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miniature review Master Chief: A Blast at BBQs!!

Miniature Review
Master Chief: click to enlarge
Master Chief

  • Unit #: 300
  • Faction: USNC
  • Points: 150
  • Weapon: M7057 Defoliant Projector Flamethrower
  • Rarity: Rare
Master Chief
A Blast at BBQs!!

written by colringbk
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General description:
If you're like me, you wake up in the morning, put your armor on one leg at a time, and ponder the uncertainties of the day over a warm cup o' joe. But I'm here to tell you, that there's nothing that clears up the day like the M7057 Defoliant Projector Flamethrower. Sure, you may think, "But Master Chief, I can't carry a flamethrower AND a rifle AND grenades!" Well, don't take it from me. Ask this SPARTAN. He'll tell you to leave the other weapons behind! This is the only Covenant-destroyer you'll need. It toasts. It burns. It singes. All in one swift motion! And all in one low affordable price. Now with non-flammable stat card! Order Fast!!

This is a great tool inside and outside of the battle zone. Use it at cook-outs to impress your friends. Need to light your path? FWWOOOOSH! Instant daylight! Worried about infections on open wounds? No need for a first-aid kit when this handy tool is around.
But this tool isn't just for single enemies. It'll clear out a whole squad of Covvies. Every unit adjacent to the target of the burn can get the same amount of damage! Of course, it's meant for close combat, so get up there and light the fire!

Strategies and game play:
Carrying this tool brings about 150 points, which, even though I am a super-soldier kidnapped as a youth and trained to be an elite soldier augmented by performance-enhancing serums, its the limit that I can start a battle. And that doesn't leave much for the other soldiers to carry. So, I like to start with a smaller weapon, fewer points and as I get my kills, I can upgrade some tokens and pull this big mutha' out!

Combos with other miniatures:
You may not believe it, but I do rely on my fellow SPARTANS as well as, well, the other marines. Or who I like to call Redshirts, if you know what I mean. And, since I need to be really close for Ole Sparky to give its all, I need some backup. Anyone with a Sniper Rifle is really helpful, or a BR55. Oh, and don't forget to bring your very own Arbiter to the fight (sold separately).

Ways to counteract it:
Nothing aggravates me more than when Covvies spread out their troops or keep backing away! I try to convince them to get together, like a family photo.

What, you need more proof? How's this:
1. Burns more than one target at the same damage.
2. Has 3 modes of attack: Full Burst, Blast Back, and Expert Hit.
3. Spews out 3 damage points for several levels.
4. Cheap enough to start a battle with.
5. Comes with Master Chief's Seal of Approval.

1. You need to be close.
2. There are other weapons that can sport the damage for longer.
3. If only there were a Sniper Flamethrower.

Artwork and aesthetics:
When you order you get your choice of army green or, well, army green. But, this tool has some wicked shark teeth on it, reminds me of Trogdor. And, check out what you can do with the flamethrower!

Overall rating:
8 of 10. It loses a couple of points because its damage gets reduced faster than other heavy weapons, but it makes up for it with the multiple burnination.


Modified on January 3, 2013 11:42 pm

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United States

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Subject: That pyro is a Master Chief!   Posted: August 18, 2010 08:48 pm Reply with quote Report content icon

Haha, nice review. Fun to read and informative. It's a shame there aren't any more Halo Action-clix reviews, I might have to do some.
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