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Archfiends: 60 miniatures
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44 Abyssal Eviscerator Chaotic Evil  search
28 Aspect of Bane Lawful Evil  search
45 Aspect of Demogorgon Chaotic Evil  search
46 Aspect of Lolth Chaotic Evil  search
47 Aspect of Orcus Chaotic Evil  search
29 Bone Devil Lawful Evil  search
11 Catfolk Chaotic Good  search
12 Champion of Eilistraee Chaotic Good  search
25 Clay Golem Chaotic Good / Chaotic Evil  search
13 Cleric of Kord Chaotic Good  search
1 Cleric of Lathander Lawful Good  search
48 Cultist of the Dragon Chaotic Evil  search
49 Cursed Spirit Chaotic Evil  search
2 Dalelands Militia Lawful Good  search
30 Dark Moon Monk Lawful Evil  search
31 Dread Guard Lawful Evil  search
14 Drizzt, Drow Ranger Chaotic Good  search
50 Drow Sergeant Chaotic Evil  search
32 Duergar Warrior Lawful Evil  search
33 Erinyes Lawful Evil  search
15 Evermeet Wizard Chaotic Good  search
34 Gauth Lawful Evil  search
51 Githyanki Fighter Chaotic Evil  search
23 Githzerai Lawful Good / Lawful Evil  search
52 Gnoll Archer Chaotic Evil  search
3 Gold Dwarf Fighter Lawful Good  search
41 Gravehound Lawful Evil / Chaotic Evil  search
16 Graycloak Ranger Chaotic Good  search
26 Half-Orc Barbarian Chaotic Good / Chaotic Evil  search
17 Halfling Ranger Chaotic Good  search
18 Halfling Wizard Chaotic Good  search
9 Healer Lawful Good / Chaotic Good  search
53 Hill Giant Chaotic Evil  search
35 Human Cleric of Bane Lawful Evil  search
4 Human Dragonslayer Lawful Good  search
19 Ialdabode, Human Psion Chaotic Good  search
5 Large Silver Dragon Lawful Good  search
6 Medium Earth Elemental Lawful Good  search
54 Medium Fire Elemental Chaotic Evil  search
10 Mialee, Elf Wizard Lawful Good / Chaotic Good  search
20 Moon Elf Fighter Chaotic Good  search
36 Nothic Lawful Evil  search
42 Ochre Jelly Lawful Evil / Chaotic Evil  search
55 Orc Champion Chaotic Evil  search
56 Orc Raider Chaotic Evil  search
7 Paladin of Torm Lawful Good  search
21 Ragnara, Psychic Warrior Chaotic Good  search
37 Red Wizard Lawful Evil  search
24 Sage Any  search
38 Snig the Axe Lawful Evil  search
8 Soldier of Cormyr Lawful Good  search
22 Unicorn Chaotic Good  search
57 Vampire Aristocrat Chaotic Evil  search
58 Vrock Chaotic Evil  search
43 Warrior Skeleton Lawful Evil / Chaotic Evil  search
27 Wereboar Chaotic Good / Chaotic Evil  search
39 Xill Lawful Evil  search
59 Young Minotaur Chaotic Evil  search
60 Yuan-Ti Pureblood Chaotic Evil  search
40 Zhentarim Fighter Lawful Evil  search
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