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Superman Robot (Experienced):

In order to help him fight the forces of evil and to protect his dual identity, Superman in the silver ages possessed various robot duplicates, who resembled him both in appearance and powers. There were also several Clark Kent robots. Some of the most notable Superman robots include Ajax, Adam Newman, Powerman, Superman Robot Z and MacDuff. Most of these Super-Robots were destroyed, but some are still housed in the Fortress of Solitude. Modern Superman Robots have evolved to be immensely sophisticated and posses a wide variety of powers and even human emotions.

The Wizard Exclusive blue-ringed Superman Robot is taken from recent DC history, the Superman “King of the World” storyline. At 100 points, three will fit on a standard 300 point build!

  • Collector's number: 221
  • Rarity: LE-Mailaway
  • Team Ability: Superman Ally
  • Point Value: 100
  • Powers: Hyps, SStr, Toug, Chrg, Flry, RnSh, PsyB
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