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Monster Manual: Savage Encounters

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Monster Manual: Savage Encounters: 40 miniatures
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1 Adult Gray Dragon Borderlands  search
2 Adult Purple Dragon Underdark  search
3 Angel of Valor Legionnaire Civilization  search
4 Black Slaad Borderlands/Wild  search
5 Bloodspike Behemoth Wild  search
6 Bodak Skulk Underdark  search
7 Bullywug Guard Underdark/Wild  search
8 Bullywug Mud Lord Wild  search
9 Death Giant Underdark  search
10 Death Knight Borderlands  search
11 Deathrattle Viper Wild  search
12 Drider Fanglord Underdark  Visible  search
13 Foulspawn Berserker Underdark  search
14 Githyanki Gish Civilization  search
15 Githyanki Mindslicer Borderlands  search
16 Goblin Skullcleaver Borderlands  search
17 Goblin Wolfrider Borderlands/Wild  search
18 Gray Slaad Borderlands/Wild  search
19 Graz'zt Borderlands  search
20 Greenvise Vine Wild  Visible  search
21 Hobgoblin Hand of Bane Civilization  search
22 Human Outrider Borderlands/Wild  Visible  search
23 Inhabited Corpse/Fallen Villager Civilization  search
24 Legion Devil Legionnaire Borderlands/Civilization  search
25 Marilith Borderlands/Underdark  search
26 Nightwalker Underdark  search
27 Norker Borderlands/Underdark  search
28 Rat Swarm Civilization/Underdark  search
29 Rockfire Dreadnought Borderlands/Wild  Visible  search
30 Salamander Archer Borderlands  Visible  search
31 Savage Minotaur Wild  Visible  search
32 Shardstorm Vortex Borderlands  search
33 Skeletal Cyclops Underdark/Wild  Visible  search
34 Skeletal Tiefling Civilization/Underdark  search
35 Sorrowsworn Reaper Underdark  search
36 Spectre Borderlands/Underdark  search
37 Tiefling Necromancer Civilization/Underdark  search
38 Vampire Guildmaster Civilization  search
39 Windfiend Fury Civilization  search
40 Zombie Hulk Underdark  Visible  search
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