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Uncharted Territories (Game Scenario for Pirates!!! )

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Subject: Uncharted Territories (Game Scenario for Pirates!!! )   PostPosted: Tue Mar 13, 2012 2:06 pm Reply with quote

Scenario: Uncharted Territory.

For this particular scenario, all players are in a newly discovered area.
The gist is that they are battling for control and the right to lay claim to land for King and Country! (or set up a secret base in the case of the Pirates!)

This would be set up the same as the standard scenario except for the following changes:

· Suggested that a 60 pt fleet be used, preferably of a single nation.
· An additional amount of coins and gold are added by each player to cover the island that would have been the home island in the standard scenario. This should be 12 coins for a total of 23 gold and only 3 unique treasures allowed per player.
· No players have a home island, as this is uncharted territory; the whole point behind this is to establish that presence.
o All actions relating to a home island will point back to the original starting position, until a fort is established by that player. The first fort built becomes the ‘home’ fort.
o The sanctuary of a home island does not exist in this scenario, so all ships can be fired on, even at the home fort.
o Once established, the loss of the home fort forces all ‘home island’ effects to become ‘remove from game’ effects instead.
· Starting positions, usually the edge of the playing field, is established the same fashion as home island selection and must be at least 3 L from any island.
· Forts are key, as they are the only way to get any semblance of a home island.
· Reiteration of PotR rules for forts.
Building Forts
To build a fort, the following three conditions must be met:
§ You must have the fort in your Pirates collection.
§ You must have an amount of gold points on your home fort equal to or greater than the fort’s gold point cost.
§ You must have a ship docked at a wild island you have explored in order to build a fort there.
If these three prerequisites are met at the end of one of your turns, you may build the fort as a free action.
· Forts can be repaired at the cost of 1 gold per flag, if either a crew is present in the fort or a ship is docked at the fort. (The ship using its repair action for the fort.)
o Change should be made to allow spending to be done in exact amounts.
o All gold spent to create and repair forts MUST be delivered by ship, or found on the island where the fort is to be built.
o Gold spent creating and repairing a fort is kept within that fort separate from and cannot be moved or stolen. Available gold is kept outside the fort.
o If the fort is destroyed, the island becomes wild and all gold there is no longer claimed.
· An abandoned fort can be claimed by any player who repairs at least one flag.
· The game ends when one of the following circumstances apply.
o Only one player controls any moving ships.
o All gold has been secured. (the token rule for multiplayer is valid here.)
o Multiplayer => More than half the islands contain forts for one full turn.
· The player with the most gold in or at a fort in the end is the winner.
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Subject:    PostPosted: Thu Mar 15, 2012 1:00 pm Reply with quote

Groovy! Very Happy
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Subject: Nice ideas   PostPosted: Mon Mar 26, 2012 5:22 am Reply with quote

I like the scene rio you laid out. I had been toying with my own expansion set, "Pirates of Terra Incognito". Same premise, completely unexplored teri tory where the first order of business is to establish a fort as a base of operation, then grab as much treasure as possible to send a huge load home. My expansion was inspired by the old maps where half the world was labeled "Terra Incognito" and under that it often said, "Here be dragons". So a big part of my expansion was going to involve a few new dragons and sea monsters that would not be under the control of any player. Mostly they would just pop up at random and attack the nearest ship.
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