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Command the Oceans
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Subject:    PostPosted: Fri Sep 15, 2017 12:05 am Reply with quote

I should have noted in the previous report that some Command the Oceans content will be released earlier than these battle reports. If you want to hear about things as soon as you can, make sure to follow me on Instagram and subscribe to my youtube channel. There will also be some content exclusive to those apps.

I was able to play 6 turns today!

The Crusher has already loaded a coin from the gold island... when a mysterious new ship appears!!

It's a GOLD ship!

Mission and his crew stare in awe and wonder. The ship docks briefly at the island but the Pirates are too stunned to man their stations! The ship appears to glow with her appearance:

And just like that, the ship disappears! Mission and his crew are left awed but confused by the near encounter with the strange ship. However, they soon discover that the gold-laden island is brimming with new treasure!!

Worried about the Sea Serpent, who seems to have disappeared without a trace, the Jade Rebels follow orders from Warlord Cavendish and send a squadron of three ships in the direction the Serpent went on her exploratory assignment.

The Apollo discovers the Duke shipwreck, but just misses the San Estaban:

The English hire the Lady Provost with converted textiles from the Durham, and plan to pick up the ladder equipment with the Viceroy.

The San Estaban sails around the obstacles that block her path home:

The Aguila passes the Magdalena, while the Ebro looks to find a faster route to Paradise Island:

The French spend some gold to launch the Glaive and Le Musarde, in addition to buying some army units.

With food currently worth 6 gold per token, the French are understandably quite hungry! Here they hoard the island:

The American resource system, which is in full swing. At the far right, the Minuteman is finding yet more reefs and consults with Preble on the President.

The Pirates have valuable metals come in and go on a spending spree. They opt for some ships with extremely large cargo holds - the Darkhawk II and the Pandora. The Otter and Mermaid are also launched. Notice that the Pirate army units are now gray, as I had them mixed up earlier. The Jade Rebellion will have the green units.

The excited crew aboard the Crusher can't wait to tell their fellow pirates about what they saw and the vast treasure in store for them at the golden island.

Making good speed towards the west, the Divine Wind, Admiral Yi, and Hansan Island sail past the icewrecks. The bergs don't move at all.

With a large influx of gold due to somewhat valuable textiles, the Jade Rebellion is too overwhelmed to spend it all! However, two new turtle ships enter the game: the Dragon's Talon and Proud Tortoise.

The crew of the King John spot the San Estaban! In an act of hostility, the King John sails over and rakes the Spanish ship by the stern, hitting the ship with both shots and sending two masts overboard!! (I forgot about the two hits per mast rule for this broadside, since I essentially haven't used that rule since my 2013 CotE game)

The first shots of the game have been fired in the Caribbean! The Apollo comes over to assist the King John if she needs it, but doesn't have a captain aboard.

Spain's best ship from Economy Edition is not faring well so far in Command the Oceans:

A closeup view of the perfect angle the English had in their attack. You can almost smell the smoke from the guns! XD

The Spanish back home aren't yet aware of the newly hostile English, and launch El Rafael with a helmsman to gather resources and/or gold. She's an underrated ship capable of playing an under-the-radar hybrid game.

Back in Karkuda, the Freedom is launched by the Americans! She is crewed with pirate hater Ralph David, a captain, helmsman, and cannoneer. RD immediately begins asking if anyone has seen any pirates lately. He seems to be extremely angry about something and orders his crew to get ready to sail with all speed.

"Time to hunt a pirate". Wink

Speaking of Pirates, check out this exodus from Mission's Kingdom. Not all the ships can get out at once, which is one of the weaknesses of having such a strong defensive haven - getting inside is nearly impossible for invaders, but the small entrances make leaving the hideout very difficult after a bunch of ships are launched!

The Jade Rebels find themselves engulfed by dense fog:

With the damaged San Estaban predictably fleeing the scene, the English turn around to check out why the Spanish were in the deep south of the Caribbean in the first place. The crew of the Apollo show the crew of the King John the Duke shipwreck, and discuss whether or not they should try to land near the reef.

The Lady Provost picks up resources for the first time, while the Burma and Viceroy return to the scene of their recent miscue.

A wider shot of the Caribbean, as I will admit that you have now seen pretty much the entire Caribbean.

A spending spree by the French! From 60 gold they purchase two new docks for their Harbor, in addition to a trio of 3 masters from Crimson Coast.

As more ships are launched, the Harbor is becoming more and more useful. The French resource system is working great, but they're still not satisfied!

Ships coming and going, new docks being built, ships being launched - it's a busy scene at the Harbor!

The crew of the Wasp are disappointed to find that the luxuries found on Ruby Island have run out! This is a setback for the Americans, and proves that some islands may not simply produce the same resource to infinity.

In a fittingly dark picture, the Freedom makes all sail towards the whirlpool with a brooding Ralph David at the helm. Perhaps she will be the first ship to try a whirlpool?

When word came to him that his new bride had been killed by Blackheart, something broke inside David. This long-standing “gentleman of the south” began to sell off his land to gather a personal fleet to rid the seas of pirates. His money ensures he always has a ship ready and willing to go to “war.”

In the shimmering waters of Karkuda, the Minuteman's crew find yet MORE reefs. It seems as though their area is boxed in by the terrain, which could pose a problem for them....

Similar to the French, the Americans are sending lots of cargo ships to the valuable food area.

The Cassandra is the first ship to return to the golden island after the "gold ship" visited! Mission told Gunner about the immense riches, and Gunner replied that he would surely sail straight there.

Oh my god, an absolutely incredible haul!! On the coins, from right to left:
-That coin on the right is painted gold with the same paint I used for the gold island and the golden ship. There are a few variations of these coins in play. The ones that have no number on them (the 1 is only just visible since some of the paint has worn off) are gold on both sides, and are worth 100 gold. O_O
-I will be using the same "shiny" rules as I did for my Economy Edition game from 2015, which means shiny silver is worth 3 times its printed value and shiny gold is worth 2 times its printed value.
-You can't really tell from this picture, but that 6 on the left is actually a "ghost coin" from the DJC SR UT card (The Cursed). These coins are worth normal value but they give the ship carrying them the Ghost Ship keyword. It functions like the regular keyword (as in, it's optional to use the effect or not), but as soon as the coin is not on the ship, the keyword cannot be used.

For those of you keeping score, that means that the Cassandra now has 124 points' worth of gold on board!!

The Pirates leave the kingdom, while the "King" himself (Mission) returns to it. Notice the Golden Medusa had left the Widowmaker flotilla by itself, which turned out to be a mistake since it was getting in the way of logistics.

Breaking their own record for this game, the Jade Rebels manage to dock SIX ships at the same resource island on the same turn!



The trio of JR ships emerge from the fog, and find... what looks like the gates of Hell itself!! O_O


With a hideous shriek and the deep sound of huge beating wings, a giant creature appears before the Jade Rebels!!

With a huge wingspan that covers the entire width of the "gate", the creature shocks everyone in the JR squadron.

The sun unexpectedly comes out from behind a cloud, and the rebels turn stone-faced with fear. SHAL-BALA IS HERE! Without warning the dragon attacks!!

In a sudden charge, Shal-Bala flies at high speed towards the Jade Rebellion squadron! Wings bowl over masts. A huge neck scatters debris and bodies everywhere. Defensive panels of the turtle ships are crushed when the dragon uses them as a springboard to launch into the air.

Here you get a unique view: looking down and backwards as Shal-Bala ascends into the skies. Extreme wreckage is immediately evident: the Hansan Island is dismasted and sinking, while the Admiral Yi is capsized. The Divine Wind seems to have survived the attack only due to her size and weight, but she still loses her foremast in the surprise blast attack.

Oh my god! No! The dragon isn't done!! Now swooping back in from the northeast, the dragon returns to finish the job! The landing in the water sends more debris flying as the capsized Admiral Yi is displaced to land partially on top of the Divine Wind! However, though the Jade Rebels never in their most horrid dreams could have expected this, they knew they were going into unknown territory which may have taken the Sea Serpent earlier! As a result, the guns were preloaded in the case of any emergencies! A few gunners lived to fire off a few shots on the starboard side!

Hissing and shrieking, the dragon has its tail shot off!! This prompts a quick escape, as the dragon immediately ascends into the gloom, leaving the few survivors of the Divine Wind paranoid that another attack will come soon.

Well then. Enough of the Sea of Allost for one day, eh?

Back in Caribbean waters, the English launch HMS London for patrol duty and grab the Starbuck as another resource runner.

Completely predictable by now, but considerable English operations are once again underway at Diamond Rock. Gunn is going to try his next strategy.

The Apollo's crew decide to risk the reef surrounding the Duke shipwreck, and are rewarded when the shallow draft ship is undamaged:

Completely in the shadow of Diamond Rock, the Aguila loads resources for the first time.

The damaged San Estaban returns home with a shiny silver 6 worth 18 gold. This allows for the purchase of a new gunship, and the captain of the San Estaban makes sure its a vessel that can take on the English ships in the south, namely the King John. He knows just the man for the job, and the Matthias Vospero is launched. (she gets +1 to cannon rolls against the English)
Capitan Raphael Vospero has taken a vow to avenge his brother, whose ship was sunk by HMS Viceroy. Vospero uses his access to naval intelligence reports to mask his quest as service to the Crown. Vospero not only hates the English, but has a personal issue with the Viceroy as well!

Within a few days the French have gone from a 3 ship operation to having one of the biggest fleets! They really lucked out when food returned to its position as the most valuable resource, as it was for the first 8 turns. They are taking FULL advantage of it, as ships are launched as soon as the food is cashed in for gold and they continue to optimize their impressive resource fleet. At the lower left, the Lyon unloads the first army unit to touch soil. You may also notice some new ships docked near the Harbor entrance...

... two of France's finest! Two of my favorites as well. The Dauphin Royal is crewed to her point capacity, with Monsieur Lenoir, Phillipe Amqui, a captain, a helmsman, and an oarsman all coming aboard. She is tasked with one job: explore new territory! The French know their food won't be immensely valuable forever, and indeed another resource change is coming soon. They need to have other resources available in the future, and so the French are finally looking to expand beyond their main wild island if they can find other islands. Joining her on the expedition is La Dijon, a good gold runner from the Frozen North. Her crew are eager to help the Royal find new lands, and the Dijon provides the cargo capacity to show off any new findings when she returns home.

Ralph David is so angry and ready to kill Pirates that he steers the Freedom directly into the whirlpool south of the American home island!! What could happen next?!

So, I will be using some special whirlpool rules in this game. As you know or have deduced by now, the factions playing don't know who else is out there on the seas with them. They are discovering things just as you are. In fact, the English and the Spanish are the only factions who know about each other, though the Jade Rebels now know that a sea dragon is also out there, somewhere. In addition, the factions don't really know where they're going when they travel, hence the need to explore to find things. As there are 3 oceans in this game, there needs to be a way to travel between oceans or I'd be essentially playing 3 separate games. However, who said whirlpool travel was remotely safe or predictable?? The factions not only aren't aware of how many other oceans there are, but they also don't know anything about them or where they are in the world.

Here are the whirlpool rules for Command the Oceans:
Assign numbers to the different whirlpools across all oceans. When a ship enters a whirlpool, roll a d6. The number is the whirlpool the ship exits from. Once a ship has rolled for the whirlpool, roll another d6 to determine which direction the ship will be facing when she emerges. This follows the compass rose: 1-N,2-NE,3-SE,4-S,5-SW,6-NW. When a faction has used a whirlpool to travel to a new location, they can then travel to that location from that same whirlpool.

Now, time for a practical example! The Freedom rolled a 3 for the whirlpool, which had her end up in the Caribbean!! (We know that's not what Ralph David wanted, since we know the Pirates are in the Sea of Allost! LOL!) She then rolled a 5 for direction, placing her right alongside the King John!! Now when the Americans go through that same whirlpool the Freedom entered (the one near their HI), they can choose to end up at the same whirlpool in the Caribbean. If they want to emerge from any other whirlpool, they must roll to determine which one they get placed at. Hopefully that makes sense. If the whirlpool rules become too complicated for me to remember stuff, I will go to one of two extremes - either completely random whirlpool travel, or completely normal whirlpool travel. (normal in this case meaning the standard rules apply where you can choose wherever you go all the time)

Aww come on! XD The Argo and Colonial Trader dock at Luck Island, but the spices are gone! The Americans have already drained two islands of their resources, but still have food up north.

The food is still viable, and the Americans have marked their beaches with infantry troops. The Bonhomme Richard has a new task: go farther north around the big island and see what is on the other side.

The crew of the Wasp inform Commodore Preble about the shortage of luxuries on Ruby Island. In the background, 4 canoes and the Louisiana have docked home 12 food tokens for a quick 72 gold payout! This lets the Americans launch the Congress with some interesting stuff aboard, along with the Concord and Delaware with captains and helmsmen.

The Darkhawk II and Pandora head straight for the golden island, while other ships stop at Pistol Island to pick up metals:

A rare but cool shot of the northern arch and crags of Mission's Kingdom. You can see the glitter on the Doombox.

Leaving a scene of death and carnage behind, the Divine Wind turns around and heads back into the fog. Seems like a wise decision, no?

A confused and soggy Ralph David asks the crew of the King John if they've seen any Pirates in the area. The English respond with a truthful no, and appear shocked that a ship could emerge unharmed from below the swirling water. It was a very brief exchange, as David seemed to be in a rush. The English would normally have considered attacking, but the ship appeared so suddenly that the weren't ready. In addition, the Freedom is much larger than the King John, and the Americans didn't seem unfriendly. The coins at the lower left are loaded by the Apollo from the Duke shipwreck. The English crew aboard the Apollo are somewhat disappointed by the rest of the gold, and are suspicious that the San Estaban may have been carrying something of great value that they found first....

The Durham leaves the Tower flotilla to further improve the defenses around Diamond Rock, which are starting to look like overkill with almost no other ships even close in the area. The Burma docks at the beach where Gunn is carrying out operations. His crew disembark with supplies, and begin work on the project.

The Matthias Vospero sets sail for the English, and the captain of the San Estaban promises to be right behind as soon as he finishes repairing the ship.

Commodore Preble inspects Ruby Island and is not surprised that it ran out of valuable resources due to its small size. The newly launched Concord and Delaware join him, curious but quickly getting bored by the lack of combat in the area.

The Bonhomme Richard rounds the cape:

The Congress sails northeast, while William Eaton trains the infantry in shooting practice:

"We've got to get moving" remarks Ralph David, and suddenly the American schooner disappears into the Caribbean whirlpool! The English are a bit puzzled by the quick and odd encounter, but agree that pirates are a bad thing that need eliminating.

With that, the Freedom goes back to whirling around! This time she rolls a 2, and ends up in an undiclosed location.

Last turn of the day! The Cassandra returns home and the Pirates spend a new in-game (meaning for this game) record of 132 gold in one turn, adding 8 to the 124 the Cassandra unloaded. This fetches them a whole new fleet, which mostly consists of large hybrid ships.

O_O Oh boy! Look who's here: BLACK BART! Bartholomew Roberts enters the game aboard his ship, the Royal Rover. Off the starboard side of that ship is the Cutlass, a swift and accurate Pirate schooner.

The Fool's Gold departs the northern entrance, and you can see that the Eagle is one of the new additions.

An awesome closeup of the interior of Mission's Kingdom! The Queen of Cups is introduced, but perhaps more interesting, the Pirates have purchased some ladders! Notice how the walls are hollowed out near the waterline, allowing for smaller ships to hide deep in the bowels of the kingdom.

Along with the new Grand Barnacle, you can see why the Pirates needed some ladders - they are transporting some major equipment to the flat upper part of the kingdom!

Mission's Pirate Kingdom operations are in full swing, but what does this mean for the future?? Check out that brand new artillery cannon which was raised to the top. I'm absolutely loving these ladders, and these closeup shots really show how cool they look and how good the scale is!!

The Pirates purchased 3 1L lengths of ladder along with no less than 4 artillery units. Clearly they have plans to optimize and fortify the kingdom, but operations are only just beginning.

The crew of the Divine Wind breathe a sigh of relief when the emerge from the fog on the better side:

Oh! But as soon as the ship resumes her course home, she is slammed on her larboard quarter by another icewreck!!

The loud collision breaks off her foremast, and leaves the ship slightly off course and unable to complete her move action. How strange!

Here we go! Gunn's plan becomes evident, as climbers and hikers have scaled part of Diamond Rock to help erect a ladder. It's a very busy spot, as the Half Moon and Starbuck come in for textiles. Peter Sharpe is starting to long for the "old days" when he was the only person on the rock! XD

Gunn isn't surprised that the ladder can't reach the summit, but he is happy with the progress thus far. In addition, we know he's got a bigger ladder with a length of 2L! However, it may take some time to get it properly installed and safe for use.

The Apollo sets sail for the long journey home, while the King John guards her against any incoming whirlpool shenanigans and even the Spanish if they happen to appear.

The Burma gets out of the way so the resource gatherers can dock, but her crew are getting annoyed with how long the operations are taking at Diamond Rock. The crew of the London aren't bored yet since they are fresh hires, but that ship is simply on patrol duty to the north for now.

In a coincidence, 4 French ships reach their eastern food island at the same time! Some troops are unloaded and many bananas are consumed before starting the short journey home. XD

Well that didn't take long! The Dauphin Royal finds a new island!

The French cash in food but decide not to launch for once, somewhat satisfied with their resource fleet.

A nice shot of the beauty of Karkuda and the French ships:

The Minuteman passes by the Congress, who has a mission that is almost ready to be carried out!

The Bonhomme Richard finds a beach on the northern side of the big island!

And that is that! I understand there were a number of cliffhangers in this report, but as I said in the introductory post, all will be revealed in time. Smile You are seeing things as the factions see them, which I think is fun and keeps the suspense up. Today saw a lot of launchings, some interesting new discoveries, a mysterious gold ship, the appearance of a dangerous dragon, and weird whirlpool adventures. And of course, the first shots were fired! Stay tuned to find out what happens next!

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Subject:    PostPosted: Fri Sep 15, 2017 5:00 am Reply with quote

Very Exciting developments! I got a hoot out of the golden ship, I wonder when (if) it will return. The coins it's left will make the pirates FABULOUSLY wealthy, they've got the funds to go to war with another faction.

Poor Jades, I had a hunch that the Sea Serpent may have met her end, adn that trying t find her would wesult in bad things..... The Icewrecks intruige me, I may try to make one or two myself. Given the way they're moving, i'm wondering if they are some kind of preview of the CUrsed.
Loved seeing Shal-Bala, though now I'm wondering what lies beyond the gate.

I think I understand the whirlpool rules you're using, and I half expected the English to attack the Americans, simply for showing up like they did, all unnatural and all. XD

Speaking of the English they're off to a militaristic start, as usual. I'm intrigued by their efforts to get artillery pieces up on Diamond Rock, and even more curious to see what may happen when a ship or ships try to hit those cannons way up there.

Unless the resources change in favor of the Spanish, I don't predict them living much longer in the game. The English look too strong to tackle, unless some natural disaster or outside interference (a dragon maybe, they DO have unlimited movement....)

The American situation intrigues me, in theory their smaller ships could traverse the reefs easily along with the canoes, but i can understand their hesitation. I like and don't like that the resources they had ran out, since I want them to do well in the long run. I suspect that RD and the Freedom have emerged in a far corner of the Sea of Karkuda, and perhaps may encounter the french. Or on the other hand if they've wound up in an as yet unexplored region of the Sea of Allost what will happen when they come across the pirates/ proto Cursed.....


What are those UT's on the right I wonder......

Looking forward to more, and I'm definetly checking out your channel for updates on this, keep em coming!
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Subject:    PostPosted: Fri Sep 15, 2017 4:19 pm Reply with quote

xerecs wrote:
What are those UT's on the right I wonder......

They look like Eye of Insanity.
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Subject:    PostPosted: Sat Sep 16, 2017 12:44 am Reply with quote

ABSOLUTELY LOVING THIS!!! I have gotten the bug of campaign games after playing 3 games of Economy Edition(no battle reports though). I love the exploration and mystery in this game. The aesthetics of the game are great and the Pirate kingdom looks awesome. It's up in the air right now, but everyone is doing well (except for the Spanish) so anyone could win.
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Subject:    PostPosted: Sat Sep 16, 2017 2:48 am Reply with quote

Thank you very much for the comments. I am about to begin work on the next report, which I think will not disappoint. Very Happy
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Subject: Shocking developments unfold!   PostPosted: Sat Sep 16, 2017 7:08 am Reply with quote

A few things before I get into the main report:

-Forts can now be set on fire. This is a house rule that started in my Experimental cumulative game and continues with the World ruleset.
The rules for flaming forts will work like this: instead of the fort rolling for each fire every turn, it rolls one die regardless of how many fire masts it has and regardless of whether the fort is given an action during the turn. The roll follows the regular rules for fire masts. The fort will be automatically destroyed if the fire consumes all 8 areas (not how many guns the fort has). A shipwright can only put out one fire per turn, but no flag is raised in the fire's place until another repair action is given.

-Unlike the Economy Edition rules, building a fort on an island does not shut down resource production on that island.

Clarifying the army unit rules in regards to hits from ships:
-Infantry units are eliminated by a single hit from a ship or fort, but artillery units follow the naval combat rules and must be hit twice overall to be eliminated.

-I am working on figuring out how to have factions launch things outside of their home islands. This could be done a variety of ways, such as a military port from the Economy Edition rules or possibly a fort upgrade for 50 gold that lets a faction launch things from that fort with gold from it.

I was able to play 6 turns today! (9/15)

It was time for another resource change! The 3 meant that textiles were once again worth 6 gold apiece, just as they were after the first change. The values would hold for 6 turns. This continued some trends: the value rolls have only been 5 and 3 through 4 different rolls. They have alternated each time:
5 roll for 8 turns
3 roll for 7 turns
5 roll for 9 turns
3 roll for 6 turns
This also shows that the 5 roll keeps increasing in duration each time, while the 3 roll keeps decreasing in duration. Fun coincidences!

Amongst his fellow Pirates, Bartholomew Roberts sets sail in the Royal Rover:

Logjam! The Foresight cannot fully exit the kingdom due to the Grand Barnacle.

On the northern side of the kingdom, 3 large Pirate ships leave for the super valuable textiles out west. Notice the army unit movements at the lower right: there is some mulling about and getting things "into position".

Still aghast at their encounter with Shal-Bala, the surviving crew of the Divine Wind make all sail towards the Jade home island! The Proud Tortoise and Dragon's Talon immediately notice something is wrong, as the ship is missing two masts but more importantly, the crew are wide-eyed and white with fear.

Sounding the alarm! The Jade turtle ships get the report from the Divine Wind, and understand the gravity of the situation. Signal flags are raised, and the chain of messages ends with the Noble Swan docking at the home island and getting people in motion!

Warlord Cavendish catches wind (pun intended I suppose haha) of the situation, and orders a massive launch. The Jade Rebellion springs into action! From their gold reserves they launch 7 ships including the Grand Temple and Grand Mountain! They also hire some infantry and artillery to guard against raids by the beast that killed so many of their comrades aboard the Admiral Yi and Hansan Island.

Nearly the full might of the Jade Rebellion! They are preparing for the worst - an all-out fight to the death with an ancient and powerful dragon!

The English making some big progress at Diamond Rock! Using the 2L length of ladder from HMS Viceroy, they manage to rig it up to the summit! However, getting people and equipment up there is another story, possibly one that will be fraught with peril.

Back at the bottom, you can just make out the two ladders, in addition to England's newest resource gatherers. With textiles going from 4 to 6 in value, the English will have opportunities to spend big in the coming turns.

And indeed they spend immediately! HMS Victor is launched with a captain and helmsman to patrol the waters around her HI, while the Cheshire is a multipurpose asset tasked with both collecting textiles and supporting equipment logistics at the rock.

Somewhat confused by their orders from the San Estaban's captain, the crew of the Matthias Vospero pass near the Tower flotilla, with neither side really knowing what to do. The MV is searching for the King John but doesn't know the area well.

The Spanish were already struggling to put forth new ships, and the latest resource change meant their metals dropped to just 1 gold apiece. Here they are frustrated, as the Aguila was about to cash in her haul of 4 metal tokens for 20 gold, but now they are nearly worthless.

Back in the Sea of Karkuda...

The Dijon finds luxuries! This is great news for the French, since they only had found food until now.

The French resource system coming and going at the Harbor. You probably notice a familiar-looking submarine there in the center...

Ohhhh wow... the French have hired Captain Nemo and the Nautilus!!

The French have a nice selection of hired crew on board, and this launching makes them the first faction to hire Mercenaries! I had to include this picture just for the silly circus/frog/demon shipwright thing. XD (and the nearly as crazed captain and helmsman lol)

Now you can finally see the American plan!! Dropping a loaded keg of gunpowder over the side, the Americans try to time their fuse correctly! They are trying to blow up the reef and eliminate it!!

After finding reefs all along their eastern sea area, the Americans have grown frustrated. Trying an idea cooked up by Commodore Preble and some of his captains, they have gotten into position. If the lighted fused inside the barrel is too short, it may not reach the coral. If it's too long, water may seep into the barrel and put it out.

The rules for attempted reef destruction are as follows: If a ship with Exploding Shot is within S of a reef, you may use this ship's action for the turn to drop a charge into the water. Eliminate the Exploding Shot from the game and roll a d6. On a 1-3, nothing happens. On a 4-6, eliminate the reef from the game as well.

Just missed it! The charge explodes but causes no damage to the reef:

The Minuteman confirms the failure and the Argo is ordered to load up more exploding shot for another attempt. *No coral or animals were harmed in the making of this battle report. I do not condone the destruction of natural wildlife. Blame Preble. End disclaimer.* XD

Brent Rice finds gold in the far northwest of Karkuda:

Back in the Sea of Allost, the Pirates have some army units lumbering into positions.

In a very impressive show of force, the Jade Rebellion battle fleet sets out! Their goals are as follows: Definitively explore the region northwest of their home island. Find the "gates of hell" and defeat any dragon that appears. Establish Jade dominance over Allost!

In the meantime, the textile gatherers flock back to the island, which has been very valuable all game (average (unweighted lol) resource value of 5 between the different changes) and the biggest reason the JR's were able to put forth so many ships immediately after the Divine Wind reported on the stunning developments.

The Grand Wind unloads more textiles for 24 additional gold, allowing for massive fortification of the Jade home island! They are extremely determined to be as prepared as possible for any dragon attack. The home island is turned into a veritable fortress, with guns bristling everywhere and large amounts of musketry corps on alert.

Speaking of alerting, the crew of the King John relay information about the Spanish attack to other ships in the English fleet. The news is received with some interest but little concern, as the English are growing confident in their considerable fleet operations, which seem to grow by the turn.

The Victor patrols the far southeastern reaches of this Caribbean, but sees nothing of importance, value, or danger.

Oops! In her haste to catch up to the Matthias Vospero and get revenge on the English, the San Estaban gets stuck in a sargasso sea! However, it could actually be for the better, since the Tower flotilla has some accurate extra-long-range cannons....

Exploring southwest of the French Harbor, the Dauphin Royal finds some terrain on her own travels:

With food plummeting in value but the new luxuries worth 4 gold apiece, the French concentrate their efforts at the new island. The Nautilus has submerged and begun moving.

This is what Brent Rice found for the Americans on a northern beach of that big island. However, the Bonhomme Richard only had room for the shiny silver 3, which would be worth a cool 9 gold.

The anti-reef operations continue, with the Argo preparing to deliver two loads of exploding shot to the Congress. The Colonial Trader (at the bottom) has sailed north after the apparent demise of Luck Island.

In territory completely untouched by ANY faction, the crew of the Freedom pass by a shipwreck. However, Ralph David has no time to waste finding trinkets!

Oh!! Evidently the Freedom has been sailing in the Sea of Allost since her Caribbean escapade, for we can see her violently slamming into the Smiling Jim!! Ralph David's anger turns to happiness as a pirate falls overboard:

Unfortunately for the Americans, even with a cannoneer and faction bonus against the Pirates, the Freedom only manages one hit on each "ship". For now, flotillas will work as follows: it takes 4 hits to eliminate the flag, and 2 hits afterwards to sink it. (which follows the 2 hits per mast rule and the custom sinking rules)

Ouch! Ralph David's sudden attack looks like a big mistake, as the Pirates arrive at the scene! The crew of the Smiling Jim smartly redock to allow some shots from the Doombox before the 4 masters take over and pummel the Freedom. Note: the tiny dice are used as damage counters, and the ones on ships don't matter which facing they have since it takes two hits to eliminate a mast. However, the die on the Doombox should be at 1 (1 hit out of 4 required to take out the flag) instead of 6. It is very difficult to maintain this as ships are picked up and the dice constantly fall off and whatnot. The counter is more important for derelicts, since that number is how many hits the derelict has taken.

RD arrived at a terrible time, just as fresh new Pirate hybrids were entering the area and right when the Pirates' textiles island became their most valuable producing asset.

New Pirate ships near their gold waterfall. The Fool's Hope and Recreant enter play under the watchful eyes of the artillery troops.

The Jade Rebels charge ahead! In a serious mood, they are eager to discover what has been plaguing their ships. Two turtle ships become engulfed by fog, while the Typhoon is overeager and hits an iceberg.

The Grand Temple is in the lead but finds more fog! What on earth could lie beyond?? The Jades don't know either, as the dense fog limits their sight to what you can see here:

Trepidation sets in as the Grand Temple disappears....

Even back at the textiles island, the fog seems to swirl and grow in intensity:

With a sudden whooshing sound, A BLADE DESCENDS FROM THE GLOOM!! The Typhoon is hit by what looks like a giant ice pick! Hissing and screeching accompanies the sound of splintering wood, and the Scythe spears her prey!!

Ahh!! At the left, an ice shipwreck surges forward and rams a regular iceberg, pushing it into the Clear Wind like a chain of dominoes!! The bow of the ship is splintered by the impact, but another icewreck suddenly slams the ship's starboard quarter!

The Clear Wind is smashed up, but it only gets worse as the Crushed Skull appears!

Sailing in from the north, the Samedi's Curse appears with the Silver Coffin in tow! However, the flotilla scores no hits.

I'll let you make of that what you want....

Vibe change: dark - light! XD

Back to the Caribbean! In a daring maneuver, the first men climb the ladder to the summit of Diamond Rock!!

And they're there! The English claim sovereignty over Diamond Rock!

It wasn't easy and it took some time, but the English have found a way to get their troops up on the rock.

Excited by the development, the English spend a bunch of new gold back home. They launch the Bretwalda, Sultan, and Honu Iki.

The sympathetic crew of the Matthias Vospero nearly hook a line to the San Estaban to get her out of the sargasso sea, but the SE's captain warns them away from getting stuck themselves!

The French flagships find a rocky piece of terrain, but it doesn't look hospitable to anything - resources or humans.

Ignoring common sense and any notion of sanity, Ralph David loses his mind and attacks the Fool's Gold!

The Pirates take their turn after the Americans once the next round starts, and here you can see they've taken care of the Freedom easily. It seems like they would want to capture her, but Ralph David completely refuses to surrender.

The Grand Temple finally emerges from the fog, but finds herself alone and facing the so-called "gates of hell" described by the crew aboard the Divine Wind! Scared for their comrades and hearing screams to the southeast, the Tsai has the GT turn around and head back the way they came.

She loses her larboard oars in the maneuver, but the Floating Stone manages to knock a mast off the Scythe!

The Crushed Skull is damaged as well, but the Jade 6 masters manage to sink the Samedi's Curse!

With desperate cries for help heard to the northwest, the Jades take in an IMMENSE quantity of textiles (19*6=114 gold) all at once and spend it all! They have nearly run out of ships to launch from their own faction already, but here they turn to another minor faction: the Vikings! Sigurd Andersen boards the Polaris and offers Norse help to the Jades in exchange for payment. In this way the Vikings function like mercenaries or privateers for this game. Both Viking icebreakers are launched for obvious purposes, and 3 impressive longships are also purchased.

The Scythe is relentless in her attack, slashing the Typhoon's final mast down! The Jikininki comes out of the fog with her crew at a full howl! However, the boarding roll fails. In the background you can glimpse the Grand Temple's position, but the Jades don't know she's there and she's still lost in the fog. (another rare instance where you can see more than what the faction in question sees)

Ouch! With a thunderous broadside, the Monkey's Paw officially enters the fray and blasts all the panels off of two turtle ships!

The Crushed Skull finishes dismasting the Clear Wind, and another Cursed ship has arrived: the Last Hope! She makes her entrance by obliterating the Proud Tortoise:

After another action given to another infantry unit, the English have more troops atop Diamond Rock, in addition to a ladder.

You can just barely make out all three ladders the English have on the beach, though only one reaches the summit.

The Cheshire loads resources for the first time while at the right, you'd have to believe the Burma will try again but possibly with a different tactic this time....

Whoa! Out of nowhere, the Matthias Vospero sails near the Viceroy and hits 2/2, with the second hit coming from fire shot!

The other two Spanish shots missed the Tower flotilla. At the left you can see why the Spanish attacked: the San Estaban is free!

Note: fire follows the 2 hits per mast rule for shooting, but follows the fire mast rules for spreading/elimination. Basically, to set a ship on fire it has to be the second hit that actually eliminates the mast. However, if a fire mast spreads it spreads normally - it doesn't cause a damage marker or need a second bad roll, it just spreads like it would under the normal rules. This way fire isn't a cheap way to ignore the 2 hits per mast rule, but it can still spread and be very effective.

Just when the Spanish think their resource situation can't get worse, the GOLD ship appears! Paradise Island lives up to its name once again!

The crew of the Aguila are just as awed and starstruck as those aboard the Crusher earlier

Back in Karkuda, a meeting of the minds. Gaston, the French admiral aboard the Soleil Royal, consults with Lenoir, the commander of the Dauphin Royal. Topics of their conversation include exploration, resources, and how far to venture into the unknown.

To the far west, the Americans fail again! The Congress drops another exploding shot on a reef, but to no avail.

An impressive wide shot of the American fleet, which is entirely north of their HI since Ruby and Luck Island ran out of resources.

Black Bart's ship:

The Foresight's name is just visible between the masts:

Mission's flagship, the shiny and super rare Crusher:

With Ralph David refusing to surrender, the Pirates are forced to pour shot after shot into the Freedom to sink the ship and get it out of their way:

The Fool's Hope emerges from the kingdom:

The Queen of Cups acting as a guard ship under the ledge out front:

Teamwork! Back in darker waters, Jade ships swarm the Monkey's Paw to eliminate two masts.

The Last Hope comes under intense fire, from the Dragon's Talon and Grand Mountain. The Mountain scores a hit with exploding shot!

The Monkey's Paw flees into a fog bank...

... leaving her attackers strewn with wreckage!

With very loud creaking and groaning, the Scythe makes yet another blade attack on the Typhoon. Incredibly, this time the blade actually begins to splinter the deck and hull of the ship!

Like a great beast rending bone from bone!

Oh no! The Clear Wind has spent too long near the iceberg! The ship seems to slip into an abyss, and becomes an icewreck herself!

A new Viking arrival narrowly avoids being hit by an icewreck:

The Cursed fight back, inflicting several hits on the Grand Mountain but still failing most shots with the Silver Coffin.

-Back to the Caribbean-

The horde of English ships part, making way for their flagship. HMS Viceroy is Thomas Gunn's favorite, and is abandoning operations at Diamond Rock in a desperate attempt to get home. The concerned sailors aboard the other ships look on helplessly. In fact, the Viceroy should have two fire masts here - I took the foremast out but forgot to add the fire.

The English get some measure of revenge! The flotilla shoots and is followed by HMS Durham, sending three masts overboard in an effective display of English gunnery!

In the first army unit shoot action of the game, one of the 24 pounders on the beach of Diamond Rock dealt the sixth and final hit of the turn!

An ominous sight: hearing the gunfire, HMS London rounds the rock.

Seeing their inspirational leader in danger, the English troops are spurred onward by a desire to fulfill Gunn's wishes. The ladder on top of Diamond Rock is lowered into position to reach the cave halfway up.

An impressive show of teamwork and logistics have gotten the English this far:

Fearing the worst, Spain's resource ships sail as far away from the London as possible. The Ebro drops off her flotilla so it can guard Paradise Island. The Aguila and Rafael are content to go the long way if it means they get home safely.

The San Estaban was originally going to join the Matthias Vospero in the attack, but with the MV taking major damage, the Spanish decided to flee.

One of the widest shots of the game so far, with action finally erupting in the Caribbean.

After yet another failure, the Americans buy more exploding shot. The third attempt was their third 3 in a row, meaning they have just missed rolling the 4-6 every time. Preble orders the Colonial Trader to turn around and go check on the southern islands to see if they're producing anything valuable.

Last turn of the day! With one more turn until another resource change, I was determined to finish strong and complete an entire resource duration round in one day.

With the Widowmaker flotilla nearby, the Cutlass guards the gold island and has orders to fire upon the gold ship and capture it if possible. Mission has gotten over his shock and wants that ship for himself!

Mission's latest mission was to get the Widowmaker out to a spot where it can defend Pirate territory but not be a hindrance to fleet logistics (aka getting in the way of move actions). He is now satisfied with its positioning. He then signals Bartholomew Roberts on the Royal Rover to return to the kingdom with all haste. The two pirates are planning to hire someone with great capabilities.

Pirate cargo ships on the move:

The Recreant is a great midsize gunship option:

After sinking the Freedom, the Pirates go back to their usual business of gathering resources.

The Smiling Jim receives an AA from Jean Laffite in order to move deep within the kingdom to repair. As you could expect, ships can repair their partial damage as regular repair actions. However, if a ship is missing masts it can also repair those as normal. The flotilla can repair its damage as well without having to lose its flag first.

Fearful of a possible dragon raid on the textiles island, Warlord Cavendish loads some infantry and artillery aboard the Grand Wind:

Damaged JR ships make their way past stunned resource runners. The realities of war and combat become evident.

At the right, note that the Divine Wind has repaired and is returning to the northwest area.

Viking longships make way for the icebreakers:

More carnage up north, where the Last Hope and Silver Coffin take considerable damage:

Oh my god. The Scythe cuts all the way through the Typhoon, ripping the ship apart and sinking her for good:

A truly horrendous scene, with bodies and blood everywhere. Never had a Jade Rebellion ship met a more gruesome end.

An icewreck hits the Muninn! Notice the Clear Wind in her new state at the left.

An effective Cursed counterattack! All ships except for the Sea Lion take damage:


Shocked Complete and utter disaster for the English!! In a total shock, both fire mast rolls were 2's, resulting in the ship becoming totally engulfed by the flames! Gunn's flagship will be no more.

Not only did this stun the English fleet, it was also an utter shock to me. The Viceroy was the English flagship and the first ship selected for their fleet, and even this game possibly. She was Gunn's favorite as well as being one of the most recent English acquisitions in my collection. After just two lucky hits from the Matthias Vospero, she was set alight, and now has rolled badly 3 times in a row to be completely doomed.

With most other ships sailing away to escape the huge flames and smoke, HMS Lady Provost approaches to rescue Gunn and the captain of the Burma:

The thick smoke nearly obscures HMS Sultan, who is trying to reach Diamond Rock and unload some brand new artillery units.

The English vow revenge, with HMS Bretwalda replacing the Viceroy and Durham at the scene of the skirmish.

The trigger-happy captain of the London is seething and just can't wait! With one shot in range he finds his mark and lands a hit on the San Estaban:

Both Spanish gunships hurry home to repair their damages, but clearly a nasty conflict is likely just beginning. The Spanish had won a major upset, but also made the English extremely angry.

Knowing the resources will change again soon, France is simply busy getting as many luxuries AND fish as possible.

A familiar scene, as the Argo loads exploding shot in order to supply the Congress.

(You can see some Wizkids tape at the upper left XD)

In a fitting end to this report, Ralph David's journey is NOT at an end! His Eternal keyword has warped the Freedom back home.

I almost changed the Eternal keyword to be less powerful in this game, but I decided I didn't want to start messing with keywords in addition to changing many of the core rules.

A very interesting day of Pirating! Clearly the bloodiest day yet, with conflicts erupting in the Sea of Allost and the Caribbean. The arrival of some Cursed warships is an ill omen, while the rash actions of Ralph David and the lucky heroics of the Matthias Vospero provided some truly stunning and bizarre moments. So many questions remain unanswered. Who knows what the future holds?

Well, here is the latest ship and point count. I have decided to just count deckplate areas, so this includes ships and crew but not army units and things on home islands.

Pirates: 21 ships, 303 points
Jade Rebellion: 23 ships, 393 points
English: 15 ships, 212 points
Spanish: 7 ships, 85 points
French: 17 ships, 231 points
Americans: 14 ships, 233 points
Total: 97 ships, 1,457 points

The Jade Rebels climb into the lead, but most of the other factions are quite impressive as well.

Questions for you, as the reader:
-What is your favorite custom island/terrain piece thus far? (if you have one)
-Which faction(s) are you rooting for?
-Do you have a preference for regular or video battle reports? (here is a great example of a video BR, as I would likely have a similar format)

A warning: I will not be able to play nearly this much over the next 4 or so days. However I'd like to play at least one turn per day and report on the developments as they happen. I may be able to ramp things up next Wednesday-Friday again like I did this week.

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In answer to your question, I do not have a favorite custom terrain at the moment. Diamond Rock is stunning certainly, but I'm not sure about it yet.

Now that they have been introduced, I'm rooting for the Cursed, maybe not to win overall, but to make some SERIOUS waves. I still like the Jades and Pirates though, and I'm curious to see who they're looking to acquire with 'great capabilities'..... Perhaps an Emperor?

I hope the Spanish can dig themselves out of the hole they're in. As evidenced by my last report of CoEC, having Angry English as your neighbor tends to be bad for your health......

Looking forward to more, either classic reports, or your own stab at Video Reports.
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I have to say: Diamond Rock is amazing! It looks great. The English and the Pirates are my two favorites right now. The domination over Diamond Rock with ladders and army units by the English was great. I like regular BRs but xerec's video ones are great to watch so I'm good both ways.
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Turn 31 was played today! Indeed, the first 4 resource rolls came to exactly 30 turns total. My Economy Edition game peaked in terms of points on Turn 33, and only lasted 45 turns, meaning that not only is this game progressing at a slower pace points-wise (but a faster pace in terms of turns obviously, with 22 happening in the last 3 days lol), but it also has the potential to be LONG in terms of how many turns occur. However, now that the game is well into “huge” territory (1,000+ points), turns slow down considerably and take a long time for just a single turn to be completed.

Another resource change was needed! With odd luck, I rolled three 4's! Metals went from being the least valuable resource to the most valuable! This greatly benefits the Spanish and Pirates, the only factions to have found metals so far. Textiles remained the best overall resource in the game, going from 6 gold to 5 gold, meaning it has always been in the upper half of resource values through all 5 of the first resource changes. Food (fish) fell to a new low of 1, meaning the French and Americans would have to suffer through another drought. At this point in the game, the duration becomes more important because turns are taking longer and more events happen on each round of turns.

As planned, the Darkhawk II gives a ghost coin to Mission's flagship, the Crusher. This means that Mission will be able to make the Crusher ghostly whenever he wants as long as the coin is still aboard.

With the newly launched Fool's Hope patrolling the waters, Pirate hybrids load textiles west of their kingdom. Much more interesting is the first fort of the game! Dead Man's Point is purchased for 18 gold. That's right, I am multiplying the cost of each fort by SIX in order to have them be more of an investment and make them more fair for gameplay, the same change that exists in the World ruleset. A fort will deny any other faction from loading resources from that island, as well as provide a superior defensive position. Couple that with the fact that the 2 hits per mast rule also applies to forts, and it would make no sense if forts costed 3-5 gold when they are arguably more valuable than a fully crewed gunship that costs far more. This way a fort costs as much as most large gunships, but the gold is still moved to the fort and placed inside as usual. (this means that a fort that costs 5 gold in normal games will need to permanently house 30 gold in this game)

Dead Man's Point protects Pirate interests:

Combining their handful of now-valuable metals with some saved-up gold, the Pirates spend 86 gold! This includes the 18 spent on the fort, but they also launch the Deliverance (with sac captain Havana Black, a helmsman, and oarsmen), Adventure, Paradox, and Nancy Nox. Capacious ships, even with a base move of S, can be pretty valuable in the long run in games like these. At the bottom of the frame, notice the Smiling Jim and Doombox have moved to a deep point of the kingdom to repair without blocking the entrances for other ships.

A wider shot of the general Jade Rebellion situation. In the left foreground, 3 ships join the textile gatherers in going to the home island, but they are there for repairs. Closeups of the action in the next few pictures!

The Grand Temple finally gets a favorable fog roll, and comes out guns blazing! Her shooting is reasonably effective, taking a mast off the Jikininki and Scythe.

Smash! The Beowulf rams an icewreck and breaks the iceberg in two! I love how I'm *actually* breaking icebergs! How cool is that! LOL. I would definitely suggest that players get some random chunks of foam for use as real icebergs, since they are extremely easy to use (no painting or anything required - just rip some off and literally throw it on your map!) and obviously they look fine and can even be broken when you have icebreakers in play. So practical and awesome!

The Muninn makes her entrance! Both shots miss! XD However, check out the stuff happening on her starboard side: the Last Hope has been dismasted, and the Silver Coffin was sunk! I should have mentioned in the first post that not only do forts and flotillas not follow the no-duplicates rule, they also can be relaunched as many times as a faction wants, unlike regular ships. Named crew must be unique, but can be rehired for different versions if the first version is eliminated or removed.

Clearly the Jade Rebellion is winning their battle against their strange foes, but it comes with a cost: the Clear Wind and Typhoon are lost, and major repairs will be necessary for the battle fleet to return to full strength. At the lower left the Polaris has rammed the shipwreck stuck in the iceberg, mostly in a futile attempt to allow the Divine Wind to shoot at the Scythe and/or get to the dismasted Glorious Treasure. What a messy scene!

A seemingly possessed icewreck rams the Grand Temple! However, notice that the Cursed vessels that came out of nowhere appear to be disappearing just as quickly....

Indeed, the Cursed have gone into a general retreat. A few ships didn't even get into action, namely the Spilled Salt and Pestilence. It remains to be seen where these hordes came from, but Tsai (aboard the GT) suggests they came from the "gates" of hell itself! (the big 6 means the Last Hope has been scuttled)

A sad scene, as HMS Viceroy burns to the waterline. The Lady Provost rescues Admiral Thomas Gunn and the Burma's captain.

And she goes under. England's flagship is no more.

The King John shadows the Apollo, making a return trip to the Duke shipwreck but weary of any potential Spanish interference:

HMS Sultan unloads two artillery units at Diamond Rock, which is now even more crowded! Sloops sail in to grab textiles, while the London and Bretwalda patrol the waters, scanning the horizon for hostile Spaniards.

Saddened but vengeful, Thomas Gunn needs a new flagship. He considers a wide variety of options, mostly 5 masted juggernauts. In the end, I couldn't resist choosing the perfect ship for the situation: HMS Lord Algernon!

How's that for the perfect flavor text, eh?

There she is! What a beauty! HMS Lord Algernon was my most-wanted ship for many years before I acquired her in 2011. She has been my favorite ship since then. Not for gameplay necessarily, although I love how her armament, speed, and ability are reminiscent of what real ships-of-the-line would be like in this game. She looks more similar to HMS Victory and other Royal Navy flagships than any ship in the game. Due to somewhat lackluster in-game stats, and my extreme cautiousness in handling my favorites, she has barely ever been used in my games, which is a rarity for me in general since I play so much and love using different ships than what I've used in the past. However, it is time she gained some experience! Too long has she sat in her box in perfect condition! HMS Lord Algernon will set sail!!

My favorite ship in the game. Here she is in all her glory as England's new flagship. I also think this is the perfect situation for her, as I hope to make this game my grandest and most epic personal campaign game EVER. Only such an epic would call for a ship like this. It is fitting that she appear at such an amazing time in my Pirates CSG experience, with so much more amazing stuff to come in this game of Command the Oceans!

She will be crewed by Thomas Gunn (once he arrives from the Lady Provost), LE Griffin, a firepot specialist, and an oarsman. In this way, she will be capable of S+S+S speed with rank-1 cannons firing firepots and boasting her defensive ability along with the oarsman for protection against capture and crew elimination.

HERE WE GO!! The Spanish go from despondent and weak to excited and rich in just a couple turns! With metals skyrocketing in value from 1 to 6, they spent a windfall in gold to get 78 points' worth of stuff!!

From left to right, the additions are the San Francisco, Alquimista, Diablo flotilla, and La Tartessos. The San Estaban and Matthias Vospero are busy repairing.

Spending a whopping 30 gold, the Spanish make a huge move and build their best fort, Fortaleza Dorada, on Paradise Island! This gives them sole control over the island's now-valuable metals, not to mention the immense pile of gold courtesy of the Gold ship! Looks like paradise to me! Very Happy

Once again, just insanely perfect flavor text: The Spanish claim it doesn't exist. Yet natives can be persuaded to speak of the "Golden Fortress," the apparent source of the Spanish gold flowing along the Crimson Coast. O_O Golden Fortress indeed!

And now we are back in Karkuda, where the French flagships continue to cautiously venture further west, and the French have no good resources around.

Similarly, the Americans have stockpiles of the 3 resources that aren't currently valuable: food, spices, and luxuries. However, with a fortuitous change, the Americans could become extremely wealthy in time. For now they are trying to maximize their returns from the big northern island and destroy reefs in order to go east without danger. Notice the Freedom heading straight back to the whirlpool. I wonder what Ralph David is thinking? XD Also, Brent Rice is curious to learn from his fellow fleet mates that Luck and Ruby Islands are no longer producing resources. He is aiming the Bonhomme Richard south to investigate, while Commodore Preble aboard the President sends the Colonial Trader to Ruby Island. Preble is of higher rank, but listens to the wise Rice on making decisions.

With that, another turn ends. This BR is a great example of just how much can happen on one turn, and the game will only increase in size from here. The JR battle seems to have ended, while the Caribbean is becoming very interesting. With both the English and Spanish out for revenge (the Spanish are mad the English started the conflict, but the English are p*ssed about the loss of the Viceroy), it could become a war zone very quickly.

A few things I noted:
-With really interesting developments happening in the Sea of Allost and the Caribbean, Karkuda feels quite boring by comparison right now. This is mostly a coincidence of the resource change, but it's a funny thing I noticed.
-Lumber is nowhere to be found. Of all six resource types, lumber is the only one to not be discovered on an island yet.

I hope to play a turn a day for the next 3 days, and hopefully more after that. Much more to come! Thanks for reading, and feel free to comment your thoughts!

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Ho-boy....... It would seem the Cursed have a few house rules operating in their favor. Impressive launchings by the Jades, I wonder if they'll hire the Corsairs next, since the Corsairs are considerably more numerous. On a side for the jades, there are a few custom things for them, I'd like to see them make an appearance here.

I'm thinking that we've not seen the entirety of the Sea of Allost, and I'm wondering if the Cursed have been operating off-camera the whole time, since I find it very unlike you to randomly throw a fully fledged faction at another one. Then again, I think you did that toward the end of your experimental cumulative game....... XD More than anythign I'd be interested to see the 'Cursed Kingdom'. XD

Woo-hoo, go Spanish! They're in for a fight, the English will be coming after them for sure, and the English have cash to burn. I think the SPanish getting the gold and resources on Paradise Island will be crucial, since they'll need that money to launch and stay alive. Doing so will be difficult I predict, unless they run some hybrid ships like La Santa Isabel.
As to combating the English, perhaps an Inquisition is in order......

Really, you've not used the Lord Alg. that often? My favorite ship is the Blackwatch and I use her almost always when I get the chance to.
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xerecs wrote:
Ho-boy....... It would seem the Cursed have a few house rules operating in their favor.

Did this latest report make you think that, or was it some of the reports before this one? You're onto something but I didn't feel like the latest report made it obvious. As usual, things will be revealed as they need to be! Wink

Impressive launchings by the Jades, I wonder if they'll hire the Corsairs next, since the Corsairs are considerably more numerous. On a side for the jades, there are a few custom things for them, I'd like to see them make an appearance here.

Yes, this is one of the main problems with using a single minor faction by themselves in a campaign game. With only around 25 viable ships to launch and tons of gold coming in from consistently valuable textiles (I think they will take in another ~75 gold or so next turn lol), they are able to "complete the fleet" (using an expression from my old Historical Fantasy Scenarios) very quickly but then run out of things to launch. They've already got a bunch of Viking stuff, and indeed I was already thinking about how they'll need the Corsairs to survive long-term. I might let the Jades relaunch their own sunken ships, especially if they lose multiple 6 masters in long-term warfare, but I really don't want to do that. However, if the game reaches the size and length I'm hoping for, it may be inevitable.

Are you talking about your own Jade customs? I'm not likely to be custom-crazy in this game (at least not in terms of ships, but islands/terrain is obviously another story XD), but I'm struggling to remember who has made many JR customs.

I think the Spanish getting the gold and resources on Paradise Island will be crucial, since they'll need that money to launch and stay alive.

Yeah they've really had incredible luck with money just recently, between the gold ship helping them out and now metals becoming the most valuable resource. It's also interesting to note that the English haven't discovered Paradise Island yet, mostly since they've understandably been so focused on Diamond Rock. (which also has textiles, the best resource in the game so far, meaning the English haven't had to diversify to continue launching a lot)

Really, you've not used the Lord Alg. that often? My favorite ship is the Blackwatch and I use her almost always when I get the chance to.

My favorite ships are sometimes special to me, especially my older ones and the sentimental favorites. Therefore I hesitate to use them a lot in games so they don't have a chance to be broken or damaged, not that that happens to me much anymore. Then there are newer ships in my collection like the Royal James and Paul Revere that become favorites quickly, but since they're not as "special" to me I don't have reason to keep them "safe". Smile And yeah, to add on to my previous comment, some ships are so special that only certain games are deserving of seeing them get launched. I hope to make this game my biggest and longest physical CG ever, so in that case of such epicness, anything goes this time around. Cool
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Did this latest report make you think that, or was it some of the reports before this one? You're onto something but I didn't feel like the latest report made it obvious. As usual, things will be revealed as they need to be!

It wasn't this latest report, or a single one thing. More like a few odd things adding up. The Icewrecks for example seem to move on their own, as if they were still ships. Also, it seems as though all of the Cursed ships (not sea Creatures) have the fog hopping ability built in, or have some kind of crew/ship back at their base that lets them do this. I'm mostly hypothesizing at the moment, so I'm curious and excited to see if I'm right; and I'm excited to see what comes next in the Saga of the Jade Rebellion.

Are you talking about your own Jade customs? I'm not likely to be custom-crazy in this game (at least not in terms of ships, but islands/terrain is obviously another story XD), but I'm struggling to remember who has made many JR customs.

I'm not sure I've made public Jade Customs..... I know you had at least one six for them in the SR section of the Age of Sail, the Grand River. Beyond that I think Selvaxri has a couple of Jade customs, as well as a few scattered here and there throughout the Custom thread. However I can understand not wanting to go through a 100+ page thread to look for something that might not even be there.
Your first post said that customs were allowed, I'm mostly curious to see what gets used and by who.

Anywho, I'm still stoked to see what comes next!
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Turn 32 passed without incident, and this will be the shortest report so far.

The Pirates have a logjam, with 5 ships leaving the kingdom from the southern entrance while two ships are delayed in getting in.

Jade Rebellion ships returning home for repairs and to unload textiles. At this point, in order to save time and not find and re-find coins over and over again for launchings and saving gold, I have begun to record HI gold tallies on an index card. As of now the Jades have 112 gold saved up in addition to those coins on their home island.

The Battle of Fog and Ice is officially over, with the Jades victorious. However, the Jades have a lot of repairs to carry out, thus why they're returning to their HI rather than pressing their attack against an unknown enemy of unknown strength. Notice the icewrecks "fleeing" into the fog, including the newly possessed Clear Wind.

This is the somewhat complicated English crew logistics situation. The Lady Provost has docked at their HI, and Thomas Gunn has taken the helm of HMS Lord Algernon, the new English flagship whose crew complement is now complete. The Lady Provost still has the Burma's old captain aboard, and he has now spent far more time as a passenger on the Viceroy and Lady Provost than as captain of his own Burma! XD The Starbuck is carrying a rope/cable with L length, which cost the same as the ladders. The Burma has used an explore action to take one of the strong cables and temporarily given her helmsman to the Starbuck.

Those crew changes are represented here, but also notice how the English have gotten troops down the ladder from the summit of Diamond Rock to the cave halfway up!

The Aguila docks home 4 metals, netting the Spanish 24 gold which they use to purchase El Galeon de Gibraltar with a captain, helmsman, cannoneer, and exploding shot. The Matthias Vospero will finish repairing next turn, at which point the Spanish will have 4 healthy warships ready to sail out.

Nothing of note happened in the Sea of Karkuda this turn. I hope to play two turns tomorrow and one on Tuesday.

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Short in deed, but still fun to read. I'm hoping the Spanish manage to stay alive in the Caribbean, since the English have the PoP and firepower to wipe them out.

I'm more curious than ever now as to what the Jades were fighting. It looks Cursed, but now I think it feels like a little more than average Cursed.XD Anyway, I hope the Jades can recover and continue to be a strong presence and eventually meet the Pirates.

For that matter, I'm interested to see what happens when the French and Americans meet, since they're in the same ocean, but separated by natural barriers.

Looking forward to more as always.
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With essentially nothing of note happening in the Sea of Allost, we jump straight to the Caribbean, where the English have spent 49 gold for HMS Galapagos, HMS Serapis, the Gibraltar flotilla, and another artillery unit. In the background, HMS Algernon has set sail.

Mostly a coincidence, but the Spanish are sailing in line of battle formation. At the right and head of the line, the San Francisco and Alquimista head for Paradise Island, while the Tartessos, San Estaban, and Galeon de Gibraltar wait for the Matthias Vospero to finish repairing.

The French discover The Flat!! The French admirals aboard those two flagships are excited to tell the rest of the fleet and get some cargo ships out there.

Ralph David steered the Freedom right back to the whirlpool near the American HI, and went through it to emerge with a lucky 2 from the same whirlpool that allowed RD to attack the Pirates from earlier! Now the Americans have a direct link from their whirlpool to this one, and will not have to roll for location when traveling between the two. Now the main question is: can Ralph David instill his hatred for Pirates in other American officers?

The Wasp doesn't find any gold on the beach previously explored by the Bonhomme Richard, so her crew bravely ventures east and finds gold on an adjacent beach!

The Colonial Trader reaches Ruby Island, where her crew finds metals, a brand-new resource to the Sea of Karkuda!

Similarly, the Bonhomme Richard finds luxuries on Luck Island! This resource was previously on Ruby Island and hasn't been a valuable resource for much of the game, but the Americans are happy to have productive islands south of their HI again.

Even more importantly, the Congress finally succeeded in blowing up a reef!! This first-ever occurrence looks like it will change the dynamic around American waters, as the rest of Karkuda (possibly...) will now be open to American exploration without danger!

I won't be able to play more than a turn tomorrow, but I'm generally hoping for at least 2 turns a day Wednesday-Saturday.

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