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miniature review Count Dooku: Count Dooku

Miniature Review
Count Dooku: click to enlarge
Count Dooku

  • Faction: Separatist
  • Number: 33
  • Rarity: Very Rare
  • Cost: 52
  • Defense: 21
  • Attack: 16
  • Damage: 20
  • Item type: Miniature
  • Hit Points: 130
Count Dooku
Count Dooku

written by drawing2be
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Count Dooku is a great piece for any CIS player. In fact, he is one of the only significant force users in the seperatist faction. This miniature is one of my personal favorites and is heavily revered by me. He has expansive uses, and great attributes to help along the way. To begin this segment, I will scrutinize Dooku's stats, than move onto his abilities.

HP: Great hp for the seperatists. To today's standards it would be considered average, but when Clonestrike was first released this hp packed a punch. It is still very affective today, but not oustanding like General Windu or the esteemed Darth Bane. This hp will hold together against 10DM and 20DM attacks with ease. However, in a world of grenades and heavy weapons, you must use the Count wisely.
Defense : An outstanding defense, even for today's standards. This defense is above most common Jedi and almost every non-unique enemy. With the special ability of lightsaber duelist, this score is raised to an extreme of 25 DF. This is the highest defense in the game for a single character.
Attack: Again, not in the least dissappointing. An Attack of +16 is superb and is almost definitely going to give you alot of good hits. With attack like this Dooku will easily dispose of low level characters. Not many Jedi would be able to stand against him, save Mace and Yoda.
Damage: The damage is normal and expected. There is nothing redeeming here.

Special Abilities

Melee Attack

Double Attack: Very good for the offensive. However, in a new world ruled by Triple Attack, it is outmatched in effectiveness.
Lightsaber Duelist: A superb ability that grants Dooku a place as the most powerful dark Jedi. With this ability the aristrocrat's defense of 21 increases to 25, blocking the intense blows of super-powerful characters. This is probably the most redeeming thing about Dooku. In a recent battle, General Windu was pitted against Dooku, and they fought hand to hand in combat. The high defense helped blow off the powerful blows of Windu, who, however, eventually defeated him with a lucky critical hit.

Lighsaber Block: Great against powerful melee attacks. Worked wonders agianst Windu in close combat.
Lightsaber Precision: For a low cost, this attack is significant. Great for those last minute criticals.
Sith Lightning: Great power and worth the two points. The 30 damage is no longer as revered as it used to be, but it still is a force to be reckoned with.

Dooku is overall an exceptional piece. He does, however, have limitations that impede his prowess. The main problem is not Dooku himself but the whole CIS faction. He merely does not fit, according to point cost, into squads of droids. He relies on only himself, considering the only other matches in the faction to him are Aurra and Sidious. He wokrs better if placed with Sidious or Aurra. He is not like General Grievous who is versatile in his commandeering. If you are going to choose whether to play his old self or the Revenge version, it depends on your goal. If you are a loner, choose Dooku CS. If you want to share your power but lose some dignity, play Tyranus RS.
Nowadays any powerful Jedi master can counter him, but may have some difficulty defeating him. He still stands in the way of the Jedi as a major threat. He can be more easily targeted and defeated using large groups of grenaders, or a powerful bounty hunter like Boba Fett.


Superb Attack
Lightsaber Duelist
Sith Lightning
Lightsaber Block


hp (does not meet today's standards)
Double Attack (does not meet today's standards)
Lightsaber Precision (to weak)

Artwork is crafty and well-thought out. The lightning from the hand and the lightsaber from the other is appealing. The form of Dooku matches his statistics very well.

Overall rating:
This miniature at its time would be a 9; now it is an 8

The new Count Dooku would look something like this:

Count Dooku, Sith Lord

Defense: 21
Attack: +16
Damage: 20

Special Abilities

Triple Attack
Lightsaber Duelist (+4 defense against Uniques: target one allied character; this character gains Lightsaber Duelist as well)
Makashi (+2 defense against ranged attacks)
Instill Fear (Gains +2 initiative)

Force Powers

Lightsaber Block: Force 1; Block a melee attack and negate it
Lightsaber Deflect: Force 1; redirect a ranged shot back at its enemy for full DM
Sith Lightning: Force 2, range 6; 30 damage to 1 enemy and every enemy adjacent
Lightsaber Precision: Force 1; +10 damage on his next attack


Modified on June 26, 2013 06:09 pm

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