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Lambda-Class Shuttle

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Lambda-Class Shuttle: 15 miniatures
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LCSHT05 Advanced Sensors Upgrade - System  Fixed  search
LCSHT06 Anti-Pursuit Lasers Upgrade - Modification  Fixed  search
LCSHT01 Captain Kagi Ship - Lambda-Class Shuttle  Fixed  search
LCSHT03 Captain Yorr Ship - Lambda-Class Shuttle  Fixed  search
LCSHT02 Colonel Jendon Ship - Lambda-Class Shuttle  Fixed  search
LCSHT07 Darth Vader Upgrade - Crew  Fixed  search
LCSHT08 Flight Instructor Upgrade - Crew  Fixed  search
LCSHT09 Heavy Laser Cannon Upgrade - Cannon  Fixed  search
LCSHT10 Intelligence Agent Upgrade - Crew  Fixed  search
LCSHT11 Navigator Upgrade - Crew  Fixed  search
LCSHT04 Omicron Group Pilot Ship - Lambda-Class Shuttle  Fixed  search
LCSHT12 Rebel Captive Upgrade - Crew  Fixed  search
LCSHT13 Sensor Jammer Upgrade - System  Fixed  search
LCSHT14 ST-321 Upgrade - Title  Fixed  search
LCSHT15 Weapons Engineer Upgrade - Crew  Fixed  search
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