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Century of Economy
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Subject:    PostPosted: Fri Jul 15, 2016 5:35 am Reply with quote

The Divine Dragon takes a pounding from Le Superbe, but her crew is confident they can pull through.

The Spanish purchase a town upgrade and bring it to a Metals island, claiming it for their own!

The Ark Royal is dismasted as the Spanish scramble to save their ships. The Asesina and Santos Romanos both contributed to bring down the pest.

The York and Grand Temple had gone east to take some metals from the metals island before the Spanish claimed it, now they are both in danger as the Cristobal comes to escort the Santa Isabel.

The Acorazado and Buscador turn east and flee to Fortaleza Dorada, leaving an opening for the oncoming English.

The Americans have finally claimed a resource island, unloading a town upgrade on another Metals island!

Le Superbe used a double action to take another mast off of the Divine Dragon, and her crew are starting to get nervous. With no extra actions coming through, the Dragon is forced to repair one mast at a time, and is subject to ramming.

The Serpents Fang and Whydah sink the Tepant, who simply re-appears at the French HI in the north.

The Pirates strike back as the Black Pearl sinks the Spilled Salt!

The Mystic challenges the Guichuan, but doesn’t take off a mast!

The English added another weapon to their growing arsenal:
Grand Temple + Shap-'ng-Tsai + Kian Ng + Sensei Xu(facedown) with a captain.
Since the no duplicates rule has been rescinded for ships in this game, this is completely legal. Some confusion was clear though, since the English did have Tsai already in use on the Shui-Xian. It was ruled that since the two versions of him in play are both hired, and both from different sets, they could exist at the same time.

Tired of having ships moved around and off the edge of the map, the French bring in Jean Desailly on the L'Atalante.

Right away his presence is known, as he uses his power to thrown the Guichuan onto a reef!

La possession challenges the Dutchman, and manages to take off a mast!

The Possession used an extra action to shoot two more mast off, and ram off another one, yikes!

La Muerta Rapida takes off two of the Belle of Exeter’s regular masts, but all of her cannons are still ready to fire!

The Belle fearlessly takes on the much deadlier Asesina, and hits with her cannons and firepot, dooming the Spanish ironclad and enraging the already frustrated Spanish!

The York flees from Spanish waters, but is harassed by submarines who ram off her jib!

In a desperate attempt to stem the tide of the battle, the Spanish launched El Acorazado and crew her with a basic captain and helmsman. Here she wades into battle, trying to draw a bead on the English.

The Spanish also launch El Garante from Fortaleza Dorada, in the hopes that she will be able to help turn the tide as well.

The Americans play Becalmed against the Cursed, freezing the Whydah and half of the Scorpion Squadron!

The Americans also upgrade their town to a Trading Port!

The Eagan shoots at Calypsos, taking the giant squid down to just her head!

The French and Americans team up to expel the Cursed! Here the Enterprise has sailed in between the Guichuan and the Divine Dragon, but has failed her Broadsides Attack!

The Divine Dragon is hurting, and the Celestine places her last Trade Current, I don’t have any more SM islands!

The Cursed cleared away the Devil’s Maw! But this victory came with a heavy price, the Divine Dragon was sunk by the French and Americans, and the Bloody Sea was nearly sunk as well.

The Guichuan is derelict, and on a reef! However Igor McWarren is Eternal, so the ship will go back to the Cursed HI if anyone shoots at her.

The Cursed captured La Corse! Here she repairs at their military port.

The Cursed make waves with their end of turn launch, putting another ten master into the water:

37 pts. Cursed
Masts: 10
Movement: S+S
Ability:Junk, Fear, Seafloor Traveler

The English lay the hammer down on the Spanish, here the Grand Temple and Endeavor have sunk La Furia.

Here the English are engaged in up close and personal fighting, the Algernon has already lost masts to a ram, and the Goliath has engaged the San Cristobal.

The Black Pearl takes out two masts on the Rook’s Folly, annoying the Cursed. They and the Pirates are engaged in full-fledged war.
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Joined: 27 Jun 2011
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Subject:    PostPosted: Fri Jul 15, 2016 2:09 pm Reply with quote

Epic report. I'm happy to see the Americans and Pirates working together a bit to combat the Cursed menace. For a while there it looked like the Cursed had a chance to overrun the south, and then build themselves back up to full strength while the English and Spanish were fighting, giving them a chance to win the game in the long term. It looks like the attrition/parity of a huge CG has taken hold; good luck eliminating a faction! Smile Which faction would you say is closest to elimination right now, the Americans or perhaps the Spanish?

At this point I can say that I'm jealous of your 10 master collection heh. The Guichuan was cool enough to see (she should be captured, come on Americans/Pirates! XD), but then you introduce the Yaochuan, which I temporarily forgot about since she's a custom. One of these days I might have to pursue one of the ones I'm missing (Guichuan/Zeus/Celtic Fury).

Have there been major raids on the resource gatherers of any fleets? It seems like the gunships are mostly going after each other; a quick and direct raid on a fleet's resource system could hasten their potential elimination, though perhaps the close quarters and terrain is hampering that strategy a bit. As for the trade currents, couldn't you use some of the paper ones from last summer's CotE?
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Canceled user

Subject:    PostPosted: Sat Jul 16, 2016 12:26 am Reply with quote

Glad you're enjoying it!

No there have not exactly been raids on a resource fleet, although a Blockade was enacted, shutting down a Trading Port and freezing a ship docked there. Most of the resource fleets are small, comprised of one or two ships. The Pirates and French are the only factions with more than five runners, and both factions have HUGE caches of Medicines that they plan to turn in when Medicine is worth 6 gold. For that to happen however, the resource roll needs to come up as a four, which hasn't happened yet.

I do have some paper ones I made a long time ago now, but I don't know if I'm going to use them. My two brothers are not enamored of Trade Currents, and we only have navigators for the Cursed and Americans.

To any other readers out there with questions or reactions, feel free to post a reply and as always:
Stay tuned for more!
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Canceled user

Subject:    PostPosted: Mon Aug 22, 2016 9:07 pm Reply with quote

I'm afraid I have some rather bad news.

Firstly, the game has ended. No there has been no catastrophe, the game has simply ended.

Secondly, I do not have the time or energy to write the BR's for the rest of the game. A lot has piled up in the past two weeks as some of you may be aware and thus I may create a poll to ask if anyone wants to see one last BR with highlights (but little pictures) of what happened since the last report, which was over a month ago. Shocked

I hope that next year I will be able to keep on top of the reports, but I suspect I won't Rolling Eyes Laughing for several reasons, and reasons I don't know of yet, as there is a whole year before CoEC or some variant is played again. In the meantime, there is the World Game to attend to as well as a possible plain campaign game this winter featuring individual collections pitted against one another.
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Joined: 27 Jun 2011
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Subject:    PostPosted: Sat Oct 08, 2016 6:08 pm Reply with quote

My latest report for CG2 reminded me of this again. We still don't know what happened! Shocked
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Subject:    PostPosted: Fri Dec 16, 2016 10:14 pm Reply with quote

Been a while since I posted here. This will probably be the last report with pictures in it. I forgot I had this one already written up in my Word doc. Anyways, enjoy!

The Glorie succeeds at a Broadsides Attack against the Grand Temple, slowing down the English war plan and annoying them. English command begins to think about breaking the armistice established so long ago.

The nautilus comes to the surface to shoot at the York.

The Spanish manage to sink the Belle of Exeter, a thorn in their side for some time now.

For their efforts, the English bring down the hammer on the Spanish, the Endeavour and Nova Scotia inflict sever damage what’s left of the Spanish fleet.

The Algernon breaks through Spanish lines and makes for Fortaleza Dorada, the Goliath stays to hold the line, even with two masts standing.

Becalm is played against the Cursed, freezing the Scythe and Guinee, and annoying the Cursed in the process.

The Constitution sinks the Pestilence! The much anticipated Scorpion squadron has not delivered to the Cursed expectations.

The Americans continue to pound the Cursed, with the Enterprise brining the Revenant down to two masts.

The Phantom retreats in the face of formidable firepower of the Franklin and Lady’s Scorn.

The Intrepid takes two of Kalos’s claws, enraging the Cursed, who after all for animal rights.

The Whydah falls to one mast, caught between two rather angry Americans.

The Lamon rams a mast off of the Bloody Blade, opening the door to wound her further which the Cheyenne intends to do.

The Sickle and Scorpion teamed up against the Forge, but were only able to eliminate one mast.

The Phantom continues to retreat; the Pirates and Americans are both coming….

A wide shot of the Middle ocean, the Cursed still retain dominance, but their empire may be short lived, the Americans, Pirates, and French are all coming for them. The only factions they are not at war with are the English and next door neighbor the Spanish.

The Dover begins to tow the Fuega, enraging the Spanish.

The Temple repairs slowly at Ramsgate, Myngs apparently has decided to be lazy and has seldom graced the ship with his SAT.

The Shui-Xian takes Fortaleza Dorada down to one flag, leaving the fort vulnerable.

The English enact a Blockade! The Hound and Lord Walpole dock at the Spanish trading port in the north, and declare a blockade! This means that the production of resources at the island shuts down, and all enemy ships docked there cannot be given actions until the Blockade ends!

The English war effort is about to get a shot in the arm, the Dreadnought is done gaining extra cannons; she now has the firepower of a ten mast ship. The English dipped into a7’s age of sail once again to pull a very hand crew:
Sir Francis Drake
English 9pts.
Ability: Ransom, Hostile: Spain Captain, Helmsman, Marine This ship gets +1 to an non-Pirate and non-English ships.

The Spanish are hurting, here the Acorazado has been pinned… the Endeavour! The poor ship loses almost all of her masts in a single shoot! To make matters worse, the Grand Temple has come to lend a hand.

Jormungandr is wounded by a successful Broadsides Attack from the Pirate schooner.

The Lady’s Scorn manages to take another of The Phantom’s masts off, but the Cursed are not worried, the ship is Eternal.

The Sisters rage tries to injure the King Jones, but to no avail.

The Mystic and Rocher Noir derelict the Skin Flayer!

The Pearl fires at the Cursed Trading Port!

The Fool’s Hope tag teams with the Sister’s Rage to take on the King Jones, taking her down to two masts.

The Pirates take it a step further, using the Hope to ram a mast off as well! The Hope handily wins the board, killing off the King Jones’s crew!

La Charlemagne fires at Aguinvari-Gakhali, taking two flags off!

The Charlemagne used a double action to draw broadside to the Corse, and cancels her built in ability, making it much easier to shoot her, which is just what the Charlemagne does!

The Nautilus dis-masts the York!

The Cristal del Obispo attacks the Nova Scotia, but does little damage!

The Acorazado gets into the action, ramming into the Nova Scotia, but fails to eliminate a mast!

The Mobilis and Nautilus both try to harm the Shui-Xian, but no avail, until the Mobilis cancelled the Xian’s ability to carry English crew, which sent Hargreaves and all of the remaining SAC food overboard, for good.

The Minutemen attack the Bloody Blade, who repaired her mast last turn, but they do very poorly, only managing to knock off the back mast.

Lechim Namod is hit with a firepot! The Cursed groan as another of their precious monsters is set aflame.

The Revenant is derelict, while the Loa’s Justice and Dark Pact try to gather resources from the island.

Venturing to the west, the Enterprise derelicts the Bloody Blade, should she fall, the Scorpion squadron would be cut in half!

The Cursed continue to be hit, here the Intrepid has taken one of Kalos’s last claws, the giant crab is in serious trouble if help does not come.

Lechim Namod continues to burn, much to the dismay of the Cursed who care greatly about their monsters, and seek vengeance on those who attack them.

The Americans are the chief offenders of the Cursed animal rights, but they have managed to avoid terrible retribution due to their mostly superior gunships such as the Venture. Here she has taken the Sea Devil down to two masts.

The Guichuan repairs…… an AMERICAN!!! They cleverly used the Philadelphia to capture her, even though she had an oarsman! This gives the Americans a Treasure Ship that can dock at their HI, and some powerful crew, overall a HUGE moral and literal victory for the Americans and a crushing moral blow to the Cursed.
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Canceled user

Subject:    PostPosted: Fri Dec 16, 2016 11:57 pm Reply with quote

The Capture of the Guichuan marked the beginning of the end for the Cursed. They would remain a dominant faction in the middle sea for a little while longer, but attacks from the Pirates, Americans, and French all took their toll, and the Cursed simply could not keep up. They tried to stage a comeback by launching some of El Cazador’s Customs, as well as Ben’s Custom Dutchman when the ones they had in play both fell. This allowed them to capture the Charlemagne, an act the French never forgave. The Cursed withered and wilted under French attack, and became a minor presence, limited to the waters around their HI and the middle gold island; their Fort of Aguinvari-Gakhali was destroyed, as well as their remote Military and Trading ports.

The English effectively knocked the Spanish out of the game. While they didn’t eliminate all of their ships due to other reasons, the English attack on the Spanish ended their chances in the overall theater. Being sandwiched between two wars did not help as they were caught in the crossfire of the conflicts of the Cursed to the south and English to the north. They too tried to make a late game comeback, re-building Fortaleza Dorada on an island that was a former Cursed port in the barrier Sargasso Sea. Their efforts however were dashed when the Storm terrains were introduced for one round of rolls, and the massive Hurricane moved north and wiped out all but one Spanish ship.

After knocking out the Spanish, the English returned to their rival from the early game, France. The French had built up a large fleet, and had created a physical blockade with them on the map. This blockade line supposedly marked French territory, which encroached upon formerly English holdings such as fort Ramsgate as well as the port island they had fought over in the early part of the game. In an attempt to re-take that island and to put the French down, the English committed most of their war fleet to combating the French, and were able to enact a blockade of the now French port, which froze a goodly portion of fighting ships for the French. This served only to infuriate the French who eventually broke the blockade, and smashed most of the English fleet, which by now was weakened from finishing off the Spanish and from skirmishes elsewhere in the French theater. Most of the Custom pieces they launched from Ben’s age of sail set were either captured or sunk, and in the case of the Dreadnought, moved off the map by Jean Desailly. After the blockade was broken, the English lost ground rapidly. Both of their ports were destroyed, and Ramsgate fell under siege. The French pushed the English back up against their HI, cutting off their gold ships and effectively taking THEM out of the game. The French had some minor help with the Event, Rolling Fog, placing it on a fog bank close to the English HI, where it engulfed most of the English ships docked at home, including those under repair.

The Pirates had HUGE savings of Medicine, and cashed it all in on the next to last resource roll when Medicine was FINALLY worth 6 gold apiece. Despite their sudden riches, the Pirates did not go on gigantic spending sprees as most of their good ships were already in the water, and knowing the victory conditions decided to hoard their gold and continue on with the ships they had. Although skirmishes with the Americans broke out from time to time, the Pirates did not commit to that conflict in earnest, though they did commit to their conflict with the Cursed. It was mostly through Pirate muscle that the Cursed were beaten back from their excursion into the southern waters. The Siege of the Devil’s Maw would eventually prove telling, as it was in that siege that several of the Cursed capable fighters fell, including the Guichuan. From there the Pirates re-built the Devil’s Maw and established a sound system of gold and resource gathering, overall playing a very combat light game except for actions against the Cursed and occasional skirmishes with the Americans.

The Americans achieved a huge victory in their war with the Cursed when they captured the Guichuan. They repaired her and used her to ferry resources, although rather ineffectively. American gunships combined with French attack ships, ended the Cursed reign over the middle ocean, and were able to take back the island that Cursed stole from them. The Americans were the sole hunters of the Cured beastie’s with the Eagan using her sub-hunting abilities to shoot firepots at the submerged monsters. Success against the Cursed was overshadowed by failure against the Pirates. The Americans tried several times to kill The Kraken, which had been a growing thorn in their side ever since she was awakened by the Pirates early on. In fact it is The Kraken and her ability that held the Americans in check for most of the later game.

Finally the French, after the armistice with the English early on, the French were able to slowly build a successful gold fleet, augmented by a decent fighting outfit. Cursed aggression forced them to send ships south to fight against them, and to cement an alliance with the Pirates, an alliance that resulted in very little other than military help. Le Superbe was the ship of choice to venture south and lay havoc on the Cursed which she did wonderfully. The Cursed responded by capturing and holding onto La Corse for a time, and then using Ben’s Custom Flying Dutchman they managed to take the Charlemagne. The French declared war and broke their blockade, sending almost half of it at the Cursed. Simultaneous to that event, the English came back and resumed war, blockading the French Trading port, and freezing a significant number of well-equipped fighters. The resumed conflict was bitter and lasted until the end of the game. The French tried several times to break the English blockade of their port, and eventually succeeded. This was the turning point, as by then the Cursed had ceased to be a threat to the French who had expanded their territory to include almost all of the English and Spanish waters, and they kept their gains with an iron fist. French military prowess, and serious numbers advantage allowed them to force the English back and destroy their other port, effectively taking the English out of the game right at the end.

That’s the wrap-up of CoEC. If you haven’t guessed the winner yet, drumroll………..


The French were declared winner of CoEC 2016. They finished with more ships afloat than any other faction, and are now decreed the best faction until next summer! The French played a waiting game, after their initial conflict with the English, they laid low gathering gigantic amounts of resource gold and launching a ship or two every other turn. This led to them having the largest fleet, and when conflict resumed with the English, they Mega-Launched, breaking the Pirate Record from Ben’s Economy game, putting over 600 gold worth of pieces onto the Sea, including some very good ships.

Second place went to the Pirates who had the most gold by and far. Like the French, they played a waiting game, waiting until Medicine was highly valuable and cashing it all in for an enormous amount of gold.

The Americans finish third, with the next most ships after the French and discounting the pirates. They finished decently, with a capable fleet that may have given them a fighting edge if the game had lasted longer. As it was, their advancement was hampered by the Kraken of the Pirates and ineffective gold gathering. Also, the Americans never brought in resources in large numbers; they relied on gold replenishment's for the Gold islands, and did not manage to put together a decent resource fleet.

The Cursed and English tie for 4th place as I cannot recall now who between them had more gold and ships. Both factions made ambitious military goals, and would have succeeded if their gold systems could have kept up.

The Spanish finish last, quite unlike them. Like the Americans the Spanish did not really out together a resource oriented fleet, focusing instead on the few gold islands that were available to them. The war with England depleted Spanish coffers and forced them to try and rebuild in the vacuum the Cursed created when they fell out of the middle sea. However the introduction of Storms finished off the Spanish for good, destroying the Second Fortaleza Dorada, and taking the decked out SM Acorazado down as well. This left the Spanish with one viable ship which they sailed in dejected cruises to gather gold pieces, and everyone else ignored.

That concludes CoEC 2016. CoEC will return next summer (hopefully), the French will look to defend their title as best faction, the Americans will look to re-take it, and the lower place finishers will look to improve for next years game!
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Subject: The end at last   PostPosted: Sat Dec 17, 2016 6:05 am Reply with quote

Wow, great final report! Just wish it had come a bit earlier so the game was fresher in our minds. I LOVED that last report - the writing style and summary is much more interesting than lots of closeup pictures showing exactly which ship engaged which ship. In addition, I wouldn't mind seeing a few additional "zoomed out" pictures if you have any, including that French mega launch. (not doubting the numbers, but just to see what it looked like on your ocean since my Pirates needed 2 military ports and their home island just to fit everything)

A few things I noticed throughout:

the Cursed, who after all for animal rights.

Humans are animals too! Smile

the Mobilis cancelled the Xian’s ability to carry English crew, which sent Hargreaves and all of the remaining SAC food overboard, for good.

That seems like it would happen if a point reducer ability (like Robinson or Countess Diana Doone) was cancelled, but as long as the crew fit into the point limit of the ship, they can stay on there despite not being able to use their abilities on a Mercenary ship. (unless the Mobilis shut down the Shui Xian's ability which made Robinson's ability obsolete)

Also, it's morale not moral. Just a bit odd when interpreted the wrong way. Smile

Not surprised the Scorpion squadron wasn't much good. As with other "Pokeships" they're generally overpriced for their value.

Just be careful with my customs, I would check with your brothers to make sure they're OK with using them (although all 3 of you seem to like OP stuff haha).

I was a little disappointed with the Americans and Pirates (the Pirates haven't done well in your CG's it seems, whether you control them or not). I'm assuming the Pirates didn't have time to take out the French once they cashed in, since they settled for second in this one (or wouldn't have had enough firepower even with a mega launch). It seemed that most of the excitement and action was from the middle of the ocean (Cursed) and up (English vs. Spanish/French, and French vs. Cursed).

Well, I'm certainly happy the French won, especially since you and your brothers have underestimated them in the past. Between this game and your EE game, they've essentially won two CG's in a row! Very Happy Not such a bad faction huh? XD
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Canceled user

Subject:    PostPosted: Sat Dec 17, 2016 9:07 am Reply with quote

There was no point adjuster on the Xian. The Mobilis shut down her ability to allow British crew. I ruled that this would toss off all the non-merc fellows on-board as at that time I still was not aware you could place crew of one faction on another factions ship.

To give a perspective of how many pics I have for this game: The last report with pics covers action from July 7-8, and the game ended in mid AUGUST. That's almost a month of pictures. Some are on my computer and I may upload some of them, but there are a bunch still on my camera.

It's funny you mention the OP custom stuff, my one brother who played as the French and Pirates has said I should not ever be Cursed again, because of the Custom stuff. I replied that if I couldn't be Cursed, he couldn't be French. (He was France for the EE game as well) I'm not going to enforce that or anything, I think he was just frustrated is all.

I'm the only one of my brothers who bashes on the French. I still don't like them, even after their win here in CoEC. It'll be interesting to see what happens in the Winter Campaign, as that game will be collection to collection. My personal collection is very heavy on the Americans, Pirates and Cursed lol.
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Subject:    PostPosted: Sat Dec 17, 2016 4:00 pm Reply with quote

xerecs wrote:
It's funny you mention the OP custom stuff, my one brother who played as the French and Pirates has said I should not ever be Cursed again, because of the Custom stuff. I replied that if I couldn't be Cursed, he couldn't be French. (He was France for the EE game as well) I'm not going to enforce that or anything, I think he was just frustrated is all.

He has a point. The Cursed are normally by far the worst of the major factions. The quantity and quality of the customs beefs them up so much that they start to resemble a super-faction, which can look strange given their history of inadequacy with the standard sets that exist. That brings me to another reason I'm glad the French won: they used far less custom stuff (much of it OP or borderline OP) and were able to defeat the Cursed after taking them head-on (with Pirate help of course). It reminds me of the English in CG1 (nearly winning the game without a single trade current at any point, whereas all the other factions used navigators), and the English in CG2, which they've basically won despite going against two factions who are objectively superior at getting gold, which is the name of the game even in CG's. It really speaks to how great England and France are as factions, since they can sometimes be quite underestimated compared to the Pirates and Spanish.
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