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Pathfinder Battles

Pathfinder Battles

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The most wanted
These are the miniatures appearing most often in wanted lists. [Display images]
Miniature Set #  
Alchemical Golem Shattered Star 21 search
Large Fire Elemental Shattered Star 17 search
Large Earth Elemental Shattered Star 16 search
Mimic Dungeons Deep 15 search
Large Air Elemental Shattered Star 15 search
Table The Rusty Dragon Inn 15 search
Djinni Legends of Golarion 15 search
Bartender The Rusty Dragon Inn 14 search
Fire Demon Legends of Golarion 14 search
Large Water Elemental Shattered Star 14 search
Bone Golem Dungeons Deep 14 search
Low Templar Wrath of the Righteous 14 search
Burning Brazier Dungeons Deep 14 search
Cannon Golem Skulls and Shackles 14 search
Pale Tower Guard Reign of Winter 13 search
Baphomet Wrath of the Righteous 13 search
Ice Golem Reign of Winter 13 search
Raven Reign of Winter 13 search
Clockwork Reliquary Shattered Star 13 search
Wagon The Rusty Dragon Inn 13 search