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We Be Goblins (Builder Set)

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We Be Goblins (Builder Set): 12 miniatures
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12 Chuffy Lickwound Small  Rare  search
3 Goblin Commando Small  Common  search
5 Goblin Commando On Dog Medium  Common  search
6 Goblin Dog Medium  Common  search
2 Goblin hero Small  Common  search
4 Goblin Warchanter Small  Common  search
7 Goblin Warchief Medium  Rare  search
1 Goblin Warrior Small  Common  search
8 Mogmurch Small  Rare  search
9 Poog of Zarongel Small  Rare  search
10 Reta Bigbad Small  Rare  search
11 Vorka Small  Rare  search
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