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Subject:    PostPosted: Wed Jan 07, 2015 7:11 pm Reply with quote

The game has gotten under way! Here's a few pics of the setup once the HI's were picked and the treasure distributed.

Looking northeast with the EA Gold Runners fleet in the foreground:

Looking northwest with UPS v 4.0 at the bottom:

Turn 1:
The Bandido (from the Roanoke fleet) was the first ship to reach an island, but she didn't have an explorer. Her friend the Amity reached another island and was the first ship to explore.

UPS v 2.0 has no chance of winning this game automtically because it relies on the "more than half the starting gold" rule. However, the Hai Peng/CJS/Aristide combo is still quite powerful in multiplayer. On the first turn the Hai Peng found the Dead Man's Chest UT, which pretty much sunk the hopes of lordstu's DMC fleet (which isn't a very good fleet for multiplayer games anyway). The HP sacced her oarsman to explore two different islands, and she didn't find any negative UT's. Paradis de la Mer was built on the second island she visited.

The Bonnie Liz (from the modified version of volt's fleet) found Natives on a northeastern island near their HI. With a helmsman and explorer aboard the Bonnie Liz she would be out for turns 2 and 3. The Bloody Jewel explored a nearby island and found Jail, Letter of Marque, Enemy of the State, and a 5! Her crew were transferred to the jail back home (lol) and the Jewel was turned into a Mercenary ship. With all five American native canoes nearby it was easy for them to transfer the 5 directly to their home island, with the first use of the chain already in place on turn 1!

The EA Runners fleet is the last fleet to go each turn and the Joya del Sol was frustrated by a Mysterious Island that wouldn't let her explore.

An interesting situation brews in the northeast as the American canoes start working their magic.

Turn 2:
On the second turn the icebergs started moving. To make them more relevant a die is rolled at the beginning of every fleet's turn, but each iceberg can only move once per overall turn. In this way it is likely that every iceberg moves every turn, but not into multiple ships or anything crazy like that. The two double icebergs move as one when either of their rolls come up.

The Jade Rebellion was the first fleet. The Virtuous Wind found Wine on an island she explored, which was ironic because she already has the HI-raiding ability. It will be interesting to see if she can pull off a combo using both her ability and the UT on the same turn at some point in the game. The Grand Mountain took the first shot of the game and eliminated one of the American canoes.

The Peacock towed the Minuteman (part of the modified Kettering fleet) into position in the west and sank the Banshee's Cry. The best ship in the game was the first ship sunk in this game. The Minuteman also took a mast off the Raven's Neck. With the Dead Man's Chest already aboard the super fast Hai Peng and the Cry sunk, the DMC fleet was all but out of it on the second turn.

Speaking of the Hai Peng, she could only send one coin home on the second turn, using it to build Dead Man's Point on the island west of the HP's HI.

The Raven's Neck got back at the Peacock by taking off her mizzenmast.

The Coral (from UPS v 4.0) found Wolves on an island north of her HI. With no musketeers or Marines anywhere in the game, a new house rule was created on the spot. Wolves would be eliminated if hit three times on the same turn. The Longshanks tried her luck with this but only hit once.

The American canoes now helped out the immobile Bonnie Liz, using their ability to transfer another gold coin to their HI. This was the perfect time for a chain, with a friendly ship immobilized by Natives (and therefore unable to bring the gold home herself) at a nearby wild island. The chain-exploring strategy was working perfectly thus far! In the meantime, the USS James Madison (carrying the tribal chieftain) stayed at the HI because the Grand Mountain (with Dragon Eyes aboard) was lurking and there were no other islands right nearby for the James Madison to explore.

The Star of Siam (part of the EA Runners fleet) found my brand-new Plague UT! Sean Gallows died and the Star left the other gold on the island because she couldn't dock it at her HI and she didn't want to transfer it to the Joya because this would kill all the crew aboard the Joya as well.

The western situation heats up as the Peacock and Minuteman engage the Raven's Neck. You can see the gold already accumulating on the HI of UPS 2.0.

The situation in the northeast develops rather slowly. Somehow the tiny canoes and weakened Pirate ships stay safe from the dangerous Grand Mountain and Cannibal King. The canoes have moved home a coin from the docked Bonnie Liz.

Turn 3:
The Grand Mountain started off the third turn by sinking the Bloody Jewel, who was already missing a mast from a bad MI roll.

The Nubian Prince initiated combat against the Garante fleet in the northwest, picking off two of the five Spanish canoes and sending 1 gold to the bottom of the sea.

The Cannibal King wanted to board the Bonnie Liz and steal her remaining gold, but she came out of the fog bank on the wrong side.

The Peacock/Minuteman combo knocked two more masts off the Raven's Neck and one off the Morocco.

The USS Kettering sneaked up behind the Golden Peacock of the Barbary Corsairs. With only two of her three masts in range the powerful longship sank the Golden Peacock and all 9 gold she was carrying! With the BC HI nearby and the Peacock's galley ability Brent Rice just decided to sink her. This was a huge blow to the Corsairs, leaving them with the Nubian Prince but only one other gold ship, the S+S-moving Winds of Vengeance.

In the southeast, the Coral had used the MI effect from the island with Wolves on it to move the Roanoke temporarily out of range. Captain Blackheart of the Roanoke didn't appreciate this and sacced one of his oarsmen to move twice and blast two masts off the Longshanks. In the meantime the Amity docked home 3 coins and Spices to double the highest-value coin.

With the incredibly dangerous HMS Grand Temple looming in a fog bank, the Hai Peng of UPS 2.0 ducked into the same fog bank to protect herself.

The Grand Temple emerged on her turn and headed straight for Paradis de la Mer. With an SAT from Crimson Angel the GT had 12 shots at the powerful fort. She hit Paradis 4 times before doing any considerable damage, but by the end of it the fort was abandoned, with just one more hit needed to destroy it!

The Morocco docked at an island as the Raven's Neck continued to battle the Peacock, dismasting her with a ram. However, the Minuteman was still in play and wouldn't go down so easily.

With the only nearby island available filled with Wolves and with the dangerous Roanoke attacking from the east, UPS 4 was in a terrible spot. With two masts off the Longshanks they only had 2 cannons in range of the Wolves (with the Coral being the other gun), not enough to eliminate them. UPS 4 had no options whatsoever. They decided to risk everything (as they had no choice) and start over by putting their entire fleet (including the usually docked Sea Crane) through a whirlpool. They came out of it in the far northwest corner (near the Garante fleet) with Captain Jack Hawkins of the Longshanks the only casualty. In this way UPS 4 went from being the fleet farthest to the southeast to being the fleet farthest to the northwest, the complete opposite side of the sea!

The chain of American canoes brought home a second coin from the still-immobile Bonnie Liz, leaving her with only one more coin on board.

The EA Runners ended the days action by using the Joya's newly docked gold to build El Puerto Blanco on the island where the Star of Siam was docked.

The Nubian Price has engaged the Spaniards, with a sacrificial canoe now blocking her passage past the fog bank to save time for the rest of the fleet. El Garante has loaded Holy Water from a canoe to protect her numerous crew from harm (as if 5 masts and Nemesio Diaz weren't enough!). UPS 4 has emerged from the whirlpool mostly intact after their skirmish with the Roanoke and Wolves.

The hardest-fought action of the game so far, with the Peacock and Raven's Neck broken and splintered by the conflict.

If there's a ship that can crush Paradis de la Mer on one turn all by herself, look no further than the HMS Grand Temple!

The Grand Mountain and Cannibal King draw closer as the American canoes desperately try to get more gold home from the immobile Bonnie Liz:

Three turns have been played so far, with quite a lot of action and intrigue! Hopefully more turns will be played tomorrow.
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Subject:    PostPosted: Thu Jan 08, 2015 6:29 am Reply with quote

Turn 4:
On the beginning of the fourth turn, Kray-kin rolled a 6! This cancelled all crew abilities for all 12 fleets for the entire turn, which would mess with strategies and plans in a big way. Because of the lack of crew options, not much happened on turn 4 that was significant. The Minuteman sank the Morocco, while the Sea Crane sank herself by docking at a MI and having terrible dice luck. A house rule was used where MI's could sink ships.

Turn 5:
The Grand Mountain took out the second American canoe.

In the northwest the Nubian Price got a good broadside in range of the Garante but her captain was cancelled by Nemesio Diaz.

The Kray-kin surrounded the Hai Peng! UPS 2's most valuable ship was trapped by the kraken.

The Minuteman continued her firing, sinking the Raven's Neck and knocking the Dead Man's Chest fleet out of the game (1st fleet eliminated).

USS Kettering sank the Winds of Vengeance just as she had the Golden Peacock, single-handedly crushing any hope the Barbary Corsairs had of winning the game.

The Grand Temple used an SAT from Crimson Angel to sail east and sink the Roanoke in a perfect shoot action. This left the Amity and Bandido vulnerable without the protection of a gunship.

UPS 4 was having a rough time in the northwest corner after abandoning their plans when confronted with the Roanoke and Wolves. The Sea Crane had been sunk and the Longshanks had only one mast and no crew. Her and the Coral were docked at the same island, but the Longshanks explored first in because of the possibility of finding a negative UT. It was worth considering because the Longshanks picked up Pandora's Box! With so many fleets available only so many UT's could fit on the Longshanks, and in the end she ended up carrying Homing Beacon, Mines, Enemy of the State, Maps of Hades, and Metal Hull.

The Garante sailed straight for USS Kettering and dismasted her with a combination of ramming and shooting, with the Kettering and Nemesio Diaz cancelling each other out. The Kettering was captured on the following turn which left this American fleet as the second to be eliminated. The Minuteman was still floating but unable to be given move actions.

As the Grand Mountain passed by the modified Chain of Fools fleet the James Madison (still docked) took a mast off the Jade 6 master.

The "plagued" Star of Siam sailed through a whirlpool to arrive in the northeastern portion of the sea.

Turn 6:
The Grand Mountain started the sixth turn by sinking the Bonnie Liz and another (3rd) American canoe.

In the south, the Kray-kin easily sank the Hai Peng, but UPS 2 used Raft to put the remaining two coins and 4 crew on the nearby island. The Coeur and Rover docked at the island to try to farm it's mysterious qualities. They were successful in both cases, sending home 2 of the 4 coins on the island. How ironic that the fleet that uses CJS to send gold home was now using it's perpetually docked one masters to send gold home automatically via a MI! The Intrepide missed the derelict Rye, but she was still blocking Kray-kin from getting to the Coeur and Rover.

The Algeciras (from the EA Runners fleet) made the mistake of taking on the still-firing Minuteman, and she was sunk by the American flotilla.

With the Longshanks moving at S speed because of Metal Hull, the Coral was the only relevant ship left from UPS 4. She used the round earth rules to go from the west part of the sea to the east, emerging just south of where the Grand Mountain and American native canoes were.

The EA Runners scuttled the Algeciras, while the Joya del Sol went through a whirlpool to the deserted center area.

Turn 7:
The Grand Mountain sank yet another (the 4th) American native canoe.

The Cannibal King finally got ahold of the Amity and put two of her three masts in the water. Kray-kin surrounded the Intrepide to get her out of the way.

The Amity used the Ghost Ship keyword to move through the Cannibal King and explore an island just to the northeast, where the last American canoe had docked and near where the Coral had just emerged.

The Grand Temple sank the Amity, flipping Divers to give GT 2 all the gold from the ship. With an SAT the Temple also sank the Cannibal King by using Lawrence to cancel the pesky Catamaran keyword.

The Joya del Sol docked at a previously unexplored island. All of her crew deserted after meeting the Missionary on the island. This left the EA Runners fleet with no crew, let alone EA crew! Meanwhile, the Star of Siam finally caught up with the Grand Mountain and infected the big ship with the Plague, taking out Dragon Eyes, Li Quin and a helmsman.

Turn 8:
The Nubian Prince sank the Longshanks, leaving UPS 4 with only the Coral. The Coral sailed alongside the last remaining American native canoe and they began exchanging shots.

Kray-kin sank L'Intrepide, while the Rover was sunk by a Mysterious Island effect, leaving UPS 2 with only the Coeur.

The Grand Temple caught the Bandido and sent her to the bottom, which meant that GT 2 had eliminated the entire Roanoke fleet, which was the third fleet eliminated.

A Spanish canoe found Turtles on an island in the northwest. The Star of Siam purposely took back Plague from the now irrelevant (moving S with no crew) Grand Mountain and sailed off in search of new enemies to infect.

Turn 9:
Kray-kin rolled a 5, stalling the game quite a bit. The American canoe got the better of the Coral and dismasted her, marking UPS 4 as the 4th fleet to be eliminated. Because of Wine the Virtuous Wind couldn't be shot at while within S of the James Madison's HI, which left the James Madison to resort to other tactics.

Turn 10:
Kray-kin rolled a 6, marking the second turn in a row that no crew abilities could be used.

The Virtuous Wind pulled off her combo! Exchanging Wine for a 7 (originally transferred from the Bonnie Liz by the canoe chain) and stealing another coin, the Virtuous Wind was able to take two coins in one turn. The James Madison failed to steal any back, losing both the ram and board on her turn. This eliminated the tribal chieftain,, though with only one canoe left it wasn't very important.

The Garante sailed up behind the Nubian Prince and took off three of her masts by cancelling her ability with Nemesio Diaz (I house-ruled that Holy Water protected the Garante's crew from Kray-kin's cancellation).

Finally, the Joya del Sol returned intact from her whirlpool adventure, alas four less crew and two more gold coins than she left with!

Turn 11:
The Grand Mountain managed to sink the last American native canoe, while the Virtuous Wind took off away from the James Madison.

The crew of the once-glorious Nubian Prince decided to dash her on the rocks of an unfriendly MI. With her fleetmates sunk, her helmsman dead and 3 of her 4 masts missing the Corsairs gave up and the Prince was wrecked. The Barbary Corsairs were the 5th fleet eliminated.

The Grand Temple, still intact after shooting her way through Paradis de la Mer and the Roanoke, used another SAT to fly through a whirlpool and emerge in the northwest, where she began blasting turtles out of the water and sinking a Spanish canoe that had a treasure on it. The Garante hit her once in three tries in a retaliatory attempt, but the Garante was too far to get more guns in range and her trusty canoes were nowhere to be found to boost her cannons.

Try and catch me!

Turn 12:
The Kray-kin sank the Coeur to end the game! With 6 (therefore half) of the fleets eliminated, the game was over! I wanted to play until there were no ships or gold left but due to time constraints I played by the regular multiplayer rules.

The final gold count:
1. EA Gold Runners: 34 gold
2. Roanoke fleet: 26 gold
3. Jade Rebellion: 16 gold
3. UPS v 2.0: 16 gold (listed lower because they were eliminated)
5. HMS Grand Temple v 2.0: 14
6. Garante/Canoes fleet: 9 (including 7 turtles still swimming in the water lol)
7. Modified version of Chain of Fools: 7
8-12. UPS v 4.0, USS Kettering fleet, Kray-kin fleet, Dead Man's Chest UT fleet and the Barbary Corsair fleet all finished with 0 gold.

This was a fun game! The EA Runners overcame the discovery of two of the nastiest UT's in the game, Plague and Missionary. They were lucky not to be shot at, with the exception of the Algeciras being sunk by the Minuteman, which was largely irrelevant in the grand scheme of things. The Amity and Bandido performed quite well for the Roanoke fleet, while the Roanoke herself deterred UPS 4 from doing much in a similar area where the Roanoke fleet was. The Jade Rebels would have finished with 8 gold (and Chain of Fools with 15) if not for the Virtuous Wind's late-game dash. UPS 2 did fantastic early on but was crushed later in the game by the power of the Grand Temple and the Kray-kin. HMS GT 2 did quite well for themselves by using Divers at an opportune time and grabbing 4 gold with the derelict Rye. The Garante/Canoes fleet actually did quite well considering they were attacked by the Nubian Prince and didn't have any fast treasure runners. Given time they could have explored another island and/or unleashed the Garante on more enemy ships. The Chain of Fools fleet was a bit outnumbered and was dogged by the Jade Rebellion all game long. Finding Jail, Enemy of the State, and Natives on the first turn doesn't help either! I was surprised that UPS 4 and the Barbary Corsairs didn't get any gold. UPS 4 had to deal with Wolves to the north, the Roanoke to the east and eventually UPS 2 and Paradis de la Mer to the west! Their ships were eliminated later on by a Mysterious Island, Pandora's Box, and an American native canoe haha! The Corsair gold runners were dominated by the Kettering which didn't leave much hope of getting gold. The DMC, Kettering, and Kray-kin fleets didn't stand much of a chance of winning this game in the first place, but they certainly added to the fun and created some havoc for each other and the opposing fleets!
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Subject:    PostPosted: Mon Jan 12, 2015 8:33 pm Reply with quote

A very nice game and a pleasant read! I always enjoy your pictures as well, they have a vibrancy and color that makes the games stand out.
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Subject:    PostPosted: Mon Jan 12, 2015 11:52 pm Reply with quote

cannonfury wrote:
A very nice game and a pleasant read! I always enjoy your pictures as well, they have a vibrancy and color that makes the games stand out.

Thanks a lot! I just wish I had pictures from some of my older and bigger games - it would be much more impressive (kind of like the Century of the Empires game).
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Subject: The last hurrah   PostPosted: Tue Jan 13, 2015 8:52 pm Reply with quote

Ever since I ran the Gimmick Challenge I've wanted to play both of the entries that volt submitted. These fleets are both treasure-oriented and therefore not the best matchup. I also wish I had more time to play them against other fleets. Unfortunately time waits for no one.

Chain of Fools

At the far left the Bandido is a proxy for the Mermaid.

Oarsmen Inflation

I didn't have time to find the Saragoza so the Reconquistador is a proxy. I don't have the Song - the Hai Peng is another 2 masted junk from POTC.

Chain of Fools rolled to go first. Because of the nature of the Oarsmen Inflation fleet, the Intrepid was willing to take a more aggressive stance than volt outlined in the fleet's description. As the strategy goes the Banshee's Cry was Hidden Cove'd to the middle island where the American Native Canoes loaded up on gold. One canoe found Smuggled Goods and so only 3 of the 5 canoes sailed with gold aboard. The Bonnie Liz sailed north while the Bloody Jewel and Mermaid raced southeast.

Since the middle island was already empty and the northeastern island was closer than the southern island, the Raven's Neck was Hidden Cove'd immediately so she could start transferring gold home. After Gilbert sacced an oarsman the Oarsmen Inflation fleet had 13 gold on their home island at the end of turn 1! After swapping Davy Jones' Key the Raven's Neck island contained three 2's and a 5.

The Blood Jewel and Mermaid emptied the southern island while the Bonnie Liz did the same up north, sailing home after an SAT from Calico Cat. The Canoes were also racing home with more gold. The Intrepid continued to sail east in an attempt to cripple the Raven's Neck.

The Raven's Neck and Captain Jack Sparrow only needed to transfer one 2 (+3=5 total gold) home in order to gain an 18-0 victory!

Although the Chain of Fools fleet had a lot of gold on its way, the speed of CJS and the +3 gold ships was not to be beaten. Using CJS in conjunction with Hidden Cove and a sac captain and +X abilities is truly a cheap way to win, but it is very effective. Oarsmen Inflation and the UPS fleets are quite impressive. I still like the chain-exploring gimmick of Chain of Fools a lot, and given time (and a different setup/opponent/# of players, etc.) I think Chain of Fools would prove to be a very effective fleet.

As always, thanks for reading!
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Subject:    PostPosted: Sat Jan 17, 2015 7:46 pm Reply with quote

Here is the report for the 80 point match I was planning! It was unfortunate that my co-worker's brothers did not wish to join us last night. However, his wife was willing to give it the game a try, and it seems as if she is interested in making this a regular thing (especially since she said she's considering starting a collection with her husband). And now, without further a due, the report:

Captain Vendari:
San Cristobal + Victor de Alva + Inquisitor

La Santa Isabel + Captain + Silver Explorer

San Pedro + Silver Explorer

Concepcion + Silver Explorer + Helmsman

Captain Caveman:
Baba Yaga + Sammy the Skull + Helmsman

Skin Flayer + Wraith + Captain + Helmsman + Oarsman

Sea Rat + Helmsman


The Black-eyed Pea:
Blackwatch + Ralph David + Captain + Helmsman

Paul Revere + Commodore Peregrine Stern + Chief PO Charles Richard

Frontier + Helmsman


The map was a triangle, with the home islands at the corners. Each was positioned 4L away from the center, where sat a super-island made up of three islands placed together. The rules for this super-island were simple: a ship could only be docked at one island, known as a beach, at a time, even if the bow came into contact with two simultaneously (at with point the ship’s controller would have to choose which beach the ship was docked at). Located 2L away from the center island, between the home islands, were three additional wild islands. Each island (including the beaches of the super island) help eight treasures apiece, bringing the total available coins to forty-eight.

The Black-eyed Pea took the first turn. Her ships fanned out from the south-east. The Philadelphia went to look for gold in the north while the Frontier charted a course for the center. The Blackwatch and Paul Revere moved westward, toward the southern wild island and Captain Vendari’s home island. Despite this being the Pea’s first game, Captain Vendari decided to give her a crash course in ship-to-ship combat by sending his speedy San Cristobal to knock down a few masts on the Blackwatch. She was able to get close enough to shoot from long-range, but her short-range guns were nowhere close to reaching. The starboard cannons roared, and two of the American’s masts came toppling down. The Black-eyed Pea retaliated, ordering the Blackwatch to reverse course and Cross the T with the Cristobal’s bow. Her return fire was eye for an eye; the Spaniard lost two of her masts as well.

It was clear the Peregrine Stern wasn’t too happy with Spain’s sudden hostility, as he was able to rally the crew to work double-time. Charles Richard maneuvered his ship in such a way that all four of the Paul Revere’s cannons had clear lines of site at the San Cristobal. Commodore Stern gave the order to shoot, and immediately after the San Cristobal was derelict. Stern gave the order to fire again, and the Spanish gunship began its journey to Davy Jones’ locker.

Meanwhile in the center of the map, the Frontier had managed to reach the south-eastern beach of the super-island. The explorative party managed to find Neptune’s Trident, but in taking it they managed to anger the Natives, preventing the Frontier from leaving on her next turn.

In the far north, Captain Caveman’s Cursed fleet was making its way southward. His two battle-boarders, the Baba Yaga and Skin Flayer, sailed down the western lane while his gold runners, the Sea Rat and the Pestilence, took the eastern, racing against the Philadelphia for the north-eastern wild island.

Captain Vendari was faced with highly unfavorable circumstances; both his nearest wild islands were guarded by both his opponents’ gunships. The only way he would get any treasure was to make a mad dash for it. Having already lost his main fighter to the Americans, he decided to try his luck against the Cursed. The Concepcion docked with the north-western wild island, where she found several silver coins and a Homing Beacon. With the possibility of not being able to revisit that island for a while, she decided to maroon her Helmsman to attempt to get one more piece of silver home. But that was not to be, as the Baba Yaga sailed in and completely dismasted her with a salvo of six cannons, two missing.

At the same time, the San Pedro docked with the south-western beach of the super-island. There she found Blood Money, as well as the Necklace of the Sky. It’s unfortunate that she would be unable to use it, as on Captain Caveman’s next turn (the same turn in which he derelicted the Concepcion) the Skin Flayer came down with her blades swinging and tearing a nice gash in her hull, as well as that of the Santa Isabel, which had moved between her two remaining sisters to try and dissuade the Cursed (No joke, the ships were close enough together that Skin Flay could touch them both almost fully extended). The impact was enough to knock down a mast on both ships. To add insult to injury, the Wraith swooped over to both ships and killed off all of their crew. The Cursed switchblade’s cannons also tore both ships apart, leaving the Isabel with two masts, and the San Pedro with only one.

If Captain Vendari had remembered it, he could have saved the San Pedro with the Necklace of the Sky. But alas, his memory failed him and he merely tried to have her run away instead. The Isabel tried to weaken the Skin Flayer, but only one of her cannons hit, knocking over the mizzen-mast. The Flayer shrugged off the damage, and her unforgiving blades lashed out again as she moved away in pursuit of the San Pedro. After the ram and shoot action were resolved, the Santa Isabel was on the bottom, and the San Pedro, treasure and all, was tied to the stern of the switchblade. This put Vendari completely out of commission; he unloaded the treasure from Concepcion’s holds and watched helplessly as she was sunk by the Baba Yaga.

The battle continued between Captain Caveman and the Black-eyed Pea. Over in the east, the Philadelphia had managed to bypass the Pestilence’s defensive ability by knocking down her mast with a ram. The next turn, she explored the derelict, and both appeared at the American home island. The Philadelphia unloaded the gold she had previously loaded from the wild island (the rest was picked up by the Sea Rat, as well as one by the Pestilence), while her captured vessel repaired its mast, ready to go find gold for its new owner.

The Skin Flayer had managed to drag her prize home, and then took off after the Frontier, the biggest threat to Caveman’s gold game. Until now, the Black-eyed Pea had forgotten entirely about Neptune’s Trident. But as the Skin Flayer drew near, she saw a fantastic opportunity to use it. She unleashed a wave that crashed over both the Skin Flayer and the Baba Yaga, dropping them both to one mast each. But great power comes with a price, and the Frontier was also brought down to one mast. But then the Baba Yaga came sailing out of the mist, two guns blazing, and the Frontier went down.

The rest of the battle went on fairly uneventful. The Black-eyed Pea managed to derelict the Cursed longship and bring it under her control (and then sacrificed her crew at the Altar of the Loa on the super-island’s north beach to move Caveman’s ships into range of the Paul Revere’s cannons), but the remainder of the game was a long, drawn-out race for gold. In the end, the Black-eyed Pea pulled out a win with 40 gold, Captain Caveman in close second with 35 gold. Captain Vendari’s early ejection from the battle left him with absolutely nothing on his home island, but what could have been done? The game was well played by first-time player Black-eyed Pea, who had originally intended only to be a neutral player to give the other two something to fight in addition to each other.
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Subject:    PostPosted: Mon Jan 26, 2015 1:08 am Reply with quote

I'm back already! Twisted Evil

Two games were played, both 40 point games. The fleets for the first game were as follows:

Game 1:

Concord + captain
USS Annapolis

Virtuous Wind + captain
El Alma + explorer
La Cazadora + helmsman

The home islands were close together, with each fleet eager to start the action. The Annapolis was the first ship to explore, but she was quickly set upon by the Virtuous Wind and captured by the Cazadora. The rest of the American fleet headed east.

The guns of the legendary Virtuous Wind (even the slower Spanish version!) made their mark on the next turn by sinking the Philadelphia.

With the Americans already at a large disadvantage the Alma grabbed gold from a southern island as the Chesapeake raced to get away from the dangerous Virtuous Wind. In the meantime the Annapolis was repaired and she sailed out behind the Cazadora.

The Virtuous Wind couldn't catch the nimble Chesapeake and settled for exploring an island instead. The Chesapeake grabbed gold in the north while the Concord cornered the captured Annapolis and looked to sink her former comrade.

With a ram the Cazadora dismasted the docked Chesapeake, leaving the Americans with only the Concord!

With no real hope in sight the Concord made a suicidal attack against the approaching Virtuous Wind, ramming off a mast. Her captain was cancelled by the Alma and it was all but certain who would come away victorious.

The Concord was taken out by the Virtuous Wind, ending the game with a 10-3 victory for the Spaniards!

Game 2:

Fool's Hope + captain, helmsman, cannoneer
Hades' Flame + explorer

HMS Richards + helmsman, explorer
HMS Resistance + explorer
HMS Galway
HMS Snipe + explorer

The English went first and headed out to the nearby islands. The Hades' Flame grabbed gold as the Fool's Hope headed towards the middle of the sea to create chaos.

Unlike the last game terrain was featured in this one, with an unlucky iceberg roll taking out the lone mast on the Snipe. The Richards flew through a whirlpool in pursuit of the agile Hades' Flame. The Fool's Hope struck the English with force by sinking HMS Resistance with one broadside! After sinking the Englishman the Fool's Hope towed the Snipe to take possession of the gold coin (worth 4 gold) she was carrying.

With no captain the Richards was forced to futilely chase the faster Hades' Flame, with the ghost ship getting the better of the encounter. The Galway continued to ferry gold home as the Fool's Hope looked to intercept the quick little blockade runner.

The Richards gave up chasing the Flame and grabbed gold from a southern island. The Hades' Flame, frustrated from finding such low value coins (all 1's and 2's), zipped through a whirlpool in search of foreign gold. In the meantime, the Galway evaded the Fool's Hope as the big Pirate ship tried to avoid the iceberg that had dismasted the Snipe.

With no chance of getting home without encountering the Fool's Hope, the Richards decided to sail straight towards it. The Galway accompanied her.

In a surprise move the Fool's Hope once again towed the Snipe, but then ran into a fog bank!

The Richards and Galway tried to escape but it was too late. The Fool's Hope came flying out of the fog (using a free action to let go of the Snipe so she wouldn't be permanently lost in the fog) to smash into the Richards. A combination of guns and boarding knocked over all four masts and killed the English helmsman.

The Galway fled in terror as the Fool's Hope sent the Richards to the bottom of the sea, giving 2 gold to the Pirates and 1 to the English.

The Fool's Hope towed the Snipe home as the Hades' Flame and Snipe brought back their final coins. With the docking of the captured Snipe all available gold had been unloaded to home islands, a rather uncommon occurrence.

The gold was tallied up, with the Pirates coming out on top 17-13! The Pirates had terrible luck finding gold, with both 4's being found by the English early in the game. However, capturing the Snipe effectively won the game for the Pirates, providing the difference in a very good and close-fought game!
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I've never done a battle report before, and this game occurred over the Christmas break, so I apologize if some of it seems fuzzy or confusing. I was also playing as the Spanish, so if the report seems to be only focused on them, that would be why.


Le Loup-Garou
La Belle Etoile

HMS Nautilus
Honu Iki
HMS Half Moon
HMS Hyena
HMS Antelope

La Joya del Sol
El Monte Cristo (captain, helmsman)

The game was played on a large rectangular map, with two home islands on the ends and a third on the center edge. The game began with 40 points per player, and any gold collected could be used to purchase new ships, crew, and equipment at the home island. I played as the Spanish this game, and as the most experienced player, I was placed at the center-edge island between both of the other players.

The map at the mid-game.

Usually, we play a very friendly early-game with players content to gather gold until battle is absolutely necessary. However, I wanted to play the game with some early aggression, and the English, to the right, with five ships, seemed like a good choice. The Monte Cristo quickly set a course towards the west, finding the Honu Iki and the Half Moon docked at a wild island. To the chagrin of the English commander, the Honu Iki and the Half Moon were soon exploring the bottom of the sea. In an attempt at retaliation, the nearby Nautilus moved in to intercept but could only knock off the mizzenmast of the Monte Cristo. In a ram and shoot maneuver, the Monte Cristo dismasted the Nautilus, and would have taken it under tow if not for the quickly approaching Hyena, which had been able to acquire a captain. Returning home, the Monte Cristo repaired after a successful cruise that would cripple the English for the rest of the game.

The Victoria sails to protect English waters.

The French took advantage of enemy-free seas, quickly establishing lucrative trade-routes and building up a sizable fleet. The French admiral is known to be quite aggressive in his crew use, and this game was no exception: out of 7 ships, only one did not have a captain by the point the Monte Cristo was fully repaired.

Soon, all players became incredibly guarded, and no treasure fleets went out without an escort. The Aguila took on a captain and a helmsman in order to bring more firepower to my fleet, and in a move to include ships I never use, I brought in La Mezquita. My fleet at this point now had a very large amount of cargo space, and both of the enemy fleets took notice of this.

My fleet now raced to get home as two fleets moved from opposite sides to engage my fleet.

The Spanish brought in La Resolucion (OE) to provide some support and in a heroic show of defiance, the Aguila sailed to block the approaching English fleet, blowing off three masts in the process. The Resolucion had the same task with the French, but could not hold off the onslaught of French guns, succumbing to the cannon fire.

The French had managed to derelict and steal my two treasure ships, and in a gamble, I quickly purchased the Algeciras and two divers with the last of my coin. In a solid two for two firing action, the Algeciras sank both ships, now enemies, right off of the shores of my home island, which allowed me to use divers to bring back all of my gold. The Aguila once again proved to be defiant, successfully scuttling herself before becoming a part of the English fleet. With the rest of my ships sitting safely in port, the French and English did battle right off of my shores. Battered and bruised, the two powers turned back to their respective home islands to recoup and recover.

Now that I had a large pile of gold and a desire for vengeance, I purchased the Cristal Del Obispo, which hunted down the fleeing French fleet, sinking the Saber, capturing the smaller Sabre, and dismasting the Glaive, which was soon captured by the Algeciras. At the end of the battle, my fleet now consisted of three French ships to my two Spanish, and I became the Franco-Spanish.

By this point in the game, I had re-established myself, but time ran out, and the remaining ships could no longer do battle. We did not crown a victor, but several new play patterns emerged. My early aggression will now be expected from all fleets, and all of our subsequent games after this had fleets comprised of runners with dedicated escort ships. The French player finally had a fort to play with (a Christmas present from the Spanish captain) which served as an effective means of area denial, and the English player had attempted a swarm tactic that we do not usually see here, and for which he paid the price in the early-game.

All in all it was a good game, one of several that we played. In an upcoming report, I will go over my new game rules that I created a while ago. It was an exciting game with races against time, diplomacy, betrayal, and all out war over a single island.
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cannonfury wrote:
In an upcoming report, I will go over my new game rules that I created a while ago. It was an exciting game with races against time, diplomacy, betrayal, and all out war over a single island.

Great battle report and nice pics! Sounded like a lot of fun. After this little teaser I can't wait to read the next report! Very Happy
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This was a very good game I played with my friend Captain Caveman during a break at work. Since we had to use my collection and the only 0LR+5 crew I have is Cannonball, I decided to ban his use in our games until either of us got a few more to make it a little more fair (you know, giving both players the option to increase fleet capacity to 45 if desired). The fleets:

Captain Vendari:
HMS Grand Temple + Crimson Angel + Captain

Neptune's Hoard + Explorer

Banshee's Cry + Explorer

Captain Caveman:
San Cristobal + Captain + Helmsman

La Santa Isabel + Captain + Helmsman

This was Captain Caveman's very first game featuring the use of mysterious islands, as well as with a fleet he built himself. There were six different mysterious islands provided, but as two had to be used as home islands, only four were able to use their abilities: Great Turtle, Isle of Fire, Mysterious Inlet, and Native Village.

The map was set up in a sort of elongated hexagon. At the far was Captain Vendari's home island, adjacent only to the Great Turtle in the north and the Isle of Fire in the south. Adjacent to the Isle was Captain Caveman's home island, and to his north and north-east were the Mysterious Inlet and Native Village, respectively.

Captain Caveman began the game. The San Cristobal headed for the Isle of Fire, which had burned a 1 coin at the start of his turn. Better to save the money than risk it all going. Her incredible S+S+S+L speed got her there first turn. Santa Isabel sailed northward for the Mysterious Inlet.

On Captain Vendari's turn, it was apparent that the Grand Temple's crew were eager to get out of port, because the great six-master sailed out at S+S+S+S. Banshee's Cry targeted the Great Turtle while Neptune's Hoard charted a course all the way across the seas to the Native Village. Soon it will be shown that this voyage was ill-fated.

The Isle burned another coin, this time the unique treasure Blood Money; not that it mattered at this point, as the Cristobal's crew were going to pick the shores clean of any remaining treasure (among which was a crate of Fireworks). The Isabel made harbor at the Mysterious Inlet, where her crew discovered some Trpoical Currents (giving her +L when next she moved). She had even more fortune in finding a Frond of Fisaga among the gold discovered.

Meanwhile, in Captain Vendari's part of the sea, the Banshee's Cry had explored the Great Turtle and was on her way home carrying two 3s and a 4. But that was about all the gold Vendari would be seeing home that game. Unfortunately for him, he had moved the Neptune's Hoard just a little too close to San Cristobal's range of movement; the mighty Spaniard sailed in at top speed and let loose with her cannons, using the Fireworks to boost her gunners' accuracy. Every single mast on the Hoard toppled over. The HMS Grand Temple was close by to retaliate. Crimson Angel did her best to rally the crew to action, but failed to do so. The ship moved into range to attack, firing with all six cannons. Unfortunately, even with Angel's bonus only three cannons managed to hit. This was a major turning point in the battle.

At this point, almost all of the gold in the game had been claimed. Banshee's Cry had returned for the final 3 on the back of the Great Turtle and sailed back home. After Santa Isabel had unloaded her cargo, the score was 13-12, favoring Captain Vendari. He had only one chance. He knew there was only one unique treasure remaining (Natives), meaning the other three coins at the Native Village would be treasure. He had hoped to find an even number and use the Natives to prevent the HMS Grand Temple from retaliating to Spanish cannon fire. The ship would be bait, and gambled on Captain Caveman's trigger-happy style to sink the Temple. Unfortunately, he lost the gambit.

San Cristobal, after having repaired one mast, sailed by, crossing the T at the stern, and let loose. Three masts fell. The Santa Isabel offered support fire and a ram, though only two masts fell this time. However, after her crew swung over to the English deck, they brought back a 2 coin. Vendari hoped that maybe he'd sink her next turn. Again, a lost gamble. The San Cristobal rammed her bow into the Grand Temple's side, knocking down the last mast and boarding to steal another treasure, which settled the game. It no longer mattered what Vendari did: his two largest ships were derelict, and the Banshee's Cry was too small to be of any use. It was there that Captain Caveman won a well-fought battle.

At that point, there was literally nothing I could have done to recover. He actually admitted that he originally intended to just sink the GT, but then got wary when he noticed the sheer amount of gold on our home islands. Had he sunk GT, I would have won by one point (16 to 15), but after he started boarding, I lost any chance of winning the game and the final score effectively turned out to be 18-13, favoring Caveman.

I titled this game "Captain Vendari's Gambit" on my website. Fitting name, no?
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Great to see another awesome report! That was quite a star-studded matchup with so many amazing ships.

I'm happy to see so many different people playing so much! It's good to see diversity in this thread (not to mention the game woelf posted on BGG).

Edit: This thread now has 100 replies and about 800000 views! Shocked
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Game 1:

La Lyon + captain, helmsman
L'Intrepide + explorer
Mont Blanc
St. Joan + explorer

American Spanish:
Virtuous Wind + captain
El Alma
USS Montezuma + captain

All of the islands were mysterious, and the fleets set out to do battle!

The Lyon caught the Virtuous Wind and took off 2 masts, but the Spanish Americans were quick to retaliate, using both the Wind and the Montezuma's ability to dismast the dangerous 3 master.

The Montezuma captured the Lyon, but in the meantime the St. Joan and Intrepide had been running around getting gold for the French.

The St. Joan used her speed to grab gold under the nose of El Alma as the Virtuous Wind returned home to repair. The Montezuma tried to tow the Lyon but was pursued by the Intrepide towing the Mont Blanc.

The St. Joan had found a 5 and 3 on the far-away island, which gave the French the 16-0 win!

Game 2:

Cursed Corsairs:
Juggernaut + captain, helmsman, firepot specialist
Golden Peacock + explorer

Spanish-English: (referred to as the Spanish)
Virtuous Wind + captain
El San Salvador + explorer
HMS Lord Lineton

This game featured a ton of terrain, some of which was strung together to make an island completely inaccessible without sailing through the fog. The Spanish chose the Cursed's HI to be close to their own, in order to exploit the HI-raiding abilities of the Wind and Lord Lineton.

The Lord Lineton was chased by the Juggernaut as the ships split up.

With all ships except for the Golden Peacock headed for the western fog, a conflict was inevitable.

The Juggernaut caught the Lord Lineton and set her on fire!

True to their nature the Cursed kept up a hot fire and slaughtered the Spanish explorer and set the San Salvador aflame. The Lineton's crew managed to put out their own blaze but the Englishman was dismasted.

The Virtuous Wind started towing the dangerously flaming San Salvador, taking a mast off the Juggernaut in the process. The Juggernaut struck back with a vengeance, which meant that she had landed at least one firepot on each of the three enemy ships!

By this point the Golden Peacock had brought home 11 gold for the Cursed, giving them the win (11-0) after the Juggernaut finished off the Virtuous Wind and therefore the Spanish-English.

(As a side note, you may have read that I think fire is overrated in this game. Although it can be devastating, even landing three separate firepot hits didn't actually help the Cursed win the battle because it didn't spread to eliminate their other masts (the San Salvador was already derelict when her fire spread).)

Game 3:

Multi-nation swarm fleet:
Paradox + helmsman
La Fureur
La Rosario
USS Annapolis + helmsman

Franco-Spanish Americans: (referred to as the French)
Monaque + captain, helmsman
USS Montezuma + captain
La Cazadora + helmsman

This game featured a very tight island setup, with a strange terrain formation in the middle consisting of one iceberg and two fog banks.

The Montezuma encountered trouble at a mysterious island and lost both masts. She was towed home by the Monaque and repaired. However, the swarm fleet could only benefit from such a close-knit group of islands, meaning that some ships reached islands on the first turn, which made up for their lack of explorers.

The Monaque and Montezuma combined to sink a few of the swarm ships, and the Cazadora succeeded in dismasting the Whisper and towing her home. However, some ships like the Dragon and Intrepide got through to give the swarm fleet an early advantage in the gold race.

House rules were implemented that let icebergs and a mysterious island sink the Fureur and Dragon. At one point the Intrepide came out of the fog and slammed right into the iceberg, knocking off a mast and pushing her right back into the fog! The Dragon was sunk after farming an MI to throw the Montezuma into a different iceberg. The Rosario waited patiently in the fog, hoping the Monaque would abandon her mission.

The Rosario finally emerged from the fog and darted home with the last two gold coins. The gold was tallied up, and it came out to be a tie, 15-15! Since there was no more gold on the ships, the "most masts standing" tiebreaker was invoked, giving the French the victory over the swarm fleet!
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Battle Report – Economy Game (Large Map)

This is a report on a special game that we played in my group using my new ruleset that I made and posted a while back.

Economy Edition Rules

For those of you who do not know of this or simply do not remember, the basic idea is that instead of gold being on islands from the beginning of the game, islands produce one of six different resources, determined by a d6 roll upon exploring. These values, and the amount of time these values last, randomly change throughout the game. These resources are then traded at the home island for gold which can be used to purchase new ships and crew. Victory could be had by either eliminating the enemy fleet or a time limit, in which case we would count gold gathered and ships bought.

A few more notes as well. This was a different build than what I had originally written. After some play testing, a small number of changes had to occur. First, players had to pay 1 gold every turn for every ship that was not docked at their home island. This was done in order to address players from having run away fleets, as large armies were difficult to pay for and campaigns across sea would be cost-inefficient to maintain for too long without a robust economy. As you will see, this led to a very slow build-up throughout the game. In order to have this rule extend to the beginning of the game, players were given 40 gold to start, from which they could purchase ships and crew, but some had to be left over in order to pay for any initial voyages. This means that building a starting fleet has more strategic depth to it, as speed and cargo space had to be taken into consideration when travelling. Finally, the last major change was that the duration of market values was decided by using a d20 instead of a d6, which meant the value of a resource could last for potentially 20 rounds instead of the old maximum of 6. This gives players a greater incentive to colonize, and also lead to a war in this particular game.

Some more rules had also been changed, mostly some minor changes to costs for colonies. If any of this sounds confusing, the battle report should clear up any of those issues. So without further ado, I present to you the map once all of the islands had a designated resource. Note these resources were not preset at the beginning of the game and were determined by die roll once a player had explored that island.

The map once all the resources had been established. Green circles ar islands, light blue are icebergs, deep red is a reef, and pink are sargasso seas. The French are represented by deep blue, the English with red, and the Spanish as orange.

The players and early game strategy:

In the south were the English, commanded by none other than myself. With my 40 starting gold, I purchased the Aberdeen Baron , whose large cargo space and fair speed would mean fewer trips for larger pay-off, and the HMS Antelope served as a scout, establishing resource values quickly by exploring the surrounding islands. The remaining gold was left for turn fees.

To the east the Spaniards opted for a different scheme. The Buscador would be the lone ship, but with all of the surplus starting gold left over, could afford to travel farther, where some of the islands to the north began with a few gold coins to spice things up.

The last fleet was the French to the west, and they chose the ships Sabre and L' Afrique . Unfortunately, the French admiral did not take into account turn fees, and the Sabre with its L speed was left to sit at dock until he had gathered enough resources with L’Afrique. The English did slip a few coins under the table in order to keep the French in the game at the beginning, but once he was back on his feet was able to maintain a healthy economy.

The early game:

Map of the early game with major trade routes highlighted in each player’s color. Battles are the black/red lightning bolts.

England rolled highest, and so went first. The French were second with the Spaniards bringing up the rear. The Aberdeen Baron explored the southern-most center island, and the roll turned out as a metal. The Antelope scouted out a nearby island, and it too was an island that produced metal. The English saw that metals would be a high value resource, and the two islands so far that produced metal were right in their backyard. Trade routes were quickly established, and the Spanish worried over England’s monopoly. France at this time had made a pact with the English, and was allowed to maintain their side of the sea enemy free. When L’Afrique had finally brought in enough gold to start France’s economy, the Sabre finally left dock, quickly moving towards the island directly east from its home island. The roll for this island turned out to be textiles. The Aberdeen Baron, inquisitive as its captain was, attempted to venture into French waters to nab a textile or two from France’s new encampment. The Sabre would have none of it, sailing out and firing several warning shots across the Baron’s bow in the first battle action of the game. The Baron turned-tail, sailing back into established trade lanes. The Spaniards in the meantime had made enough gold to fund the construction of the El Algeciras , which shot out of the home island with a captain. Jealous of the metals that the English were producing, the Algeciras harassed the poor Antelope, which crowded on every inch of sail to escape from the Spanish guns. It managed to sail home to repair the mast it had lost in the pursuit, which marked the second battle action of the game. Soon after, the steady market that we had been experiencing suddenly wildly fluctuated, causing the market in metals to crash. For the next several rounds, some prices skyrocketed and on the very next round plummeted to being almost worthless. This event marked the end of the early game as fleets scrambled to cope with the constantly changing market. I personally enjoyed this time, as never before had I really rethought my course in the middle of a voyage, but this happened several times as islands would suddenly be worth much more for short periods of time.

The mid-game:

The economy finally re-settled, and the fleets had increased somewhat in size at this point. The current economy now put the English and the French into more direct contact, but the earlier peace that had existed between the two nations remained, and enemy ships could be seen sailing only S away from each other without attacking. The Spanish now had their side of the sea to themselves, but the intrepid Algeciras still harassed the English shipping lanes. The island directly to the west had originally been a Spanish holding, but in a move that the Spanish looked down upon, the English craftily established a settlement on that island, effectively booting the Spanish off of the island. Now angered, the Algeciras directly engaged HMS Ark Royal , one of the newer vessels in the English fleet. The battle raged for several turns as the Royal disengaged, moving to the Northwest. The Algeciras gave chase, catching her off of the shore of a nearby island. The Algeciras managed to dismast the Royal, but was scared off by a fast approaching HMS Victor , whose crew was led by an actual captain. This period of the game was marked by escalation as commanders built up their fleets with ships that carried cannon instead of cargo. The game moved to its later phase when the resource of the highest value became fish, which would last for 20 rounds. The only island that produced fish at this point was the northern-most center island, and all three nations set their eyes upon its resource rich shores.

The End Game

The end of the game, as can be seen in the map, was rather hectic. The Algeciras, scourge of the English, quickly sailed to the north in order to run escort to the Buscador. The English sent the Victor, HMS Dreadnought , and HMS Burma into battle. The Burma raised her characteristic black pennant, my only English ship that ever flies this flag, in a clear message: there will be no quarter. The French did not want to be left out of the battle, sending the Saber , Glaive , and Freedom's Hand to join the fray. The Dreadnought, which almost never sees action due to her exuberant price, was unleashed into battle, slowly wading into the Spanish battle line, which was now supported by the La Resolucion (OE), La Reconquistador (OE), and Virtuous Wind (OE). Her gun batteries lit in a flurry of smoke and fire, dismasting the Resolucion. The Reconquistador swooped in, knocking off a mast. The Virtuous Wind and Algeciras joined in as well, hammering the Dreadnought down to a single mast. The French meanwhile tangled with the remaining English ships, the Saber carving into the sides of the Victor. Burma engaged the Glaive and Freedom’s Hand, holding them off for a turn. The Dreanought, enraged, still fired off with all five cannons, finally ridding the seas of the pesky Algeciras and sinking the Reconquistador. The French had finally managed to sink the Victor, and the Saber moved to provide support to the damaged Glaive. The Burma and Saber attacked each other, with the Burma finally able to win, but only barely. The Virtuous Wind, in a move of vengeance, sunk the Dreadnought, the pride of the English.

Off in other parts of the seas, several small battles occurred as lone ships attempted to cut off vital trade routes. However most of these proved to be ineffective. Unfortunately, we had to cut the game at this point as we had to entertain guests. We decided not to declare a winner as this was a trial game for my ruleset, but we all enjoyed the game and decided to play it again at another time. Overall, some other minor changes will have to occur in order to provide a bit more balance, but I am satisfied with how the game played. It definitely feels more like a realistic Spanish Main game, with island positioning playing a huge role in strategy, as well as the constantly shifting economy. I’ve never seen our group get so vicious over only a single island, and I liked that islands with strategic value were very valued even if their resources were not worth much. Plans changed on the fly and the game slowly built up to a tremendous climax. My youngest brother, the French admiral, thoroughly enjoyed this mode, saying that it was his favorite now despite his struggles at the beginning of the game.
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Wicked report cannonfury! I really enjoyed hearing HOW your ruleset played out rather than just reading about it in theory for so long. It really made me want to test it out myself! It's definitely the type of game that could last forever because it's cumulative and empirical. I liked hearing about the changing economy and how players had to adjust their strategy in-game, which is something that has been mostly lacking in all of the huge campaign games I've done.

Although it's always nice to see actual pictures of the ships, I liked the simplicity and clarity of the diagrams you've shown. The lightning bolts remind me of battle diagrams I've seen in some of my naval warfare books. Very Happy
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a7xfanben wrote:
Wicked report cannonfury! I really enjoyed hearing HOW your ruleset played out rather than just reading about it in theory for so long. It really made me want to test it out myself! It's definitely the type of game that could last forever because it's cumulative and empirical. I liked hearing about the changing economy and how players had to adjust their strategy in-game, which is something that has been mostly lacking in all of the huge campaign games I've done.

Although it's always nice to see actual pictures of the ships, I liked the simplicity and clarity of the diagrams you've shown. The lightning bolts remind me of battle diagrams I've seen in some of my naval warfare books. Very Happy

Thanks! It took a long time, but it finally happened. If you do ever try it out let us know!

We decided not to take pictures, since we weren't expecting the game to turn out amazingly as it was a trial run. Luckily I was taking notes to see how the game flowed and if I needed to fix anything (which there were), so I got a record of a very fun and unique game.

Huh, I didn't think of that when I used the lightning bolts, but it's a cool coincidence nonetheless! Very Happy
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