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Promotional Figures

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Promotional Figures: 29 miniatures
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P19 Bullywug Thug Chaotic Evil  search
P16 Burning Skeleton Chaotic Evil  search
P09 Celestial Giant Stag Beetle Lawful Good  search
P39 Cleric of Syreth Lawful Good  search
P36 Combat Medic Lawful Good  search
P10 Crucian Lawful Good / Lawful Evil  search
P4 Dalelands Militia Lawful Good  search
PGenCon Dark Naga Lawful Evil  search
P6 Duergar Warrior Lawful Evil  search
P2005 Elminster of Shadowdale Chaotic Good  search
P21 Forest Troll Chaotic Evil  search
P35 Frost Dwarf Chaotic Evil  search
P15 Gnoll Chaotic Evil  search
P04 Guenhwyvar (card signed by Salvatore) Chaotic Good  search
P28 Half-Orc Paladin Lawful Good  search
P23 Hobgoblin Impaler Lawful Evil  search
P41 Huge Fiendish Spider Chaotic Evil  search
P33 Lion of Talisid Chaotic Good  search
P24 Longstrider Ranger Chaotic Good  search
P17 Longtooth Barbarian Chaotic Good  search
P9 Mina, Dark Cleric Lawful Evil  search
P20 Renegade Warlock Chaotic Good  search
P12 Sahuagin Ranger Lawful Evil  search
P29 Spider of Lolth Chaotic Evil  search
P38 Storm Archer Chaotic Good  search
P34 Tiefling Blademaster Chaotic Evil  search
P18 Undying Soldier Chaotic Good  search
P1 Warforged Fighter Lawful Good  search
P37 Wererat Rogue Lawful Evil  search
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