and aflame, even though she has a shipwright and the Ghost Ship keyword, it will be difficult for her to escape. Note however, that most of the ships surrounding her are gold ships, even though the Guichuan has a captain, the great vessel has not seen fit to fire on any ship so far.

Partly in response to the Lord Sentinel’s aggression, and partly to keep up in the arms race, the Ninjamaster launches the
HMS Titan + Thane Hartless + some other crew (forgot who! Embarassed)
Paul Revere + Commander Steven Decatur + captain + helmsman
From his HI, giving him some firepower to match the Lord Sentinel’s

For the first time this session, Calypso creates whirlpools! The First is within L of the Golden Medusa, where the Goddess has taken residence; the other is within L of an island in the Second Sea!

The Peacock and the President dock at the same island, but on opposite sides, each grabbing some gold. In the background the Deliverance has used her shipwright and an EA to begin to crawl away from the Lord Sentinel’s forces. The Cristal del Obispo is making her way toward the Lord Sentinel to escort the Deliverance back to friendly waters and to get some revenge…..

In addition to the formidable surface warships at his disposal, the Ninjamaster also has a crewed up Nautilus, with canceller Christian Fiore aboard.

The Lord Sentinel reveals his hand! Last session he had purchased the Coleptra with Anamaria and a face-down crew. He now revealed that crew to be Papa Doc! Doc took aim at the EA crew on the Deliverance, but failed to possess the unlucky pirate. Frustrated, the Lord Sentinel ordered the Algiers into the gap, and directed her Broadsides Attack to the La Felecitie, and succeeded for a second time in a row!

In a diabolical move, the Lord Sentinel used a 6 from the All-Powerful Davy Jones to send the Enfant Terrible (Captain Deleflote’s abode) through a whirlpool, and sent him out right in front of the First Mate Jones!

The Lord Sentinel finished his turn by launching:
Rising Sun + Captain Blackheart + helmsman + sac crew
The LS also purchased some crew for the Grand Barnacle to use in conjunction with the UPS of the Rising Sun.

The First Mate uses his slew of smaller craft to ram the Enfant derelict, and then captures it! A huge blow to the Ninjamaster and his overall game plan, and a tremendous boost to the First Mates, if he can get the Enfant home……

The Ninjamaster has sent the Fallen Angel towing Death’s Anchor to harass the Lord Sentinel. The Saratoga tries to interfere and cause damage, but to no avail.

The Deliverance continues to limp away, experiencing an incredible run of good luck. Her Fire has not spread, and she is moving at a decent clip toward home.

The Peacock leaves the island and tries to block the Acorazado from entering the active battle theater.

The Ninjamaster uses his myriad of turtle ships to first ram a mast off of the Algiers, and then the Proud Tortoise derelicts the ship with a well-placed cannon shot.

The Ninjamasters heavy guns are approaching, the Franklin and Cristal del Obispo are almost upon the Lord Sentinel’s waters. The Saratoga has taken damage squaring off against both the Fallen Angel and Death’s Anchor, she may not last much longer…..
The Saratoga is one of two of the Schooner squad to stay in the primary sea, all the others went through the Whirlpool to secure the islands in the second sea for the Lord Sentinel and his nefarious plan….

To make matters worse for the Saratoga, the Titan has arrived via her built in EA.

The Saratoga falls!

As mentioned, the Lord Sentinel sent most of his American Schooner Squad to the second sea, most of them lost their Fire Shot equipment’s in the process, but are still well armed enough to take of any runners that come through. Here they are after coming through, menacing the Maui’s Fishhook, but the Ninjamaster has not abandoned his far flung runners!
The Assesina de la Nave and HMS Oxley have come through the Whirlpool to assist the MF! However, they are frozen after coming through, for they lack EA’s to engage the Lord Sentinel’s forces…..

The Fishhook flees, leaving the Oxley and de la Nave to handle the imposing American gunships….

The Intrepid weighs in on the Peacock, and makes short work of her.

Sinking the Peacock opened the door for the Acorazado to make her entrance, using her SAT from Captain Castro; she sailed up to the Titan and proceeded to blast 3 of her masts off!

The Ninjamster had oped his reinforcements to the Second Sea would be enough to deter the Lord Sentinel, but alas it was not to be.
Opening fire first on the much more dangerous de la Nave, the Freedom and Louisiana combined firepower to sink the ship, leaving the Yankee and her slightly bad cannons to take care of the Oxley; which she did, going 4/4 to single handedly sink the Oxley (thus also freeing up some valuable named English crew….)!
To cap it off, and to make a firm statement, the Lord Sentinel directed the Guichuan through the whirlpool as well (where she lost one of her stern masts), and here she makes an impressive sight, emerging behind the Schooner Squad, with her sights set on the second island, and the Ninjamaster’s fleeing Joya del Sol.

Realizing that the situation near his HI is actually quite serious (the Franklin is no slouch) the Lord Sentinel uses his Fleet Actions (Mycron, Preble, Etc.) on the Intrepid and Oxford, getting them into the fight so as to draw fire from the Acorazado, and to have two cancellers in the area (Lawrence on the Oxford).
Here the Intrepid has hit the Cristal with a fire pot, and taken out one of her masts as well, while the Oxford was unsuccessful on the other side.

The Lord Sentinel ends his turn by launching some new ships (seriously, I just added these to my collection):
HMS Dauntless + Admiral James Norrington + Sir Christopher Myngs + Helmsman + shipwright
F Flying Dutchman + Jack Hawkins + Wesley + Will Turner r + helmsman + oarsman

The Rising sun has reached an island, and the Neptune’s Hoard has departed, but the First Mate Jones has used his L-moving crew to throw the Hoard onto a reef! The Lord Sentinel is relieved, and the First Mate annoyed that the ship survives its encounter with the Reef.

The Lamon slinks up behind the repairing Divine Dragon, where William Eaton fires and takes off a mast!

The Fallen Angel and Death’s Anchor get up close and personal with the Acorazado. The Angel lacks a captain, and so tries to ram a mast off of the mighty warship, and fails. The Flotilla behind her opens fire as well, somehow getting all 4 of her cannons on the Acorazado, only to go ¼, which is ignored by Joaquin Vega.

The Titan fails at her built in EA, but succeeds in taking out one of the Acorazado’s masts!

The Cristal has a mixed day, she succeeded in eliminating two of the Intrepid’s masts, but gained another fire mast….

The Ninjamaster plays one of his aces, using a Fearsome Creature to slink in and surround the Intrepid!

The Nautilus slips past the Canoe blockade, and surfaces, firing on the docked Grinder, and taking out two masts!

Disaster for the Lord Sentinel! The Ninjamaster tried ramming with another Turtle Ship, but failed, then he had the Franklin weigh in on the mighty Spaniard, and a combined 4/4 and ram reduced the Acorazado to one mast standing!

To add to his troubles, the Paul Revere came through and thrashed the Oxford, taking her down to one mast!

A sudden reversal of fortune! The Constitution was finally done repairing, and she made her presence known with a successful SAT from Montana Mays. Even though her world hating bonus would not be effective against the Franklin, she prevailed, managing to dismast the fearsome gunship.

You may have noticed that the Acorazado was missing from the last pic, since the Constitution essentially took her place. Where then did she go? The Ninjamaster thought he had boxed the ship in, but did not account for a successful SAT from Captain Castro! The Acorazado moved S+S, fired a parting shot at the Franklin, and moved S+ S again to put the Canoe blockade between her and the dangerous Titan.

Realizing that momentum was building in his favor, the Lord Sentinel instructed the Amity to move away from Castilla del Infanata, giving the Fort three clear shots on the Paul Revere! The Fort went a dismal 0/3, but was bailed out by its ability to re-roll a miss, where it succeeded at hitting the Revere!
Next the Divine Dragon was given an action, El Fantasma’s SAT was successful, allowing the Dragon to pull broadside to the Revere, where she had a combined +2 to cannon rolls against her! (+1 from ability, another +1 from Devereaux who was on board)

Using the rest of her SAT, the Divine Dragon sailed south into the heat of battle! Able to get one cannon in range, the Dragon fired the shot to sink the Franklin!

Meanwhile, the Nautilus had felt safe and secure above the seas, having sent the Grinder running, and the Dauntless not able to hit even though the Ninjamaster had let the English warship fire on the sub. Then the Dutchman arrived, and prepared to fire as well, but Will Turner was cancelled by Christian Fiore. However the Lord Sentinel smiled, for he had not intended to shoot the Nautilus. Wesley led a board from S away, Jack Hawkins assured that the crew would be safe, and the Dutchman easily won the board, wiping out all of the Nautilus’s crew!

In a tactical error, the Lord Sentinel directed the Oxford around the surrounded Intrepid and instructed her to fire on the fleeing Deliverance, and not to use Lawrence to shoot at the Kraken, insult was added to idiocy as the Oxford missed.

Trying to capitalize on his built momentum, the Lord Sentinel recalls the rest of the Schooner Squad; you can see the battle on the right hand side of the frame, where the Constitution is visible.

The Commodore Simon tries to send the Hyena through the Portal to the Second Sea, but fails to roll the required 6 to go to the other Portal, and thus is hanging out in the main sea Portal.

The First Mate throws the Grinder into the path of the Acorazado, who is trying to get back to the HI to repair.

Once again, the First Mate uses the Piece of Eight to make the Darkhawk II fire on the Celestine, but manages to miss enough times to only derelict the Galley.

A Fearsome Creature leaves the Intrepid to surround the Constitution, leaving the slightly burning schooner behind (her fire shot equipment backfired).

The Carolina catches up to and rams the Acorazado derelict!

This opened the the Titan, who had the Death’s Anchor clear away the Canoe Blockade to capture the Acorazado!

The Oxford is rammed derelict by a Turtle Ship, opening the door once again for…..

Capture! With that, both of the Lord Sentinel’s canceller crew have been captured!

In a possibly unprecedented event, the surviving CANOE FIRED upon the HMS Titan, and HIT. The Lord Sentinel followed up this unprecedented event with a shot from the Grinder, taking the Titan to one mast standing….

Desperate to save at least the Acorazado, the Lord Sentinel once again pinned his hopes on the Yankee, sending her to stop the Titan…..and once again, the Yankee prevailed, sinking the Titan!
In the background, the rest of the Schooner Squad has engaged the Ninjamaster’s Turtle Ships and flotilla

In a desperate attempt to free up the Oxford, the Coeleptra comes to the surface, and lets loose with all of her cannons on the Endeavour, on top of that, the Divine Dragon has rammed into the Endeavour as well as firing her cannons with a +2 bonus, but combined the two were only able to knock down 4 of her masts, leaving one standing, and the Oxford securely in tow.

The Session ended there, and it was decreed that the 2017 Campaign shall go on Hiatus until after the summer, and CoEC has come to pass.
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Subject: What fun you must have had   PostPosted: Sun Jun 04, 2017 3:23 am Reply with quote

I really enjoyed this battle report. It felt like a very well-defined narrative, with the Lord Sentinel and the Ninjamaster battling it out on the high seas. There were numerous times when I thought you were doomed, but managed to come back effectively. Still, having both cancellers in dire straits and needing the Yankee (whose luck is rivaling that of my EE's San Estaban at this point) of all ships to rescue the Acorazado, it would look bleak if things were to continue normally. I think that CCM's ruling you're using where all ships return to start at the beginning of each session could save some of your ships here, but I guess you'd lose both cancellers since they're not in your control.

I really loved the pictures, they were crisp and beautiful. From the first two pictures I counted 29 ships for the First Mate, 33 ships for the Ninjamaster, and 26 for the Lord Sentinel (88 total not counting Commodore Simon, though some of those numbers must be wrong). At an average of 29 ships per fleet 88+29=117, at which an average of 15 total points for each ship and its crew, 117*15= ~1,755 total points, a rough average give or take a few hundred points lol. Fun times indeed! I must admit I'm jealous heh.

I loved that Schooner/fire squadron, very cool. I was just talking about how many great American 3 and 4 masted schooners there are with someone on the subreddit. That said, the Yankee looked like the odd one out but she's proving herself!

In picture 050 I noticed a Fearsome Creature munching on a turkey or something?! lol

That Flying Dutchman crew setup looked really cool, I wouldn't want to face that nasty batch of combos. Picture 096 after the Constitution rammed the Franklin is just awesome, and it reminds me of some of my old massive HFS battles actually - where the line of ships battling broadside-to-broadside goes very deep, alternating English/French/English/French (for example), etc, etc. Very nice to see such a large scale battle here in 2017.

A few technicalities that I would understand not wanting to use since they're a bit silly:
-Devereaux's ability says ship, since forts aren't considered ships like flotillas are I don't think you would get his bonus after that fort hit.
-Whirlpools can't eliminate equipment as it says in the PC, mostly because whirlpools were introduced before equipment existed.

I'll end with a positive note though, picture 110 and your caption made me freak out for some reason. It just really made me think about what it would look like in real life. Imagine the big (by the standards of the ships anyway) Death's Anchor flotilla firing its guns at the native canoes, whose crew scream in terror as the 18 pound round shot (for example heh) easily tears their tiny boats apart with one shot each, the flotilla rotating ominously before each shot is taken with deadly accuracy. Then the Titan turns and sails over the wreckage ala Salazar in the DMTNT preview and makes headway towards the best gunship of all time, who is powerless to stop her own capture. Thanks for writing this, it's quite entertaining!
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Subject:    PostPosted: Sun Jun 04, 2017 4:09 am Reply with quote

Thank you for reading! The Lord Sentinel has had fortune smile upon him, for the Yankee was able to re-capture the Acorazado for him! However the Oxford is still in enemy clutches....
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Subject: A new player!   PostPosted: Mon Jun 12, 2017 6:20 pm Reply with quote

Just played a game with Karan R in India!

In their first game of Pirates, Karan went first with Barbary Untouchables V 2.0.

I followed with:
Augusta + captain, helmsman
Iberia + captain, helmsman
Angel de Guarda

After a turn and a half, the Corsairs stick together while the Augusta prepares an island for the Angel.

The Angel, Iberia, and Tiger's Eye all grabbed gold, while the Augusta and Nubian Prince eyed each other near the Iberia.

The Augusta blocked the Nubian Prince to ensure the Iberia got home safely, and both fleets unloaded considerable hauls of gold. The NP dumped a crew to make room for a coin, while the Augusta sped off to intercept the Tiger's Eye.

The gunships of each fleet started attacking the gold runners! The Iberia was dismasted, soon followed by the Tiger's Eye and Angel.

The Augusta sank the Tiger's Eye while the Nubian Prince sank the Angel and Iberia, leaving just the two gunships. The Augusta knew she couldn't win a fight with her S range guns against the NP's ability, and decided to drop both crew and load coins from the southeastern island.

A chase ensued, where the NP caught the Augusta and sunk her! Divers was flipped by the Corsairs to receive both coins (using standard treasure rules unlike in most of my other games).

1. Barbary Corsairs: 16 gold
2. Spanish: 13 gold

Karan R has their first victory in Pirates CSG, and another player has been introduced to the module! Also, another country is added to the list of locations where people have played Pirates remotely! (joining England, Spain, and Singapore, likely among others in the past)
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Finally getting a chance to put this game up. Played this back in May with my friend I introduced to Pirates earlier in the spring. 150 point game mixed fleets allowed with a few UT randomly put on WI. It's been a while so details will likely be left out. As my first report I'm sure there will be lots of room for improvement. Here are the fleets:

Fleets: Mixed fleets allowed, 150 Points
Fleet J:
Lady Scorn + Griffin+ Cannoneer + Calico Cat
La Possession + Firepot Specialist + Captain+ Helmsman+ Le Requin
Black Pearl+ Crimson Angel+ Captain
L’Hercule + Capitane Arathiel + Monseiur Lenor + Oarsman + Chainshot Specialist
La Monarca + Helmsman
Le Bon Marin + Helmsman
Lynx + Helmsman

Fleet R:
Executioner + Davy Jones+ Helmsman + Captain
Crusher + Helmsman + Captain Mysion + Don Pedri Gilbert
Concepcion + Helmsman + Victor De Alva
Le Superbe + Amiral Gaston De St. Croix
Tigers Eye + Jack Hawkins
Bloody Jewel + Cotton
Le Soleil Royal + Helmsman

Map design had both HI on one end with WI's and Terrain spread out in a column. Two Whirlpools would allow for quick movement to each side of the map. First round went well for Fleet J (FJ) as additional actions allowed for good positioning. Combat was very likely with HI so close together. Fleet R (FR) chose to head all in the same direction. The Executioner was positioned just outside the fleet leaving Davy Jones vulnerable. A mistake that would be very costly.
Another good role gave FJ extra actions. Docking two treasure runners this turn. La Monarica takes Gibraltar up towards the Northern WI's in hopes to slow gold running for FR. Knowing that Davy Jones would have a large impact in the long run FJ decided to start turn towards FR with a head on attack on FR's gun ships. The Executioner being positioned slightly outside, the Black Pearl and L' Hercule move and crush the Executioner. Putting an end to Davy Jones before he had a chance to be useful. Using the additional actions to light the Le Superbe on fire and get one hit on the Crusher.

FR taken back by the sudden loss of the Executioner splits his forces. Leaving Doombox to guard his back with Le Soleil Royal. Extra actions gave Tigers Eye 6s movement which quickly got it up towards the northern WI's. Docking Concepcion and nearly docking Bloody Jewel on his first WI's. On Fire, Le Superbe moves to put out the fire and combat La Possession. Crusher drops the scythe and attempts a boarding party.

Picking up 5 gold pieces and heading home, FJ's gold runners are unhindered. La monarca avoids FR's many ships and tows Gibraltar up hoping to help slow Tigers Eye. Ladys Scorn slowly enters the scene. The Black pearl moves in on the wounded Le Superbe and with 4 successful cannon rolls sinks her. 3 Turns in and two ships down FR is hurting. La Possession fires and lights the Crusher and destroys her remaining mast. Now derlict La Possession is free to move and FR must attempt scuttle roles on his turn. Poor position of L' Hercule and bad rolls lead to the loss of 3 masts. FR misses the scuttle role and was unable to sink L'Hercule. Tigers Eye docks and so does bloody jewel.

Either due to unique treasure or for some other reason Le Bon Marin and Lynx appear to not move. (perhaps forgetfulness) Now with several wounds FJ continues to pursue the dwindling FR fleet with the Black pearl and Lady scorn while returning La Possession and L' Hercule to HI for repairs. Sinking the crusher with the black pearl and beginning to position to block incoming gold runners. Lady's scorn, finally getting a second action, moves in and with a unbelievable die roll hit 5/5 on Le Soleil Royal while remaining protected from Doombox. FR moves wide right to stay away from the Black Pearl and Lady Scorn as they head back to HI.

The first gold finally is dropped on on FJ's HI for what has been a combat intensive game. L' Hercule and La Possession continue to head back for repairs. The Black pearl sets up to block the gold behind the wreck while lady's scorn turns about to towards FR's HI. FR moves Tiger's Eye towards the whirlpool potentially to use it as a quick way back. Moving the Concepcion in and shooting the Black Pearl but with only one successful hit was unexpected.

Continuing to move back for repairs and out for gold FJ's turn does not involve combat. The black pearl moves back and waits for Lady's scorn to join. Tiger's eye receives an additional action and jumps through the whirlpool to dock at home bringing FR's gold count up drastically and gaining a significant lead gold wise.

As repairs continue back on FJ's HI, the black pearl decides to join moving quickly with an additional action. La Monarca continues to wander aimless as FJ's strategy for her changes once again. (a costly mistake repeated once again) Lady scorn heads towards FR's Bloody Jewel. FR moves Bloody jewel far to the right to evade Lady Scorn while Concepcion moves toward the whirlpool and potentially after FJ's gold runner.

Deciding that La Monarca has wasted enough time FJ sends her to the untouched northern Island. Lady Scorn catches the bloody jewel and promptly sinks her. Repairs continue at FJ's HI and gold running continues with hopes to catch up to FR. Once again FR surprises FJ by going through the whirlpool and attacking La monarca which FJ had foolishly overlooked. Luckily bad rolls saved La monarca with only the loss of one mast.

FJ moves La Monarca away from Concepcion towards another island in hopes to still get gold but evade FR. Dropping off more gold on HI and docking to pick more up continues with FJ's gold runners. L' Hercule is done repairing and heads towards HI to blockade and stop FR from gathering any more gold. FR, with only two ships remaining, seems set on doing damage. Tigers eye rams FJ's docked gold runner making her derelict. Concepcion pursues La Monarca but cannot reach her yet.

Deciding to pursue FR's Gold runners through the whirlpool L' Hercule emerges with a gold runner on the other side of the map. La Monarca slips past Concepcion and heads back for repairs. Tigers eye moves to pick up more gold and Concepcion evades the L' Hercule and heads towards the northern island.

FJ moves L'Hercule and ignites Concepcion and removes her remaining masts. La Possession moves out towares whirlpool and lady scorn moves into position near FR HI. Gold runner lands on northern island.

Moving the Black Pearl out and positioning Lady Scorn and La Possession to intercept the sole Tiger's Eye. Tigers Eye moves out back towards Hi while La Monarca moves out without repairing to gather gold.

Moving La Monarca to island and docking and continuing to position the Black Pearl makes for a series of simple turns for FJ. L' Hercule sinks Concepcion for sport. More gold is loaded on HI. FR capitalizing on FJ's carelessness rams and derelicts La Monarca.

The chase begins as FJ moves L' Hercule through the whirlpool in an effort to catch Tiger's Eye. Tiger's eye moves into fog bank.

RF's move into fog bank saved Tiger's eye from L' Hercule with an additional gained the following turn. Moving past the fog bank to "block" and try to corral Tiger's eye. It becomes apparent the game is slowing to a cat and mouse game. Yet again FJ miss reads his opponents intentions and with an additional action given to Tiger's eye FR rams FJ's final gold runner and heads towards FJ's HI.

FJ gives up on blockade and heads to attempt to corner Tiger's eye. FR moves tigers eye to the other side of FJ's HI to look for an opening.

Moving closer and aligning the black pearl and La Possession on each side of FJ's HI. Lady's Scorn stays behind. (at this point round earth has not been implemented nor discussed for our house rules. Effectively cornering Tiger's Eye at the end of the world) With an additional role and time short FR makes a dash for his HI. However, only a single S short of docking and being out of range.

Lady Scorn moves in for a clean kill and the chase is over.

End result leaves FR with no ships but more gold. Final conclusion is that while FR lost all his ships the game likely would have been over due to the half gold winning condition of standard games. With that in mind we determined FR would have won due to the gold winning condition. In the end a fun and quick game with a long drawn out ending. A lot of lessons to be learned. I played FJ's fleet and there are several mistakes I will be sure to try and not repeat.

I would love to hear your feedback about our fleet designs. While my collection limits my options I would like to know what you think could be tweaked. FJ's fleet was designed for a combat heavy game which it accomplished this game.
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Awesome! I really love some of those crew combos you had, especially de Alva and a helmsman on the Concepcion, which is probably one of the more underrated gold runners in the game.

I did think that Fleet J had much better crew setups, with the possible exception of the Lynx (I like to send her out empty due to her ability). I also thought Fleet J was going to win the game after the initial engagement.

For Fleet R, Gilbert on the Crusher was a little odd since he didn't have any good saccing options, and only one cargo space open for running or trading gold, while the Crusher is generally a gunship of course. I think the Superbe would have been better off with captain+helmsman (and maybe an oarsman or explorer, or equipment if you have it) instead of Gaston. The Admiral's Action ability works well in these higher point games, but it left the Superbe a little weak for such a great gunship. Likewise, the Soleil Royal is one of the best French gunships in the game but didn't have a captain aboard to take advantage of her guns and ability. Given the disparities in crew selection, it wasn't surprising that Fleet J was able to wipe Fleet R's battle fleet off the map.

The amount of named crew and rares in general are pretty good for a limited collection.

Two biggest things you could change in future reports:

-On postimg, use the "hotlink for forums" rather than thumbnail for forums, since this will make the pictures show up much bigger and be easier to see. (I made this mistake a few times when I was first using postimg)

-A bit more of a narrative/story to the game rather than X ship did Y, Z sunk A, B got gold, M pursued E. (I know this isn't always possible or practical in short or basic games, and I have plenty of very short reports that aren't exciting because the game wasn't either.) Sometimes varying the punctuation style can help to heighten the drama, especially if a caption ends with ! or ... (for a transition to another picture), etc. The strategy inside players' heads is always one of the most fascinating things for me, and when I have time or the strategy was relevant I try to type it out in detail (some of the T2 reports have examples). Of course it will be mostly your strategy unless your opponent(s) tell you everything afterwards, but I (not sure about others heh) do enjoy the thought process behind why things happened.

Also just a couple rules things, I totally understand if you've house ruled them already though:
-Galleys can't do damage when ramming. Not sure if the game would have turned out differently if the TE hadn't rammed two FJ runners derelict.
-Flotillas can only be towed by a ship of matching nationality (also the Monarca's helmsman wouldn't work while towing the flotilla; movement bonuses can only be applied when towing a derelict)
-It looks like the Lady's Scorn ignored the ability of the Tiger's Eye (can't be hit by L range guns) at the end of the game, though it didn't matter since Fleet R won anyway.

Great first report! I loved the abundance of pictures; I think the folks at the Facebook page would enjoy it as well.

PS: Nice to see Empress in a game for once! Wink
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Okay, just finished a little game, and wanted to share the highlights. I started out asking wifey to pick two nationalities, to which she replied 'British and French'. Looking at what I had, I prepared small fleets for the two as follows:

British Navy
HMS Gibraltar
Thomas Gunn

HMS Lord Cauldwell

HMS Concorde
Lieutenant Henry Ducie Chads

French Navy
Firepot Specialist


Le Loup-Garou

To make up for the superior crew of the British fleet, I cheated two of the five wild islands in play 1/2 S closer to France's home island, but the closest islands to either were 4 L away, and no island was closer than 3 L to another. No terrain was used, and the contest was played using 'flat earth' rulings.

At this point, I should note that... I should've taken notes. In lieu of notation, here are the highlights as they happened.

Both Lt. Henry Ducie Chads and the French Firepot Specialist were face-down to start, considered 'secret weapons'.

The French Treasure runners wasted no time flying to the island closest to them, attempting to win the gold game long before combat became an issue. L'Hercule went towards the middle of the map, as a deterrent against early British aggression.

The HMS Lord Cauldwell and Concorde sailed to the middle by a more southward route, hoping to cut the French gunship's escape route off and play the numbers game to their advantage. The speedy HMS Gibraltar took a northern arc to the closest wild island, so as to be ready to enter the fray once cargo was loaded.

Battle ensued shortly after, with the Lord Cauldwell and Concorde each scoring a hit on L'Hercule. As the cannons weren't eliminated, and both ships were well in range, the French ship replied in kind, scoring a hit on the Concorde and (after revealing the Firepot Specialist at the start of her action) setting the HMS Lord Cauldwell ablaze.

Meanwhile, back in French waters: Le Loup Garou drops off its Helmsman at the wild island to pick up an extra treasure. The Glaive, about to lose it's free S for being empty, is only too happy to welcome that Helmsman aboard. The two then head back home, blissfully unaware of the gunfire not very far away.

As for the gunfire, no more would be heard from the HMS Lord Cauldwell, as the fire spread to her other mast and preparations for scuttling were imminent. This allowed L'Hercule to focus her wrath on the HMS Concorde, and vice versa. Despite the (now publicly) employed services of one Lt. Chads, the Concorde could only eliminate one more mast from the mighty French ship before deciding to limp back to the safety of home.

As L'Hercule turned towards safer waters herself, a new combatant arrived! the HMS Gibraltar, seemingly (and conveniently enough, using a line that ran right though) bursting forth from the very spot the Lord Cauldwell once proudly sailed, closed the gap on the wounded French gunship. With two well-aimed shots, L'Hercule was no more.

Meanwhile, back in French waters: Le Loup Garou and Glaive meet up at H I. Happy to see each other, their respective crews exchange pleasantries with untold amounts of silent and unstressed letters. Later that evening, BFF bracelets are exchanged by the captains, and they agree to head south on their next voyage, hopefully meeting up with L'Hercule, because those Brits are going to want to fight sooner or later...

The British, on the other hand, have a lot of work to do on the Concorde. Lt Henry Ducie Chads comes out of a burrow in Punxsatawney, PA, only to see his shadow and retreat to his quarters (it would be some time before the SAT ability would hit again). The HMS Gibraltar, at least, is free to come home and unload her initial two coins loaded! While the British fleet lacked a true treasure runner, the Gibraltar made up for it with a 'quality over quantity' type measure, scoring nine points in her first haul.

As the French ships head south, now painfully aware of the fate of their escort ship, the HMS Concorde slowly rebuilds. The Gibraltar heads back to the previously explored island, picking up two more decently valued coins. The HMS Concorde is fully repaired and ready to go as the Gibraltar nears home with another seven points. At the same time, the French Schooners have arrived back at their port of origin, totaling 16 points of their own.

For a moment, all is calm. Only one ship is out of the harbor, and only one island has any treasure remaining.

Suddenly, the good Lt. Chads awakes from his long winter's nap! Seeing one ship moving S+S+S+S in a turn is a pretty cool thing, but both remaining ships in a fleet, in the same direction, on the same turn... pretty much a tone-setter. The English were going to that island, they were taking the best of what it had to offer, and they were going hunting after.

The French, despite their best efforts, came up short from this point on. Chad's SAT ability triggered on three of the next four turns, allowing the HMS Concorde to cut the French chips off well short of their goal. pinched between two islands, the schooner's maneuverability was as impaired as they could be on this map, meaning that there was nowhere for the Glaive to go. However, a SAT turn and L-range cannons allowed the Concorde to instead take a shot at the ghostly Le Loup Garout, striking true and moving closer as a free action. the ensuing second shoot + move left the French ship derelict.

The following turn, the Gibraltar, loaded up with nine more points of treasure, slashed into the mess, scoring a successful ram on the Glaive. With only one mast to fight and nowhere to run, the writing was on the wall...

Meanwhile, back in French waters: Sunset arrives after another day of bloody combat on the high seas. The silhouettes of two British warships disappear into the horizon. The next morning, two soggy leather BFF bracelets wash ashore.
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Thanks a7xfanben, I'll be sure to make my next battle report more polished and with better narrative. I just finished your Economy battle report. Great job and epic setup and gameplay! I was sad to see it came to an sudden end though.

I didn't use Empress so I confused by your referencing it.
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vixenishcoder66 wrote:
Thanks a7xfanben, I'll be sure to make my next battle report more polished and with better narrative. I just finished your Economy battle report. Great job and epic setup and gameplay! I was sad to see it came to an sudden end though.

I didn't use Empress so I confused by your referencing it.

Thanks a ton for taking the time to read my Economy Edition reports! Along with my other campaign games, it's still probably my best battle report.

The Empress reference was a joke about this picture with the cat. Smile
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I would be SOOOOO nervous playing Pirates with a pet, especially a cat. You'd never know if they'd take a liking to your ships and what not, and decide to pounce..... XD I'm assuming you have a well behaved cat.
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xerecs wrote:
I would be SOOOOO nervous playing Pirates with a pet, especially a cat. You'd never know if they'd take a liking to your ships and what not, and decide to pounce..... XD I'm assuming you have a well behaved cat.

Behaved enough, we keep a close eye on him and don't let him get any crazy ideas. My friend and I won't be playing any long term/campaign games at my place due to the pets. So for now it's "short" games only. Hopefully I'll have another game to post before july.
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This is an attempt at a presentation style I'd like to do for battle reports on here. Please feel free to chime in on any thoughts/opinions/feedback you have. The idea is to weave a small story narrative into the report itself. My hope is to do something like this with the players around here in a loose, ongoing campaign arc, with each player being portrayed as an NPC of their own design, overseeing their fleets from outside the game.

The following was a game between wifey and myself, using a 50pt build limit. We placed 4 wild islands in addition to our home islands, and each contributed 19 coins to the treasure pool. The fleets were as follows:

Repkosai - British Expedition
Ship 1 - HMS Gibraltar
Thomas Gunn

Ship 2 - HMS Concorde
Commodore Rhys Gryffyn Owen
Lieutenant Henry Ducie Chads

Ship 3 - HMS Resistance

Wifey - Anonymous 50pt Fleet of Doom
Ship 1 - Darkhawk II
Calico Cat

Ship 2 - La Monarca
Bianco's Haulers

Ship 3 - El Monte Cristo

Ship 4 - Treachery
Genny Gallows

From the Archives of the Royal Fictitious Navy, in the Year 16 or 17 something-ish, we suppose...

EXHIBIT: A SHOCKING DEFEAT!!! An early setback in the naval career of Lord Thomas Gunn, then captain of the HMS Gibraltar, on an expeditionary tour of the dreaded Blinding Sea.

Journal Entry, Thomas Gunn, Captain, HMS Gibraltar:
What a pleasant day this has turned out to be! Even in these early morning hours, the harbor seems unnaturally bright, no doubt a side-effect of this 'Blinding Sea', or as the locals are apt to call it... whatever 'Blinding Sea' translates to in their language. Ha, dialect humor! I must share that with the good Commodore Owen next we speak. I fear he wasn't in great spirits last night, being told last-minute he was to accompany the grew of the Concorde, lest we need his unique brand of inspiration to spur us on in a tight spot...

The fleets, as they sit in harbor.

The British moved first, sending the Concorde and Resistance toward neutral waters, while the Gibraltar took a heading for the closest friendly island. The Anonymous Fleet of Doom (so named because it is thus far unnamed) split her forces as well, with the Treachery leading the Darkhawk II and El Monte Cristo to the middle island, while La Monarca headed for the closest piece of land to her.

Two SAT turns from Lt. Henry Ducie Chads gave the Concorde a slight lead on her companion ship, as they both made a heading to attack the Treachery. No early luck would be seen on SAT checks for Calico Cat, so the Treachery's support lagged behind in the first few turns.

Home, home again! The British take the initial lead!

Journal Entry, Thomas Gunn, Captain, HMS Gibraltar:
It will never cease to amaze me, the glare on the waters of this sea. We'd nearly lost our navigator coming back to port, and the skies weren't even clear enough to let sunlight through in any great amount! I'm off to register the haul, and to check in on the progress of our sister ships. Hopefully they've returned, I don't much care for these divided tactics...


The Concorde, using its early lead to load some treasure for the return trip, allows the Resistance to take charge. The Darkhawk II adjusts heading, wheeling behind El Monte Cristo. The two ships race, for lack of a better term, to provide support for an exposed Treachery, who has just finished loading some treasure herself. La Monarca begins the return trip with her initial haul, leaving two explored islands well within her reach.

The British ships make a reckless attempt to lay waste to the Treachery! Outnumbered, outgunned, and out-positioned, Ms. Gallows and her crew had little else to do but set a course for home and hope the 'Blinding Sea' held true to its reputation. Judging by the cannon rolls, it did, and the little pirate ship that could escaped behind her dramatically entering escorts! With as much success shooting as their opponents had the previous round, the Darkhawk II and El Monte Cristo fail to land a shot on the British ships. However, their mere presence was enough to force the Brits back to safer waters for the time being.

As the British regrouped, La Monarca was making sure to put on a treasure-collecting show that would've made anyone remember her fleet's name, if only such a name existed. Coin after coin piled up on her home island, and with a nifty bonus from Ms. Gallows and the Treachery, the course of action became clear: The British must bring the fight to these rogues, for king and country!

When all that glitters is heightened by forgetting to turn the flash off...

Journal Entry, Thomas Gunn, Captain, HMS Gibraltar:
The Concorde signaled last night for us to take a south-westerly heading around this small isle, yet as the dawn approaches, we can't seem to make out the outline of her or the Resistance. Have our eyes been again tricked by this glaring ocean's surface, or are we really to risk running afoul of whatever force drove them back in such a sudden fashion alone? I'd dare not second-guess the Commodore, but I know if father were here, he'd probably take exception to such daring tactics. Of course, he'd also take exception to the card-playing debt the Commodore has racked up against him over the years...

Indeed, the Resistance and Concorde were lured out wide by a returning Treachery. The Darkhawk II, for her part, kicks into second-action-overdrive, pulling off three consecutive SAT turns. Though the Resistance manages to score a hit on the Treachery (eliminating Genny Gallows in the process), the Darkhawk II fells the HMS Concorde and lands two shots on the Resistance as well. In an act of retaliation, the Treachery fires at the Resistance, and her aim holds true! The HMS Resistance has provided dreadfully little of her namesake, and now sits as idle target practice for El Monte Cristo.

When it goes from bad... worse...

...and the opposing fleet has so much gold that even the camera flash seems muted in the picture, than there's not much else to do but do down swinging.

Journal Entry, Thomas Gunn, Captain, HMS Gibraltar:
Hearing heavy gunfire close by, we decided to investigate. Much to our collective horror, we arrived in time to see only the nose of the Resistance above water! With the Concorde nowhere in sight and the enemy in full pursuit, I'm afraid only the worst can be assumed of the fate of our honored countrymen. Though we've sustained damage, we manage to pull into port mid-night. Today, we rest up as the Gibraltar undergoes repairs. A full report will be sent back home before we leave in the morning. In the meantime, I'm off to study charts. I've no doubt we've been followed the whole way back, but Lord willing, we should be ast enough to get through that line, and perhaps show these barbarians that you can't just push around the RFN!

Though she tried her best, using her own home island as cover for a few reversals, the uncanny late-game propensity for the Calico Cat's ability to trigger made short work of the Gibraltar, catching her trying to break past and leaving here derelict.

The Darkhawk II, after the 1st move half of a move + shoot double action turn. Not even the Blinding Sea was going to get the Gibraltar out of this one...

Journal Entry, Thomas Gunn, Captain, Remains of the HMS Gibraltar:
Sakes alive, and so are we! I will never be entirely sure, but as we had all braced for our certain demise, I swear I spied a woman on the aggressor's deck, smiling at me and waving! The audacity of such an act shall not soon be forgotten... nor the humility of such a pronounced defeat. While I may never truly know the reasons she had for sparing myself, my crew, and the tatters of the ship, I suppose our duty now lies in returning home and filing a report. Fortunately, large enough chunks of our masts could be salvaged to make some crude oars. Shifts of men are rowing this near-wreck home via lifeboats tethered at the hull's sides, though, as rations are starting to dwindle, the men's appetites are starting to play similar tricks as this damnable water. I've heard only a couple of grumbles that we aren't heading for home at all, but rather, in the direction of the largest beef roast ever to simmer in the open sea! Let's hope we make it back while this is strictly a minority opinion among the men.

EDIT: Images are up! Thanks Ben, as always, I certainly appreciate the help! Also, I noticed that in my initial write-up, I had mistaken the ship wifey had placed her oarsman, that's fixed now.

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