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miniature reviews for the game Pirates CSG

Pirates CSG

List of Miniature Reviews for Pirates CSG

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Our current Miniature Review of the Week is "Revenant, Revisiting a classic gunship", created by  Premium Member  for the game Pirates CSG
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Title  Miniature Type  Author  Date  Comments  Votes  Score 
Double Shot
It's exactly what it sounds like
Equipment   Premium Member  January 1, 2009 9 22
Grapple Shot
Put a hook in your cannon: Applied Phlebotinum for pirates
Equipment   Premium Member  January 3, 2009 1 5
Near your islands, grabbin' your stuff
Ship   Premium Member  December 30, 2008 8 14
Everything's better with turtles
Unique Treasure   Premium Member  December 9, 2008 2 2
Fool's Hope
Only a fool dare's to hope against it! or something...
Ship   Premium Member  June 6, 2009 4 7
Bang for your buck, Purpose for your points, Use for your..okay I'll stop now
Ship   Premium Member  December 6, 2008 3 6
Isle of Fire/Trade Current
My coins are melting!
Island/Terrain   Premium Member  July 7, 2009 8 7
Ghost Walker
Neither a Ghost Ship nor a Mist Walker
Ship   Premium Member  February 27, 2009 8 6
USS Destiny
Hit-and-run with an American flag.
Ship   Premium Member  December 6, 2008 2 3
USS Plymouth Rock
Who says treasure runners need to be big?
Ship   Premium Member  December 7, 2008 3 3
As good as firing support gets
Ship   Premium Member  April 25, 2009 4 5
El Pescador
He doesn't fish
Crew   Premium Member  March 24, 2009 3 6
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