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miniature review DWF-VP-A 'Widowmaker' Daishi (Unique): This is one big power house of a mech!

Miniature Review
DWF-VP-A `Widowmaker` Daishi (Unique): click to enlarge
DWF-VP-A 'Widowmaker' Daishi (Unique)

  • Collector's Number: 28
  • Rarity: Super Rare
  • Type: Mech
  • Vents: 2
  • Point Value: 302
  • Attack Quantity: 2 / 2
  • Attack Type: Energy / Ballistic
  • Attack Range: 0-14 / 0-8
  • Faction Affiliation: MechWarrior Unaffiliated
DWF-VP-A 'Widowmaker' Daishi (Unique)
This is one big power house of a mech!

written by falcon1
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This Mech is one the best mechs for the Wolf Dragoons Forces because it belongs to one of the most famous mechwarriors of all time Natasha Kerensky. No one knows where she picked up her Daishi or when But after losing her warhammer this mech appeared
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Most effective as a Command mech
how you would use this miniature, or how you expect other people to use it

Keep this mech back and pummel the enemies from long range
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Use with the wolf spiders set as a command mech
identify other miniatures with which this one could make interesting combos

one way to counter this mech maybe to try and get in close with it and capture it or you can try to bomb it with artillery
how you think players can protect themselves against this miniature

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Artwork and aesthetics:
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if 1 is the lowest I personally would give this mech a 10 for just being a big powerhouse
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