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Schooner. This ship can dock at an enemy home island and take as much treasure as she can carry. If able, she must leave on your next turn.

With the seas so dangerously infested with the Cursed, the crew of the Belladonna have taken to stealing gold from docked ships, where it’s safer.

  • Collector's Number: 037
  • Faction Affiliation: Pirate
  • Rarity: C
  • Type: Ship
  • Point Value: 15
  • Cargo Space: 4
  • Base Move: L
  • Cannons: 2S-2S-2S
  • Number of Masts: 3
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I like the look of this ship. There is good cargo space but there are a lot better ships for the costs of 15 Points.
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Posted: February 6, 2016 03:42 am 
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