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War Drums

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War Drums: 60 miniatures
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01 Arcane Ballista Lawful Good  search
02 Arcanix Guard Lawful Good  search
28 Aspect of Hextor Lawful Evil  search
03 Aspect of Moradin Lawful Good  search
04 Axe Soldier Lawful Good  search
44 Blood Ghost Berserker Chaotic Evil  search
15 Brass Samurai Chaotic Good  search
45 Chimera Chaotic Evil  search
05 Combat Medic Lawful Good  search
46 Derro Chaotic Evil  search
16 Dragon Totem Hero Chaotic Good  search
17 Dragonne Chaotic Good  search
06 Elemental Wall Lawful Good  search
47 Fiendish Girallon Chaotic Evil  search
29 Flameskull Lawful Evil  search
48 Frost Dwarf Chaotic Evil  search
30 Goblin Blackblade Lawful Evil  search
31 Goblin Underboss Lawful Evil  search
27 Gulgar Any  search
18 Halfling Slinger Chaotic Good  search
49 Hill Giant Barbarian Chaotic Evil  search
50 Hill Giant Chieftain Chaotic Evil  search
32 Hobgoblin Archer Lawful Evil  search
51 Horde Zombie Chaotic Evil  search
52 Howling Orc Chaotic Evil  search
19 Hunting Cougar Chaotic Good  search
33 Inspired Lieutenant Lawful Evil  search
34 Karrnathi Zombie Lawful Evil  search
35 Khumat Lawful Evil  search
53 King Obould Many-Arrows Chaotic Evil  search
07 Large Bronze Dragon Lawful Good  search
36 Large Duergar Lawful Evil  search
20 Lion of Talisid Chaotic Good  search
21 Mephling Pyromancer Chaotic Good  search
37 Night Hag Lawful Evil  search
54 Ogre War Hulk Chaotic Evil  search
55 Orc Mauler Chaotic Evil  search
56 Orc Wardrummer Chaotic Evil  search
57 Quaggoth Slave Chaotic Evil  search
08 Sacred Watcher Lawful Good  search
09 Sand Giant Lawful Good  search
10 Shieldwall Soldier Lawful Good  search
38 Shuluth, Archvillain Lawful Evil  search
39 Skeletal Legionnaire Lawful Evil  search
40 Snig, Worg Rider Lawful Evil  search
22 Steelheart Archer Chaotic Good  search
41 Terror Wight Lawful Evil  search
58 Tiefling Blademaster Chaotic Evil  search
59 Troglodyte Thug Chaotic Evil  search
42 War Troll Lawful Evil  search
23 Warbound Impaler Chaotic Good  search
60 Warduke Chaotic Evil  search
24 Warforged Barbarian Chaotic Good  search
11 Warforged Bodyguard Lawful Good  search
12 Warforged Captain Lawful Good  search
13 Warforged Scout Lawful Good  search
14 Warpriest of Moradin Lawful Good  search
25 Wemic Barbarian Chaotic Good  search
26 Wood Elf Ranger Chaotic Good  search
43 Zakya Rakshasa Lawful Evil  search
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