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Century of Economy 2016---Reload

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Subject: Century of Economy 2016---Reload   PostPosted: Thu May 31, 2018 5:30 am Reply with quote

A year ago CoE began, today Century of Economy began. While I was unable to start on the 14th as planned, I was able to begin roughly around the same time CoE began which is what I had hoped for. Now on to the action!
The first rolls for resource values were made, with a 6 and 10 coming up. The six meant that all resources were worth their opposite values, with Lumber being worth 6 gold and Finished Goods being worth 1.

The Starting fleet of the Pirates,
Sea Nymph
White Rose
Here they are after their first turn. They have no crew at this point, which is not beneficial since they will be unable to re-roll for resources.

The Starting fleet for the Americans,
Frontier and a set of canoes (not pictured)+ Ralph David

The starting fleet for the Cursed,
Celestine+ Master Scribe

The Starting fleet of the Spanish,
La Joya Del Sol
La Santa Isabel+ Dominic Freda

The Starting fleet for the Enlgish,
HMS Hyena+ Explorer
Hound+ Explore+ oarsman

After one turn of action, the southern hemisphere

The Pirates have found Lumber,

And Medicine, both good resources to have, and both reasonably valuable right now

The French have already returned and gone back out for some more, ou can see the Metals pilied up on their HI.

The Dover moves out on the hunt for resources while the Spanish stop to look for some good old fashioned gold.

La Joya del Sol almost makes it back with a full hold.

Working together, the Cursed have found Lumber, a valuable resource right now. The fiends are pleased……

The English have found Finished Goods. While not very valuable at all right now, they could be later in the game. The Dover sails by the Hound, while the Hyena is off getting good old fashioned gold.

Speaking of which, the Hyena found Rum! stranding her for a turn.

Looking directly North, the HI’s of the Pirates and Americans are in the fore ground, while in the North the HI’s of the French, English, Cursed, and Spanish are all fairly close. This could lead to an explosive situation given time….

Showing mostly Spanish and English with the Center island in the foreground. The top sails of the Nightmare are visible.

The Pirates bring back some lumber and medicine, a good start

The Dover strays far from English waters in the hunt for uncontested islands, already becoming short in supply.

The Dover found Metals! The English are glad for this since they only have a finished goods island and an empty gold island to draw from.

In perhaps the first combat of the game, the Pirates and Americans race for an un touched island! The Pirates have no explorer, but are faster, while the Frontier has an explorer, she is just slower, and has worse cannons…..

The Pirates got there first! But alas they have no crew, and the Americans will dock and explore on their next turn, taking the best coins.

The Cursed quickly call for help, summoning the Cyclone and Sea Monkey to aid in the hunt for resources.

The Americans are attacked by the Pirates, who want to steal or kill the crew of the Frontier.

The Pirates take out a mast, and are poised to win the board and kill Ralph David, when suddenly the Americans give the Pirates Relics, saving David!

The English continue to gather their low value resources, hoping that when values change, their fortunes will improve.

The Celestine has been busy, finding a metals island just to the south of the Cursed HI, she is returning from there with some resources while the Cursed spread out.

The Spanish are the first to explore the center island, comprised of two SD islands I received as a gift some time ago. Though they are two islands, for the purpose of the game they are functioning as one. Further, the small sandy part is the only place where a ship (other than a hoist) can dock.

In response to the hostility of the Pirates the Americans launch the Franklin with a captain, helmsman, and oarsman.

The Spanish try for a UT swap, but the time is winding down for the current values, and the Santa Isabel has a full hold of valuable lumber.

After a day of action, looking northeast, the Spanish and Cursed are in the Foreground; their HI’s not far off. In the upper north, the English and French uneasily share waters.

The southern part of the sea, with the pirates and Americans in the west and east, respectively.

Looking directly north, almost the entire ocean is visible, with the Americans and Pirates in the foreground.

That concludes the action for the First day, stay tuned for the next report!


The Resources changed, with a five and 6 coming up, making metals and finished goods rather valuable. The English rejoiced, since they ad a finished goods island close to their HI.
The Spanish bolster their ranks by adding La Monarca. Here she docks at a gold island that is close to the cursed HI.

The Americans recover from their brush with the Pirates, but they have lost their chieftan, limiting what they can do with their canoes.

The greedy pirates converge on a lumber island, doing their best to soak up as many resources as possible.

The French move out looking for high value resources. They spy the finished goods island by the English, and prepare to make a visit.

The English are unaware of the French plans, and continue to go about their business of gathering resources. The Hyena and Dover are their main runners right now, with the Hound (in the background) supporting them.

The Pirates make for home, while the Americans eye them in the distance, debating if they want to engage them just yet.

The French descend on the Finished Goods island, much to the dismay of the English.

The Cursed bring in the Cyclone to help gather resources.

The Pirates go back out looking for more to fuel their empire……

The English head for home, and vow vengeance on the French for taking their resources.

A wider shot of the Cursed operation. They are excited, with some igh value resources near them.

The Pirates are saving. Look at that stack of gold.

The Americans launch the Lynx

The frontier approaches the lumber island te cursed have been going to. The Cursed voice their displeasure at the intrusion, but are willing to let it slide for now since lumber is not as valuable as Finished Goods or Metals.

The English launch the Victor and the Raven to protect their resource intrests.

The Spanish split up to look for more resources and gold.

The Americans continue to search for resources.

The Spanish get in on the hoist business and launch the Buscador.

The Cursed are the first faction buy an island upgrade!

They load it up and set out for the lumber island and in no time flat, upgrade the island, giving sole control of it to the cursed.

The Pirates build the Devils Maw on a gold island, infested with cannibals.

The Americans launch the Destiny, and the Minuteman.

La Monarca drains a gold island.

The Joya del Sol approaches the center island, looking pockets of gold.

The French find a lumber island, making lumber and metals the predominant resources of the game. Of the other resource islands, there are only two variants, the finished goods island near the English, and the Medicine Island near the pirates.

The French launch Le Bonaparte, but do not give her any crew.

The French have a significant stockpile of resources available to them, but they have not cashed any of them in.

The pirates go on a small spending spree, launching the Mermaid, Banshee’s Cry and Zephyr to aid their gold efforts.

The French are drawing from their metals island close to home, they are ammasing quite the stockpile.

At this point the resources changed again…..

Metals became the most valuable resource, with medicine and Lumber being close seconds,the value of Finished goods diminished exponentially, however. This would have been terrible for the English, but the cashed in their stores of finished goods right before the market changed, giving them a huge windfall. These current values will hold for rounds.

The French already had a vast store of Metals, and now eagerly seek more to add.

The Cursed call for more help, and launch the Rooks Folly, Demon Gate, Grim Reaper, Fiddler’s Green, Fallen Angel, and Pestilence to help gather the valuable metals.

The English also launch the London+Lawrence captain helmsman, Lady Provost, and Bollingbroke with captain helmsman.

The French test the English by sending the Bonaparte near one of their ships.

The Americans fire on the Pirates with both the Destiny and Minuteman, but they only succeed in taking out one mast on the Paradox.

The English sail their small battle fleet out to meet the French, who currently don’t have a single captained ship.

The Fernch launch the Bonaparte+ deleflote, and the Geograph.

The French and English converge on the metals island, both factions want it, and the English are thinking of taking it, especially after what the French did earlier in the game, taking their resources.

The Cursed converge on a nearby Metals island, many of the ships going there have 4 cargo spaces available, so when the Metals are cashed in, it will provide quite a windfall.

The Pirates retaliate against the Americans, taking a mast off the Destiny via ram.

The Spanish continue to gather gold, both the old fashioned way and grabbing resources when they can.

La Monarca drains an island. The Spanish have designs for this island, especially since it is so close to the cursed.

The Franklin makes for her troubled fleetmate.

Things tense up as the English and French fight over the Metals island. The Bonaparte has already tasted the wrath of the London, Lawrence cancelled her S immunity and took off two masts. The other fighting ships are on their way.

The English are reaping the benefits of the Metals island as metal tokens being to pile up.

The English form a physical blockade of the Metals Island, to try and cut off French access.

The Cursed and Spanish middle sea, relatively quiet

The English blockade, from the north looking south

The French try to break the blockade, but the English swoop in and ram a mast off of the offending ship.

The French cash in their saved up Metals, gaining more than 400 gold.

The Cursed cash in their saved up metals as well, as resource values are about to change.

The Spanish are wary of the Rooks Folly and send the Santa Isable with the formidable small gunship, Santos Romanos.

The Spanish end their turn by building Foraleza Dorada.

With their sudden riches, the French launch Le Superbe, La Corse+ amiral dupuy, and Le Courageux, each with a captain and helmsman.

Over the course of two turns, the English purchase two island upgrades, and claim the Metals Island as their own, deny the French easy access to the Metals. However knowing that Trading ports are relatively defenseless, the English keep up their presence, and pressure around the island.

To accentuate their existing forces, the English launch the Goliath, Cygnet and Guy Fawkes, each with a captain and helmsman.

At this point, resources changed again, with much anticipation, the die were rolled……

Wow what a change! The one signifies that all resources are worth their face value. Lumber is the number on resource, and so now has a value of one. This benefits the English greatly as they have a finished goods island right next to them!
However all other nations, except the Cursed suffer, since most of them had been depending on the continued high value of lumber to keep things going, especially the pirates.

The English continue their campaign against the French, firing into Le Superbe, declaring war, as they take two masts from the French warship.

The London and Cygnet look to swap crew, with Lawrence hoping to come aboard the Cygnet, giving her some tough defense to overcome. However things did not goa so smoothly for the usually coordinated English.

The Pirates look to overcome the recent change in resource values by bringing MASS QUANTITIES of low value resource in and hoping for a change later down the line. Here four of their ships have docked at a lumber island.

The Corse tires to stem the tide of the battle against the English, but winds up pinning herself, and only taking out one mast.

However, Deleflote gives the Corse a second chace and she does not disappoint, taking the final mast from the HMS Hyena.

The French seek to outflank the English, as more of their ships try to get into the battle area.

The English ram a mast off the Superbe, and then shoot another one off, using the Victor.

A wide shot of omost of the battle, as well as most of the northern theater, with the English approaching, the Goliath, Cygnet, Guy Fawkes, Wycliffe, and Wapole all make their way toward the new English trading port and the French.

The Superbe flees, and the Corse takes her place, taking a mast off of the Victor.

The Bonaparte tries to get in on the actin and rams into the Goliath, taking out a mast. She is not worried because of her S immunity.

The Courageux tries to lend a hand, but misses with her cannons.

The Corse fires again into the Victor, taking another mast, overall a decent strike by the French.

However the English counter was equally devastating, the Cygnet pulled up behind the Goliath, but still within S and cancelled the Bonaparte’s immunity, which allowed the Goliath, Guy Fawkes, and Wycliffe to shoot at her, and derelict her! A huge blow to the French cause.

To further complicate matters, the Victor used he built in shipwright, and Mycron to bring back her missing masts!


The Americans are the second faction to buy an island upgrade, and look to load it onto one of their surviving canoes.

The COurageaux flees from the guns of the Lord Wapole and Wycliffe.

The French realize they’ve underestimated the English, and so launch the Ville de paris with captain and helmsman, Mont Blanc, and Arrogant with captain and firepot specialist.

The Spanish also delve into the flotilla business, launching the Armada from their HI.

The Cygnet continues the campaign against the French, ramming into the Corse, cancelling her defensive ability, and managing to get all 4 shots in on the French warship!

However the French are able to gain a measure of revenge, taking out two masts on the Victor, again, and setting the Wycliffe alight.

With help from the goliath, the Wapole sinks the Courageuax! The first ships to be sunk in the game!

With some crafty maneuvering, the Wycliffe slips around the Arrogant, and tries to shoot her mast off, not knowing that the Arrogant has the same ability as the La Corse!

The Pirates go on a minor spending spree and launch several ships from their new traing port, which they built when no one was looking!
The new arrivals include the Kin Tai Fong and Song

The Pirates also purchased some HI expansions, you can see the massive stockpile of medicines they have.

The Santa Isabel takes the Armada with her on her way to the English Trading port in the North, the flotilla accompanies her to ward off any potential attacks.

Icebergs suddenly happer the Spanish fleet, as a super berg made of two iceberg pieces slams into three of their ships, and forces the Cazador del Pirata onto a reef, further adding to her injuries.

Icebergs are also a problem for the other two northern factions, the English and French. Here on of them menaces both fleets and generally gets in the way.

The Arrogant hits the Guy Fawkes with a firepot, the war between the Englsih and French heats up.

The Wycliffe is also hit with a firepot, and a French schooner rams her, but fails to take off a mast.

Another French schooner rams the Wycliffe, but also fails to take off a mast.

The Ville de Paris swoops in and saves the Corse, towing her.

Mountains of gold on the Cursed HI, they are planning something…..

A wide shot of the Enlgish/French action. The Ville de Paris has pulled broadside to the Cygent, the Guy Fawkes has taken the Arrogant out of the active battle by ramming her lone mast off. In addition to this, she and the Wycliffe have eliminated their fire masts. The Victor is still in it, her bow is visible in the lower left, she is in spitting distance of the Ville de Paris, and has been able to survive because of her built in shipwright.
In the background the Superbe is repairing, and the French HI is visible, showing just how close the English are to the French.

The Battle from the north, looking south:

Mont Blanc fires away, but only hits enough times to eliminate one mast.

The French tear into the Cygnet, ramming and shooting with wat few S range guns they have.

Still to come, the biggest launching of any of my games, eclipsing the English Mega launch from last year’s CoE!

The Cursed go on a Mega launch, spending 249 gold to launch all of the sea monsters we have!
Straw Man+ davy Jones
Nosso Lar+ Barst (custom crew, Mycron ability)
Serpents Fang+ Sargasso nightmare, captain helmsman
Shal Bala
Lechim Namod
Slarg Gubbit

Eleven Sea Monsters, plus two +L abilities, and some of their most powerful crew, all at onec, and The Cursed aren’t even finished; they simply ran out of room at their HI to launch anything else!

The Pirates look to get in on the sea creature action, and summon the Kraken!

Oblivious to the sudden arrival of the terrible beasties, the English and French continue to go at it, with the Goliath losing a mast to a ram.

The Ville de Paris pulls broadside to the Victor, and in a crusing moral blow, sinks her with the help of Deleflote!

The Victor weathers the storm of cannonballs….

But ultimately is no match for the larger French warship.

To further lower English moral, Mont Blanc takes another mast from the Goliath, putting the Englishmen at a disadvantage.

A wide shot reveals that the English are only at a temporary disadvantage, with another Trading Port about to be built on the Finished Goods Island, where the London has towed the captured Bonaparte.
The Spanish notice this as well, and alter course so as to not stray into active battlefields.

The Cursed HI, overrun with their various Monsters. More are coming, but first space needs to be cleared to launch them.
In the background, the Pirates have expanded the territory they patrol and control, keeping an eye on the now dangerous Cursed.

The Spanish feel brave, and build El Puerto Blanco on the same island as their single colony, right next to the Cursed HI. The Cursed are not pleased with this development, but are not yet in a position to do anything about it, despite their recent mega launch.

The Americans build Thompsons Island at the end of their turn, also on a colony island.

The Cursed deploy their new monsters, because of the two +L boosts, many of the monsters were able to jump out at L+L+L speeds, or more!
They too finished their turn by building a fort,
Situated on a reef just beyond the center island, the forts ability stipulates that if it is built on a reef, sea creatures may ‘dock’ there and repair (regrow?) segments, but they still must roll for the reef, and they can only regrow one segment at a time.

The English and French continue their bitter war. The Goliath and Walpole bring the Ville de Paris down to only one mast.

The Goliath then uses Mycron to move away from the battle, so as to repair the extensive damage she has taken.

The Bolingbroke loses a mast to a ram from a Frenchmen, while in the background a fully repaired Le Superbe makes her reappearance on the battlefield.

The Spanish are very wary of the new Cursed monsters, some of whom have move into Spanish waters.

The Spanish launch the Nautilus+Queen T Pavon and Mobilis with a helmsman from Fortaleza Dorada.

The Cursed continue their launch, putting Brachyura into action.

The French put the hurt on the English, bringing the Walpole and Bolingbroke down to one mast each. The Ville de Paris maneuvers to start heading for home, and to intercept the Bolingbroke, who is in a position to capture the Corse.

The Ville de Paris was able to get to the Corse and giver her an oarsman, allowing the Corse to flee into a nearby fog bank. The First Battle is beginning to wind down, with both sides retreating to lick wounds, and gather reinforcements.

The Superbe fires a full broadside into the Trading Port! In order to clear it off of the island, the French would need to hit the port more than five times. The Port however CAN repair itself, but may take no other action if it does.

Icebergs once again rear their heads as one smashes into the Guy Fawkes, eliminating a mast, and leaving her with only one standing.

The London makes a comeback as she helps the Goliath take the Superbe down to two masts.

Looking West to east in the North, the Corse is waiting out the storm in the fog, while the Bolingbroke teeters on the worlds edge trying to get back to repair. The Lord Walpole has docked at the Trading Port and repaired a mast with te help of Lord Mycron, while the stern of the Goliath is visible on the far bottom right.
In the Background, the Wycliffe is still dueling with the ship that rammed her a while ago, and the Ville de Paris makes for home, and the Guy Fawkes tries to escape.

The English end their turn by launching the Ark Royal, Concorde, and Clear Wind from their new Trading Port, where the Spanish have just traded some lumber for some metals.
In the background, the Guy Fawkes and Cygnet are coming in for repairs

A shot of most of the northern action, with the French-Eglish war dominating, the Spanish are barely visibe in the upper reaches of the frame.

The middle ocean, dominated by the Cursed and their monsters who have strung themselves out in a blockade to prevent travel between the northern and southern oceans.

That’s all for now, stay tuned for the next report!

The Cursed moved all of their Sea Monsters out in a good fashion, and sent Shal-Bala to guard their town on a lumber island. However they did not realize that the Pirates would be able to get the jump on them. The Empress+Sao Feng, with captain helmsman sneaks up and opens fire!

The English continue their war with the French, here the London and the Bolingbroke ram and shoot masts off of the Ville de Paris, bringing her down to only one mast.

Mont Blanc, nearly indestructible, fires at the English trading port, hitting 3 times. The Port only needs to be hit three more times to clear it off of the island and reset the value.

The Lord Walpole had docked at the Port to repair, but the French ram a mast off with a schooner.

Mont Blanc fires again, but only hits twice! Now one hit will clear away the Trading Port!

The French HI, with two new expansions. The French have some saved up gold, and are possibly planning a mass launch to fight the English.

The Cursed bring back regular gold from the middle island, which Tsuro and Leviathan are navigating around. The Spanish are unhappy that the Cursed are straying into their waters. But since the Cursed have not so far been aggressive toward the Spanish, they let it go for now….

Nonetheless, the Spanish launch LAguila with a captain and helmsman.

The Americans purchased an island upgrade a little while back, and loaded it onto a canoe. That canoe made a long trek to the island the Americans desired, a lumber island. However the Cursed have staked their claim to all of the middle ocean, including that island, and send their beasts to blockade it and turn the canoe away. Not fazed in the slightest, the natives continue on their journey and dock at the island, while monsters loom.

The Americans lend a hand to the Pirates, and blast another of Shal-Bala’s segments off! The water boiled and a voice rumbled from beneath the waves:

Shal-Bala fled to the safety of Aguinvari-Gakhali, where she could regenerate. But first she had to navigate the reef, which was not kind to her, grounding her.

The Serpents Fang pulls up to the canoe and fires twice with her one cannon in range, and misses twice!

The terrible Brachyura takes over the center island, waving his claws at whoever dares approach!

The Clear Wind rams the last mast off of le lache de calvados, but does not shoot.

The English go on a small spending spree launching more fighters in the war wit the French!
Richards with captain helmsman
Diamond with captain helmsman
Nautalis with captain helmsman
St. George with captain helmsman
Forge with captain helmsman

Most of the ships were launched from the English HI, but the Forge was launched from the besieged trading port while the St. George was launched from the other English trading port.

The English trading port on the finished goods island: the Cygnet, Guy Fawkes, Bonaparte and Goliath are all coming in for repairs, the St. George is going to move on their next turn, and the Dover and Hyena are gathering resources for the English.

The French try to ram masts off of the Wycliffe, and succeed, when suddenly English and French command realize that her mast CAN’T be rammed off!

Before we realized her masts couldn’t be rammed off. :embarrassed:

Same shot, but looking due south for a change, the rest of the ocean is visible.

(Also before we realized that her masts couldn’t be rammed off :embarrassed:

With a firey salvo, Mont Blanc clears away the Trading Port!

The English look on in dismay as their hard worked effort went up in flames! The English vowed revenge and sent a ship with an explorer (the Hound) to re-explore the island so that another port could potentially be built.

Meanwhile, the brave natives used their action and unloaded the island upgrade, giving the Americans a lumber island! This has infuriated the Cursed however, and they will act swiftly to deal with the Americans…….

The English flood into the area around their former trading port, dealing damage left and right. They make a brave attempt to rid thesleves of the ever growing pain that is Mont Blanc. The Ark Royal pulls broadside and her captain calls for a Broadsides Attack! Due to the nature of the various rules, a BA from a tree mas ship would eliminate the flag of a Flotilla which is what the English are hoping for, and with baited breath they watch as the Ark Royal tries………..
…and fails to hit with her Broadsides Attack!

The Corse squeezes in to reach her HI. Maneuvering is somewhat hampered by the still pinned Pettit Dauphin, who despite being pinned to a ship with rank two cannons is still somehow in one piece.

L’Auguste rams headlong into the London on the oceans edge, and somehow is able to get all three of her cannons in range. She fires with her front two, and misses with her firepot on the last one.

You can see most of the English battle fleet in the background

The pirates launch the Scepter from their HI. That now makes three pirate one master with L+L base move in the game. Furthermore the Pirates have hit upon a fun combo that would be devastating in a smaller game:
Banshee’s Cry+ Gentleman Jocard
That combo gives them five cargo spaces moving at L+L, utterly ridiculous.

Back in the North, the English and French have traded salvos, and now the Auguste hits with her firepot specialist, giving the London a fire mast!

The Forge drew a bead on Mont Blanc, but failed to it enough times to eliminate the flag. In return she has been assaulted by the French.

The Spanish launch two formidable gunships from their HI:
Asesino de la nave with captain helmsman
La Asesina with captain helmsman

The Assesina is a custom of mine, one of the few non-Cursed ones, a Spanish Ironclad! Her stats are below:
La Asesina
12 pts. Spanish
Masts: 3
Cargo: 3
Movemant: L
Cannons: 3S-3L-3S
Ability: Ironclad When this ship hits another ship, eliminate one cargo from that ship.
Ironclad- Masts on this ship can only be eliminated if a 5 or 6 is rolled on a shoot action, cannon bonuses do apply to shots against ironclads.

A wide shot of the northern action, dominated as usual by the French-English conflict. The Guy Fawkes as finished repairing, and so has Le Bonaparte who now boasts a crew compliment. The Goliath and Cygnet are still repairing, while on the bottom the Bolignbroke comes back home for repairs. In the upper middle of the frame, most of the active English battle fleet can be seen. The London, Diamond, and Clear wind are all engaging the Auguste, but have not been able to put a significant dent in her. The Ark Royal is slowly losing to the Mont Blanc, which is firing on anything in range with near invincibility. The English objective now more than ever is to sink that Flotilla.

The Middle and Southern seas, the Cursed dominate the middle, with their blockade of Sea monsters. Shal-Bala has repaired and once again guards the Cursed town on the Lumber island. Terrox and the kraken eye each other, and the question is asked:
Can a kraken surround another kraken?
The Cursed are clustered around the Metals Island in the west, drawing large amounts of valuable Metal. Brachyuran still guards the center island though he may soon move north, since the Americans seem determined to build a trading port on the island in the far east, you can already see American reinforcements on the way in the form of the Eagan, who will be able to shoot at the submerged sea monsters.
Further south, the Pirates and Americans gather gold for their various empires. The Pirates have a HUGE cache of mostly worthless Medicine, while the Americans are struggling with mostly gold islands near them. Both factions have built forts and colonies, but have not upgraded them.

The Americans launch the Philadelphia, who loads a port upgrade bound for the Lumber Island to the Americans north. (The island the canoe upgraded)

The War with the French and English, the first main battle is winding down, even though the Englis appear to have the upper hand, no one can decisively claim victory.
Here the Bonaparte slides in between ships and fires a full salvo at Mont Blanc, but misses every single shot. Not since the London’s famed four 1’s in a row from the Economy game has a ship shot this badly.

Disaster for the English! The Wycliffe had been dueling the Pettit Dauphin, and was slowly loosing. She decided to run for it and ducked into the nearest fog bank where she thought she would be safe. She was not. An iceberg appeared from the cold fog and hit her, taking her last mast, leaving her derelict and without an oarsman! Now the Wycliffe is forever stuck in the fog, unable to escape.

The Wycliffe, stuck forever. (Unless I’ve played it wrong that is)

The Cursed were not happy with the Americans. First they had shot at their precious dragon, then they had the gall to claim an island in Cursed territory, the Port upgrade was the last straw. Killing the canoe was easy, and then the Fiddler’s Green tried to take the town in a board. Even with re-roll she failed. Then the Grim reaper tried, and succeeded, giving the Cursed another town. The Fiends rubbed their decaying hands with glee, and made preparations to upgrade and guard their new island.

The Ark Royal finally succeeded with her Broadsides Attack, taking out the lone mast on Le Pique.

The resources were set to change and fations cashed in their valuable resources and eagerly looked on as the rolls were made……..

The five signifies that Lumber and Finished goods would be valuable, while the Metals market crashed hard. The Cursed were even happier with this since they had Lumber available, and they had just cashed in a huge amount of Metals.

The French spend a good chunk of their savings launching several ships from their HI:
Tepant with captain helmsman oarsman and gunner
L’hercule with captain helmsman and oarsman
La Possession with captain helmsman and gunner
Le Solei Royal+ philipe amique with captian helmsman firepot spec and musketeer
Grand Vainquier with captain helmsman and musketeer
Gunner’s are a custom crew of mine:
5 pts.
Once per turn before you give this ship an action roll a d6. On a 1-4 that ships cannons have l range for that turn. On a 5 or 6 that ships cannons are rank 2 for that turn.

Mont Blanc fires on the St. George, taking out the rear mast.

The Eagan shoots a segment off of Calypsos, the Americans are enraged that the Cursed stole their island from them, and are re-routing all available firepower to deal with them and take back the island.

The kraken’s ability had so far been a non-factor, with the pirates so engaged elsewhere they had been forgetting to roll for it. Then they did, and shut down all crew aiblities for a round. In response to this, the Americans launched the Stephens with a helmsman, and the Ghost Walker with a helmsman so as to be able to have a captained ship even if crew were disabled.

NOTE: After asking in the rules thread I found that I had been playing the krakens wrong, this action took place before I asked which is why all crew for all factions were disabled until the pirates next turn. We are now playing them correctly.

With combined firepower, the English sink the Auguste!

Another shoot action later and the English sink Le Pique!

The Guy Fawkes begins to tow the Raven, who has been derelict for most of the battle. She was launched with the Victor and has somehow managed to last longer than her sister ship, who was in it for quite a while. English command is puzzled at how the ship has survived in the hostile environment without being sunk.

The Auguste was able to hit one last time against the London giving her two fire masts. The crew valiantly put out two of the fires, but the third one spread, dooming the ship. The Hyena has started towing her but will she make it to the recently built Ramsgate to extinguish the flames?

The Cursed launch several fighting ships from their HI:
Last Hope with captain helmsman
Whyda with captain and helmsman
Spillled Salt with captain and helmsman
Divine Dragon with captain and helmsman
Executioner with captain and helmsman

The Cursed also bought a military port upgrade, visible on their HI.

The Ark Royal is finally made derelict before the guns of Mont Blanc

The Corse is mostly repaired, but still moves out anyway to try and reassert French control of the area. Here she shoots at the Clear Wind, taking out a mast.

With an EA from Dupuy, she s able to dismast the English junk!

After repairing, the pettit Dauphin rams headlong into the Bonaparte, taking out a mast. The crews ready a board, but te rolls come up a tie, as if the boarding parties took one look at each other and decided “nah not today” and went back to their ships.

The Grand Vainquier rams the Bonaparte as well, but does not take out a mast, and decides not to board, a sentiment shared by the Bonaparte’s crew.

The Superbe shoots through the Raven and takes out two of the Guy Fawkes’s masts, crippling the English ship.

The Franklin approaches the now Cursed town, with intent to kill as many Cursed as possible.

The Eagan makes way for the Philadelphia, who is carrying the port upgrade intended for the now Cursed island. The Americans are confident they can recapture the island and still upgrade it to a port.

The Stephens and Ghost walker move out, now conflicted between their mission to kill the kraken, or to assist in the effort to re-take the lumber island.

The Cursed vent their wrath on the Americans, beginning with a swoop attack from Shal-Bala on the Franklin. They follow up with a shoot action from Brachyura that leaves the Franklin derelict. Finally, the Rook’s Folly unloads her military port upgrade, making the island a Cursed stronghold, and raising the ire of the Americans.

The English prey upon the surviving French runners who are making trips to a lumber island. The Nautilus and Richards succeed in taking two masts from the Geopgraphe.

The English are able to save the London!

That’s not all they did, the English finish their turn by launching the Titan+ Lord Thomas Gunn with helmsman oarsman and firepot spec.

La Possession draws a bead on the Richards and fires, taking out one mast.

L’Hercule slides up to the Goliath and lets loose with her cannons, taking out a mast as well.

The Corse fires once again on the Clear wind, and hits twice sending her to the bottom! (derelict ships need to be hit twice to sink them)

The French finish strong, with the Superbe successfully hitting the Bolingbroke taking out two of her masts.

The Lamon surfaces and shoots a mast off of the Grim reaper, the Franklin is derelict, and te Cursed eye her, knowing se does not have an oarsman.

The great beasts of the sea come to the surface and between the rather accurate ‘cannons’ of Calypsos and Leviathan, the Eaagan is rendered derelict!

The English exact revenge on the French as the Nautilus and Richards combine for two successful shoots and a ram, to take out three masts on La Possession.

Similarly, the Goliath has a successful shoot against L’hercule, bringing her down to two masts.

The Pirates launch three ships from the Devil’s Maw:
Deliverance+ Crimson Angel with captain helmsman
Black Pearl+ Cursed captain barbossa+ Cursed crew 1+ cursed crew 2+ calico Cat+ Cotton
Executioner+ the patch with captain

Mont Blanc fires on the Ark Royal, and misses all of her shots. Deleflote give the okay for a second shoot, and the Ark Royal is sent home!

The Hercule fires all of her cannons again and does sever damage to the Goliath

The stack of medicine the Pirates have. If you recall, the Spanish had a stack of food that was taller than a ten mast ship in winter’s Economy game. The Pirates have done it again and here with medicine. Woe betide all when Medicine is valuable and the Pirates cash in all of that.

Icebergs hit the Americans, frustrating them as the Stephens and Ghost Walker now ave to spend a turn or two repairing.

The Lamon dives back beneath the waves after losing a hull segment to the Divine Dragon.

The Cursed beasts suffer as a result of coming to the surface. The Americans recently launched the USS Venture with captain helmsman firepot spec, and oarsman.
US Venture
15 pts. American
Masts: 4
Cargo: 3
Movement: L
Cannons: 2S-2S-2S-2S
Ability:Battleship Schooner
Battleship- this ship has two shots per mast and has Extended Range.

The Venture has already just about killed Calypsos, even hitting her with a firepot! (Can sea monsters be hit with firepots?!)
The Hepheastus has also come to the surface to add any necessary firepower.

That’s all for now, stay tuned for the next report!


The Fallen Angel captures the Franklin, much to the dismay of the Americans. Then using a double provided by Barst, the Angel brings the Franklin to the Military Port where she can begin repairing, as a Cursed ship. The Americans are FURIOUS over this development and begin making plans to exterminate the Cursed.

The northern sea, dominated as usual by the French-English war, but that may soon change. The French have expressed a desire to not fight, and the English are thinking about it.
You can see the pile of Metals left by the Spanish at the Finished Goods Port.

The pirates had some gold saved up and spent a good chunk of it to launch the Baochuan and Zheng He from their one trading port.

The Lamon rams the Fallen Angel’s mast off, but she can repair it on her next turn.

The Destiny and minuteman get in range of the Cursed, and open fire, but do no damage to the large Cursed vessel.

The Cursed use the L-Move ability of Tsuro to draw the Destiny in close, and then the Wyhdah tears into her with her guns, dismasting the annoying American.

The Cursed notice the Americans and pirates are both moving toward their position, and so the Cursed launch their Flagship:
Flying Dutchman+ Sammy the Skull with helmsman, Double Shot, and Fire shot

The northern sea, the Spanish have come back to the English Port, the English call a general armistice to the war with France.

The Ghost Walker and Black Pearl cross paths, but nothing seems to come of it.

The Minuteman takes a mast off of the Whydah.

The Cursed throw the pearl onto a reef where she rolls a one, eliminating three masts!

The Deliverance and Executioner are making their way toward Cursed waters, braving the blockade of Sea Creatures. Slag Gubbit causes the crew of the Deliverance to quake with Fear.

The Hades Realm and Guinee, both with captains and helmsmen, join the ranks of the Cursed as they prepare for war.

The French take advantage of the armistice and seize control of the new lumber island. Despite their apparent victory, the French are not pleased with their island, since lumber is not very valuable, and the French already have a lumber island.

The French go on a minor spending spree, launching several ships but no crew.
Le Lyon
La Vengeance
East Wind

The Ghost Wallker winds up on a reef, and loses two masts, bringing her down to only one mast.

Terrox surrounds the Minutman, and loses two segments to the Flotilla.

The Last Hope is rammed and shot by both the Enterprise and Venture, the combined salvo takes the Hope down to only one mast.

The Spilled Salt has a mast rammed off by a hostile sub, but since she is docked at te Military Port, she will be able to repair on her next turn.

The Cursed throw the pearl back onto a reef, but no significant damage is done.

Calim surfaces and attacks the Philadelphia ripping off first one, then both masts!

Using a double action, Calim then attacks the Deliverance! Both the Ram and board fail though, leaving the Squid exposed to the deadly guns of the Deliverance and the nearby Devil’s Maw!

Jormungandr tries to help out, but also fails his ram and board attempt! However now the Deliverance has a choice: Fire at Calim, or at Jormungandr?

Terrox needed two shoots to destroy the minuteman, but destroy it he did, robbing the Americans of their flotilla.

That’s all for this report, stay tuned for more!

The Resources changed, with metals being the most valuable resource on the seas!

This benefits the Cursed the most, since they are the only ones with easy access to a metals island. But these values will only last for seven turns, which may not be enough time to gather a significant amount of metals.

The Deliverance rolled for her SAT and focused her firepower on Jurmungandr, cutting him in half, and reducing him to just a head!

The gunners of the Devil’s maw answered the signal flares of the Deliverance, and aimed their cannons at the great beastie! Despite their tries, they were only able to shoot of one segment of the great CALIM!

The Executioner tried to ‘execute’ Jormungandr, but it was not to be, her final shot missed sparing the great serpent.

The Americans are extremely frustrated as the Ghost Walker loses her final mast to an iceberg, which means another ship must allocated to bring her in for repairs. Adding to their frustrations are te falling of the dice. For every one of their turns for the past four, The Kraken has cancelled their crew, leaving most of their ships unable to fight. This has greatly impacted their effort against the Cursed and was the reasoning behind the launch of the Stephens.

An overall shot of the middle and northern oceans. The Cursed and English have rapidly expanded, while the French and English have not. You can see the almost overwhelming numbers advantage the Cursed seem to enjoy, but keep in mind most of their umbers are made of Sea Monsters, who cannot move and shoot on their own.

The Americans launch the Constitution+ Nemo with Helmsman Firepot from their Thompsons island.

The Serpents fang had wound up I some fog, and the Americans play Rolling Fog on that fog bank.

With a ram the Last Hope is dismasted, but the Cursed are not all that upset, they have more coming.

The Lamon rams another mast off of the Whydah, serving only to irritate the Cursed.

The Venture rams into the Grim Reaper, but fails to take out a mast, and the loses the Board as well. To complicate matters, the Reaper then goes three for three, taking out one mast on the American Battleship.

Fully repaired, the Cursed loose the Franklin on her former masters, taking the last mast from the Enterprise.

The Cursed finally purchased a colonizer, and have tasked two ships to give rise to a Cursed colony on the center island.

The English launch a small squad from their trading port:
Bombardier with captain, fire pot spec. and fire shot
Tower- towed by Bombardier
HMS Regeant+ Lt. hardwickle and captain.

That’s all for this report, I probably won’t be able to play again until the weekend, and I might not have a report up until Monday if anything goes down. Until then, stay tuned!


Terrox surrounds the Executioner, spelling doom for the small pirate ship.

The Pirates begin to tow the Ghost Walker; they are planning on leaving it close to American waters. The Pirates are not interested in fighting the Americans right now; their attention is focused on their gold effort, and possibly the Cursed.

The Santos Romanos uses Diaz to cancel Tsuro to the Surface, where she shoots off one of his segments!

The Venture eliminates two masts from the Grim Reaper, taking the smaller cursed ship down to one mast left!

The Hephaestus comes to the surface and shoots a mast off of the captured Franklin. The Lamon lends a hand as well, ramming a mast off from her submerged vantage point.

The Americans continue to try to hurt the Cursed, the Swamp Fox comes within Broadsides Attack range and Fires! But misses.

The Frontier decides to risk a Sea monster attack, as she takes metals from an island surrounded by the Cursed Monsters.

The Constitution moves out, but has left most of her crew behind at Thompsons Island.

The Americans launch the New Orleans, since the Philadelphia has been dismasted by the Cursed.

The Americans also launch the United States from Thompsons Island, where she picks up some of the crew left there by the Constitution, namely Captain Nemo.

This one’s a tad blurry, sorry about that, but the kraken moves in aggressively on the Cursed sea monster blockade.

Terrox has dismasted the Executioner, further dooming the small ship.

The English spend a good chunk of gold and launch the Shui-Xian+ Shap Tsai+ Hargreaves with helmsman, Gunner, explorer x2, and oarsman x3 from Ramsgate.

The Pirates launch the original Harbinger+ Christian Fiore, with captain helmsman from the Devil’s Maw.

The northern ocean, just north of the Cursed position. The English and French have called a temporary Armistice, and the English fleet is turning south toward the perceived weak Spanish

With loud war cry, the English descend on the Spanish, catching them flat-footed! Then English concentrate their efforts on Fortaleza Dorada, attacking the fort with ships that only have S range cannons.

The Armada tries to stem the flow of the oncoming English, and takes a mast from the Nautilus.

The Forge pays the price of angering the Spanish; the Asesina strips her of all her cargo and takes out one mast.

The Spanish continue to counter attack, bringing the Nautilus to the surface and shooting at the English Nautilus, but she misses, doing no harm to the English schooner.

The Cygnet is attacked by the Asesina de la Nave, but Lawrence cancels her captain, protecting him and the Cygnet’s captain from elimination. Frustrated, the de la Nave rams the Cygent, taking off her back mast.

The situation around Fortaleza Dorada, the Fort has lost some flags, and the Buscador has been reduced to one mast by the strong English presence.

The Concorde is set upon by the Santos Romanos and La Monarca, who take the ship down to one mast after a semi-successful shoot action and a successful ram.

The Spanish hurridly spend a good hunk of gold and launch two ships:
Acorazado+ Luys de Alva+ Rafel Moreana+ Joaqin Vega with captain helmsman oarsman.
Catedral del mar + Almirante Sebastian De Alva with captain helmsman oarsman, and fire pot spec.
Sebastian is a custom of mine:

Almirante Sebastian de Alva
7pts. Spanish
Ability: HELMSMAN, Mycron

The Spanish weren’t done, they continued to launch, putting forth three ships in addition to the two launched at their HI.
San Cristobal+ Castro with captain helmsman oarsman and firepot spec.
Forward+ Osvaldo with helmsman oarsman and exploding shot
Santa Columba+ Don Guillen+ Vasquez with grape shot, chain shot

The Americans are still trying, and failing, to re-establish a port in the middle ocean, and recover the Franklin. Here the Lamon and Hephaestus hang around the Cursed military port, waiting for some support.

That support is a long way coming, as the Constitution takes the Ghost Walker from where she was left by the Pirates.

The rolling fog takes in the Rooks’s Folly, and creeps onto El Puerto Blanco.

Pirate forces at the Devil’s Maw. The Harbinger is waiting for the Deliverance to arrive, so they can go Cursed hunting.

Maxehebel moves to cut off access to the American HI.

The Cursed launch their two subs:
Locker+ Madam Maria with helmsman
Pyre+ Papa Doc with helmsman

The Pyre is carrying the RSS versoin of Doc, who is a canceller and +1 to boards crew. Madam Maria is a custom canceller of mine:

Madam Maria
6 pts. Cursed
Ability: Cancelling.

The English sneak the Lady Provost in for an HI raid, which infuriates the Spanish, and puts a cross mark on the Lady Provost.

In an unprecedented move, the Kraken surrounds Gog-Clocth!

(Can krakens surround sea monsters?!)

The Bolingbroke and the Cygnet fire away at the de la Nave, but hit mostly air, only succeeding at the ram. To make matters worse, the Mobilis has decided to drop by, negating the effects of Lawrence!

La Asesina once again rakes the Forge, who has maneuvered to cut off her access to the main battle area.

Lawrence Cancels the captain on L’Aguila, but this will leave the Cygnet open to attacks from the De la Nave……

The Cristobal tows the Concorde to get her out of the way.

The De la Nave was able to bring two cannons to bear on the Cygnet, and hit twice, eliminating all of the Cygnet’s crew, including Lawrence!

The Spanish rapidly burn through their little savings and launch two more ships at their HI.
La Furia with captain, helmsman and firepot spec.
El Paso

The Spanish also launch their one Steamboat, La Muerta Rapida from El Puerto Blanco
Steamboat- this ship get’s +L to her base move, helmsmen may NOT be assigned to this ship.

La Muerta Rapida
20 pts. Spanish
Masts: 4
Cargo: 4
Movement: S+S
Cannon: 2L-2S-2S-2L
Ability: STEAMBOAT, this ship’s crew may not be eliminated unless she sinks.

The Venture is tangled in a Sargasso Sea, after dismasting the Grim Reaper.

Terrox sinks the Executioner, while the harbinger is within striking distance.

The Kraken and Gog duke it out, each firing their ‘cannons’ at the other.

The Cursed spend some of their saved up gold and go on a small spending spree, launching the Switchblade Squadron:
Sickle+ Deveraux with captain helmsman
Skin Flayer+ White Crew with captain helmsman, firepot spec and oarsman
Bloody Sea+ Cavendish+ Murat Rais with captain.

They also launched two more sea creatures,
The stats for Morgrul, Kalos, and the Bloody Sea can be found in te organized version of Custom Ships.

The English surround and set aflame the Cazador del Pirata, dooming the Spaniard. The English have pushed right up to the Spanish HI, the Richards is almost docked there, and the Tower has been dropped off to lay covering fire on any non-Enlgish ship.

Three of Fortaleza’s flags have fallen, with continuous salvos from three different ships.

The Titan comes to the aid of the Cygnet, hitting with most of her cannons, and setting L’Aguila alight.

The Bonaparte escorts the Lady Provost home, wary of any Spanish followers.

The Shui-Xian passes the English trading port, on her way to the battle with the Spanish.

Gog-Clocth is losing his battle with the Kraken, but is determined to hurt the giant as much as possible.

The Harbinger cancels the Octopus keyword of Terrox, and starts to eliminate segments!

The Deliverance comes to lend a hand, with her crew compliment and ability, she has rank 1 shots against the Cursed, making it almost impossible for her to miss. Together with the Harbinger, she takes Terrox down to two segments remaining.

The French purchased an ialsnd upgrade, and now finally use it to claim a Lumber island in the north east!

The Aguila returns fire on the Titan, taking off her back mast.

The Forge continues to suffer at the hands of the Asesina, who takes her down to one msat.

The Nautalus rams into the St. George in an attempt to save Forataleza Dorada.

The Ark Royal tries her hand at Broadsides Attacking a flotilla again, and misses again. In return she is shot by the Armada and given a fire mast by La Furia

The Spanish begin to push the English back, as La Furia lands a firepot on the London. However English reinforcements are on their way in the form of the Goliath, and Shui-Xian, visible in the background.

The Acorazado succeeds at her EA roll and brings the Titan down to one mast in short order.

The Forward is able to hit with her Broadsides Attack, sinking the Regent.

The Cristoabl also got her EA and is able to pull Broadside to the Lady Provost! However this puts her into the reaches of the Bombardier, who has a complement of Fire at her disposal, even though her Flame cannon has jammed.

The Santo Columba tries to get in on the action, and almost draws a bead on the Titan, who is hurting badly.

La Muerta Rapida however, has no trouble getting in on the action, but her cannons miss!

The Swamp Fox and Hephaestus surround the Guinee, and take one mast off of the Cursed canceling ship.

With her double cannons, the Venture is able to sink the Grim Reaper!

The Cursed try to force the Americans away from their military port, and meet with some success, but the subs are giving them headaches, here the Hephaestus has shot off one of the Dutchman’s masts.

The Cursed Strike! They had been sharing a metals island with the pirates for a while now, but had not paid it much thought, until the Baochuan lumbered over, and loaded up 11 metals tokens! Not willing to let this go on, the Cursed dispatched their new Switchblade squad to take care of it. The Skin Flayer got things started, hitting with most of her cannons, and Firepot specialist. Then the Bloody Sea came over, and succeeded at her EA roll, and pounded the Baochuan with 8 shots, hitting with most of them. Then Barst gave the Skin Flayer another shoot action, which took off another mast, and then the Flayer carved up the giant ship, eliminating another mast!

The Cursed also mobilized other forces to deal with the Pirate threat, here the Divine Dragon, Morgrul, and Shal-Bala have all moved into position to strike.

The Cristobal hit the Lady Provost with a firepot, and in turn, was set upon by most of the English fleet in the vicinity, and rewarded with a fire mast of her own from the Bombardier.

El Paso is dismasted by the multitude of English ships; her odds of getting home are almost non-existent, since she has no crew.

The Nautilus repairs at the English trading port, while the Hound moves out, a cargo of metals in her hold.

Gog-Clocth has lost his fight with the Kraken, with only his head left; he cannot damage the great beast any longer.

The Executioner tries to dent the Harbinger but fails; the Harbinger then opens fire, taking out two of the ships masts.

The Divine Dragon also tried to hit the pirates and tried to land a hit on the Deliverance, but missed most of her shots. In return, the Deliveracne tried to take masts, but rolled several ones, and only eliminated one mast!

However the Deliverance was just getting started, she had rolled successfully for Crimson Angel, and circling the Dragon, she blasted off two more masts!

The Baochuan fires her cannons at the Bloody Sea, but only takes out one mast.

The Harbinger knocked another mast off of the Executioner, taking her down to one mast.

The Pirates end their turn by launching two ships from the Devil’s Maw:
Raninoidea+ Count gustov with captain
Fools Hope+ Blackheart+ Ghost Crew+ Hammersmith and an oarsman

They also launched three turtle ships ech with a captain and helmsman from their trading port:
Glorious Treasure
Floating Stone
Proud Tortoise

The Aguila rams into the Cygnet, but fails to take out a mast.

The Nautilus tries to ram more masts off of the St. George, but fails this time.

Things have not gone so well for the Titan, she sits derelict and lacking her oarsman.

The gunners of Fortaleza Dorada have woken up, and fire on the Walpole, taking out two of her masts.

La Furia hits the London with ANOTHER fire pot!

The Forward succeeds at her Broadsides Attack, and knocks down the flag of the Tower. However the Flotilla can simply repair it on its next turn.

The Santo Columba finishes off the Titan, dealing a moral blow to the English.

The Buscador repairs at Fortaleza, despite the possible threat from the nearby English.

The Catedral del Mar hits the Bonaparte with a firepot, and taking off a mast as well.

The St. George and Guy Fawkes fire on the Nautilus, but either miss, or cannot hit.

The Hepheastus rams another mast off of the Dutchman.

The Americans keep trying to get their port back, as well as any ships they lose in the process.

The Swamp Fox succeeds at her Broadsides against the Cursed military port! However the damage is negligible.

The Cursed bring the Baochuan down to only firemasts, dooming the giant ship!

The Cursed also use their Dragons to swoop against the Deliverance, but both dragons miss! Lechim Namod even lends a hand, coming to the surface to try and help out against the Deliverance.

With the help of a few double actions, the Deliverance falls!

The Cursed bring home the Nightmare, and re-tool her, giving her a captain, helmsman, oarsman, exploding shot, and fire shot.

The fire on Le Bonaparte spreads, and the nearby El-Paso is causing her to move slower than she could by cancelling her helmsman. Speaking of cancelling, the English have been hit by the Kraken’s ability a couple times in a row now, and growing tired and frustrated since the cancellation is impeding their war plan.

The English push their attack as the Bombardier comes up close to the Catedral del Mar, the ship with Almirante Sebastian on board. The hulking Shui-Xian looms in the background.

The London puts out her fires at the English trading port, where the Nautilus has finished repairing.

The Guy Fawkes hits the Nautilus with a firepot, but the sub is not worried, Fortaleza is right next to it, where the fires can be put out.

An impressive shot of the Acorazado, docked at El Puerto Blanco to put out the fire mast given to her by the Titan before she was sunk.

The Orca rams into the Skin Flayer, but fails to take off a mast, and fails her board.

A shot of the upper southern ocean, the Baochuan has been sunk and lost forever to the Pirates. The Skin Flayer faces the horde of ships that were trailing the giant treasure ship, but is not alone, the other switchblades are close at hand if need be.

Terrox surrounds the Harbinger, forgetting that she could cancel her Eternal and sink her for good. However the Harbinger has a rare bad day at the cannons, only eliminating one of two remaining segments.

The remains of Gog-Clocth float away from the Kraken’s grasp. The Cursed vow revenge……

The entire southern ocean, the Cursed are making forays into pirate waters, with the Skin Flayer, Bloody Sea, and Sickle all coming toward the bulk of the pirate runner fleet. To the East, the Dragons Shal-Bala and Morgrul bask in their victory over the Deliverance, Morgrul especially since his iron like scales are nearly impenetrable.

The Ville de Paris opens fire on Ramsgate! The French are upset that the English have NOT destroyed St. Pierre, and are trying to get their attention.

The Cygnet is dismasted by the Santa Columba, the Bolingbroke hovers outside of range.

The Fire on the Nautilus spreads, endangering the sub.

But only for a brief time as she docks at Fortaleza Dorado, which is still standing, despite being assaulted by several ships for almost four turns now.

The San Cristobal has only fire masts…..
But puts them out almost immediately by docking at Fortaleza Dorada as well.

La Asesina finally derelicts the Forge, which will enable her to move past the ship and get to the area around the Spanish HI, where English forces are prevalent.

The Raven has come to head off the Asesina however, as seen here. Also of interest, the French have constructed a blockade around what they call their territory. Also of interest, the Joya del Sol hiding in the fog. She has a full hold of precious Metals, which would give the Spanish some much needed funds, but Spanish command is afraid that the Sol would be targeted by the English and so has kept her hidden in the fog.

The Santos Romanos docks at Fortaleza as well, to put out fires and to help control the situation.

The Muerta Rapida braves the guns of the Tower to get in range of the Richards, taking out two of her masts.

The Shui-Xian slides in range of the Catedral del Mar, and opens up with seven of her ten cannons, using Hargreaves to roll twice with all cannons, almost insuring that she doesn’t miss. Despite this, the Mar survives, barely.

The Bonaparte is overcome with firemasts, and the English bemoan her loss.

The Catedral del Mar flees in the face of the superior firepower presented by the Shui-xian. La Furia however is not so fortunate, and falls prey to the latter half of the Xian’s guns. Once again, despite Hargreaves, the Furia survives.

The Forward and the Goliath line up to begin dueling each other, the Goliath is a veteran of th war with the French, but the Forward has serious firewpower at her disposal, who will win the showdown?

The Muerta Rapida comes along the other side of the Goliath, and manages to take a mast off.

That wraps up this report! Still to come:
Another ten mast makes her entrance
Showdown between two powerhouses
And more! Stay tuned!


The action continues! The Americans instruct the Hephaestus to ram the Spilled Salt, but alas, no masts are eliminated!

The Concordia sets her sights on Bracyura, and with the help of the Intrepid kills the giant crab for good.

Shal-Bala and Morgrul descend on the Harbinger with swoop attacks, but neither of them connects!

A broad shot of the southern sea, the Pirates and Americans are mingling and generally ignoring one another, while focusing on the Cursed, who are becoming a major threat. You can see the new pirate launches at the Devil’s Maw:
Raninoidea+Count G with captain
Ranger+SCGallows with captain and helmsman and oarsman

Between the cannons of the Shui-Xian, and the Bombardier, the Catadrel del mar is dismasted!

A broad shot of the English and Spanish engagement, the Spanish have been pushed back but are starting to recover and push against the English. Despite several tries, Fortaleza Dorada still stands, and many of the derelict English ships are being captured and sunk by the Spanish, who are finally starting to connect on their guns.

The Kraken surrounds Lechim Namod!

Raninoidea takes two masts from the Skin Flayer, hurting the formidable Switchblade.

Shal-Bala and Calypsos try to slow down the harbinger, to no avail.

The Fool’s Hope makes her entrance in the southern theater, and makes for an imposing sight. The Cursed however are not worried, they are confident in their military might.

The Kraken abandons Lechim Namod, and surrounds the Pyre! The Ranger and Fool’s Hope maneuver about to try and draw a bead on the Cursed, however this is proving difficult.

The Spanish use chain towing to get the Catedral del Mar away from the English, or closer to their HI.

The Acorazado comes to relieve the besieged Fortaleza Dorada, and draws a bead on the St. George and Guy Fawkes.

The Guy Fawkes is quickly dismasted by the mighty Spanish warship.

The Diamond tries to ram a mast off of La Monarca, and succeeds!

La Asesina’s guns boom loud, and bring the Bolingbroke down to only one mast left.

The Forward rams into the Goliath, but does not take out a mast with her ram, nor do her cannons significantly dent the large Englishman.

Someone was able to kill Terrox! But his Eternal kicked in and sent him back to the Cursed HI, where he will begin regenerating.

Slarg Gubbit uses Fear on the Intrepid and Lamon, but his successful fearing does little.

Tsuro throws a pirate runner off the edge of the map! This enrages the Pirates who declare WAR!

The Franklin, Morgrul, Shal-Bala, and Calypsos all combine their efforts and send the Harbinger to the bottom!

The Pirates are coming……..

The Spanish play Mines against the English!

The Shui-Xian dis masts the San Pedro!

It was now time for resources to change again, and with much drama the dice were rolled……

Wow, for only two rounds, Food and Finished Goods would be very valuable.

The Orca and Black pearl draw a bead on the Sickle, with the Orca ramming a mast off of the Switchblade.

The Crusher takes a mast off of the Re-tolled Nightmare, who was given a captain, helmsman and two fire equipment’s. However her fireshot has backfired and she is being attacked from all sides by the Pirates.

The Pirates are using whatever means necessary to hurt the Cursed, here the Noble Swan has rammed into the Franklin, and between her ability and a successful ram, the Franklin loses two masts!

More of the same happens to the Sickle, who goes down to one mast left.

The Crusher continues her assault on the Nigtmare, using her Scorpion blade to take one more mast off of her.

The Kraken has been hit with some fire, but this does not faze the giant sea creature as she surrounds Slarg Gubbit.

The Kraken was not done however! Using chain surrounding, she moved halfway across the map to surround the derelict Last Hope!

The Ranger tries to hit Shal-Bala with a Broadsides Attack, but fails!

Using an extra action, the Ranger moves away from Shal-Bala, and targets another ship with Broadsides, but misses again!

The Fool’s Hope fires her cannons, and takes the final mast from the Nightmare!

The Armada was hit by a firepot, but she sunk the Richards as she burned!

The Forward and Muerta Rapida team up to dismast the Goliath!

The English presence in the Mid-West Ocean is diminishing as the Spanish clear them out. The Bolignbroke is derelict, and the Raven is under fire from the Santo Columba while the Forge has been captured by the French in the upper right.

La Monarca rams the Diamond derelict!

The Spanish continue to clear out the English; here the Acorazado sinks the Guy Fawkes.

The Ghost Walker has made it back to Thompsons Island, and has begun repairing.

The Eagan kills Maxehebel!

Calim and Morgrul team up to attack the Black Pearl! Claim jumped out of the water and landed directly on the Pearl’s bow!

Between the fierce attacks of the giant squid and the fearsome Sea Dragon, the Pearl is quickly dismasted!

The English hit the Cristobal with a firepot, but since she’s docked at a friendly fort, she can use her oarsman to move away and come back, putting out the flames.

The Lord Walpole has abandoned the campaign against Fortaleza Dorada, and hits the forward with a firepot!

The Fool’s Hope and Glorious Treasure attack the Bloody Sea, taking her down to one mast!

The Franklin is similarly besieged by the Noble Swan, who has rammed off most of the Franklin’s masts.

The Kraken surrounds the Concordia!

The Shui-Xian and Acorazado square up, ten cannons against the best defense… who will come out alive?

The Forward draws a bead on the Bombardier, and hits with her Broadsides Attack!

The Santo Columba fires on the raven, but misses with her cannons! Frustrated, she calls for help, and La Asesina answers the call, and both ships ram into the raven, but only take out one mast!

The Santos Romanos slides up to the Tower flotilla, and opesn fire with her cannons! It takes two shots, but the flag of the tower falls!

With one action the Cursed draw the attention of every faction on the seas. They had saved up their gold for a little while and now spent a good chunk of it on one ship……..

Guichuan+Headhunter+Igor Mcwarren with captain, helmsman, shipwright, gunner, and oarsman.

Igor McWarren
Cursed 8 pts.
Ability: ETERNAL E.A.


The Action continues! The Shui-Xian sacced one of her oarsmen to have 20 shots against the Acorazado, and opened fire with all of her cannons! Incredibly even with Hargreaves rolling two dice for every shot, the Xian only takes out one mast!

The London and Nautilus try to sink the Cristobal, but fail to hit her twice to sink her.

The Bombardier shoots a firepot at the Forward, but misses. All ships involved are hurting badly now.

The resources changed again! The previous resoucres only held for two rounds, and no facton had been able to profit from such a short change, and therefore all factions looked forward to the new rolls.

For six turns the value of every resource would be its printed value. Metals are the number 4 resource and are now worth 4 gold. This benefits the Cursed and English the most since they have Metals and Finished Goods readily available to them.

The Glorious Treasure rams the last mast off of the Bloody Sea!

The sickle is captured by the Orca! However they are right next to the Cursed HI, so the sickle may return at some point……

The Corse loses a mast to an iceberg, while in the background the Dover makes for St. Pierre, with intent to destroy. At the left Ramsgate has only one flag left after a French bombardment.

The Cristobal uses an EA to bring back a mast and shoot a firepot at the London!

La Muerta Rapida puts an end to the Bombardier rampage by ramming her last mast off!

The Nautilus comes to the surface to fire on the St. George!


The Santo Columba finally silences the Raven, eliminating her last mast!

The Cygnet, and Concorde were captured by the Spanish and have been slated to scuttle, The Cursed move through Spanish waters to get to gold on the center island.

Calypsos comes to the surface and lets loose on the Glorious Treasure in retribution for the Bloody Sea.

The Cursed used chain towing to get the Bloody Sea away from hostiles.

The Xian sacs another oarsman and rips off another 20 shots against the Acorazado, this time she eliminates two masts, bringing the Acorazado down to two masts left!

The Tower repairs her flag after the fire goes out, much to the annoyance of the Spanish.

The Nautilus is rammed by the Asesina, but the ram attempt fails!

Calypsos is attacked by the Empress and Fool’s Hope, eliminating one segment from the giant squid.

After being severely wounded, Raninoidea drops off her named crew, count Gustov at the Devil’s Maw so that he could be used by another pirate.

The English in full retreat after their first battle with the Spanish, their HI front and center. To the left the hull of the goliath is visible, along with the Ark Royal who is coming to tow her out of there. The Tower will keep the Spanish occupied long enough for the surviving English ships to return home to repair. The English have underestimated the Spanish, but they won’t make that mistake again

The Aguila comes to help the Acorazado against the Shui-Xian, who is about to sac to get out of Spanish waters and re-join the rest of the English fleet.

The Nautilus tries in vain to save the derelict Cygnet, but is delayed by the Spanish and cannot move past Fortaleza.

She has a mast rammed off by the Mobilis, further slowing her down.

Fortaleza shoots another one off, further adding to the woes of the Nautilus.

The Santa Isabel comes over and rams the last mast off, dooming the ship!

The damaged Asesina draws a bead on the Shui-Xian, but misses not eliminating any crew or taking off a mast.

The Concordia rams the Hades Realm, trying to shove it out of the way to get to the derelict Swamp Fox, who is carrying America’s one and only fleet admiral crew, Commodore Preble.

A broad shot of the northern ocean, the English are pulling back, but they will return. The newly launch Grand Temple carries Myngs Hermione an oarsman and double shot, and is towing the Goliath, while the Shui-Xian tows the lord Walpole. In the west you can see the tail end of the French Blockade, comprised of several 4 and 5 mast warships, which they set up when no one was looking.

A broad shot of the middle ocean, the Cursed have established dominance over that area and are looking to push south, into pirate waters. You can see their flagships, the Guichuan and Flying Dutchman being escorted by Kalos, who will give them a handy +L speed boost.


Morgrul swoops against the Black Pearl, but misses! Now he is planted right next to a formidable gunship!

The Pirates launch the Amity and Lady Newport from their trading port.

The French finally bring the Forge back to their HI, where she begins repairing.

The Santa Isabel fires on the Nautilus, taking her final mast.

The Santo Columba tries to sink the Diamond, but fails, missing with her normally very accurate cannons.

La Monarca grabs gold from Fortaleza Dorada, trying to bring in some resources for the dwindling Spanish empire.

A close shot of the Spanish HI, the Muerta Rapida and Aguila are repairing, while in the foreground the San Pedro and Forward lie derelict. In the background a forest of masts is visible with many ships clustered around Fortaleza Dorada.

The Santo Columba sinks the Bolingbroke!

After loosing a segment, Morgrul swooped against the Pearl again, and this time he succeeded, eliminating two masts. To complicate things for the Pirates, Jormungandr surfaced and rammed into the Pearl, winning the board and knocking all of the Pearl’s masts!

The Tower flotilla preserves the fading English presence around the Spanish HI, but the Spanish plan to rectify that situation soon.

The Ark Royal finally succeeds at a Broadsides Attack, sinking the Forward!

The Pirates seek revenge for the Pearl, and use their smaller ships to ram into the Whydah, eliminating a mast!

This one’s a little blurry, but the Crusher has come arounaround and used her scorpion blade to slice another mast off of the Whydah!

The French spend a huge chunk of gold and go on a mega launch:
Le Lyon
La Vengeance
East Wind
La Charlamenge+ Lenoir+ Eileen with helmsman, firepot spec. and grape shot
Le Rocher Noir with captain helmsman
Le Republicain with captain helmsman
Le Mercure with captain helmsman
La Belle Etoille with captain helmsman
Le Moulin Rouge with captain helmsman

La Muerta Rapida tries to avenge the fallen Forward, but only succeeds in taking off one mast on the Ark Royal.

The Santo Columba continues to have bad luck at the cannons, failing to sink the Raven.

La Asesina also tries, but fails to sink the Diamond, frustrating Spanish Command.

The Nautilus sinks the Nautilus!


The New Orleans sneaks in and touches the derelict Pearl, hoping to capture the ship and make it American!

The Eagan comes about on the Eastern side of the ocean, looking to get revenge on the Cursed.

Calim tried to dock at Aguinvari-Gakhali to regenerate is lost segemts, but faild to navigate the reef! As a result Calim died and the Cursed were upset at the fate of their monster.

The Cursed converge on the Crusher, and try to free up the Whydah.

The Guichuan and Guinee make their way toward an island the Cursed have been gathering Metals from but has recently been surrounded by American and Pirate ships.

The Ark Royal fires on the Muerta Rapida, taking out her middle masts!

The Treasure engages the Skin Flayer, taking out a mast on the Cursed switchblade.

The Empress tries to wound Morgrul, but fails!

The Spanish finally sink the Raven!

From the decks of the Ark Royal: the Acorazado has rammed into her stern and successfully eliminated all of her remaining masts. In the background you can see the fully repaired Aguila.

The Skin Flayer tries to retaliate against the Treasure, but misses her shots, and is barely outside of blade range!

Morgrul and Jormungandr derelict the Empress!

The English are recuperating after their preliminary loss to the Spanish. They underestimated the Spanish, and next time will have a clear attack plan.

The Pirates descend on the Skin Flayer! The Broken Key has moved into range and tried to ram a mast off, then tied in the board. In the background you can see the Ranger coming to assist her fellow fleet mates.

The French launch the Glorie+ Osvaldo De from St. Pierre.

The Cristobal come through for the Spanish, sinking the Tower flotilla!

La Asesina also sinks the Diamond, wiping out one of the last English derelicts in Spanish waters.

The Ark Royal flees from the guns of the Muerta Rapid and the Acorazado, using her oarsman to escape

As a boost for moral, the Acorazado tows the San Pedro, one of the few Spanish gold ships left, who will be important if the Spanish want to reestablish themselves.

The Spilled Salt kills Raninoidea, the crew feast on stuffed crab…..

Morgrul savagely finishes off the Empress.

The Dutchman comes to the aid of the Skin Flayer, hitting with her Broadsides attack and bringing the Broken Key down to one mast.

Lechim Namod comes to the surface and sinks the Flating Stone in one shoot!

Lechim uses a double action to launch herself on the Treasure!

The Dover and London clear away St. Pierre, resetting the resource of the island.

The Ark Royal begins to tow the Bombardier, both ships head for the safety of the English HI.

Lechim Namod takes fire from the Treasure, but the massive Squid shrugs off the damage.

The Range succeeds at her Broadsides attack against the Hades Realm, taking the ship down to two masts.

The Dutchman tries another Broadsides attack, but fails!

An imposing shot of The Guichuan as she turns away from the Metals Island and heads for home.

The French explore the island st.Pierre was on, and find Medicine! The French are excited, and warn the English to stay away.

A wide shot of the Spanish position, they are recovering from the English attack, and are trying to bring in gold.

The French Blockade, set up using almost every captained ship they have, is quite impressive. They are quite bold with their definition of French territory, and the English will have something to say about it……

The Middle Ocean is dominated by the Cursed, who are looking to expand into pirate and American waters.

The Pirates launch the Revenant from the Devil’s Maw!

Jormungandr sinks the Scepter!

The Dutchman tries again, and succeeds at her Broadsides Attack, sinking the Broken Key!

The Cursed HI, they have recently cashed in a large amount of resources, giving them over 200 total gold, quite a lot of purchasing power.

The Noble Swan strikes at the Cursed! She rammed into the Straw man, taking out a mast, and a crew, killing Dvay Jones! The Cursed reel in shock at this attack on their HI.

The Ranger repairs at the Devils Maw as Pirate ships move out to combat the Cursed.

The Rickets attacks the Hades Realm, taking off one mast.

The French dock all of their treasure ships at once at one island, taking in over thirty resource tokens at once!


The Cursed HI you can see the Dark Pact who was launched along with the Loa’s justice to haul resources from far flung islands. The Americans had a similar strategy as the Pirates, sailing a ship to the Cursed HI and ramming one of the ships with Davy Jones or Barst on them, and hopefully killing them in the board, or capturing them with Captain Nemo. Now that the Pirates have struck the Cursed are wary and have moved Barst to their HI while they search for a secure sip for him to command. This result in frustrated Americans, and enraged Cursed who vow vengeance for the slain Jones, and warn that the All Powerful is coming………

Smaller Pirate ships surround and swarm the Hades Realm who is now in real danger.

The Cursed launch some custom ships to deal with the recent invaders, and Barst has taken up residence on the Dark Pact.

Sea Devil+ Admiral of the Skelds + Skelds with a captain and helmsman
The Phantom+ Captain Shamshere+ Renfro with a helmsman

Sea Devil
Cursed 20 pts. Link: Davy Jones
Masts: 5
Cargo: 5
Cannon: 2L-2S-2S-2S-2L
Movement: L
Ability: if this ship has a captain crew she gets +L to her base move.

This is the Sea Devil’s debut, and the Cursed are hoping she will wreak havoc on their enemies.

The Hades Realm as strayed too far from the Cursed safe haven, and has been dismasted by Pirates.

As Pirates encroach on the Cursed HI, the Cursed encroach upon the Devil’s Maw, seeking to destroy it. The Crusher has docked there to repair her damage, as well as the out of view Ranger.


The Cursed send the Rickets to the bottom, to say hello to Davy……

The Cursed use their subs to slow the Pirate advance, here the Locker has rammed a mast off one of their small sloops.

The hades Realm is captured by the Glorious Treasure, who lost her turtle shells some time ago.

The Cursed use the Spilled Salt and captured Franklin to lay siege to the Devil’s maw, firing shot after shot at the fort.

The Cursed cleverly use the Sickle to sink the turtle ship that claimed Davy Jones.

The Cursed crack down on ships coming to the metals island, claiming it as part of their fell Empire, using their Dragons, subs, and other fell beasts of the sea.


The Dutchman’s Fire Shot backfires!

The Cursed launch the Revenant from their HI, and task her with brining back resources to use her gold bonus on.

A wide shot of the English position. Icebergs have taken another mast from the Shui-Xian, and La Charlemagne forced the English crew onto Ramsgate for a little vacation. You can see the vast piles of gold on their HI, the English are waiting for resources to change to go on a spending spree and launch better warships.


The Hades Realm repairs….As a member of the Pirate fleet!

The Amity used her Ghost Ship ability to slip through Cursed lines, but the Locker catches up to her and tries to ram a mast off, but fails! The Amity is almost assured to reach safety now.

The Siege of the Devil’s Maw: the Crusher uses her Scorpion blade to eliminate one of the Franklin’s masts, while on the opposite side of the fort, the Spilled Salt duels with the Treasure.

The Crusher uses another action to drop her Scorpion blade again, taking the Franklin down to one mast!

An up close and personal look at the most terrible of all ships:

The Revenant looks to get in on the action, sailing around the far side of the Devil’s Maw and the Ranger.

The Mobilis used her cancelling ability to bring Tsuro to the surface, and take off his tail! Tsuro was quickly given a move action to escape the pesky sub.

Terrox is back! Finally done regenerating himself after the Pirates nearly killed him, the giant octopus moved out, ready to engulf enemy ships. But suddenly he was enveloped in fog, the giant beast was confused, until he realized that it was only rolling fog that had engulfed him.

The wounded United States makes for American waters after her escape from Cursed waters. The Enterprise comes out to escort her fleetmate in.


Tsuro throws the Revenant onto a reef, where the Pirate gunship loses all but one mast!

Shal-Bala finishes off the Kin tai Fong, further hurting the Pirate resource system.

The English launch two ships:
Nova Scotia
Pride+ Beckett+ carbon Charlie
Beckett will lend his fleet admiral ability as often as possible to give the English more than just Mycron. Though with The Kraken cancelling crew every so often, who knows how effective he will be?

The English also launched the HMS York a custom steamboat, which gives her +L to her base move, with the exception that Helmsmen cannot be assigned to her.

The Pirates and Americans ram the last mast off of the Franklin, and the Philadelphia maneuvers to re-capture the ship on the Americans next turn!

Not wanting to wait, the Americans use a double action to bring the Philadelphia and Franklin home!

The Bloody Sea and Divine Dragon team up to sink the Crusher, a piece of payback to the Pirates!

The Cursed purchase a trading port upgrade and load it onto the Fiddlers Green, the Cursed are excited by this development.

The gunners of the Devil’s Maw manned their cannons and managed to knock off a mast on the Divine Dragon!

The Treasure rams a mast off of the Sea Devil, and loses the board handily.

The Ranger succeeds at her Broadsides Attack, taking the Executioner down to only one mast!

Using a double the Ranger moves on and succeeds at another Broadsides Attack, this time against the Spilled Salt!

Angelica Swooped in against the Sea Devil, taking out two masts!

The Headhunter observed this act of aggression, and signaled to his lietenant, Igor. Igor graced the Guichuan with an extra action, her Gunner made her cannons very accurate, and in one savage action, Angelica was put down.

The Phantom tried to board the Realm as she repaired in the Pirate Trading Port, but she failed, losing her helmsman!

The Sister’s Rage re-takes the Orca near the Cursed HI, irritating the Cursed as she blocks shipping lanes for them.

At this point resources changed, and factions cashed in what stores of valuable resources they had, and then the die were rolled……

An incredible change! The six means that every resource is worth it’s opposite. Finished Goods are the number six resource and are now worth one gold, while lumber is the number one resource, and is now worth six gold! This benefits the Pirates and Cursed most since they have Lumber islands readily available, while the English suffer having only finished goods readily available, though they do have some gold saved up. The real worry is the duration, 11 rounds, one off of the max number of rounds for resource duration.

The Treasure takes off the Guinee’s back mast in a shoot action.

Continuing her unusual success, the Ranger hits the Bloody Sea with a Broadside Attack, taking out the middle masts.

Feeling bold, the Ranger tries her hand at an unprecedented fourth Broadsides Attack, and finally misses against the Divine Dragon!

The Sea Devil makes for the military port in the east, and is shot at by the passing Le Superbe, who has moved south on a voyage of unknown purpose.

Once again the Headhunter commands the Guichuan to avenge the wrongs set upon the Cursed, and sinks the Treasure!

The Cursed spend a good chunk of gold, I present the Scorpion Squadron!
Scorpion+ Red Crew with a captain, helmsman and shipwright
Scythe+ captain helmsman and shipwright
Pestilence with a captain and helmsman
Bloody Blade with a captain helmsman and shipwright

Not only did they launch the Scorpion squadron, they launched my custom Flying Dutchman with Davy Jones a captain and helmsman!

Flying Dutchman
18 pts. Cursed
Masts: 5
Cargo: 4
Move: S+S
Cannon: 2S-3S-3S-3S-2S
Ability: Living Ship, Battleship

The Cursed were not the only faction launching, the English spent a good chunk of gold themselves and launched two capital ships from their Trading Port
Endeavour+George Anson+ Morgan with a helmsman and oarsman
Algernon+Vice Admiral Collingwood with a helmsman and oarsman
George Anson and the Vice Admiral are from a7xfanben’s Pirates age of sail fan set, available for viewing here.

Like the Cursed, the English weren’t done yet, they spent another 26 gold to launch the most expensive regularly available ship at their HI:

The English brought in Carbon Charlie with the Pride, and after giving her an extra cannon, moved to the Belle of Exeter, giving her an additional three cannons (the Belle was then outfitted with a captain, helmsman, firepot spec. and oarsman). Now the English invite him to their heaviest warship in the game, and English command eagerly rubs their hands together in glee as Charlie sets about his work…….

The French surprise the Cursed by sailing La Corse into their territory, and are even more shocked and amazed when she brazenly attacks Shal-Bala, taking off first one segment, and then another, killing the great dragon, and electing cries of woe from Morgrul and others in the Cursed ranks.

As if killing their beloved dragon wasn’t enough of a declaration, Le Superbe sails broadside to the Divine Dragon and proceeds to take off her front two masts!

The Cursed continue to feel hurt as the ranger manages to dismast the Bloody Sea!

A shot of Cursed trading waters: things are a little jammed up, with Tsuro lurking below on the right, and the Loa’s Justice towing the derelict Executioner in the middle. In the distance, the Revenant has docked at the Lumber Island and loaded five of the valuable resource.

The Cursed incursion into pirate waters, the Guichuan commands attention on the left, where The Phantom comes to meet her and Jormungandr lurks off of the bow. The Guinee has begun towing the Bloody Sea, and the Spilled Salt occupies the attention of the Ranger, while on the far right, the Divine Dragon has almost destroyed the Devil’s Maw, but the French interruption will occupy her time for a little while.

The Cursed descend in a mad fury upon La Corse, Morgrul Swoops in to deliver the opening salvo, then the Scorpion comes over and tried to knock off the remaining two with an un-successful shoot and ram. The Scorpion was bailed out however by the Flying Dutchman who received an extra action from Davy, and used it to get within firing range of the Corse, hitting with half of her cannons to dismast the ship! In the background you can see the Scythe and Serpent’s Fang attacking the Tepant with limited success.

Noticing that the Spanish had a squad of ships heading their way, the English preumptively struck, succeeding with all of their die-rolling extra action crew! (Beckett, Morgan, Colingwood) Here the Endeavour has restarted the war with Spain by dismasting La Fuega a custom of mine who is to the Spanish what the Venture is to the Americans.

George Anson used his cancelling abilities to cancel the Acorazado’s built-in ability, leaving her vulnerable to attack from smaller ships, and the Ark Royal took advantage in a successful Broadsides Attack!

To further wound the Spanish flagship, the Algernon used her extra action to get within range, and fire her bow cannons, connecting twice to eliminate one more mast!

Stay tuned for more as the English and Spanish go to WAR!!


The Divine Dragon takes a pounding from Le Superbe, but her crew is confident they can pull through.

The Spanish purchase a town upgrade and bring it to a Metals island, claiming it for their own!

The Ark Royal is dismasted as the Spanish scramble to save their ships. The Asesina and Santos Romanos both contributed to bring down the pest.

The York and Grand Temple had gone east to take some metals from the metals island before the Spanish claimed it, now they are both in danger as the Cristobal comes to escort the Santa Isabel.

The Acorazado and Buscador turn east and flee to Fortaleza Dorada, leaving an opening for the oncoming English.

The Americans have finally claimed a resource island, unloading a town upgrade on another Metals island!

Le Superbe used a double action to take another mast off of the Divine Dragon, and her crew are starting to get nervous. With no extra actions coming through, the Dragon is forced to repair one mast at a time, and is subject to ramming.

The Serpents Fang and Whydah sink the Tepant, who simply re-appears at the French HI in the north.

The Pirates strike back as the Black Pearl sinks the Spilled Salt!

The Mystic challenges the Guichuan, but doesn’t take off a mast!

The English added another weapon to their growing arsenal:
Grand Temple+ Shap Tsai+ Kian Ng+ Sensi Xu (facedown) with a captain.
Since the no duplicates rule has been rescinded for ships in this game, this is completely legal. Some confusion was clear though, since the English did have Tsai already in use on the Shui-Xian. It was ruled that since the two versions of him in play are both hired, and both from different sets, they could exist at the same time.

Tired of having ships moved around and off the edge of the map, the French bring in Jean Desailly on the Atlante.

Right away his presence is known, as he uses his power to thrown the Guichuan onto a reef!

La possession challenges the Dutchman, and manages to take off a mast!

The Possession used an extra action to shoot two more mast off, and ram off another one, yikes!

La Muerta Rapida takes off two of the Belle of Exeter’s regular masts, but all of her cannons are still ready to fire!

The Belle fearlessly takes on the much deadlier Asesina, and hits with her cannons and firepot, dooming the Spanish ironclad and enraging the already frustrated Spanish!

The York flees from Spanish waters, but is harassed by submarines who ram off her jib!

In a desperate attempt to stem the tide of the battle, the Spanish launched the OE Acorazado and crew her with a basic captain and helmsman. Here she wades into battle, trying to draw a bead on the English.

The Spanish also launch the Garante from Fortaleza Dorada, in the hopes that she will be able to help turn the tide as well.

The Americans play Becalmed against the Cursed, freezing the Whydah and half of the Scrpion Squadron!

The Americans also upgrade their town to a Trading Port!

The Eagan shoots at Calypsos, taking the giant squid down to just her head!

The French and Americans team up to expel the Cursed! Here the Enterprise has sailed in between the Guichuan and the Divine Dragon, but has failed her Broadsides Attack!

The Divine Dragon is hurting, and the Celestine places her last Trade Current, I don’t have any more SM islands!

The Cursed cleared away the Devil’s Maw! But this victory came with a heavy price, the Divine Dragon was sunk by the French and Americans, and the Bloody Sea was nearly sunk as well.

The Guichuan is derelict, and on a reef! However Igor McWarren is Eternal, so the ship will go back to the Cursed HI if anyone shoots at her.

The Cursed captured La Corse! Here she repairs at their military port.

The Cursed make waves with their end of turn launch, putting another ten master into the water:

25 pts. Cursed
Masts: 10
Movement: S+S
Ability:Junk, Fear, Seafloor Traveller

The English lay the hammer down on the Spanish, here the Grand Temple and Endeavour have sunk La Furia.

Here the English are engaged in up close and personal fighting, the Algernon has already lost masts to a ram, and the Goliath has engaged the San Cristobal.

The Black Pearl takes out two masts on the Rook’s Folly, annoying the Cursed. They and the Pirates are engaged in full-fledged war.


The Glorie succeeds at a Broadsides Attack against the Grand Temple, slowing down the English war plan and annoying them. English command begins to think about breaking the armistice established so long ago.


The nautilus comes to the surface to shoot at the York.

The Spanish manage to sink the Belle of Exeter, a thorn in their side for some time now.

For their efforts, the English bring down the hammer on the Spanish, the Endeavour and Nova Scotia inflict sever damage what’s left of the Spanish fleet.

The Algernon breaks through Spanish lines and makes for Fortaleza Dorada, the Goliath stays to hold the line, even with two masts standing.

Becalm is played against the Cursed, freezing the Scythe and Guinee, and annoying the Cursed in the process.

The Constitution sinks the Pestilence! The much anticipated Scorpion squadron has not delivered to the Cursed expectations.

The Americans continue to pound the Cursed, with the Enterprise brining the Revenant down to two masts.

The Phantom retreats in the face of formidable firepower of the Franklin and Lady’s Scorn.

The Intrepid takes two of Kalos’s claws, enraging the Cursed, who after all for animal rights.

The Whydah falls to one mast, caught between two rather angry Americans.

The Lamon rams a mast off of the Bloody Blade, opening the door to wound her further which the Cheyenne intends to do.

The Sickle and Scorpion teamed up against the Forge, but were only able to eliminate one mast.

The Phantom continues to retreat; the Pirates and Americans are both coming….

A wide shot of the Middle ocean, the Cursed still retain dominance, but their empire may be short lived, the Americans, Pirates, and French are all coming for them. The only factions they are not at war with are the English and next door neighbor the Spanish.

The Dover begins to tow the Fuega, enraging the Spanish.

The Temple repairs slowly at Ramsgate, Myngs apparently has decided to be lazy and has seldom graced the ship with his SAT.

The Shui-Xian takes Fortaleza Dorada down to one flag, leaving the fort vulnerable.

The English enact a Blockade! The Hound and Lord Walpole dock at the Spanish trading port in the north, and declare a blockade! This means that the production of resources at the island shuts down, and all enemy ships docked there cannot be given actions until the Blockade ends!

The English war effort is about to get a shot in the arm, the Dreadnought is done gaining extra cannons; she now has the firepower of a ten mast ship. The English dipped into a7’s age of sail once again to pull a very hand crew:
Sir Francis Drake
English 9pts.
Ability: Ransom, Hostile: Spain Captain, Helmsman, Marine This ship gets +1 to an non-Pirate and non-English ships.

The Spanish are hurting, here the Acorazado has been pinned… the Endeavour! The poor ship loses almost all of her masts in a single shoot! To make matters worse, the Grand Temple has come to lend a hand.

Jormungandr is wounded by a successful Broadsides Attack from the Pirate schooner.

The Lady’s Scorn manages to take another of The Phantom’s masts off, but the Cursed are not worried, the ship is Eternal.

The Sisters rage tries to injure the King Jones, but to no avail.

The Mystic and Rocher Noir derelict the Skin Flayer!

The Pearl fires at the Cursed Trading Port!

The Fool’s Hope tag teams with the Sister’s Rage to take on the King Jones, taking her down to two masts.

The Pirates take it a step further, using the Hope to ram a mast off as well! The Hope handily wins the board, killing off the King Jones’s crew!

La Charlemagne fires at Aguinvari-Gakhali, taking two flags off!

The Charlemagne used a double action to draw broadside to the Corse, and cancels her built in ability, making it much easier to shoot her, which is just what the Charlemagne does!

The Nautilus dis-masts the York!

The Cristal del Obispo attacks the Nova Scotia, but does little damage!

The Acorazado gets into the action, ramming into the Nova Scotia, but fails to eliminate a mast!

The Mobilis and Nautilus both try to harm the Shui-Xian, but no avail, until the Mobilis cancelled the Xian’s ability to carry English crew, which sent Hargreaves and all of the remaining SAC food overboard, for good.

The Minutemen attack the Bloody Blade, who repaired her mast last turn, but they do very poorly, only managing to knock off the back mast.

Lechim Namod is hit with a firepot! The Cursed groan as another of their precious monsters is set aflame.

The Revenant is derelict, while the Loa’s Justice and Dark Pact try to gather resources from the island.

Venturing to the west, the Enterprise derelicts the Bloody Blade, should she fall, the Scorpion squadron would be cut in half!

The Cursed continue to be hit, here the Intrepid has taken one of Kalos’s last claws, the giant crab is in serious trouble if help does not come.

Lechim Namod continues to burn, much to the dismay of the Cursed who care greatly about their monsters, and seek vengeance on those who attack them.

The Americans are the chief offenders of the Cursed animal rights, but they have managed to avoid terrible retribution due to their mostly superior gunships such as the Venture. Here she has taken the Sea Devil down to two masts.

The Guichuan repairs…… an AMERICAN!!! They cleverly used the Philadelphia to capture her, even though she had an oarsman! This gives the Americans a Treasure Ship that can dock at their HI, and some powerful crew, overall a HUGE moral and literal victory for the Americans and a crushing moral blow to the Cursed.

The Capture of the Guichuan marked the beginning of the end for the Cursed. They would remain a dominant faction in the middle sea for a little while longer, but attacks from the Pirates, Americans, and French all took their toll, and the Cursed simply could not keep up. They tried to stage a comeback by launching some of El Cazador’s Customs, as well as Ben’s Custom Dutchman when the ones they had in play both fell. This allowed them to capture the Charlemagne, an act the French never forgave. The Cursed withered and wilted under French attack, and became a minor presence, limited to the waters around their HI and the middle gold island; their Fort of Aguinvari-Gakhali was destroyed, as well as their remote Military and Trading ports.
The English effectively knocked the Spanish out of the game. While they didn’t eliminate all of their ships due to other reasons, the English attack on the Spanish ended their chances in the overall theater. Being sandwiched between two wars did not help as they were caught in the crossfire of the conflicts of the Cursed to the south and English to the north. They too tried to make a late game comeback, re-building Fortaleza Dorada on an island that was a former Cursed port in the barrier Sargasso Sea. Their efforts however were dashed when the Storm terrains were introduced for one round of rolls, and the massive Hurricane moved north and wiped out all but one Spanish ship.
After knocking out the Spanish, the English returned to their rival from the early game, France. The French had built up a large fleet, and had created a physical blockade with them on the map. This blockade line supposedly marked French territory, which encroached upon formerly English holdings such as fort Ramsgate as well as the port island they had fought over in the early part of the game. In an attempt to re-take that island and to put the French down, the English committed most of their war fleet to combating the French, and were able to enact a blockade of the now French port, which froze a goodly portion of fighting ships for the French. This served only to infuriate the French who eventually broke the blockade, and smashed most of the English fleet, which by now was weakened from finishing off the Spanish and from skirmishes elsewhere in the French theater. Most of the Custom pieces they launched from Ben’s age of sail set were either captured or sunk, and in the case of the Dreadnought, moved off the map by Jean Desailly. After the blockade was broken, the English lost ground rapidly. Both of their ports were destroyed, and Ramsgate fell under siege. The French pushed the English back up against their HI, cutting off their gold ships and effectively taking THEM out of the game. The French had some minor help with the Event, Rolling Fog, placing it on a fog bank close to the English HI, where it engulfed most of the English ships docked at home, including those under repair.
The Pirates had HUGE savings of Medicine, and cashed it all in on the next to last resource roll when Medicine was FINALLY worth 6 gold apiece. Despite their sudden riches, the Pirates did not go on gigantic spending sprees as most of their good ships were already in the water, and knowing the victory conditions decided to hoard their gold and continue on with the ships they had. Although skirmishes with the Americans broke out from time to time, the Pirates did not commit to that conflict in earnest, though they did commit to their conflict with the Cursed. It was mostly through Pirate muscle that the Cursed were beaten back from their excursion into the southern waters. The Siege of the Devil’s Maw would eventually prove telling, as it was in that siege that several of the Cursed capable fighters fell, including the Guichuan. From there the Pirates re-built the Devil’s Maw and established a sound system of gold and resource gathering, overall playing a very combat light game except for actions against the Cursed and occasional skirmishes with the Americans.

The Americans achieved a huge victory in their war with the Cursed when they captured the Guichuan. They repaired her and used her to ferry resources, although rather ineffectively. American gunships combined with French attack ships, ended the Cursed reign over the middle ocean, and were able to take back the island that Cursed stole from them. The Americans were the sole hunters of the Cured beastie’s with the Eagan using her sub-hunting abilities to shoot firepots at the submerged monsters. Success against the Cursed was overshadowed by failure against the Pirates. The Americans tried several times to kill The Kraken, which had been a growing thorn in their side ever since she was awakened by the Pirates early on. In fact it is The Kraken and her ability that held the Americans in check for most of the later game.

Finally the French, after the armistice with the English early on, the French were able to slowly build a successful gold fleet, augmented by a decent fighting outfit. Cursed aggression forced them to send ships south to fight against them, and to cement an alliance with the Pirates, an alliance that resulted in very little other than military help. Le Superbe was the ship of choice to venture south and lay havoc on the Cursed which she did wonderfully. The Cursed responded by capturing and holding onto La Corse for a time, and then using Ben’s Custom Flying Dutchman they managed to take the Charlemagne. The French declared war and broke their blockade, sending almost half of it at the Cursed. Simultaneous to that event, the English came back and resumed war, blockading the French Trading port, and freezing a significant number of well-equipped fighters. The resumed conflict was bitter and lasted until the end of the game. The French tried several times to break the English blockade of their port, and eventually succeeded. This was the turning point, as by then the Cursed had ceased to be a threat to the French who had expanded their territory to include almost all of the English and Spanish waters, and they kept their gains with an iron fist. French military prowess, and serious numbers advantage allowed them to force the English back and destroy their other port, effectively taking the English out of the game right at the end.

That’s the wrap-up of CoEC. If you haven’t guessed the winner yet, drumroll………..


The French were declared winner of CoEC 2016. They finished with more ships afloat than any other faction, and are now decreed the best faction until next summer! The French played a waiting game, after their initial conflict with the English, they laid low gathering gigantic amounts of resource gold and launching a ship or two every other turn. This led to them having the largest fleet, and when conflict resumed with the English, they Mega-Launched, breaking the Pirate Record from Ben’s Economy game, putting over 600 gold worth of pieces onto the Sea, including some very good ships.
Second place went to the Pirates who had the most gold by and far. Like the French, they played a waiting game, waiting until Medicine was highly valuable and cashing it all in for an enormous amount of gold.
The Americans finish third, with the next most ships after the French and discounting the pirates. They finished decently, with a capable fleet that may have given them a fighting edge if the game had lasted longer. As it was, their advancement was hampered by the Kraken of the Pirates and ineffective gold gathering. Also, the Americans never brought in resources in large numbers; they relied on gold replenishments for the Gold islands, and did not manage to put together a decent resource fleet.
The Cursed and English tie for 4th place as I cannot recall now who between them had more gold and ships. Both factions made ambitious military goals, and would have succeeded if their gold systems could have kept up.
The Spanish finish last, quite unlike them. Like the Americans the Spanish did not really out together a resource oriented fleet, focusing instead on the few gold islands that were available to them. The war with England depleted Spanish coffers and forced them to try and rebuild in the vaccum the Cursed created when they fell out of the middle sea. However the introduction of Storms finished off the Spanish for good, destroying the Second Fortaleza Dorada, and taking the decked out SM Acorazado down as well. This left the Spanish with one viable ship which they sailed in dejected cruises to gather gold pieces, and everyone else ignored.
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