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Series 4

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Series 4: 12 miniatures
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1 Clara Oswald (Blue Dress) human  fixed  search
12 Cyberman (Blue Chest Panel) robot  search
11 Dalek (Ironside) alien  fixed  search
6 Jack Harkness human  fixed  search
4 Madame Vastra (Silurian Warrior) alien  search
7 Oswin Oswald (Red Dress) human  search
10 Sontaran Strax (Butler) alien  fixed  search
9 The Eleventh Doctor (Red Longcoat & Tie) time lord  fixed  search
2 The Twelfth Doctor (Black Longcoat) time lord  fixed  search
8 The Twelfth Doctor (Regeneration Costume - Purple Longcoat) time lord  fixed  search
3 The War Doctor (John Hurt) time lord  search
5 Zygon alien  fixed  search
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