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Battle Reports
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Subject: The finale   PostPosted: Sun May 15, 2016 2:45 am Reply with quote

With the final battle imminent, the final day of play started in CG1!

With the Pirates eliminated, the War for CG1 resumed in earnest. The Spanish managed to sink the Grand Temple, a ship that could have been useful against El Acorazado. Her and the Nautilus are waiting for the English to come to them.

The Iron Prince, with Mycron helping, took the Cristal del Obispo down to 2 masts. However, she and the Cheshire were sunk and dismasted on the next turn. The Spanish had won the battle on the eastern side of the former Pirate HI, but the battle on the western side was just beginning, with the Acorazado dismasting the Goodfellow and damaging the Edinburgh Trader.

The English swarm the Acorazado by ramming her with 5 ships, but none of them roll a 6! At the top of the frame are 3 of England's most important ships: the Challenger (can shoot at submerged ships within S of her), the Durham (carrying the only admiral crew and the default flagship now that the Grand Temple has sunk), and the captured USS Morning Star, their best remaining offensive weapon.

Here, the Acorazado and Nautilus fight off the horde, though they are essentially immune since the ships are pinned to the Acorazado and cannot eliminate masts by shooting them off since the Acorazado must be hit 3 times in one shoot action to eliminate her first mast. The rest of the Spanish battle fleet hurry west to help the Acorazado. Things are not looking good for the English.

A partial turn later, and the Morning Star has sunk the Cristal del Obispo! Finally the Inquisitor is no more!

The Burma and Durham are cancelled by the Nautilus and Acorazado, while the Morning Star is nearly dismasted by the superior Spanish force. Up north a few more English ships are entering the fray, as the Spanish send ships to meet them.

The Spanish recapture the Morning Star, but HMS Burma and HMS Challenger manage to ram two masts off the Acorazado! This is the first time she's taken damage in quite some time. The Acorazado did manage to sink the Durham, which meant that Mycron was the only crew left in the English fleet capable of giving them extra actions.

The whole map, showing how the battle has shifted to the north side of the former Pirate home island. The Hound is almost back to the English HI with 4 gold, while the Joya del Sol sails for gold (now that Dead Man's Point is gone) in the deep south.

After another turn, the Spanish take complete control. The English are brought down to 4 ships, the same number that they started the game with. The Hound, Ark Royal, Patagonia, and Poor Adams are England's last hope.

A few turns later, and the Spanish head north to finish off the English!

The main part of the final battle took place around the former Pirate HI, but the final shots will be fired in the northwest. The Spanish have captured the Ark Royal and bombarded Ramsgate. At the lower right, the Tepant and Poor Adams (both captured ships) are shooting at each other with their bow chasers, with neither ship possessing a captain. HMS Hound used her 4 gold to crew herself with a captain and oarsman, and a double action from Mycron let her dismast the Wodin. The English are fighting hard until the end, as evidenced by the damage on almost all Spanish ships left in play.

After the Nautilus dismasts the Hound, the English are essentially down to two ships, the Poor Adams and Patagonia.

The Slipstream dismasted the Poor Adams, who was quickly captured by the Wicked Kareen! The Hound is sunk, while the Acorazado (the Spanish flagship) fittingly heads north to meet the Patagonia and Lord Mycron, the last English presence in the game!

It started with 6 fleets, grew to a game with over 200 ships and over 3,500 total points in play, and now it all comes down to this.

The Patagonia put up a fight, but was ultimately no match for the legendary Acorazado! The Spanish have won VASSAL Campaign Game 1!!!!

Upon hearing the news, immediately the cheer went up throughout the fleet: VIVA EL IMPERIO ESPANOL!

It's finally over! After almost exactly 3 months of play (the first day of play was 2/12/2016), CG1 has finally come to a conclusive end! The Spanish Empire reigns supreme, for they not only rule the ocean, but I believe they also eliminated all 5 other factions. Tomorrow I will post a reflection upon the game, but for now, Spain is the ruler of the waves!

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Subject:    PostPosted: Sun May 15, 2016 6:55 am Reply with quote

I have to wonder why the English never used Firepot specialists or Fire shot to take out the Acorazado. One hit to remove Vega, then go to town with fire.
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Subject:    PostPosted: Sun May 15, 2016 3:34 pm Reply with quote

idkwhattosay wrote:
I have to wonder why the English never used Firepot specialists or Fire shot to take out the Acorazado. One hit to remove Vega, then go to town with fire.

Good point; I tend to forget that fire is a good way to deal with those defenses. The English actually had some fire stuff in their main battle fleet, but by the time the Acorazado got to the main battle area, most of those ships had been sunk or their specialists killed in action. By the late stages of the battle, the English didn't have enough gold to put fire stuff on more than one or two of their ships.

Thanks for reading the reports!
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Subject:    PostPosted: Sun May 15, 2016 10:32 pm Reply with quote

Reflection post

Looking back on the first-ever VASSAL campaign game, Xerecs and I have a lot to be proud of. Not only did CG1 become the biggest game in the history of Pirates CSG, it was also the first time that such a long, intense, and epic game was played remotely. With Xerecs in California and myself in New York, we dealt with a 3 hour time zone differential, which we navigated quite well. Any problems were handled quickly and easily, and rules implemented after the game's start were agreed upon to avoid any delays. Through many email exchanges, we were able to coordinate a ton of times where we both could meet, and play this great game. Once again, thank you, Xerecs, for playing this game with me. Also, thanks to B.J. for creating the Pirates module in the first place - without it, this obviously wouldn't have happened. (Also thanks to El Cazador for his occasional watching, and always humorous comments.)

And with that, an analysis of the game. I may be the biggest fan of campaign games this game has ever seen, so it should come as no surprise that I also love the flashbacks, numbers, analysis, nostalgia, and more.

Spain played one of the absolute best games of all time, by any faction and in any setting. Not only did they manage to win the game in the long run, but they did so at extreme odds. The Spanish were imperialists right from the start. They literally declared war on ALL FIVE of the other factions, and wound up eliminating all of them (England technically struck the fatal blow against the Cursed, but the Spanish did most of the work). Showing no mercy, they went on a run that was only slowed by a historically large English battle fleet towards the end of the game. Even with that, Spain still came out on top. It's almost hard to describe just how dominant the Spanish were in this game. In terms of combat and war, this game WAS Spain. In the end, they accomplished their ultimate goal of having a Spanish Empire that dominated the entire ocean.

The Spanish appeared aggressive from the very early stages of the game. Of my three fleets (the Spanish, Cursed and English), I decided that the Spanish would be my "imperial faction". The Cursed would do typical Cursed things and annoy just about everyone, and I had some fun with that for a while. The English would sort of be the "nice faction" this time around, as evidenced by their strategy not to engage enemy fleets unless they became hostile. The Cursed were never a likely candidate to win the game, and so Spain took the early lead. They were the first to instigate combat, with the Tartessos firing upon the American fort Thompson's Island. The Spanish easily established control of the two wild islands east of their home island, while simultaneously denying the Americans and hurting their potential gold system. It was a strong statement, and set them up well for the future. It's safe to say that America never recovered.

In addition to making Spain my most aggressive faction, I wanted to establish a strong gold system that took advantage of their many ships with the +1 and +2 gold abilities. Getting all of those ships into the game was a priority, to the point where the Spanish even started the game with La Saragoza (a ship with the +1 gold bonus ability but also S speed) rather than something like La Monarca. I was determined to launch all of the bonus ships, which included launching many more sets of their native canoes than the one set that started the game. Less than two weeks into the game the Spanish had a record 7 sets of canoes for 35 canoes in total, though they wouldn't launch any more after that.

One of the more impressive things the Spanish accomplished was eliminating the Cursed despite not being a part of the First Coalition. Originally intended to be a major alliance between America, France, and England, the coalition fell apart when Spain declared war on the French and continued to receive tribute payments from the Americans. Later in the game, the English took the lead for the coalition against the Cursed, but by that point Spain had already declared war on the Cursed after the Cursed made a mistake in attacking Fortaleza Dorada. The First Coalition was formed to eliminate the Cursed and contained half of the game's fleets, but it was ultimately unsuccessful, though the Spanish eliminated the Cursed rather easily.

It's worth noting that this was essentially the first huge game I've ever played where I wasn't rooting for my favorite faction, the English. I anticipated rooting for them as the game went on, but the opposite happened. Managing and expanding the Spanish Empire became so fun that I was actually rooting for Spain! (However, there was no bias in the War for CG1 - I desperately played each fleet equally in order to have a true winner.) I also became attached to a lot of Spanish ships through the various battles and wars, which furthered my affection towards the faction.

Spain also made the Americans a "vassal" state, which was truly ironic and amusing given the game was being played on the VASSAL module. However, this eventually illustrated one of Spain's only "failures" - they intended to essentially make the Americans their colony, but maintaining significant resources in the far east began to hold the Spanish back. They let the Americans go, which extended the Americans' stay in the game. The Spanish were also one of the only nations to launch purpose-built squadrons, which included the Fire Squadron and Inquisition Squadron. Lastly, the Battle of the Two Paradises (the main battle of the Franco-Spanish war) was not decisive from the start. Between the effective French gunships in the area and the backfiring Spanish equipment (rolling 1's with fire shot), France had a chance to win the battle early on, but the Spanish had a numerical superiority that was hard to overcome.

Notable ships that were either heroic or had a large impact on the game: Acorazado, Garante, Augusta, Muerta, and many others

A quick analysis of the other fleets, in the order of gameplay (the Spanish went fourth after the Americans):

While setting up a huge network of trade currents, the French annoyed the English and Spanish by building two copies of Paradis de la Mer on wild islands the English and Spanish wanted to share. As the French hadn't been bothered by any of the factions up to that point (not even the Cursed), it was a move that started their eventual demise. The French fought extremely well in the Franco-Spanish war and lasted a lot longer than the Spanish wanted them to. They came closest to handing the Spanish navy a defeat.
Notable ships: Le Bonaparte, Geographe, Favori

The Pirates had a relatively standard gold strategy, though they made some waves by spending 91 gold in a single turn (probably the most in one turn up to that point in the game) to purchase 3 gunships, all with the gold capture ability. I (and the Cursed specifically) was extremely annoyed to see Cursed Captain Jack make an entrance. From then on, the Pirates hesitated to attack the Spanish on their western front, and never did so. The Spanish declared war and eventually wiped them out.
Notable ships: Grand River, Harbinger, Swift, Black Heart

To be honest, the Americans were basically stomped on and bullied by the Spanish since the very early part of the game. After losing Thompson's Island and paying tribute to the Spanish, they had no shot at winning the game. However, they fought hard and lasted longer than expected, at first because the Spanish wanted to keep them alive and later because of their own skill and tenacity. The Carolina completed one of the longest journeys of any ship in any game. She departed from the American home island with the Louisiana, sailing almost the entire width of the ocean to arrive in English waters. There, she successfully recruited the English into the First Coalition, which partially led to the elimination of the Cursed. She joined the Americans in fighting the Cursed, nearly being sunk by a Cursed fort. With English help she repaired and then eventually captured the Poor Adams, and made a final stand against the Spanish by helping the English.
Notable ships: Carolina, Frontier, Mississippi, Louisiana, Morning Star

The Cursed proved to be a major annoyance almost right from the beginning. They used Davy Jones to eliminate the Wasp from the game, and then turned their attention to the English, sinking the Aberdeen Baron and using their L-movers to force other English gold runners off the map (flat earth rules). Once the English got smart and didn't sail their ships close enough to the edge for the Cursed to shove them off, the Cursed turned their attention back to the Americans, eliminating the Jarvis (and 3 canoes in the process). The Cursed then threw the Grand River onto a reef to eliminate 5 of her 6 masts, which greatly annoyed the Pirates. The Cursed launched the fog hopping squadron, which was moderately successful in carrying out different missions. It was gradually worn away, losing a ship or two per mission. They also launched a big Fear squadron, which fell to the combined might of Spain and England. The Cursed took great advantage of a lot of powerful gimmicks in this game, but didn't come away with much to show for it. Their biggest mistake was attacking the Spanish, who proceeded to wipe them out.
Notable ships: Divine Dragon, Loki's Revenge, Hell Hound

The English established a very strong gold system and a decent array of gunships to defend them with. The Dreadnought was launched early on, and Carbon Charlie eventually gave her a new-record 10 extra cannons to increase her firepower to 15 shots per turn. The English began saving gold way back on 2/27, and didn't spend nearly any of it until launching their minor faction squadron on 3/28. The minor faction squadron sailed against the Cursed, but the Spanish got there first, so the squadron was generally ineffective. On 3/9, the English had 504 gold. On 4/16, they peaked at 864 total gold, which they spent to launch the biggest battle fleet ever, intending to eliminate the Spanish. They had a numbers advantage and the first strike, but somewhat poor cannon accuracy and the loss of their super squadron (with 4 cancellers) gave them a close second place finish.
Notable ships: Dreadnought, Apollo, Grand Temple, Endeavour, others

The most important overall crew in the game included Amiral Stephan Dupuy, Emperor Blackheart, Elizabeth Swann, Commodore David Porter, the mysterious "first" Spanish admiral (aboard El Garante), later succeeded by the slightly more reasonable Admiral Luis Zuan, Davy Jones, and the English Lords Beckett, Mycron, and Gunn.

Most important UT: Celestine's Charts (lol)

Here are some interesting things I found while looking back at the reports.

First faction to launch: Cursed
First ship eliminated: Wasp
First ship to lose a mast: Swift
First ship sunk: Executioner
First ship permanently sunk: Aberdeen Baron
First HI expansion: English
First faction to hire a privateer: Pirates
First ship captured: USS James Madison (by La Habana)
First fort upgrade: Spanish
First declaration of war: Spanish (ALL declarations of war: Spanish)
First faction eliminated: France
Strongest alliance: America/England (though Xerecs knows more about the Franco-American alliance than I do)

Dates of elimination:
French: 4/15
Cursed: 4/26
Americans: 5/9
Pirates: 5/13
English: 5/14

Major Battles:
Battle of the Two Paradises: Spanish soundly defeat the French
Battle of the Devil’s Maw: Spanish defeat the Pirates, though the Pirates suffer light losses after retreating quickly
Battle of the Pirates’ home island: Spanish soundly defeat the Pirates
Battle of the Cursed home island: Spanish and English (not in an alliance) soundly defeat the Cursed
War for CG1: Spanish outlast and outplay the English to win the game

Minor Battles:
Battle of Thompson’s Island: Spanish victory
Battle of El Puerto Blanco (eastern): Strategic Spanish victory
Battle of the Cursed wild islands: Cursed victory
(Other minor battles took place as well; many had the Cursed as the aggressor.)

Official new records:
Total points: 3,516 (likely reached about 3,700 soon afterwards)
Total ships: 208
Largest single-turn launching: 628 gold (English battle fleet)
Largest recorded single-fleet point total: Spanish at 1,631 points
Largest fleet of any faction: Spanish at 111 ships

After letting CG1 sink in for another day or two I'll repost the reports of the other games that have occurred so this thread is complete.
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Subject:    PostPosted: Sun May 15, 2016 11:35 pm Reply with quote

Franco-American alliance:
Overall Strategy:
Share gold if necessary to build up a strong battle fleet. Recruit English to cause and eliminate first the Cursed, then Spanish. If the English die in the process, saves us trouble of eliminating them later. Avoid Pirates, do not anger them and keep their gold capture ships away from HI's and capital ships.

What actually happened:
French loaned Americans 30 gold so the Americans could launch a ship to fight the Cursed with. Gold delivered but Spanish interference causes outbreak of war. French low on gold after successful delivery of loan gold to Americans, unable to fund a counter attack against the Spanish and Cursed. Simultaneous attacks by both nations limited French expansion.
Americans successfully recruited the English, but little amounted from it, as French were wiped out soon after, and Americans were unable to recover from Spanish aggression.

That's about the gist of the Franco-American alliance, which had some founding in the alliance that existed between the French and Americans during and after the revolution
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Subject:    PostPosted: Thu May 26, 2016 9:51 pm Reply with quote

Now that CG1 is over, I want to repost some BR's so this thread is complete.


Two games were played: one at 60 points and another at just 20. The first game featured an English fleet taking on a Mixed fleet.

HMS Lord Kettering and HMS Bath set out:

How gorgeous:

The Dunlap ambushes the Bath, and it's English civil war!

The Lord Kettering takes care of some Pirate scum.

The Bath survived the attack, and the English have brought back a bunch of gold.

The civil war continues as the Empress takes on the Dunlap!

As the 1v1 battle rages, the Pequod loses a mast to the Lord Kettering but gets home with a Homing Beacon.

The Lord Kettering sank the Black Mongoose on her way to the Pequod:

The Lord Kettering round earthed her way to the west, dismasting the Moulin Rouge. The Empress was victorious against the Dunlap, and the Bath had the final treasure coin.

Total carnage! The fleets wage war with ferocity, with masts and spars falling everywhere.

In the end, the English were victorious 36-22!

The second game featured 4 20 point fleets, with each person controlling 2 fleets. The stipulation was that similar to CG1, each person had to play their fleets independently.

The Selkie started the action, going 1/3 on a sniping run against the Santo Columba.

The Sea Nymph and Pequod became locked in a fierce engagement, with the captained Pequod predictably getting the better of it.

The Selkie also took damage from the Pequod, who dropped her explorer at the island for more gold. I controlled the Spanish, so it was no surprise that I played them aggressively because of CG1.

After some more cannon fire and round earth shenanigans, the Pirates appeared to be the only fleet not in the running.

The Santo Columba used her S-boarding ability to rob the Black Mongoose, and after losing two more masts she was able to get it home. However, the Henry VIII was home with more gold for the English Pirates.

In the end, the Spanish were too shortsighted, going after the Pequod as the biggest threat but not paying enough attention to the English Pirates!

1. English Pirates: 24 gold
2. Spanish: 20
3. Americans: 15
4. Pirates: 0

What a great pair of games! The second one was especially intriguing for me, and the fun of playing tiny games with lots of fleets cannot be understated.


5 new players were taught at a game night! Due to the sheer number of questions and game pieces, it was a bit chaotic, but the game was played to completion. The circumstances also led to an interesting setup, but each fleet did have about 40 points.

I went first to demonstrate taking a turn, and the race was on! There were 4 wild islands with 3 coins on each of them. As you can see here, the rares pulled from the OE packs included HMS Grand Temple, USS Constitution, and Maxehebel. In addition, I believe 3 of USS Sea Tiger made it out of the 10 packs given away. The small table required a small ocean, which would naturally decrease the importance of speed and increase the excitement at the islands.

A handful of conflicts broke out; the Gold Eagle dismasted the Afrique, but was soon sunk by the Afrique's fleet mate the Grand Temple. The Georgetown damaged the Atlanta, but she was able to return home with gold. In the east, Maxehebel picked on the Clear Wind, but was eliminated by the Constitution before he could sink anything. One of the players had to leave during the game, taking their islands with them.

The last third of the game saw the two gunships dominate the sea. HMS Grand Temple crushed all opposition in the west, while the east saw the Constitution kill Maxehebel and dismast the Lady Newport.

The Constitution chased the tiny Colibri away, missing with both of her S-range guns. I suddenly realized that the Colibri had gold on her, so she sailed back, lucky to escape. In the meantime, the Atlanta repaired and the Georgetown was towed back.

After a Sea Tiger and the Lady Newport were towed back, the game ended in a tie!

1. HMS Grand Temple/USS Constitution fleets: 9 gold
3. Maxehebel/Lady Newport fleet: 4 gold
4. Colibri fleet: 1 gold
5/6. Georgetown/HMS Concorde fleets: 0 gold


Another game has been played, this one at 80 points.

Grampus + captain, helmsman, oarsman
Pequod + explorer
HMS Dunlap + captain, helmsman
Jackal's Teeth + oarsman
Sea Dragon + explorer

Pestilence, Sammy the Skull, White Crew, helmsman, oarsman
Dark Pact + helmsman, explorer
Hangman's Joke + captain, helmsman, oarsman
Mist Walker

The Dark Pact and Pequod sail towards the nearest beach, barely able to fit through the dangerous terrain.

However, the classic 4 masted schooners were there, dismasting the Dark Pact and spelling major trouble for the Cursed!

The Pestilence turned around to interfere:

The Dunlap and Grampus teamed up to cripple the Pestilence and sink the Dark Pact:

The Pestilence continued to fight, winning a boarding party and eliminating the Dunlap's crew via White Crew. However, the Americans were in control of the area.


The Cursed knew they had almost no shot of winning, but decided to have a little fog-hopping fun. The Hangman's Joke anticipated a possible American blockade and prepared to sail all the way around the huge island in the hopes of joining up with Mist Walker.

The Americans have won the battle around the Cursed home island; the Jackal's Teeth has explored the beach with the most gold on it.

The Pequod has sailed out for more gold while the Grampus prepares to intercept the remaining Cursed.

When the Grampus sank the Hangman's Joke the game ended, with the Americans winning 24-0!


A year after the first one, a second "Other Worlds" game has been played! My opponent was different, but the setup remained quite similar. The fleets were 100 points instead of 80. For a change, the winner of the initial die roll deferred to let the other player go first.

French Americans:
USS Hudson + Gus Schultz, captain, helmsman, oarsman
Freedom + captain
USS New Orleans + captain, helmsman, oarsman
Hessian + helmsman
La Cleopatre + captain, helmsman, oarsman

English Americans:
Grampus + Master CPO Charles Richard, Diamond Nelson Turner, firepot specialist
Pequod + explorer
HMS Dunlap + Major Peter Sharpe, captain
USS Oregon
USS Shark

Once again the setup featured home islands in one ocean, with one whirlpool that led to two other oceans where the gold was.

I didn't have much luck with whirlpool rolls at first, but that changed on the return trip. Many an oarsman were lost on this day.

The French Americans were eager to get gold, while the English Americans had a different strategy.

As the Freedom and New Orleans collected gold, the Hudson opened fire on the Henry VIII!

The French Americans were trying to capture the Englishman with the New Orleans' ability, which may sound familiar...

And there it is! I made the apparent mistake of sending the battle report of the last game (linked above) to my opponent beforehand. I assumed it would deter them from trying to use a blockade strategy, but I was wrong. Instead, they were inspired to try it because a blockade understandably sounded and looked cool. Though disappointed, I was just as determined as last time to teach a lesson and deter such tactics in the future.

The other ocean saw lots of French American ships collecting lots of gold.

After a few turns of waiting, I finally was forced to return home. The Henry VIII continued to hide in the fog, so the New Orleans gave up her pursuit.

The Freedom started the battle, but missed all three shots.

The English Americans brought the Pequod home, and the Hudson and New Orleans pounced!

Deja vu! The New Orleans is given an explore action, and she teleports home with the Pequod and all of the gold aboard both ships. However, the Oregon has sank the Freedom.

The Oregon and Shark were doing rather well holding off the French Americans, partly because of my typically bad gun rolls. However, the English Americans had a major problem when the New Orleans began shooting at the Dunlap.

The Libellule towed the Shark to allow the Emeraude to dock home, and the Oregon was sunk. The Grampus sank the Cleopatre, but the English American blockade had failed miserably and they were now fighting an unwinnable fight.

The Hudson took on the Grampus, weakening both ships. This allowed the New Orleans to sail back out and dismast the Grampus, while the other French American ships went after the Henry VIII, who was trying to sneak home.

The game ended in an absolute French American victory after they towed the Henry VIII. The final score was 31-0, mirroring last year's 32-2 score in a very similar game.

I was disappointed with how similar the game turned out, but it taught me a lesson as well as my opponent. For the next Other World game, I'm going to change the setup a lot, partly to disincentivize the blockade strategy (which seems particularly alluring with whirlpools around!) and also to incentivize more fighting around the wild islands. One idea I have is to make the HI's on separate tables, and then have all the gold on one table, possibly with each player controlling 2 or 3 independent fleets.

PS: I may get to use one of my 150 point fleets in April, which is exciting. There may be another game this weekend or next week, but other than that, the attention shifts back to the VASSAL campaign games!


Three games were played using Cadet-Captain Mike's Random Pirates Set-Up Tables.

Game 1: 24 points for ships, all crew free

The Americans used the Grampus and USS Sea Tiger, while the Spanish Corsairs went with the Pescados de Plata, Halcon, and Sahara. Both fleets had numerous crew on their home islands to start the game.

The Grampus got the Americans off to a fast start in the gold game, while the Sea Tiger took out the only opposing gunship.

The Halcon tried to run interference while the Pescado grabbed gold, but was entirely unsuccessful.

The Halcon was quickly dismasted as well, but the Pescado was able to transfer home some gold with the classic SM-only Master Bianco/Bianco's Haulers combo.

The Sea Tiger continued her assault, sinking the Sahara and damaging the Pescado.

The Pescado was sunk, which technically gave the Spanish Corsairs a 14-10 win. However, my opponent was unaware that the game could end in such a way, since in the past we used the house rule where the rest of the game is simulated to give the lone player the remainder of the coins. As a result, the game wasn't counted.

Game 2: Free ships totalling 10 masts; 4 free crew (No more than 3 ships)

The second game featured a setup I had used before, and once again it was a good opportunity to bring out my Viking ships. This time, I used two new ones I got in a trade: Wodin and Donar, with the Grand Mountain taking up the other 6 masts. The Americans stuck with the Grampus and Sea Tiger, adding the Pequod.

The Grand Mountain and Grampus quickly engaged, pitting the two flagships against each other.

The Grand Mountain won the battle of attrition, but couldn't capture any crew with Dragon Eyes.

The Donar was going long, far to the east, while the Sea Tiger and Grand Mountain battled it out.

The minor faction alliance appeared to prevail, but unsurprisingly, my horrid die rolls ruined the day for my fleets.

The Wodin managed to snag Diamond Nelson Turner off the Grampus, but Dragon Eyes and the Jade helmsman had fallen in other boarding parties, which meant that the mighty Grand Mountain couldn't capture any crew.

The Grand Mountain was able to sink the Sea Tiger and run interference for the Wodin, but the Pequod was coming!

The Pequod began her reign of terror, first dismantling the Grand Mountain. The Donar has begun her voyage back.

The Pequod then crushed the Wodin and killed Shayna Deux:

The Pequod then captured the Donar and prepared to fight the Wodin once more.

Without a captain, the best the Wodin could do was ram the Donar and hope to steal gold. This allowed the Pequod to dock home her prize. Then the Pequod sailed back out and predictably dismasted the Wodin once more!

The Americans ended up winning 25-15. The Viking Rebels were only able to get 15 between Turner (worth 8 gold) and a stolen 7 from the Donar.


Since we were running out of time, for the last game we decided to choose the most simple option from the table rather than rolling.

Game 3: 30 points; roll on Normal Crew (No limits or bonuses; single-nation fleets)

The Americans relied on the Grampus and Sea Tiger, while the Corsairs made a return with the Nubian Prince and Sahara.

Once again the two flagships faced off, and once again the Americans came out on top.

The Grampus sunk the Sahara, and the Nubian Prince was barely able to make it home after a chase around the big island.

The Americans won 23-6!

These games further demonstrated the excitement of using CCM's tables; they really throw you for a loop in terms of fleet construction and pregame strategy. I'd highly recommend them for a change of pace!


A 150 point game has been played! This was a new record high build total for my opponent.

He rolled to go first, using a Cursed American fleet. He used some new ships, such as the Poor Adams, Locker and Pyre. He also pulled a Needle from an RotF pack, giving him a fog hopper.

I was finally able to use the fleet I'd been looking forward to for a while.

Monsters, hoists, and canoes!

Slarg Gubbit was subbed in for Champ, allowing for a third oarsman on the Serpent's Fang. One of my Cursed canoes has disappeared, so the Scepter was used as a proxy canoe.

The outer four islands contained 8 coins apiece, with the center island having 10.

All three sea monsters got both +L bonuses on the first turn, swimming submerged across the sea and towards the enemy fleet. To my dismay the Pequod found the Cursed Conch!

Master Scribe put a trade current in front of the Cursed gunships, while the Buscador hoisted gold from the center island.

The Pequod tried to return home but was quickly struck by Slarg Gubbit and Tiamat! The Cursed couldn't eliminate the Conch, but at least they had the ship pinned.

At this point, chaos reigned for a while. Slarg Gubbit was quickly taken out, while Tiamat suffered damage.

The sea monster assault allowed the Cursed to run gold without any threat of interference. I'm annoyed with Photobucket; the site doesn't let me rotate my photos anymore.

The Nightmare and Tiamat teamed up to sink the Pequod, but not before the Nightmare stole the Cursed Conch. El Fantasma sacced an oarsman to get the Serpent's Fang in on the carnage, hitting the Needle. Calypsos surfaced and rammed the Shark, winning a boarding party to eliminate DNT and a captain.

The Americans fight back, killing Tiamat and damaging both Calypsos and the Serpent's Fang.

Calypsos was killed, meaning all three Cursed sea monsters were dead. The Serpent's Fang and Nightmare used abilities (sac and Ghost Ship) to move over and target the Locker. However, they were ineffective.

The Serpent's Fang was sunk, while the Nightmare was captured.

The Grampus managed to eliminate some Cursed canoes, but the game was essentially over.

The Cursed conceded the remaining gold to the Americans, and won by a score of 47-14!

This was a fun game, especially the first 2/3 of it. I was happy to execute my strategy correctly, which allowed the gold game to go uncontested. The Cursed Americans fought well however, capturing or eliminating the entire attack squadron.

After such a large game, we may go the complete opposite route and play tiny games next time to change it up once again!
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Subject:    PostPosted: Thu May 26, 2016 11:42 pm Reply with quote

Is there any other way we can play together?
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Subject:    PostPosted: Thu May 26, 2016 11:45 pm Reply with quote

wantkrakens wrote:
Is there any other way we can play together?

VASSAL is the only way as far as I know. Hopefully you can get it up and running.
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Subject:    PostPosted: Thu May 26, 2016 11:48 pm Reply with quote

I am going to try again. I really want to play because my group is busy this weekend. on the completely un-related and awesome note I ordered my BAOCHUAN. just need a delusion
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Subject: DJC 10th anniversary game   PostPosted: Tue May 31, 2016 12:52 am Reply with quote

Today (5/31/2016) is the 10th anniversary of the release of Davy Jones' Curse!

Xerecs and I played a game on the VASSAL module to commemorate the occasion (though it was played about a week in advance).

The game had a 60 point build total, and only game pieces from DJC were allowed.

Xerecs played as the Cursed, I as the Americans.

Executioner + El Fantasma, captain, helmsman, oarsman
Spilled Salt + explorer, oarsman
Fiddler's Green + explorer

Paul Revere + captain, helmsman, oarsman
Swamp Fox + captain, helmsman
Saratoga + captain

The Americans got the first shot, blasting two masts off the Executioner.

The Executioner and Paul Revere duked it out, with the Paul Revere finally winning the battle. However, she was severely damaged from the encounter. The Brandywine and Spilled Salt explored for their respective fleets, while the Swamp Fox missed a Broadsides Attack against the Spilled Salt. The Fiddler's Green has turned north.

The Cursed gained a bit of momentum, with the Fiddler's Green holding up the Paul Revere while the Spilled Salt hit twice on the Swamp Fox, who missed another BA.

The Swamp Fox finally hit with a Broadsides Attack! Combined with a successful ram, and the Spilled Salt was derelict. The Fiddler's Green had sunk the Paul Revere and dismasted the Swamp Fox with a ram, but the Cursed were running out of options. The Brandywine had unloaded gold for the Americans and was headed towards the battle area.

The Saratoga finally got into action and sunk the Spilled Salt! This left the Cursed with no gold on their home island or ships, and the Saratoga and Brandywine were still in the way.

After a short battle the Americans won the game 10-0!

My favorite part of this game was that every ship was able to play a combat role - no ships were left unnoticed.
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Subject: Tournament time   PostPosted: Sat Jun 04, 2016 3:39 am Reply with quote

The first two games of the VASSAL Fleet Challenge tournament have been played!

Game 1

El Cazador - VASSAL China (this fleet was played by a7xfanben)

Xerecs - VASSAL Pirates

El Cazador's fleet went first, and both ships quickly reached wild islands.

The Nubian Prince cornered the Grand Path, and went 3/3 in the first fleet challenge shoot action we've seen in quite a while!

The Grand Path rammed the Nubian Prince, unable to shoot with her S range guns. In a huge turn of events and momentum, Dragon Eyes captured Aruj Barbarossa! This gave the Jade Rebels 10 gold (if they could bring him back home), while also denying his further usage by the Pirates. In addition, the Tiger's Breath brought home gold, while the Darkhawk II found the Rats UT.

The Darkhawk sunk the Tiger's Breath. After depositing the captured Barbarossa on the Jade HI, the Grand Path sailed out for a stealth raid on the Nubian Prince, but it failed.

After another raid by the Grand Path, the Nubian Prince finally escaped for good.

All remaining gold was unloaded, and the game ended! El Cazador's fleet won 28-15!

Game 2

Xerecs - VASSAL Pirates

Volt - VASSAL La dominación española (this fleet was played by a7xfanben)

This time Xerecs went first. For simplicity and fairness we used the same setup.

The Darkhawk docked at the middle island, while the Spanish gunships moved into the fog.

The Darkhawk found the Turtles UT! This seemed to give the Pirates a great advantage with their home island so nearby, but when the Nubian Prince moved north towards the Spanish HI, the Santo Columba was able to swoop in and sink the Darkhawk with a double action! The Algeciras killed a turtle while the Joya del Sol docked at the northwestern island.

Poor turtles!

The Nubian Prince shot two masts off the Santo Columba, and won a boarding party against the Algeciras to capture Luis Zuan.

The battle raged, allowing a few turtles to reach the safe shore of the Pirate home island.

The Spanish decided to cut their losses and flee, knowing that 2 more turtles getting home would only mean 2 gold for the Pirates. However, if Aruj managed to capture some of the Columba's crew, it could tip the gold balance in favor of the Pirates.

The Nubian Prince dismasted the Algeciras, but the Santo Columba had escaped through a whirlpool while the Joya del Sol sailed out for another gold run.

Knowing she can't be shot at by the Santo Columba, the Nubian Prince rams the Spaniard but can't capture any crew. The yellow token at the stern of El Algeciras signifies that the Spanish are scuttling her.

The Santo Columba resumed the battle with a double ram, but the Nubian Prince was too tough to take out. However, she lost Aruj Barbarossa and Luis Zuan in boarding parties, dooming the Pirate efforts.

After another skirmish, the Santo Columba had to repair again.

The Joya made a successful trip to the southwestern island, and the Santo Columba protected her return trip.

Volt's fleet won 32-9!

At this point, Xerecs has lost both of his games and is out of the challenge tournament. This leaves only Volt and El Cazador, meaning that the third game will be a tiebreaker to decide the winner of the fleet challenge!
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Subject: Return to VASSAL   PostPosted: Thu Jun 16, 2016 10:13 pm Reply with quote

a7xfanben vs. Captain Vendari

Captain Vendari
Lady's Scorn + Calico Cat, "Cannonball" Gallows, captain, helmsman, oarsman
San Pedro + fire shot
El Algeciras + captain

Large Fry - Spanish Swarm

The Morning Star hides from the Lady's Scorn:

The MS comes out and tries to distract the Scorn, while the San Cristobal and Neptuno head towards the enemy gold runners!

The Algeciras was dismasted, but the Lady's Scorn predictably won her battle against the Morning Star.

The San Pedro and Morning Star lie derelict:

At this point, it looked like my game to lose. However, luck made that happen. The Scorn damaged the SC, who did no damage whatsoever in return. On the next turn, the Scorn used an EA to cripple both ships. After the San Pedro was sunk, Vendari used her gold to build Fortaleza Dorada, sealing his victory!

Current VASSAL standings:
1. a7xfanben: 6 wins in 11 games
2. Ownage98: 2 wins in 2 games
3. Xerecs: 2 wins in 9 games
4. El Cazador: 1 win in 2 games
4. Captain Vendari: 1 win in 2 games
6. Volt: 0 wins in 1 game
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Subject: How long has it been since YOU played?   PostPosted: Mon Jun 20, 2016 11:37 pm Reply with quote

Myself and Christian Kahn were just on VASSAL!

I rolled to go first in both games.

My fleet for the Mathias01 challenge

Divine Dragon + El Fantasma, firepot specialist
Locker + helmsman, firepot specialist

The Locker and Cazador del Pirata got busy gathering gold, while the Divine Dragon headed straight for the Resolucion. The Locker loaded more gold than she could handle, but it was C.K.'s first game in around 8 years, so I let it slide.

The Resolucion and Divine Dragon duke it out. I sent the Cazador del Pirata into a fog bank in order to attack the Dragon's port side.

The Locker returned home, but her comrade was struggling against the combined power of the Spanish guns.

The Resolucion captures the Dragon, and the Locker's crew vow revenge.

The Locker heads for some gold, with the Cazador shadowing her.

The Locker surfaces to explore, which allows the Cazador to score a hit while the still-damaged Resolucion and Divine Dragon prepare to take up a chase.

The Locker submerged and avoided the Spanish for a few turns, but eventually Nemesio Diaz cancelled her to the surface and she was blasted to pieces! The Spanish defeat the Cursed 16-8.

For the second game the build total was increased to 60.

Clones of the Barbary Coast

Divine Dragon + El Fantasma, Sammy the Skull
Locker + Edward Low helmsman, firepot specialist
Lizard's Sting + cannoneer, firepot specialist

My strategy was to engage the Divine Dragon with my two primary gunships, the Gallows and Queen of Sheba. The gold runners split up and headed towards 3 of the 4 wild islands.

The Divine Dragon was quickly crippled, as my luck was above average today. However, the Corsairs nearly lost the Gallows in the process.

Some Corsairs are headed home with loot, while the Cursed are still distracted by the Queen of Sheba, who is set aflame by the Lizard's Sting.

The Griffin captures the Divine Dragon, but the Queen of Sheba burns to the waterline. While all of that is going on, the Gallows returns home to repair as the Corsairs begin to pile up gold.

The Corsairs used Fantasma's Fear to slow down the Lizard's Sting, which allowed the Griffin to escape. With an advantage in the gold game, the Corsairs weren't concerned with keeping the Divine Dragon.

As the Corsairs regroup and repair, the Lizard's Sting takes back the Divine Dragon. The Cursed don't want to lose her twice in as many games!

The Gallows heads out for another raid, this time hurting the Locker. However, she is once again dismasted!

The Corsairs are able to gather ALL of the gold on the map, and emerge with a whopping 40-0 victory!

This was a fun few games, and both of us were extremely happy to see Christian playing again. Like a lot of new or inexperienced players, he went for the "cool" and combative stuff, which is fun. I personally was happy to see two of my past challenge fleets do quite well.

As always, looking forward to more!!

Current VASSAL standings:
1. a7xfanben: 8 wins in 13 games
2. Ownage98: 2 wins in 2 games
3. Xerecs: 2 wins in 9 games
4. El Cazador: 1 win in 2 games
4. Captain Vendari: 1 win in 2 games
6. Volt: 0 wins in 1 game
7. C.K.: 0 wins in 2 games
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Subject:    PostPosted: Fri Jul 01, 2016 7:27 pm Reply with quote

My game group recently played an Economy Edition, and although I don't have all the details of this game since I wasn't actively recording throughout, I did snag a few pictures!

We were using new 3D islands I got in an ebay sale awhile ago, and I also threw in a turtle I made as well as our island names.

A layout of the play area, with the French to the West, Americans in the south, and English to the East.

There was a nice peace at the beginning of the game where ships were free to ply their commerce. Here the Americans and British peacefully gather fish from Antigua.

Although a storm soon began to gather to the North-East, much to the chagrin of the English.

A view of the game from the English home island, with piles of gold seen.

After an intense battle utilizing events, smokepot specialists, firepot specialists, and many, many extra action crew, the Americans were able to wipe out most of the British fleet, while loosing a few capital ships of their own.

However, the Americans had to quickly regroup to take on the French approaching their rear, but were able to pull through after sacrificing their treasure runners as a shield to give the gunners time to repair.

Overall it was a very fun game with lots of new things to try!
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Subject:    PostPosted: Sat Jul 02, 2016 1:01 am Reply with quote

Wow! Very impressive game and pictures. Those islands look great, especially with the location names and the port/resource markers.

It looked like a lot of progress was made, for each fleet looks to be around 200+ points at the time the final battles were fought.

It was really cool to see another BR from you, and I look forward to seeing more!
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