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Fleet Challenge: Random Setup Tables

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Subject: Fleet Challenge: Random Setup Tables   PostPosted: Sat Oct 14, 2017 10:22 pm Reply with quote

I have a bevy of different FC ideas, but with Cadet-Captain Mike likely entering the Hall of Fame this month, I decided on this one. If people are averse to it I can do a different one.

The Challenge:
Participants will make fleets based on Cadet-Captain Mike's Random Pirates Set-Up Tables.

-Within a week I will post a youtube video on my channel. The video will contain my real-life die rolls for the tables with me providing any house rules on the results. (for example, no events, and also I will likely roll on the first table until I get a 4-6 to avoid any boring results)
-If you will be participating in the challenge, make a post about it here in this thread. You can enter the challenge before or after I post the video.

-Only one fleet will be allowed per player.
-There can be fleets of multiple nationalities.
-No Events.
-No Mysterious Islands.
-Game pieces from RtSS are allowed.
-Custom game pieces are not allowed.

Fleet Scoring:
-I will pick the best fleet.

More Stuff:
-If you make use of RtSS items: Since none of the RtSS items are in the database, you'll have to use existing items as proxies in the fleet on MT. Choose a similar ship/crew/etc. with the same nationality and point cost, and in your fleet description list exactly which RtSS item will replace it. Also be sure to list the stats of all RtSS items you use so readers won't have to dig for them.
-Edits after posting are okay if there are rules issues or other serious problems, but try to avoid any drastic changes.
-Please post any questions you have in this thread.

-Bragging rights.
-The opportunity to create the next Fleet Challenge.

-Submit your fleet no later than Sunday November 19th.

Have fun with the unique setup rules! Video coming within a week!
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