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Century of Economy
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Subject:    PostPosted: Wed Jul 06, 2016 5:22 am Reply with quote

Hey people! I regret to say that I've fallen VERY behind on the BR's. The last one was posted on the 29th of June, and today is the 5th of July. From that time to this several major events have happened. I will do my best to get the next BR up, and to accurately describe what happened, though this can be difficult when launches happen. If anyone has been waiting with baited breath for the next report, my apologies. BR's, Pics, and my wit are all coming! Very Happy
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Subject:    PostPosted: Thu Jul 07, 2016 10:30 pm Reply with quote

The action continues! The Americans instruct the Hephaestus to ram the Spilled Salt, but alas, no masts are eliminated!

The Concordia sets her sights on Bracyura, and with the help of the Intrepid kills the giant crab for good.

Shal-Bala and Morgrul descend on the Harbinger with swoop attacks, but neither of them connects!

A broad shot of the southern sea, the Pirates and Americans are mingling and generally ignoring one another, while focusing on the Cursed, who are becoming a major threat. You can see the new pirate launches at the Devil’s Maw:
Raninoidea+Count G with captain
Ranger+SCGallows with captain and helmsman and oarsman

Between the cannons of the Shui-Xian, and the Bombardier, the Catadrel del mar is dismasted!

A broad shot of the English and Spanish engagement, the Spanish have been pushed back but are starting to recover and push against the English. Despite several tries, Fortaleza Dorada still stands, and many of the derelict English ships are being captured and sunk by the Spanish, who are finally starting to connect on their guns.

The Kraken surrounds Lechim Namod!

Raninoidea takes two masts from the Skin Flayer, hurting the formidable Switchblade.

Shal-Bala and Calypsos try to slow down the harbinger, to no avail.

The Fool’s Hope makes her entrance in the southern theater, and makes for an imposing sight. The Cursed however are not worried, they are confident in their military might.

The Kraken abandons Lechim Namod, and surrounds the Pyre! The Ranger and Fool’s Hope maneuver about to try and draw a bead on the Cursed, however this is proving difficult.

The Spanish use chain towing to get the Catedral del Mar away from the English, or closer to their HI.

The Acorazado comes to relieve the besieged Fortaleza Dorada, and draws a bead on the St. George and Guy Fawkes.

The Guy Fawkes is quickly dismasted by the mighty Spanish warship.

The Diamond tries to ram a mast off of La Monarca, and succeeds!

La Asesina’s guns boom loud, and bring the Bolingbroke down to only one mast left.

The Forward rams into the Goliath, but does not take out a mast with her ram, nor do her cannons significantly dent the large Englishman.

Someone was able to kill Terrox! But his Eternal kicked in and sent him back to the Cursed HI, where he will begin regenerating.

Slarg Gubbit uses Fear on the Intrepid and Lamon, but his successful fearing does little.

Tsuro throws a pirate runner off the edge of the map! This enrages the Pirates who declare WAR!

The Franklin, Morgrul, Shal-Bala, and Calypsos all combine their efforts and send the Harbinger to the bottom!

The Pirates are coming……..

The Spanish play Mines against the English!

The Shui-Xian dis masts the San Pedro!

It was now time for resources to change again, and with much drama the dice were rolled……

Wow, for only two rounds, Food and Finished Goods would be very valuable.

The Orca and Black pearl draw a bead on the Sickle, with the Orca ramming a mast off of the Switchblade.

The Crusher takes a mast off of the Re-tolled Nightmare, who was given a captain, helmsman and two fire equipment’s. However her fireshot has backfired and she is being attacked from all sides by the Pirates.

The Pirates are using whatever means necessary to hurt the Cursed, here the Noble Swan has rammed into the Franklin, and between her ability and a successful ram, the Franklin loses two masts!

More of the same happens to the Sickle, who goes down to one mast left.

The Crusher continues her assault on the Nigtmare, using her Scorpion blade to take one more mast off of her.

The Kraken has been hit with some fire, but this does not faze the giant sea creature as she surrounds Slarg Gubbit.

The Kraken was not done however! Using chain surrounding, she moved halfway across the map to surround the derelict Last Hope!

The Ranger tries to hit Shal-Bala with a Broadsides Attack, but fails!

Using an extra action, the Ranger moves away from Shal-Bala, and targets another ship with Broadsides, but misses again!

The Fool’s Hope fires her cannons, and takes the final mast from the Nightmare!

The Armada was hit by a firepot, but she sunk the Richards as she burned!

The Forward and Muerta Rapida team up to dismast the Goliath!

The English presence in the Mid-West Ocean is diminishing as the Spanish clear them out. The Bolignbroke is derelict, and the Raven is under fire from the Santo Columba while the Forge has been captured by the French in the upper right.

La Monarca rams the Diamond derelict!

The Spanish continue to clear out the English; here the Acorazado sinks the Guy Fawkes.

The Ghost Walker has made it back to Thompsons Island, and has begun repairing.

The Eagan kills Maxehebel!

Calim and Morgrul team up to attack the Black Pearl! Claim jumped out of the water and landed directly on the Pearl’s bow!

Between the fierce attacks of the giant squid and the fearsome Sea Dragon, the Pearl is quickly dismasted!

The English hit the Cristobal with a firepot, but since she’s docked at a friendly fort, she can use her oarsman to move away and come back, putting out the flames.

The Lord Walpole has abandoned the campaign against Fortaleza Dorada, and hits the forward with a firepot!

The Fool’s Hope and Glorious Treasure attack the Bloody Sea, taking her down to one mast!

The Franklin is similarly besieged by the Noble Swan, who has rammed off most of the Franklin’s masts.

The Kraken surrounds the Concordia!

The Shui-Xian and Acorazado square up, ten cannons against the best defense… who will come out alive?

The Forward draws a bead on the Bombardier, and hits with her Broadsides Attack!

The Santo Columba fires on the raven, but misses with her cannons! Frustrated, she calls for help, and La Asesina answers the call, and both ships ram into the raven, but only take out one mast!

The Santos Romanos slides up to the Tower flotilla, and opens fire with her cannons! It takes two shots, but the flag of the tower falls!

With one action the Cursed draw the attention of every faction on the seas. They had saved up their gold for a little while and now spent a good chunk of it on one ship……..

Guichuan + The Headhunter +Igor Mcwarren with captain, helmsman, shipwright, gunner, and oarsman.

Igor McWarren
Cursed 8 pts.
Ability: ETERNAL E.A.
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Subject:    PostPosted: Thu Jul 07, 2016 10:59 pm Reply with quote

Very nice report! The carnage continues to mount...

I loved the picture of the Fool's Hope vs. the Nightmare - between the Nightmare being aflame and the general carnage, it made for a nice perspective. The Black Pearl getting attacked by Calim reminded me of the ending to Dead Man's Chest, which I'm about to rewatch.

Flotillas don't have masts so they can't be set on fire, but if the World game were physical, flaming flotillas would make decent proxies for the fire beacons heh.

I see the Glorious Treasure is bothering you again eh? Smile At least the Cursed deserve it hah. I was a bit surprised the English lost to the Spanish; I'd expect the Acorazado to triumph over the Shui Xian, although I don't know what crew complements they both possess.
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Subject:    PostPosted: Thu Jul 07, 2016 11:26 pm Reply with quote

Acorazado has Joaquin Vega El Duque Rafael de Moreno y Rivera and a captain, helmsman, and oarsman.

The Shui-Xian has Shap'ng Tsai Sir Rupert Hargreaves A captain and helmsman as well as SAC food for Shap'ng.

The English haven't lost yet, they're pulling back to repair and launch new ships. In recent turns they've launched two of your custom crew, much to the annoyance of the Spanish.
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Subject:    PostPosted: Thu Jul 07, 2016 11:45 pm Reply with quote

Whoops, should have just used ctrl F. Embarassed

xerecs wrote:
The English haven't lost yet, they're pulling back to repair and launch new ships. In recent turns they've launched two of your custom crew, much to the annoyance of the Spanish.

Smile Oh really, which ones? Also, I meant losing the battle not the war.
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Subject:    PostPosted: Thu Jul 07, 2016 11:56 pm Reply with quote

Geroge Anson has been launched on a ship, as well as Vice Admiral Collingwood.

The English are actually coming up on a spot of trouble, their gold reserves are dwindling and they havent been able to get much gold home. This has happened extremely recently, as in yesterday and the day before. Right now the BR's are about a week behind!
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Subject:    PostPosted: Fri Jul 08, 2016 6:52 pm Reply with quote

The Action continues! The Shui-Xian sacced one of her oarsmen to have 20 shots against the Acorazado, and opened fire with all of her cannons! Incredibly even with Hargreaves rolling two dice for every shot, the Xian only takes out one mast!

The London and Nautilus try to sink the Cristobal, but fail to hit her twice to sink her.

The Bombardier shoots a firepot at the Forward, but misses. All ships involved are hurting badly now.

The resources changed again! The previous resoucres only held for two rounds, and no faction had been able to profit from such a short change, and therefore all factions looked forward to the new rolls.

For six turns the value of every resource would be its printed value. Metals are the number 4 resource and are now worth 4 gold. This benefits the Cursed and English the most since they have Metals and Finished Goods readily available to them.

The Glorious Treasure rams the last mast off of the Bloody Sea!

The sickle is captured by the Orca! However they are right next to the Cursed HI, so the sickle may return at some point……

The Corse loses a mast to an iceberg, while in the background the Dover makes for St. Pierre, with intent to destroy. At the left Ramsgate has only one flag left after a French bombardment.

The Cristobal uses an EA to bring back a mast and shoot a firepot at the London!

La Muerta Rapida puts an end to the Bombardier rampage by ramming her last mast off!

The Nautilus comes to the surface to fire on the St. George!

The Santo Columba finally silences the Raven, eliminating her last mast!

The Cygnet, and Concorde were captured by the Spanish and have been slated to scuttle, The Cursed move through Spanish waters to get to gold on the center island.

Calypsos comes to the surface and lets loose on the Glorious Treasure in retribution for the Bloody Sea.

The Cursed used chain towing to get the Bloody Sea away from hostiles.

The Xian sacs another oarsman and rips off another 20 shots against the Acorazado, this time she eliminates two masts, bringing the Acorazado down to two masts left!

The Tower repairs her flag after the fire goes out, much to the annoyance of the Spanish.

The Nautilus is rammed by the Asesina, but the ram attempt fails!

Calypsos is attacked by the Empress and Fool’s Hope, eliminating one segment from the giant squid.

After being severely wounded, Raninoidea drops off her named crew, count Gustov at the Devil’s Maw so that he could be used by another pirate.

The English in full retreat after their first battle with the Spanish, their HI front and center. To the left the hull of the goliath is visible, along with the Ark Royal who is coming to tow her out of there. The Tower will keep the Spanish occupied long enough for the surviving English ships to return home to repair. The English have underestimated the Spanish, but they won’t make that mistake again

The Aguila comes to help the Acorazado against the Shui-Xian, who is about to sac to get out of Spanish waters and re-join the rest of the English fleet.

The Nautilus tries in vain to save the derelict Cygnet, but is delayed by the Spanish and cannot move past Fortaleza.

She has a mast rammed off by the Mobilis, further slowing her down.

Fortaleza shoots another one off, further adding to the woes of the Nautilus.

The Santa Isabel comes over and rams the last mast off, dooming the ship!

The damaged Asesina draws a bead on the Shui-Xian, but misses not eliminating any crew or taking off a mast.

The Concordia rams the Hades Realm, trying to shove it out of the way to get to the derelict Swamp Fox, who is carrying America’s one and only fleet admiral crew, Commodore Preble.

A broad shot of the northern ocean, the English are pulling back, but they will return. The newly launched HMS Grand Temple carries Sir Christopher Myngs + Hermione Gold an oarsman and Double Shot , and is towing the Goliath, while the Shui-Xian tows the lord Walpole. In the west you can see the tail end of the French Blockade, comprised of several 4 and 5 mast warships, which they set up when no one was looking.

A broad shot of the middle ocean, the Cursed have established dominance over that area and are looking to push south, into pirate waters. You can see their flagships, the Guichuan and Flying Dutchman being escorted by Kalos, who will give them a handy +L speed boost.
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Subject:    PostPosted: Tue Jul 12, 2016 11:09 pm Reply with quote

Morgrul swoops against the Black Pearl, but misses! Now he is planted right next to a formidable gunship!

The Pirates launch the Amity and Lady Newport from their trading port.

The French finally bring the Forge back to their HI, where she begins repairing.

The Santa Isabel fires on the Nautilus, taking her final mast.

The Santo Columba tries to sink the Diamond, but fails, missing with her normally very accurate cannons.

La Monarca grabs gold from Fortaleza Dorada, trying to bring in some resources for the dwindling Spanish empire.

A close shot of the Spanish HI, the Muerta Rapida and Aguila are repairing, while in the foreground the San Pedro and Forward lie derelict. In the background a forest of masts is visible with many ships clustered around Fortaleza Dorada.

The Santo Columba sinks the Bolingbroke!

After loosing a segment, Morgrul swooped against the Pearl again, and this time he succeeded, eliminating two masts. To complicate things for the Pirates, Jormungandr surfaced and rammed into the Pearl, winning the board and knocking all of the Pearl’s masts!

The Tower flotilla preserves the fading English presence around the Spanish HI, but the Spanish plan to rectify that situation soon.

The Ark Royal finally succeeds at a Broadsides Attack, sinking the Forward!

The Pirates seek revenge for the Pearl, and use their smaller ships to ram into the Whydah, eliminating a mast!

This one’s a little blurry, but the Crusher has come around and used her scorpion blade to slice another mast off of the Whydah!

The French spend a huge chunk of gold and go on a mega launch:
Le Lyon
La Vengeance
East Wind
La Charlemange + Monsieur LeNoir + Eileen Brigid O'Brien with a helmsman, firepot spec. and grape shot
Le Rocher Noir with a captain and helmsman
Le Republicain with a captain and helmsman
Le Mercure with a captain and helmsman
La Belle Etoile with a captain and helmsman
La Moulin Rouge with a captain and helmsman
Mercure with captain

(hmmm, picture doesn't want to rotate.... Sad )

La Muerta Rapida tries to avenge the fallen Forward, but only succeeds in taking off one mast on the Ark Royal.

The Santo Columba continues to have bad luck at the cannons, failing to sink the Raven.

La Asesina also tries, but fails to sink the Diamond, frustrating Spanish Command.

The Nautilus sinks the Nautilus!

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Subject:    PostPosted: Wed Jul 13, 2016 2:34 am Reply with quote

The New Orleans sneaks in and touches the derelict Pearl, hoping to capture the ship and make it American!

The Eagan comes about on the Eastern side of the ocean, looking to get revenge on the Cursed.

Calim tried to dock at Aguinvari-Gakhali to regenerate is lost segments, but failed to navigate the reef! As a result Calim died and the Cursed were upset at the fate of their monster.

The Cursed converge on the Crusher, and try to free up the Whydah.

The Guichuan and Guinee make their way toward an island the Cursed have been gathering Metals from but has recently been surrounded by American and Pirate ships.

The Ark Royal fires on the Muerta Rapida, taking out her middle masts!

The Treasure engages the Skin Flayer, taking out a mast on the Cursed switchblade.

The Empress tries to wound Morgrul, but fails!

The Spanish finally sink the Raven!

From the decks of the Ark Royal: the Acorazado has rammed into her stern and successfully eliminated all of her remaining masts. In the background you can see the fully repaired Aguila.

The Skin Flayer tries to retaliate against the Treasure, but misses her shots, and is barely outside of blade range!

Morgrul and Jormungandr derelict the Empress!

The English are recuperating after their preliminary loss to the Spanish. They underestimated the Spanish, and next time will have a clear attack plan.

The Pirates descend on the Skin Flayer! The Broken Key has moved into range and tried to ram a mast off, then tied in the board. In the background you can see the Ranger coming to assist her fellow fleet mates.

The French launch the Glorie+ Osvaldo De from St. Pierre.

The Cristobal come through for the Spanish, sinking the Tower flotilla!

La Asesina also sinks the Diamond, wiping out one of the last English derelicts in Spanish waters.

The Ark Royal flees from the guns of the Muerta Rapid and the Acorazado, using her oarsman to escape

As a boost for moral, the Acorazado tows the San Pedro, one of the few Spanish gold ships left, who will be important if the Spanish want to reestablish themselves.

The Spilled Salt kills Raninoidea, the crew feast on stuffed crab…..

Morgrul savagely finishes off the Empress.

The Dutchman comes to the aid of the Skin Flayer, hitting with her Broadsides attack and bringing the Broken Key down to one mast.

Lechim Namod comes to the surface and sinks the Flating Stone in one shoot!

Lechim uses a double action to launch herself on the Treasure!

The Dover and London clear away St. Pierre, resetting the resource of the island.

The Ark Royal begins to tow the Bombardier, both ships head for the safety of the English HI.

Lechim Namod takes fire from the Treasure, but the massive Squid shrugs off the damage.

The Ranger succeeds at her Broadsides attack against the Hades Realm, taking the ship down to two masts.

The Dutchman tries another Broadsides attack, but fails!

An imposing shot of The Guichuan as she turns away from the Metals Island and heads for home.

The French explore the island st.Pierre was on, and find Medicine! The French are excited, and warn the English to stay away.

A wide shot of the Spanish position, they are recovering from the English attack, and are trying to bring in gold.

The French Blockade, set up using almost every captained ship they have, is quite impressive. They are quite bold with their definition of French territory, and the English will have something to say about it……

The Middle Ocean is dominated by the Cursed, who are looking to expand into pirate and American waters.

The Pirates launch the Revenant from the Devil’s Maw!

Jormungandr sinks the Scepter!

The Dutchman tries again, and succeeds at her Broadsides Attack, sinking the Broken Key!

The Cursed HI, they have recently cashed in a large amount of resources, giving them over 200 total gold, quite a lot of purchasing power.

The Noble Swan strikes at the Cursed! She rammed into the Straw man, taking out a mast, and a crew, killing Davy Jones! The Cursed reel in shock at this attack on their HI.

The Ranger repairs at the Devils Maw as Pirate ships move out to combat the Cursed.

The Rickets attacks the Hades Realm, taking off one mast.

The French dock all of their treasure ships at once at one island, taking in over thirty resource tokens at once!
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Subject:    PostPosted: Wed Jul 13, 2016 3:18 am Reply with quote

Awesome pictures throughout, especially some of those eye-level shots and the wide ones towards the end. Some of those would look great on the FB page if you're so inclined; I'm pretty much the only one posting pictures over there as of now.

Similar to your EE game, there seems to be general fighting in lots of areas, with some factions appearing to lack a strategy. Though, when you get attacked, fight/flight is generally the strategy either way. Smile
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Subject:    PostPosted: Wed Jul 13, 2016 5:22 am Reply with quote

I might post to FB, maybe once I've caught up to current events with the BR's. Most of these pictures and events happened in the last days of June!

Both of my factions (English and Cursed) are engaged in lots of fighting, in fact they're the only two factions who have actively sought out combat. Very Happy I'm looking to get more BR's posted soon.
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Subject:    PostPosted: Wed Jul 13, 2016 5:59 am Reply with quote

The Cursed HI you can see the Dark Pact who was originally launched along with the Loa's Justice to haul resources from far flung islands. The Americans had a similar strategy as the Pirates, sailing a ship to the Cursed HI and ramming one of the ships with Davy Jones or Barst on them, and hopefully killing them in the board, or capturing them with Captain Nemo. Now that the Pirates have struck the Cursed are wary and have moved Barst to their HI while they search for a secure sip for him to command. This result in frustrated Americans, and enraged Cursed who vow vengeance for the slain Jones, and warn that the All Powerful is coming………

Smaller Pirate ships surround and swarm the Hades Realm who is now in real danger.

The Cursed launch some custom ships to deal with the recent invaders, and Barst has taken up residence on the Dark Pact.

Sea Devil+ Admiral of the Skelds + Skelds with a captain and helmsman
The Phantom+ Captain Shamshere+ Renfro with a helmsman

Sea Devil
Cursed 20 pts. Link: Davy Jones
Masts: 5
Cargo: 5
Cannon: 2L-2S-2S-2S-2L
Movement: L
Ability: if this ship has a captain crew she gets +L to her base move.

This is the Sea Devil’s debut, and the Cursed are hoping she will wreak havoc on their enemies.

The Hades Realm as strayed too far from the Cursed safe haven, and has been dismasted by Pirates.

As Pirates encroach on the Cursed HI, the Cursed encroach upon the Devil’s Maw, seeking to destroy it. The Crusher has docked there to repair her damage, as well as the out of view Ranger.
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Subject:    PostPosted: Wed Jul 13, 2016 6:24 am Reply with quote

The Cursed send the Rickets to the bottom, to say hello to Davy……

The Cursed use their subs to slow the Pirate advance, here the Locker has rammed a mast off one of their small sloops.

The Hades Realm is captured by the Glorious Treasure, who lost her turtle shells some time ago.

The Cursed use the Spilled Salt and captured Franklin to lay siege to the Devil’s maw, firing shot after shot at the fort.

They also cleverly use the Sickle to sink the turtle ship that claimed Davy Jones.

The Cursed crack down on ships coming to the metals island, claiming it as part of their fell Empire, using their Dragons, subs, and other fell beasts of the sea.

The Dutchman’s Fire Shot backfires!

The Cursed launch the Revenant from their HI, and task her with bringing back resources to use her gold bonus on.

A wide shot of the English position. Icebergs have taken another mast from the Shui-Xian, and La Charlemagne forced the English crew onto Ramsgate for a little vacation. You can see the vast piles of gold on their HI, the English are waiting for resources to change to go on a spending spree and launch better warships.
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Subject:    PostPosted: Wed Jul 13, 2016 6:46 am Reply with quote

The Hades Realm repairs….As a member of the Pirate fleet!

The Amity used her Ghost Ship ability to slip through Cursed lines, but the Locker catches up to her and tries to ram a mast off, but fails! The Amity is almost assured to reach safety now.

The Siege of the Devil’s Maw: the Crusher uses her Scorpion blade to eliminate one of the Franklin’s masts, while on the opposite side of the fort, the Spilled Salt duels with the Treasure.

The Crusher uses another action to drop her Scorpion blade again, taking the Franklin down to one mast!

An up close and personal look at the most terrible of all ships:

The Revenant looks to get in on the action, sailing around the far side of the Devil’s Maw and the Ranger.

The Mobilis used her cancelling ability to bring Tsuro to the surface, and take off his tail! Tsuro was quickly given a move action to escape the pesky sub.

Terrox is back! Finally done regenerating himself after the Pirates nearly killed him, the giant octopus moved out, ready to engulf enemy ships. But suddenly he was enveloped in fog, the giant beast was confused, until he realized that it was only rolling fog that had engulfed him.

The wounded United States makes for American waters after her escape from Cursed waters. The Enterprise comes out to escort her fleet mate in.
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Subject:    PostPosted: Thu Jul 14, 2016 8:03 am Reply with quote

Tsuro throws the Revenant onto a reef, where the Pirate gunship loses all but one mast!

Shal-Bala finishes off the Kin-tai-Fong, further hurting the Pirate resource system.

The English launch two ships:
Nova Scotia
HMS Pride + Lord Cutler Beckett + Carbon Charlie
Beckett will lend his fleet admiral ability as often as possible to give the English more than just Mycron. Though with The Kraken cancelling crew every so often, who knows how effective he will be?

The English also launched the HMS York a custom steamboat, which gives her +L to her base move, with the exception that Helmsmen cannot be assigned to her.

The Pirates and Americans ram the last mast off of the Franklin, and the Philadelphia maneuvers to re-capture the ship on the Americans next turn!

Not wanting to wait, the Americans use a double action to bring the Philadelphia and Franklin home!

The Bloody Sea and Divine Dragon team up to sink the Crusher, a piece of payback to the Pirates!

The Cursed purchase a trading port upgrade and load it onto the Fiddlers Green, the Cursed are excited by this development.

The gunners of the Devil’s Maw manned their cannons and managed to knock off a mast on the Divine Dragon!

The Treasure rams a mast off of the Sea Devil, and loses the board handily.

The Ranger succeeds at her Broadsides Attack, taking the Executioner down to only one mast!

Using a double action the Ranger moves on and succeeds at another Broadsides Attack, this time against the Spilled Salt!

Angelica Swooped in against the Sea Devil, taking out two masts!

The Headhunter observed this act of aggression, and signaled to his lieutenant, Igor. Igor graced the Guichuan with an extra action, her Gunner made her cannons very accurate, and in one savage action, Angelica was put down.

The Phantom tried to board the Realm as she repaired in the Pirate Trading Port, but she failed, losing her helmsman!

The Sister’s Rage re-takes the Orca near the Cursed HI, irritating the Cursed as she blocks shipping lanes for them.

At this point resources changed, and factions cashed in what stores of valuable resources they had, and then the die were rolled……

An incredible change! The six means that every resource is worth it’s opposite. Finished Goods are the number six resource and are now worth one gold, while lumber is the number one resource, and is now worth six gold! This benefits the Pirates and Cursed most since they have Lumber islands readily available, while the English suffer having only finished goods readily available, though they do have some gold saved up. The real worry is the duration, 11 rounds, one off of the max number of rounds for resource duration.

The Treasure takes off the Guinee’s back mast in a shoot action.

Continuing her unusual success, the Ranger hits the Bloody Sea with a Broadside Attack, taking out the middle masts.

Feeling bold, the Ranger tries her hand at an unprecedented fourth Broadsides Attack, and finally misses against the Divine Dragon!

The Sea Devil makes for the military port in the east, and is shot at by the passing Le Superbe, who has moved south on a voyage of unknown purpose.

Once again the Headhunter commands the Guichuan to avenge the wrongs set upon the Cursed, and sinks the Treasure!

The Cursed spend a good chunk of gold, I present the Scorpion Squadron!

Scorpion + Red Crew with a captain, helmsman and shipwright
Scythe + captain helmsman and shipwright
Pestilence with a captain and helmsman
Bloody Blade with a captain helmsman and shipwright

The Red Crew are a custom of mine, think Kian Ng

Not only did they launch the Scorpion squadron, they launched my custom Flying Dutchman with Davy Jones a captain and helmsman!

Flying Dutchman
18 pts. Cursed
Masts: 5
Cargo: 4
Move: S+S
Cannon: 2S-3S-3S-3S-2S
Ability: Living Ship, Battleship

The Cursed were not the only faction launching, the English spent a good chunk of gold themselves and launched two capital ships from their Trading Port:

HMS Endeavour +George Anson+ Admiral Morgan with a helmsman and oarsman
HMS Lord Algernon +Vice-Admiral Collingwood with a helmsman and oarsman

George Anson and the Vice Admiral are from a7xfanben’s Pirates age of sail fan set, available for viewing here.

Like the Cursed, the English weren’t done yet, they spent another 26 gold to launch the most expensive regularly available ship at their HI:
HMS Dreadnought

The English brought in Carbon Charlie with the Pride, and after giving her an extra cannon, moved to the HMS Belle of Exeter, giving her an additional three cannons (the Belle was then outfitted with a captain, helmsman, firepot spec. and oarsman). Now the English invite him to their heaviest warship in the game, and English command eagerly rubs their hands together in glee as Charlie sets about his work…….

The French surprise the Cursed by sailing La Corse into their territory, and are even more shocked and amazed when she brazenly attacks Shal-Bala, taking off first one segment, and then another, killing the great dragon, and electing cries of woe from Morgrul and others in the Cursed ranks.

As if killing their beloved dragon wasn’t enough of a declaration, Le Superbe sails broadside to the Divine Dragon and proceeds to take off her front two masts!

The Cursed continue to feel hurt as the ranger manages to dismast the Bloody Sea!

A shot of Cursed trading waters: things are a little jammed up, with Tsuro lurking below on the right, and the Loa’s Justice towing the derelict Executioner in the middle. In the distance, the Revenant has docked at the Lumber Island and loaded five of the valuable resource.

The Cursed incursion into pirate waters, the Guichuan commands attention on the left, where The Phantom comes to meet her and Jormungandr lurks off of the bow. The Guinee has begun towing the Bloody Sea, and the Spilled Salt occupies the attention of the Ranger, while on the far right, the Divine Dragon has almost destroyed the Devil’s Maw, but the French interruption will occupy her time for a little while.

The Cursed descend in a mad fury upon La Corse, Morgrul Swoops in to deliver the opening salvo, then the Scorpion comes over and tried to knock off the remaining two with an un-successful shoot and ram. The Scorpion was bailed out however by the Flying Dutchman who received an extra action from Davy, and used it to get within firing range of the Corse, hitting with half of her cannons to dismast the ship! In the background you can see the Scythe and Serpent’s Fang attacking the Tepant with limited success.

Noticing that the Spanish had a squad of ships heading their way, the English preemptively struck, succeeding with all of their die-rolling extra action crew! (Beckett, Morgan, Colingwood) Here the Endeavour has restarted the war with Spain by dismasting La Fuega a custom of mine who is to the Spanish what the Venture is to the Americans.

George Anson used his cancelling abilities to cancel the Acorazado’s built-in ability, leaving her vulnerable to attack from smaller ships, and the Ark Royal took advantage in a successful Broadsides Attack!

To further wound the Spanish flagship, the Algernon used her extra action to get within range, and fire her bow cannons, connecting twice to eliminate one more mast!

Stay tuned for more as the English and Spanish go to WAR!!
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