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Super Chargers

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Super Chargers: 73 miniatures
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SSC001 Astroblast Character  Regular  search
SSC002 Astroblast - LEGENDARY Character  Rare  search
SSV001 Barrel Blaster Vehicle  Regular  search
SSC033 Barrel Blaster - DARK Character  Rare  search
SSV002 Burn Cycle Vehicle  Regular  search
SSV003 Buzz Wing Vehicle  Regular  search
SSV004 Clown Cruiser Vehicle  Regular  search
SSC034 Clown Cruiser - DARK Character  Rare  search
SSV005 Crypt Crusher Vehicle  Regular  search
SSV006 Dive Bomber Vehicle  Regular  search
SSV024 Dive Bomber - SPRING AHEAD Vehicle  Rare  search
SSC007 Dive Clops Character  Regular  search
SSC044 Dive Clops - MISSILE TOW Character  Rare  search
SSC017 Eruptor - LAVA LANCE Character  Regular  search
SSC018 Eruptor - LAVA LANCE PETINA Character  Rare  search
SSC010 Fiesta Character  Regular  search
SSC009 Fiesta - FRIGHTFUL Character  Rare  search
SSC006 Gill Grunt - DEEP DIVE Character  Regular  search
SSV007 Gold Rusher Vehicle  Regular  search
SSV022 Gold Rusher - POWER BLUE Vehicle  Rare  search
SSC011 Hammer Slam Bowser - DARK Character  Rare  search
SSC012 Hammerslam Bowser Character  Regular  search
SSC014 High Volt Character  Regular  search
SSC013 High Volt - PATINA Character  Rare  search
SSV008 Hot Streak Vehicle  Regular  search
SSC035 Hot Streak - DARK Character  Rare  search
SSC036 Hot Streak - E3 EXCLUSIVE Character  Rare  search
SSC037 Hot Streak - GOLDEN Character  Rare  search
SSV009 Jet Stream Vehicle  Regular  search
SSC016 Jet Vac - HURRICANE Character  Regular  search
SSC015 Jet Vac - HURRICANE LEGENDARY Character  Rare  search
SSI001 Kaos Trophy Item  Regular  search
SSI003 Land Trophy Item  Regular  search
SSC019 Nightfall Character  Regular  search
SSC003 Pop Fizz - BIG BUBBLE Character  Regular  search
SSC045 Pop Fizz - BIG BUBBLE BIRTHDAY BASH Character  Rare  search
SSV010 Reef Ripper Vehicle  Regular  search
SSC005 Roller Brawl - BONE BASH Character  Regular  search
SSC004 Roller Brawl - BONE BASH LEGENDARY Character  Rare  search
SSV011 Sea Shadow Vehicle  Regular  search
SSC040 Sea Shadow - DARK Vehicle  Rare  search
SSI002 Sea Trophy Item  Regular  search
SSV012 Shark Tank Vehicle  Regular  search
SSV013 Shield Striker Vehicle  Regular  search
SSV014 Shield Striker - PETINA Vehicle  Rare  search
SSV015 Sky Slicer Vehicle  Regular  search
SSI004 Sky Trophy Item  Regular  search
SSC022 Smash Hit Character  Regular  search
SSC021 Smash Hit - STEEL PLATED Character  Rare  search
SSV016 Soda Skimmer Vehicle  Regular  search
SSC041 Soda Skimmer - NITRO Character  Rare  search
SSC024 SpitFire Character  Regular  search
SSC023 Spitfire - DARK Character  Rare  search
SSC025 Splat Character  Regular  search
SSC043 Splat - POWER BLUE Character  Rare  search
SSV017 Splatter Splasher Vehicle  Regular  search
SSV023 Splatter Splasher - POWER BLUE Vehicle  Rare  search
SSC028 Stealth Elf - SUPER SHOT Character  Regular  search
SSC027 Stealth Elf - SUPER SHOT DARK Character  Rare  search
SSV018 Stealth Stinger Vehicle  Regular  search
SSC039 Stealth Stinger - NITRO Character  Rare  search
SSC026 Storm Blade Character  Regular  search
SSV019 Sun Runner Vehicle  Regular  search
SSC038 Sun Runner - LEGENDARY Character  Rare  search
SSC020 Terrafin - SHARK SHOOTER Character  Regular  search
SSC030 Thrillipede Character  Regular  search
SSC029 Thrillipede - EASTER Character  Rare  search
SSV020 Thump Truck Vehicle  Regular  search
SSV021 Tomb Buggy Vehicle  Regular  search
SSC008 Trigger Happy - DOUBLE DARE Character  Regular  search
SSC042 Trigger Happy - DOUBLE DARE POWER BLUE Character  Rare  search
SSC032 Turbo Charge Donkey Kong Character  Regular  search
SSC031 Turbo Charge Donkey Kong - DARK Character  Rare  search
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