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Spoils of War

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Spoils of War: 52 miniatures
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S-1 Anchorite Cristia Alliance  Rare  search
S-2 Beren Embersbane Alliance  Common  search
S-35 Bogstrok Razorclaw Monster  Rare  search
S-33 Cairne Bloodhoof Horde  Epic  search
S-18 Champion Shadowsun Horde  Rare  search
S-19 Chancellor Velora Horde  Common  search
S-20 Conqueror Aluna Horde  Rare  search
S-36 Crashing Wave-Spirit Monster  Common  search
S-37 Dagg'um Ty'gor Monster  Rare  search
S-21 Daspian Bladedancer Horde  Rare  search
S-22 Daxin Firesworn Horde  Common  search
S-38 Deathwhisper Monster  Rare  search
S-23 Drokkar of the Four Boars Horde  Common  search
S-3 Elanna Starbreeze Alliance  Common  search
S-24 Elizabeth Cairnwillow Horde  Rare  search
S-39 Etheral Crypt Raider Monster  Common  search
S-40 Etheral Priest Monster  Common  search
S-41 Felguard Legionnaire Monster  Common  search
SP-1 Fleet Master Seahorn Neutral  Promo  search
S-42 Grimdron Monster  Rare  search
S-4 Harnum Firebelly Alliance  Common  search
S-25 Hulok Trailblazer Horde  Common  search
S-26 Illiana Sunshield Horde  Rare  search
S-43 Ironfur Bear Monster  Common  search
S-5 Ixamos the Redeemed Alliance  Rare  search
S-16 Lady Jaina Proudmoore Alliance  Epic  search
S-50 Lady Vashj Monster  Epic  search
S-6 Magdeline Prideheart Alliance  Rare  search
S-27 Magistrix Enaria Horde  Rare  search
S-7 Marlowe Christophers Alliance  Common  search
S-28 Morova of the Sands Horde  Rare  search
S-29 Najan Spiritbinder Horde  Common  search
S-8 Parvink Alliance  Rare  search
S-51 Prince Kael'thas Sunstrider Monster  Epic  search
S-17 Prophet Velen Alliance  Epic  search
S-44 Razaani Nexus Stalker Monster  Rare  search
S-34 Rexxar Horde  Epic  search
S-9 Ryno the Short Alliance  Rare  search
S-45 Sethekk Talon Lord Monster  Common  search
S-30 Sha'do Horde  Rare  search
S-46 Shienor Sorceror Monster  Rare  search
S-31 Sidian Morningblade Horde  Common  search
S-47 Tempest-Forge Destroyer Monster  Common  search
S-10 Tinker Timbletin Alliance  Rare  search
S-11 Umbrage Alliance  Common  search
S-12 Vi'gor Darkbreeze Alliance  Rare  search
S-13 Vindicator Kaustron Alliance  Rare  search
S-48 Warp Stalker Monster  Rare  search
S-49 Wrathguard Monster  Rare  search
S-14 Yanna Dai'shalan Alliance  Common  search
S-32 Za'zu the Grizzled Horde  Common  search
S-15 Zaritha Alliance  Common  search
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