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Iron Man 3 Movie (Marvel)

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Iron Man 3 Movie (Marvel): 25 miniatures
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008 Aldrich Killian Hydra  Common  search
011 Brandt Hydra  Common  search
012 Extremis Brute Hydra  Common  search
105 Extremis Mercenary Hydra  Starter Exclus.  search
005 Extremis Soldier Hydra  Common  search
200 Iron Man (FCBD) Avengers Initiative  Promotional  search
017 Iron Man and Iron Patriot Marvel Unaffiliated  Chase  search
018 Iron Man and War Machine Marvel Unaffiliated  Chase  search
010 Iron Man Mk 15 Avengers Initiative  Common  search
009 Iron Man Mk 17 Marvel Unaffiliated  Common  search
013 Iron Man Mk 35 Avengers Initiative  Rare  search
014 Iron Man Mk 40 Avengers Initiative  Rare  search
002 Iron Man Mk 42 (Common) Marvel Unaffiliated  Common  search
101 Iron Man Mk 42 (Starter) Marvel Unaffiliated  Starter Exclus.  search
001 Iron Man Mk 7 (Common) Marvel Unaffiliated  Common  search
106 Iron Man Mk 7 (Starter) Marvel Unaffiliated  Starter Exclus.  search
003 Iron Patriot (IM3 Common) Marvel Unaffiliated  Common  search
102 Iron Patriot (IM3 Starter) Shield  Starter Exclus.  search
103 Killian Hydra  Starter Exclus.  search
004 Mandarin (IM3 Common) Hydra  Common  search
104 Mandarin (IM3 Starter) Hydra  Starter Exclus.  search
007 Pepper Potts (IM3) Marvel Unaffiliated  Common  search
015 Savin Hydra  Rare  search
006 Tony Stark (IM3) Avengers Initiative  Common  search
016 War Machine (IM3) Avengers Initiative  Rare  search
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