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Harley Quinn and the Gotham Girls

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Harley Quinn and the Gotham Girls: 74 miniatures
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011 Asylum Doctor DC Unaffiliated  Common  search
015 Batgirl (HQ Common) Batman Ally  Common  search
037 Batgirl (HQ Rare) DC Unaffiliated  Rare  search
014 Batman (HQ Common) Batman Ally  Common  search
029 Batman (HQ Uncommon) Batman Ally/Police  Uncommon  search
062 Batman, God of Knowledge Batman Ally/Quintessence  Chase  search
038 Batwoman (HQ) DC Unaffiliated  Rare  search
040 Bernadeth Superman Enemy  Rare  search
023a Big Barda (HQ) Superman Enemy  Uncommon  search
023b Big Barda (HQ) (Prime) Justice League  Uncommon  search
004 Big Tony Underworld  Common  search
019a Bud DC Unaffiliated  Uncommon  search
005 Catman (HQ) DC Unaffiliated  Common  search
042 Catwoman (HQ Rare) DC Unaffiliated  Rare  search
020 Catwoman (HQ Uncommon) DC Unaffiliated  Uncommon  search
026 Dr. Harleen Quinzel DC Unaffiliated  Uncommon  search
033 Dr. Holly Quinn DC Unaffiliated  Rare  search
048 Dr. Mid-Nite (HQ) Justice Society  Rare  search
027 Duchess Suicide Squad  Uncommon  search
041 Enchantress (HQ) Suicide Squad  Rare  search
013 GCPD Officer (HQ) Police  Common  search
055 Giganta (HQ) DC Unaffiliated  Super-Rare  search
068 Grail DC Unaffiliated  Chase  search
046 Granny Goodness (HQ) Superman Enemy  Rare  search
064 Green Lantern, God of Light Green Lantern/Quintessence  Chase  search
058 Harley & Ivy Batman Enemy/Calculator  Super-Rare  search
001 Harley Quinn (HQ Common) Batman Enemy  Common  search
043a Harley Quinn (HQ Rare) Calculator  Rare  search
043b Harley Quinn (HQ Rare) (Prime) DC Unaffiliated  Rare  search
049 Harley Quinn (HQ SR 049) Batman Enemy  Super-Rare  search
059a Harley Quinn (HQ SR 059a) DC Unaffiliated  Super-Rare  search
059b Harley Quinn (HQ SR) (Prime) Green Lantern  Super-Rare  search
017 Harley Quinn (HQ Uncommon) DC Unaffiliated  Uncommon  search
025 HIVE Commander DC Unaffiliated  Uncommon  search
010 HIVE Trooper (HQ) DC Unaffiliated  Common  search
039 Jeanette DC Unaffiliated  Rare  search
054 King Shark (HQ) DC Unaffiliated  Super-Rare  search
003b Kirk DePaul, Manhunter (Prime) DC Unaffiliated  Common  search
044 Kite Man Batman Enemy  Rare  search
006 Knockout (HQ) Calculator  Common  search
056 Lashina (HQ) Superman Enemy  Super-Rare  search
066 Lex Luthor, God of Apokolips Quintessence  Chase  search
019b Lou DC Unaffiliated  Uncommon  search
022 Mad Harriet Superman Enemy  Uncommon  search
035 Mera (HQ) DC Unaffiliated  Rare  search
012 Mercenary (HQ) DC Unaffiliated  Common  search
057 Nightshade (HQ) Suicide Squad  Super-Rare  search
003a Paul Kirk, Manhunter DC Unaffiliated  Common  search
008 Plastique Suicide Squad  Common  search
018 Poison Ivy (HQ) DC Unaffiliated  Uncommon  search
045 Prometheus (HQ) Batman Enemy  Rare  search
047 Queen Bee (HQ) DC Unaffiliated  Rare  search
032 Red Tornado (HQ) Justice Society  Uncommon  search
028 Renee Montoya (HQ) Batman Ally/Police  Uncommon  search
030 Robin (HQ Uncommon 030) Batman Ally  Uncommon  search
031 Robin (HQ Uncommon 031) Batman Ally  Uncommon  search
060 Sand Justice Society  Super-Rare  search
021 Scandal Savage (HQ) DC Unaffiliated  Uncommon  search
009 Scarecrow (HQ Common) Batman Enemy  Common  search
024 Scarecrow (HQ Uncommon) DC Unaffiliated  Uncommon  search
065 Shazam, God of Gods Mystics/Quintessence  Chase  search
036 Stargirl (HQ) DC Unaffiliated  Rare  search
007 Stompa Superman Enemy  Common  search
051 Supergirl (HQ) Superman Ally  Super-Rare  search
061 Superman, God of Strength Quintessence/Superman Ally  Chase  search
063 The Flash, God of Death Justice League/Quintessence  Chase  search
100 The Harlequin (HQ) Underworld  Limited Edition  search
002 The Joker (HQ Common) Batman Enemy  Common  search
034 The Joker (HQ Rare) DC Unaffiliated  Rare  search
050 The Joker (HQ SR) Batman Enemy  Super-Rare  search
067 Wonder Woman (HQ Chase) DC Unaffiliated  Chase  search
016 Wonder Woman (HQ Common) Justice Society  Common  search
052 Wonder Woman (HQ SR) DC Unaffiliated  Super-Rare  search
053 Zatanna (HQ) DC Unaffiliated  Super-Rare  search
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