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Angelfire: 60 miniatures
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51 Abyssal Skulker Chaotic Evil  search
14 Archmage Chaotic Good  search
35 Barbed Devil Lawful Evil  search
32 Blackscale Lizardfolk Chaotic Good / Chaotic Evil  search
52 Bugbear Champion of Erythnul Chaotic Evil  search
01 Caravan Guard Lawful Good  search
15 Celestial Pegasus Chaotic Good  search
36 Chain Devil Lawful Evil  search
37 Chraal Lawful Evil  search
02 Cleric of Dol Arrah Lawful Good  search
38 Direguard Lawful Evil  search
16 Divine Crusader of Corellon Chaotic Good  search
17 Djinni Chaotic Good  search
31 Dwarf Mercenary Lawful Good / Lawful Evil  search
03 Dwarf Raider Lawful Good  search
04 Dwarf Wizard Lawful Good  search
39 Efreeti Lawful Evil  search
18 Elf Swashbuckler Chaotic Good  search
53 Feral Minotaur Chaotic Evil  search
54 Fiendish Dire Wolverine Chaotic Evil  search
40 Flamebrother Salamander Lawful Evil  search
19 Ghaele Eladrin Chaotic Good  search
41 Ghostly Consort Lawful Evil  search
55 Hezrou Chaotic Evil  search
42 Hobgoblin Impaler Lawful Evil  search
43 Imp Lawful Evil  search
05 Justice Archon Lawful Good  search
44 Kobold Soldier Lawful Evil  search
20 Large Air Elemental Chaotic Good  search
21 Large Copper Dragon Chaotic Good  search
22 Longstrider Ranger Chaotic Good  search
56 Magmin Chaotic Evil  search
45 Mina, Dark Cleric Lawful Evil  search
06 Mounted Paladin Lawful Good  search
46 Ogre Mage Lawful Evil  search
57 Ophidian Chaotic Evil  search
58 Orc Wolf Shaman Chaotic Evil  search
47 Orog Warlord Lawful Evil  search
23 Phoelarch Chaotic Good  search
33 Red Slaad Chaotic Good / Chaotic Evil  search
34 Scorpion Clan Drow Fighter Chaotic Good / Chaotic Evil  search
50 Skeletal Archer Lawful Evil / Chaotic Evil  search
07 Spiker Champion Lawful Good  search
48 Steel Predator Lawful Evil  search
08 Stone Giant Lawful Good  search
09 Sword Archon Lawful Good  search
24 Talenta Halfling Chaotic Good  search
25 Thorn Chaotic Good  search
26 Thri-Kreen Barbarian Chaotic Good  search
59 Troll Slasher Chaotic Evil  search
10 Trumpet Archon Lawful Good  search
11 Ulmo Lightbringer Lawful Good  search
49 Vargouille Lawful Evil  search
12 Village Priest Lawful Good  search
27 Wand Expert Chaotic Good  search
13 Werebear Lawful Good  search
28 Weretiger Chaotic Good  search
29 Wild Elf Raider Chaotic Good  search
60 Wrackspawn Chaotic Evil  search
30 Xeph Warrior Chaotic Good  search
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