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Hound's Tooth

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Hound's Tooth: 17 miniatures
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HOUND01 Bossk Ship - YV-666  Fixed  search
HOUND06 Bossk Upgrade - Crew  Fixed  search
HOUND07 Crack Shot Upgrade - Elite Pilot  Fixed  search
HOUND08 Engine Upgrade Upgrade - Modification  Fixed  search
HOUND09 Glitterstim Upgrade - Illicit Upgrade  Fixed  search
HOUND10 Heavy Laser Cannon Upgrade - Cannon  Fixed  search
HOUND11 Hound's Tooth Upgrade - Title  Fixed  search
HOUND12 Ion Projector Upgrade - Modification  Fixed  search
HOUND13 K4 Security Droid Upgrade - Crew  Fixed  search
HOUND04 Latts Razzi Ship - YV-666  Fixed  search
HOUND14 Lone Wolf Upgrade - Elite Pilot  Fixed  search
HOUND15 Maneuvering Fins Upgrade - Modification  Fixed  search
HOUND03 Moralo Eval Ship - YV-666  Fixed  search
HOUND02 Nashtah Pup Pilot Ship - Z-95 Headhunter  Fixed  search
HOUND16 Outlaw Tech Upgrade - Crew  Fixed  search
HOUND17 Stay on Target Upgrade - Elite Pilot  Fixed  search
HOUND05 Trandoshan Slaver Ship - YV-666  Fixed  search
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