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Icons of the Realms: Monster Menagerie II

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Icons of the Realms: Monster Menagerie II: 61 miniatures
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44 Adventurer's Camp Civilization  Fixed  search
043 Androsphinx Wilderness  search
042 Beholder Underdark  search
025 Black Pudding Wilderness  search
023 Brass Dragon Wyrmling Borderlands  search
012 Bugbear (Axe) Borderlands  search
017 Bugbear (Double-Headed Axe) Borderlands  search
005 Bullywug Wilderness  search
026 Clay Golem Wilderness  search
006 Drow Elite Warrior Underdark  search
006i Drow Elite Warrior (Invisible) Underdark  VR  search
011 Elf Fighter Civilization  search
011i Elf Fighter (Invisible) Civilization  VR  search
044a Ezmerelda's Wagon Civilization  Fixed  search
032 Galeb Duhr Wilderness  search
008 Ghast Borderlands  search
001 Giant Rat Borderlands  search
020b Gnoll (Flail) Borderlands  search
020a Gnoll (No Weapon) Borderlands  search
015 Goblin (Axe) Borderlands  search
003 Goblin (Sword) Borderlands  search
038 Gold Dragon Wyrmling Wilderness  search
036 Grick Underdark  search
041 Gynosphinx Wilderness  search
037 Half-Gold Dragon Sorcerer Civilization  search
037i Half-Gold Dragon Sorcerer (Invisible) Civilization  VR  search
019 Half-Orc Barbarian Borderlands  search
019i Half-Orc Barbarian (Invisible) Borderlands  VR  search
004 Halfling Rogue Civilization  search
004i Halfling Rogue (Invisible) Civilization  VR  search
027 Hippogriff Wilderness  search
018b Hobgoblin (Helm & Swords) Borderlands  search
018a Hobgoblin (Sword & Shield) Borderlands  search
044b Horse Civilization  Fixed  search
009 Human Cleric Civilization  search
009i Human Cleric (Invisible) Civilization  VR  search
010 Human Monk Civilization  search
010i Human Monk (Invisible) Civilization  VR  search
021a Human Wizard Civilization  search
021b Human Wizard (Invisible) Civilization  VR  search
028 Iron Golem Borderlands  search
014 Kobold (Axe) Borderlands  search
002 Kobold (Spiked Club) Borderlands  search
034b Mind Flayer (Cestus) Underdark  VR  search
034bi Mind Flayer (Cestus) (Invisible) Underdark  VR  search
034a Mind Flayer (No Weapon) Underdark  VR  search
034ai Mind Flayer (No Weapon) (Invisible) Underdark  VR  search
016 Orc (Sword) Borderlands  search
007 Orc (Warhammer) Borderlands  search
029 Planetar Angel Lawful Good  search
039 Red Dragon Wyrmling Wilderness  search
13 Sahuagin Wilderness  search
022 Sea Hag Wilderness  search
030 Stone Golem Borderlands  search
035 Tiefling Warlock Civilization  search
035i Tiefling Warlock (Invisible) Civilization  VR  search
033a Uthgardt Barbarian (Beard) Wilderness  VR  search
033b Uthgardt Barbarian (Goatee) Wilderness  VR  search
024 White Dragon Wyrmling Wilderness  search
031 Worg Wilderness  search
040 Young Black Dragon Wilderness  search
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