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Dragoneye: 60 miniatures
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43 Abyssal Maw Chaotic Evil  search
28 Baaz Draconian Lawful Evil  search
25 Barbarian Mercenary Any  search
44 Black Dragon (Young) Chaotic Evil  search
13 Bladesinger Chaotic Good  search
29 Blue Wyrmling Lawful Evil  search
14 Brass Dragon (Young) Chaotic Good  search
45 Bright Naga Chaotic Evil  search
46 Bugbear Chaotic Evil  search
41 Carrion Crawler Lawful Evil / Chaotic Evil  search
47 Chitine Chaotic Evil  search
1 Cleric of Moradin Lawful Good  search
30 Cleric of Nerull Lawful Evil  search
15 Copper Samurai Chaotic Good  search
16 Daring Rogue Chaotic Good  search
26 Dire Ape Any  search
11 Dire Lion Lawful Good / Chaotic Good  search
48 Dretch Chaotic Evil  search
49 Drow Warrior Chaotic Evil  search
50 Drow Wizard Chaotic Evil  search
27 Druid of Obad-Hai Any  search
17 Drunken Master Chaotic Good  search
18 Dwarf Barbarian Chaotic Good  search
2 Dwarven Defender Lawful Good  search
10 Dwarven Werebear (Hybrid Form) Lawful Good  search
19 Elf Spearguard Chaotic Good  search
51 Eye of Gruumsh Chaotic Evil  search
52 Gargoyle Chaotic Evil  search
3 Gnome Fighter Lawful Good  search
31 Goblin Skirmisher Lawful Evil  search
32 Goblin Warrior Lawful Evil  search
4 Gold Champion (Half-Dragon) Lawful Good  search
42 Grimlock Lawful Evil / Chaotic Evil  search
20 Half-Elf Sorcerer Chaotic Good  search
21 Halfling Outrider Chaotic Good  search
53 Harpy Chaotic Evil  search
33 Hobgoblin Warrior Lawful Evil  search
5 Human Crossbowman Lawful Good  search
34 Kapak Draconian Lawful Evil  search
22 Kerwyn, Human Rogue Chaotic Good  search
35 Kobold Skirmisher Lawful Evil  search
54 Large Monstrous Spider Chaotic Evil  search
55 Large Red Dragon (Young) Chaotic Evil  search
6 Lion Falcon Monk Lawful Good  search
23 Medium Air Elemental Chaotic Good  search
36 Medium Water Elemental Lawful Evil  search
56 Ogre Ravager Chaotic Evil  search
57 Orc Druid Chaotic Evil  search
7 Purple Dragon Knight Lawful Good  search
58 Red Samurai Chaotic Evil  search
12 Regdar, Human Fighter Lawful Good / Chaotic Good  search
37 Salamander Lawful Evil  search
24 Silver Sorcerer (Half-Dragon) Chaotic Good  search
59 Small White Dragon (Very Young) Chaotic Evil  search
8 Stalwart Paladin Lawful Good  search
9 Stonechild Lawful Good  search
38 Thayan Knight Lawful Evil  search
60 Troglodyte Chaotic Evil  search
39 Urthok the Vicious Lawful Evil  search
40 Wererat (Hybrid Form) Lawful Evil  search
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