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Night Below

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Night Below: 60 miniatures
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1 Arcadian Avenger Lawful Good  search
26 Aspect of Loviatar Lawful Evil  search
27 Assassin Lawful Evil  search
45 Babau Chaotic Evil  search
46 Berserk Flesh Golem Chaotic Evil  search
28 Bluespawn Ambusher Lawful Evil  search
2 Brass Golem Lawful Good  search
47 Carnage Demon Chaotic Evil  search
48 Cerebrilith Chaotic Evil  search
3 Champion of Dol Dorn Lawful Good  search
49 Clawborn Scorrow Chaotic Evil  search
15 Darkmantle Chaotic Good  search
4 Deep Legionnaire Lawful Good  search
5 Delver Sergeant Lawful Good  search
16 Digester Chaotic Good  search
17 Dire Tiger Chaotic Good  search
50 Dracotaur Rager Chaotic Evil  search
29 Dread Wraith Lawful Evil  search
51 Drow Enforcer Chaotic Evil  search
6 Earth Mephit Lawful Good  search
30 Exarch of Tyranny Lawful Evil  search
52 Frost Giant Jarl Chaotic Evil  search
18 Giant Eagle Chaotic Good  search
53 Gnoll Claw Fighter Chaotic Evil  search
31 Greater Barghest Lawful Evil  search
19 Greater Basilisk Chaotic Good  search
32 Greenspawn Zealot Lawful Evil  search
13 Greyhawk City Militia Sergeant Lawful Good / Chaotic Good  search
7 Guard of Mithral Hall Lawful Good  search
8 Guardian Naga Lawful Good  search
20 Halfling Tombseeker Chaotic Good  search
21 Hierophant of the Seventh Wind Chaotic Good  search
33 Hobgoblin Marshal Lawful Evil  search
34 Ice Mephit Lawful Evil  search
9 Kalashtar Bodyguard Lawful Good  search
35 Kobold Trapmaker Lawful Evil  search
43 Krenshar Lawful Evil / Chaotic Evil  search
54 Kuo-Toa Hunter Chaotic Evil  search
55 Kuo-Toa Whip Chaotic Evil  search
36 Lady Vol Lawful Evil  search
56 Large Chaos Beast Chaotic Evil  search
10 Large Gold Dragon Lawful Good  search
57 Large Shadow Dragon Chaotic Evil  search
58 Large White Dragon Chaotic Evil  search
44 Lifeleech Otyugh Lawful Evil / Chaotic Evil  search
37 Medusa Archer Lawful Evil  search
38 Mind Flayer Lich Lawful Evil  search
39 Noble Salamander Lawful Evil  search
59 Orc Banebreak Rider Chaotic Evil  search
40 Prisoner Lawful Evil  search
14 Raistlin Majere Lawful Good / Chaotic Good  search
60 Shadow Chaotic Evil  search
11 Shadowbane Inquisitor Lawful Good  search
41 Skeletal Courser Lawful Evil  search
42 Trained Carrion Crawler Lawful Evil  search
12 Valiant Cavalry Lawful Good  search
22 Verdant Reaver Chaotic Good  search
23 Warpriest of Vandria Chaotic Good  search
24 Wild Mage Chaotic Good  search
25 Wulfgar Chaotic Good  search
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