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Top 10 Tournament Pack Ships

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Subject: Top 10 Tournament Pack Ships   PostPosted: Wed Feb 07, 2018 2:37 pm Reply with quote

I believe tournament packs were initially included with booster boxes to encourage stores to host tournaments, to drive sales of booster packs. Some stores didn't know what to do with them, and either sold them off, or gave them away. I know I personally got at least a pack or two from cashiers at some point. Tournament promos began with Barbary Coast's special variants of crew, and South China Seas saw them changed to a set of 18 ships, a trend which continued for the next four sets.

It appears WK considered reviving the promotion with RotF/F&S, as evidenced by the promotional crew, ships, equipment, and UTs released between the sets, but the RotF items were never available outside factory sets, and I'm not sure about how the F&S items were distributed. This list excludes both of these, as both were of extremely limited availability, and I'm not sure they were distributed in the traditional fashion of six varying packs. They'd also force considerable reconsideration of this list.

10. HMS Rye

I'm putting HMS Rye on the list due to Ben's and Xerecs' experiences with the value of cancelers. She's a fast ship with a canceler, what more do you want? I mean, aside from durability, armament, and hold space. Oh well. She's a solid way to soften up a high value target before an attack, even if she is on the expensive side.

9. La Belle Poule

La Belle Poule is a simple ship to figure out. She's cheap, has a built-in explorer, and decent cargo space, making her an obvious gold runner. Her speed is on the weak side, however, and dropping a helmsman aboard will likely serve her well.

8. HMS Superior

HMS Superior is a little zombie of a ship, capable of delivering fire even when she appears otherwise disabled, provided you have an oarsman aboard. SCS delivered a surprising number of durable blockade runners, however, and she's possibly the most gimmicky of them.

7. Divine Dragon

I have personally had surprising success with Divine Dragon, using her as a torpedo. A simple captain-helmsman setup gives her the ability to mow down up to three masts and a crew with a single ram and shoot combination. Specifically, I used this to overcome HMS Dauntless' defensive ability, and allow other, less capable warships to engage and sink her.

6. Sister's Rage

Expensive for her size, and with barely acceptable armament, Sister's Rage is redeemed by one of the game's most powerful defensive abilities, and respectable cargo space. She can be a respectable hybrid or a gunship, the setup is up to you.

5. Le Coeur de Lion
This ship has one of the the cheapest pairs of 2L guns in the game, beaten only by the likes of Devil's Pay[/card. She combines top-tier armament with competitive price, fair hold space, and a fun gimmick ability. A worthwhile option for a support gunship.

4.[card="95659"] Santa Lucia
/USS Emerald

Lucia and Emerald are bound together by the ability they share, and the rest of their traits vary ever so slightly. Lucia has longer cannon range and more cargo, and Emerald is more accurate, cheaper, and faster. Both have excellent crew options, though Lucia probably edges Emerald there. Either way, both have outstanding durability for their cost, and their strong armament is just icing on the cake.

3. Baba Yaga

The equivalent of 6 2S guns gives her the effective firepower of Grand Path, but for a lower price, and with a better crew selection. Her armament is the only trait worth writing home about, though, as she's pricey, not particularly fast, and has an average hold

2. Loki's Revenge

Despite being apocalyptically slow, and expensive for her size, she's equipped with six 2L guns, a large cargo hold, and SAT—the second best on-demand extra action ability in the game. Her inferior speed when compared to Baba Yaga is not entirely overcome by SAT, but the potential of a sudden burst of 12 2L guns is a better deterrent than 6 2S guns.

1. USS Kettering

Kettering is theoretically inferior to Loki's Revenge in every way—hold space, armament, price—in every way but one: speed. S+L makes her quite fast, and she has an ability possibly on par with that of Loki's Revenge. We all know that speed is critical in controlling engagements, and her ability allows her powerful offense of 6 3L guns to override even the most powerful defensive abilities in the game.

Honorable mentions:
HMS Patagonia
El Afortunado
Dragon's Talon
Beast's Belly
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Canceled user

Subject:    PostPosted: Wed Feb 07, 2018 2:52 pm Reply with quote

Great list! I was surprised to see Baba Yaga in the third spot.

The Loki’s Revenge and Kettering could probably fight for that #1 spot all day long to be quite honest... Both extremely good gunships.
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Subject:    PostPosted: Wed Feb 07, 2018 5:45 pm Reply with quote

Did you mean SAC wen you talked about the Loki's Revenge?

Nice list otherwise.
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Subject:    PostPosted: Wed Feb 07, 2018 7:57 pm Reply with quote

Nice list! Here's my rough ranking:

1. USS Kettering
2. Loki's Revenge
3. Baba Yaga
4. Sister's Rage
-Hate the ability but a very solid ship. Not sure if she should be this high though.
5. Le Coeur de Lion
-One of my favorite French ships and one of the best support gunships in the game.
6. Bilge
-Solid empty gold runner (or more with captain or Mycron aboard), and gets the nod over the next two just barely.
7. HMS Patagonia / El Afortunado
-Dirt cheap gold runners (S+S with 3 spaces at 6 points); the Patagonia would edge the tiebreaker with the infamous but important Administrator Scott Bratley / Robinson / Lord Mycron cheese combo of death. XD
8. USS Emerald
-This ability doesn't work great on small ships due to ram damage, but the Emerald has the speed and cannons to take advantage of it, unlike the Santa Lucia in my opinion. If you have the points available, one of the only good American ships for Commodore David Porter .
9. Divine Dragon
-Can be devastating.
10. La Belle Poule

Just missed: HMS Rye
-Naturally a favorite of mine due to the faction and ability, but she can be sunk very quickly even in campaign games. Best to provide the proper support with helmsman/shipwright/oarsman so she can row at S+S when dismasted and possibly repair when she's not busy cancelling important stuff. Also a reasonable empty gold runner. Just not amazing in smaller games.
Francesca and the Santa Lucia also just miss.

Other honorable mentions not mentioned yet: Salem , Sautez le Requin , Kalaallit , Kalmar
Honestly the Sautez should possibly be way up in the middle of the list. Tough to compare some of these ships! XD

To me HMS Superior is just boring as heck and a waste of points. I'd rather have HMS Hibernia , even just for artwork. Laughing
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