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Unhallowed: 64 miniatures
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12 Air Mephit Chaotic Good  search
13 Asura Chaotic Good  search
30 Bat Familiar Any  search
31 Beholder Lich Lawful Evil  search
1 Blessed Hunter Lawful Good  search
32 Blood Golem of Hextor Lawful Evil  search
33 Blood of Vol Divinity Seeker Lawful Evil  search
34 Bone Naga Lawful Evil  search
48 Bugbear Gang Leader Chaotic Evil  search
49 Caller in Darkness Chaotic Evil  search
50 Canoloth Chaotic Evil  search
2 Celestial Giant Owl Lawful Good  search
14 Changeling Rogue Chaotic Good  search
15 Cleric of Sune Chaotic Good  search
3 Cormyrean War Wizard Lawful Good  search
35 Count Strahd Von Zarovich, Vampire Lawful Evil  search
35bis Count Strahd Von Zarovich, Vampire (Epic) Lawful Evil  search
51 Dark Talon Champion Chaotic Evil  search
4 Devotee of the Silver Flame Lawful Good  search
36 Devourer Lawful Evil  search
37 Displacer Beast Manhunter Lawful Evil  search
38 Duergar Slaver Lawful Evil  search
16 Dwarf Battlerager Chaotic Good  search
52 Fire Mephit Chaotic Evil  search
39 Gorgon Lawful Evil  search
53 Gravetouched Ghoul Chaotic Evil  search
40 Graypeak Goblin Archer Lawful Evil  search
17 Halfling Brawler Chaotic Good  search
28 High Inquisitor Lawful Good / Lawful Evil  search
41 Inspired Shock Trooper Lawful Evil  search
54 Intellect Devourer Chaotic Evil  search
5 Knight of the Chalice Lawful Good  search
18 Large Astral Construct Chaotic Good  search
55 Large Black Dragon Chaotic Evil  search
19 Large Brass Dragon Chaotic Good  search
29 Large Ice Elemental Lawful Good / Lawful Evil  search
20 Lyrandar Skyfire Captain Chaotic Good  search
21 Marid Chaotic Good  search
42 Nessian Warhound Lawful Evil  search
43 Ogre Executioner Lawful Evil  search
6 Pentifex Monolith Lawful Good  search
7 Phalanx Soldier Lawful Good  search
22 Pseudodragon Chaotic Good  search
23 Rat Swarm Chaotic Good  search
56 Redspawn Arcaniss Chaotic Evil  search
8 Shield Guardian Lawful Good  search
9 Stone Giant Runecarver Lawful Good  search
24 Stormrage Shambler Chaotic Good  search
44 Strahd Zombie Lawful Evil  search
57 Thrall of Blackrazor Chaotic Evil  search
57bis Thrall of Blackrazor (Epic) Chaotic Evil  search
58 Tiefling Warlock Chaotic Evil  search
45 Torturer Lawful Evil  search
46 Tsucora Quori Lawful Evil  search
47 Ultroloth Lawful Evil  search
47bis Ultroloth (Epic) Lawful Evil  search
59 Vampire Dire Wolf Chaotic Evil  search
11 Vampire Hunter Lawful Good / Chaotic Good  search
10 Van Richten Lawful Good  search
10bis Van Richten (Epic) Lawful Good  search
25 Virtuous Charger Chaotic Good  search
60 Werewolf Lord Chaotic Evil  search
26 Wild Elf Warsinger Chaotic Good  search
27 Wizard of Turmish Chaotic Good  search
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