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miniature review La Resolucion: I resolve to shoot things. A lot.

Miniature Review
La Resolucion: click to enlarge
La Resolucion

Miniature text:

This ship gets +1 to her cannon rolls against any non-Spanish ship.

Capitan Ladron, the great-grandson of La Resolucion’s original capitan, and his ship are among the last vestiges of Spain’s former naval glory.

  • Collector's Number: 060
  • Faction Affiliation: Spain
  • Rarity: U
  • Type: Ship
  • Point Value: 13
  • Cargo Space: 3
  • Base Move: L
  • Cannons: 2S,2L,2L,2S
  • Number of Masts: 4
La Resolucion
I resolve to shoot things. A lot.

written by  Premium Member LV37
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General description:
Finally, the Spanish get a little love... "former naval glory" indeed, if the previous Spanish ships had been this good, there'd have been a lot less "former" in that "glory".

In other factions, World-Haters tend to be common, but up until recently Spain's only World-Hater was a hard-to-find promo, Almirante Devente del Niro. Fortunately, we're starting to see more and more Spanish ships with the World-Hater ability built in. Given the point values of other World-Haters, La Resolucion is a 9-point 4-masted gunship with a 4-point World-hating Ability... and that's pretty good bang for your buck.

Two words: ABRIR FUEGO!

Strategies and game play:
Shoot things. As many things as possible. You've got perfect guns, you've suffered at the hands of those smug fops with their Franklins and HMS Gallows long enough. In the words of Inigo Montoya, "There will be blood tonight!"

Combos with other miniatures:
A captain and a helmsman, obviously, but how do we add insult to injury with the remaining space? Add a crew-killing ability, SAT, and a reroller:

La Resolucion 13 [Link1]
- Almirante Carlos Pavón y Miranda 6 [Link1]
- Comandante Antonio de Silva 2
- Capitan Alarico Castro 3
- Helmsman 2
(Total: 26 points)

Slightly cheaper (23 points), you can switch Carlos and de Silva with Duque "Fonzie" and if you need a reroller link up Marcus Vaccaro.

If you want to strip a ship completely down to it's ribbing with one salvo:

La Resolucion 13
- Duque Alfonzo de Castilla 5
- Horacio Linares 2
- Kian Ng 4
(Total: 24 points)

Unfortunately, I can't figure out how to keep the helsman on there, just doesn't quite fit. Still, if anyone were dumb enough to get within range, a full volley would eliminate 4 masts, 4 cargo, and 1 crew.

Fleet-wise, you could combine La Resolucion with some other Spanish World-Haters, such as El Monte Cristo, La Tartessos (add Tariq/Murat or Horacio/Chang Po for comparable guns), and Luis Zuan/del Niro on Santo Columbo or El Leon.

Ways to counteract it:
Loudly announce, "Don't roll a one!" This will invariably cause the owner of La Resolucion to roll nothing but snake eyes.

Less reliable methods: Use abilities that prevent La Resolucion from shooting, such as: "cannot be shot at by ships within S", submerged sea monsters or submarines, or cancel her captain's free shoot action.


Weaknesses? Are you kidding? This thing needs to be bronzed or sealed in carbonite, it's so perfect. Well... okay. It is a *tad* slow, but nothing a helmsman can't fix.

Artwork and aesthetics:
Ok, enough with the crosses already, we get it. You'd think one per sail would be just fine, but no, now they're getting sprinkled around like tinsel on a Christmas tree. That swoopy-thing in front, though... nice touch. Overall... kinda meh, but... lookit the cannons! The cannons! Have you ever seen anything so beautiful...?

Overall rating:
10 points of pure romper el culo.


Modified on August 30, 2007 07:29 pm

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Discussion about this Miniature Review
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Author Message
United States

Avatar for vladsimpaler
Subject:    Posted: September 6, 2007 09:39 pm Reply with quote Report content icon

You have awesome reviews, darrin. xD
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darrin Premium Member
LV37 United States send message

Avatar for darrin
Member since
July 22, 2007
Subject:    Posted: September 7, 2007 11:14 am Reply with quote Report content icon

quote from vladsimpaler:

You have awesome reviews, darrin. xD

Thanks, although the lack of discussion has me worried... am I being too thorough that there is no discussion? Or is more discussion sparked when the review gets nominated for the weekly contest?

Of course, the real question here is how did I manage to review La Resolucion before *you* did, Vlad. Tsk tsk tsk.

Viva Espana!
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United States

Avatar for captain_arrr
Subject:    Posted: September 17, 2007 02:09 pm Reply with quote Report content icon

I have a couple of weaknesses:

Base speed L
Only 3 cargo

But a great review. That's pretty much the best you can go with the Resolucion.
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United States

Avatar for danomight
Subject:    Posted: September 18, 2007 11:49 am Reply with quote Report content icon

I've used that same combo with Miranda before to great effect, but I found it works better with a firepot specialist than de Silva (cheesy though it may be).
Great review of one of Spain's only hopes for offensive dominance.
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Avatar for lordstu
Subject:    Posted: March 7, 2009 07:36 pm Reply with quote Report content icon

"It is a *tad* slow, but nothing a helmsman can't fix."

...Or some well-placed Trade Currents!

Great review, i had forgotten about this ship.
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a7xfanben Premium Member
LV98 United States send message

Avatar for a7xfanben
Member since
June 27, 2011
Subject:    Posted: June 30, 2016 02:11 pm Reply with quote Report content icon

In hindsight, perhaps the Resolucion is not the best Spanish gunship in the game, but she comes close. I still think about that "OE Le Resculsion" sometimes.

Nice reviews darrin - not super long, but still engaging and informative.
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United States

Avatar for nrbailey
Subject: My experience   Posted: December 29, 2017 12:49 pm Reply with quote Report content icon

I put De Silva, and two fireboat specialists on this ship and BBQ-ed an enemy Divine Dragon with this, was rather fun.
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