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The most wanted
These are the miniatures appearing most often in wanted lists. [Display images]
Miniature Set #  
Elder Blue Dragon Monster Manual: Lords of Madness 18 search
Treant Giants of Legend 16 search
Large Ice Elemental Unhallowed 16 search
Heroslayer Hydra Monster Manual: Lords of Madness 16 search
Mind Flayer Icons of the Realms: Tyranny of Dragons 16 search
Rakshasa Giants of Legend 15 search
Behir Giants of Legend 15 search
Drider Sorcerer Giants of Legend 15 search
Archmage Angelfire 15 search
Aspect of Tiamat War of the Dragon Queen 15 search
Large Shadow Dragon Night Below 15 search
Cyclops Desert of Desolation 15 search
Vampire Vizier Dungeons of Dread 15 search
Fire Titan Against the Giants 15 search
Stormrage Blue Dragon Demonweb 15 search
Cyclops Hewer Demonweb 15 search
Bonechill Chimera Monster Manual: Dangerous Delves 15 search
Earth Archon Rumbler Monster Manual: Legendary Evils 15 search
Elder Copper Dragon Monster Manual: Lords of Madness 15 search
Rust Monster Icons of the Realms: Rage of Demons 15 search