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miniature review HMS Grand Temple: 'Never under estimate the power of the English'

Miniature Review
HMS Grand Temple: click to enlarge
HMS Grand Temple

Miniature text:

Junk. Pirate crew may use their abilities on this ship.

Admiral Kenyon made a great show of the Jade Rebellion surrendering this ship to his forces, and now uses her as his flagship to symbolize English power.

  • Collector's Number: 044
  • Faction Affiliation: England
  • Rarity: R
  • Type: Ship
  • Point Value: 15
  • Cargo Space: 3
  • Base Move: S+S
  • Cannons: 3S,3S,2L,2L,2L,2L
  • Number of Masts: 6
HMS Grand Temple
"Never under estimate the power of the English"

written by admiralh3ctor
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What I like about the boat is that he has a lot of masts to survive heavy fire. What I dislike about the ship is it is a higher chance an enemy would roll higher than a 2 on 4 out of 6 masts and it also only holds a little bit of cargo.When the english were being attacked at sea by Jade rebellion ships they were ordered to surrender their loot to their arch enemies. How the Jade army was winning because of their prized ship: HMS Grand Temple. Admiral Kenyon had to step in and stop the madness. The admiral thought of a great plan to do a midnight raid. After the raid the Admiral didn't found any cargo. But he got the most powerful ship of the Jade rebellion...........HMS Grand Temple. It symbolize how much power they had. For how good their art is that Jade Rebellion boats look more awesome than the other boats. 8 out of 10 for art.This ship for strategy is good for defending other ships that are under heavy fire.Weakness is for carrying cargo from islands. Strength is 4 out of 6 masts have far range cannons.


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First off, welcome to Miniature Trading! Some of the comments I'm about to say may seem harsh, but please understand that I'm just trying to offer useful advice that can help improve your reviews. It's not personal, so please don't take it personally.

All right, here we go.

First off, there have been several reviews (including a recent one) of the HMS Grand Temple. It's fine to review something that's already been reviewed, but if you do so try to offer information that isn't found in the other reviews. You can use the review search engine to find out if something's been reviewed already. The best review for the Grand Temple is probably the one by vladsimpaler, so you should read that review as a warm-up for writing your own.

Second, I'd strongly recommend keeping the section headings (General Description, Strategies and Game Play, etc.), because they make the review much nicer-looking and easier to read. I'd also recommend separating paragraphs with a space to make the review look even nicer. I'd rather not have to skim a "wall o' text" when reading a review.

Third, speculation on how the Grand Temple was captured (in the flavor text) isn't necessarily a bad idea. That said, it really doesn't affect gameplay at all, so if you do it make sure it isn't the main point of the review. I think you spent more time covering the ship's capture than you did on how to use the ship.

Finally, the main purpose of a review is to provide useful information that tells people how to use the unit being reviewed. This review was very light on suggested strategies. The Grand Temple can use English AND Pirate crew, so you should mention what crew would go well on the ship. If you don't know many crew, use the Miniature Trading card database or other reviews to look up what crew are out there.

Again, I'm not trying to be harsh, and I'm definitely not trying to attack you personally. I just want to help you write better reviews. I suggest you read the reviews selected as nominees for Review of the Week or those with at least a 4.00 average rating for an idea of what's considered a "good" review, and then use their strategies in your own writings. You'll be writing excellent reviews before you know it!
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