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miniature review Vornskr

Miniature Review
Vornskr: click to enlarge

  • Faction: Fringe
  • Number: 31
  • Rarity: Common
  • Cost: 27
  • Defense: 18
  • Attack: 10
  • Damage: 10
  • Item type: Miniature
  • Hit Points: 70
written by capttypho
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General description:
These are mean little buggers I normally refer to as the ‘rats’ … due to their appearance. If your opponents like to always include one monster force-user, this is the character for you. For example, if you have an opponent who constantly picks Luke Skywalker, Jedi Master, you can send two ‘rats’ after him. For a lower price they have more hit points than Luke (140 to 130) and can not only do some damage, but if you are lucky they can keep a opponent from engaging with that high level character at all.

Stop single high level Jedi/Sith. Destroy them or keep them impotent. There is also something deeply unnerving and morale shaking about having your Jedi eaten by rats.

Strategies and game play:
Use these in teams of two when you know a high level Jedi/Sith will be in use… as is the case with players you’ve played several times and they always play Darth Vader. (Sometimes, you can tell these players even before you play them!) Use stealth to keep your Vornskrs out of the line of fire until they get to their target. If the Jedi/Sith gets sent off by himself, send the ‘rats’ in. If you win initiative and the Vornskrs are in range, always move the ‘rats’ first on your turn. You want to get a chance to attack the Jedi/Sith before he gets to activate. They get +14 to hit and they’ll do 20 points of damage when they hit. They also have a 50/50 chance of forcing the target to activate…rendering it useless for the round. If you’re having a really good day they will poison the Jedi/Sith as well… possible 60 points of damage in a single round. Roll a natural 20 with one of these and you’ll be able to hear even the most stoic opponent moan. After the main force-user is dead, send them after any other force-user. If none are present, look for low level troops to mop up.

Combos with other miniatures:
Nobody much likes the ‘rats,’ so they pretty much work on their own. You actually want to use the other characters in your force to concentrate on the rest of the enemy team. Let the Vornskrs have their fun. Don’t use with characters that have Dominate. The natural targets of the Vornskrs are the exact characters you’ll want to dominate and turn against their owners.

Ways to counteract it:
Do not engage, especially with Jedi/Sith. Let your support troopers handle these guys. You main job is to keep them away from your force-users. Fortunately you will always know who their targets are. Shoot them from a distance if possible, though their stealth will make this difficult. If you have droids, send them in. Destroyer Droids make perfect ‘rat’ catchers.

Nice hit points and just the type of special skills that one needs to stop a high level force-user. Fair defense and attack plusses for use against Jedi/Sith.

No force immunity. If they had that, we’d be talking real Jedi killers…and possibly unbalanced game.

Artwork and aesthetics:
These figures could also be used for giant rats in any D and D Miniature game.

Overall rating (1-10):
I give this miniature a rating of 9.

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Modified on June 26, 2013 06:14 pm

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United States

Avatar for bobannegraeme
Subject:    Posted: November 29, 2005 09:07 pm Reply with quote Report content icon

This character is unbalancing. It is effective enough without sometimes causing the enemy to activate. If a player is using multiple force users, whether they are super powerful or not, they will lose a vast majority of the time if the enemy has Vornskr(s) in their squad.
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United States

Avatar for capttypho
Subject:    Posted: November 30, 2005 10:42 pm Reply with quote Report content icon

That's why you would engage them with regular troops, not force users. If played correctly, they fall like anything else... the trick is not to let them become effectve. When playing the other side, I tend to take them out quickly at a distance. But if you really want fair play... keep a couple on your side too. Fortunately they are Fringe and fit into any faction.
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