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Star Wars

Star Wars

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List of expansions for the game Star Wars
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The most wanted
These are the miniatures appearing most often in wanted lists. [Display images]
Miniature Set #  
Jango Fett, Bounty Hunter Bounty Hunters 22 search
Destroyer Droid Clone Strike 20 search
Boba Fett, Bounty Hunter Bounty Hunters 20 search
Scout Trooper on Speeder Bike Rebel Storm 19 search
Nikto Gunner on Desert Skiff Bounty Hunters 19 search
Young Krayt Dragon Bounty Hunters 19 search
Yoda, Force Spirit Masters of the Force 19 search
AT-RT Revenge of the Sith 17 search
Rancor Universe 17 search
EG-05 Jedi Hunter Droid Dark Times 17 search
IG-88, Bounty Hunter Bounty Hunters 16 search
Boba Fett, Mercenary The Force Unleashed 16 search
A'Sharad Hett Dark Times 16 search
Darth Maul Clone Strike 15 search
Dwarf Spider Droid Clone Strike 15 search
Darth Maul, Champion of the Sith Champions of the Force 15 search
Ayy Vida Bounty Hunters 15 search
Mandalore the Indomitable Bounty Hunters 15 search
Felucian Warrior on Rancor The Force Unleashed 15 search
Cade Skywalker, Bounty Hunter Legacy of the Force 15 search