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Pirates: 2016 Year in Review

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Subject: Pirates: 2016 Year in Review   PostPosted: Mon Dec 26, 2016 4:10 am Reply with quote

Pirates: 2016 Year in Review

Hi everyone! This is a thread where you can share what Pirates stuff happened over the past year. It can be just about anything, from accomplishments to purchases to cool ideas. If this seems too vague, you can look at mine for an example. There's also the option of stating your Pirates Goals for 2017.

Link to 2015 Year in Review thread (you might find your 2016 goals here)

It will be nice to look back upon the entire year and find joy and amazement in how much we're capable of. List (possibly with links and/or a short description) everything you accomplished in 2016 in regards to Pirates that you thought was a good thing that happened. Everyone could make their own post and contribute their own things that they did or are currently doing. When I think about this past week for example, I don't really think much of it, but when I consider everything I've personally done in the entire year, I feel amazed at myself! Very Happy I think others could share that feeling as well if they look back at everything. Also, little things count too, so it doesn't have to be all about one particular event or anything. Once everyone has posted, we can talk about what we accomplished as a whole forum.


Goals for 2016
-Taught 6 players, not 24. I think for the future I will simply try to beat my previous record for a single year. In that case, I will do my best to teach at least 8 players in 2017 (I taught 7 in 2015).
-VASSAL module. This was a huge success, with two huge campaign games and around 9 different players on the module.
-10 year anniversary games - These were played: SCS, DJC, MI
-I did play at least one game in each month of the year

General accomplishments:
-Taught 6 new players
-Became a forum moderator
-Completed 27 trades
-Submitted 19 fleets
-Wrote 2 Miniature Reviews
-Posted a lot of pictures on Instagram, Tumblr, and BGG
-Won three fleet challenges
-Ran two fleet challenges with VASSAL
-Started a Miniature Review contest
-Planned, designed, and created the World game with Xerecs
-Edited the VASSAL module (fixed a few errors, added 10 masted junk ship type, and added things for the World game)

-Broke my personal record for single-year plays with 92 total on the year
-Played VASSAL Campaign Game 1 with Xerecs
-Started VASSAL Campaign Game 2 with Xerecs and El Cazador
-Experimental cumulative game
-Played VASSAL Tournament #1 with Xerecs
-Started VASSAL Tournament #2 with Xerecs

Pirates Goals for 2017
-At least 8 new players taught (strive for more!)
-VASSAL module (get more players on the module, start a new campaign game)
-10 year anniversary games (FN, OE, PotC)
-Try to play at least one game in every month of the year

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Subject:    PostPosted: Mon Dec 26, 2016 4:57 am Reply with quote

Rediscovered my love for the game, dragged my old pieces out (and have begun the laborious process of wiping the engraved dust from the cards) and purchased a very reasonably priced (and large) random assortment of cards and packs from a nice fellow on eBay.

No idea really where to start when it comes to goals for my first REAL year ... I'll go with "Play as much as possible." .. (within reason)
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Subject:    PostPosted: Tue Dec 27, 2016 2:33 pm Reply with quote

-Answered hundreds of questions about the rules and the game in general.
-Entered a handful of challenges.
-Updated The Pirate Code!

Goals for 2017
Find time for a game or two of Merchants & Marauders with Ben.
Actually play Pirates a couple times. Crying or Very sad

The vast majority of my free/gaming time this past year went into working on an asymmetrical dungeon-crawling game called Vast: The Crystal Caverns. It's an incredibly fun game to play, and the work has been well worth the effort, as shown by the recent Kickstarter for the second edition/reprint that made half a million dollars.
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Subject:    PostPosted: Sat Dec 31, 2016 6:41 am Reply with quote

Played a number of games with my youngest kids (7 & 14)
Made many custom islands for fellow gamers.
Added new images of the miniature islands to the Facebook page.
Lurked more than normal.

Continue to play more pirate games with the kids
Build more islands for new and veteran players for their games
Continue trading cards with this great community!
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Subject:    PostPosted: Sun Jan 01, 2017 4:39 am Reply with quote


Vassal Campaigns (1 and 2)
Acquiring VASSAL in the first place and using it to play with other members.
Played CoEC to determine best faction until next summer, when it will be played again.
Played several games in reality.
Introduced Pirates to a friend.
Competed in Fleet Challenges.
Second place in the Review Contest.
Set forth rules and guidelines with a7xfanben for the World Game.
Made plans for a campaign ala Cadet Captain Mike, to hopefully begin next weekend, with 4 players.
Made advancements with Custom ships and abilities, including figuring out how to carve ships from wood.

Goals for 2017:

Start the World Game at some point.
Continue with Pirates inspired story.
Finish planned Campaign game.
Play CoEC in the Summer.
Make possible my custom set off of the paper.
Introduce other people to Pirates?
Try hand at custom islands.
Write better Battle Reports.
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Subject:    PostPosted: Tue Jan 24, 2017 7:18 pm Reply with quote

Achievements of 2016:

Played with some custom ships on VASSAL!

Goals for 2017:

Re-engage with the MT community. YAR!
Get into some mulitplayer mashups on VASSAL!
Stay out of long-term Campaign Games Embarassed
Resume development of my custom set.
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