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Batman: Arkham Origins

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Batman: Arkham Origins: 21 miniatures
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007 Anarky (BAO) DC Unaffiliated  Common  search
021 Bane (BAO) Batman Enemy  Rare  search
008 Bane Thug Batman Enemy  Common  search
010 Barbara Gordon DC Unaffiliated  Uncommon  search
001 Batman (BAO) Batman Ally  Common  search
015 Black Mask (BAO) Batman Enemy  Uncommon  search
002 Black Mask Thug Batman Enemy  Common  search
011 Captain Jim Gordon Police  Uncommon  search
014 Copperhead (BAO) Calculator  Uncommon  search
016 Deadshot (BAO) Calculator  Uncommon  search
020 Deathstroke (BAO) Calculator  Rare  search
012 E. Nigma Batman Enemy  Uncommon  search
003 Electrocutioner Batman Enemy  Common  search
017 Firefly (BAO) Batman Enemy  Rare  search
019 Killer Croc (BAO) Batman Enemy  Rare  search
005 Robin (BAO) Batman Ally  Common  search
018 Shiva Batman Enemy  Rare  search
009 The Joker (BAO) Calculator  Common  search
006 The Joker Thug Batman Enemy  Common  search
013 The Penguin (BAO) Batman Enemy  Uncommon  search
004 The Penguin Thug Batman Enemy  Common  search
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