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Harbinger: 80 miniatures
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15 Arcane Archer Chaotic Good  search
16 Axe Sister Chaotic Good  search
32 Azer Raider Lawful Good / Lawful Evil  search
39 Barghest Lawful Evil  search
40 Bearded Devil Lawful Evil  search
17 Centaur Chaotic Good  search
18 Cleric of Corellon Larethian Chaotic Good  search
59 Cleric of Gruumsh Chaotic Evil  search
1 Cleric of Order Lawful Good  search
2 Cleric of Yondalla Lawful Good  search
19 Crested Felldrake Chaotic Good  search
20 Devis, Half-Elf Bard Chaotic Good  search
34 Dire Boar Any  search
41 Displacer Beast Lawful Evil  search
60 Drow Archer Chaotic Evil  search
61 Drow Cleric of Lolth Chaotic Evil  search
62 Drow Fighter Chaotic Evil  search
3 Dwarf Axefighter Lawful Good  search
9 Earth Elemental Lawful Good  search
21 Elf Archer Chaotic Good  search
22 Elf Pyromancer Chaotic Good  search
23 Elf Ranger Chaotic Good  search
4 Ember Lawful Good  search
5 Evoker's Apprentice Lawful Good  search
63 Ghoul Chaotic Evil  search
64 Gnoll Chaotic Evil  search
24 Gnome Recruit Chaotic Good  search
42 Goblin Sneak Lawful Evil  search
65 Half-Orc Assassin Chaotic Evil  search
43 Half-Orc Fighter Lawful Evil  search
33 Half-Orc Monk Lawful Good / Lawful Evil  search
6 Halfling Veteran Lawful Good  search
44 Hell Hound Lawful Evil  search
7 Hound Archon Lawful Good  search
66 Human Bandit Chaotic Evil  search
45 Human Blackguard Lawful Evil  search
8 Human Commoner Lawful Good  search
46 Human Executioner Lawful Evil  search
47 Human Thug Lawful Evil  search
25 Human Wanderer Chaotic Good  search
67 Hyena Chaotic Evil  search
14 Jozan Lawful Good / Chaotic Good  search
48 Kobold Warrior Lawful Evil  search
26 Krusk, Half-Orc Barbarian Chaotic Good  search
68 Kuo-Toa Chaotic Evil  search
69 Large Fire Elemental Chaotic Evil  search
27 Lidda Chaotic Good  search
35 Lizardfolk Any  search
10 Man at Arms Lawful Good  search
49 Medusa Lawful Evil  search
50 Mind Flayer Lawful Evil  search
70 Minotaur Chaotic Evil  search
51 Mummy Lawful Evil  search
28 Nebin, Gnome Illusionist Chaotic Good  search
71 Ogre Chaotic Evil  search
72 Orc Archer Chaotic Evil  search
73 Orc Berserker Chaotic Evil  search
74 Orc Spearfighter Chaotic Evil  search
75 Orc Warrior Chaotic Evil  search
54 Owlbear Lawful Evil / Chaotic Evil  search
36 Shambling Mound Any  search
55 Skeleton Lawful Evil / Chaotic Evil  search
11 Sun Soul Initiate Lawful Good  search
12 Sword of Heironeous Lawful Good  search
38 Thri-kreen Ranger Chaotic Good / Chaotic Evil  search
76 Tiefling Captain Chaotic Evil  search
13 Tordek Lawful Good  search
56 Troglodyte Zombie Lawful Evil / Chaotic Evil  search
77 Troll Chaotic Evil  search
78 Umber Hulk Chaotic Evil  search
29 Vadania Chaotic Good  search
79 Werewolf Chaotic Evil  search
52 Wight Lawful Evil  search
30 Wild Elf Barbarian Chaotic Good  search
37 Wolf Any  search
57 Wolf Skeleton Lawful Evil / Chaotic Evil  search
31 Wood Elf Skirmisher Chaotic Good  search
80 Worg Chaotic Evil  search
53 Wraith Lawful Evil  search
58 Zombie Lawful Evil / Chaotic Evil  search
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