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miniature review Luke Skywalker's X-34 Landspeeder: Objective Killer

Miniature Review
Luke Skywalker`s X-34 Landspeeder: click to enlarge
Luke Skywalker's X-34 Landspeeder

  • Card/Unit Number: ship-10a
  • Rarity: Uncommon
  • Type: Ground Ship
  • Allegiance: None
  • Attack: +3
  • Defense: 11
  • Damage: 0
  • Shields: 1
  • Build Stars: 1
  • Icons:
Luke Skywalker's X-34 Landspeeder
Objective Killer

written by jaredpdmd
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General description:
A must have part of some classic fleet variations.

This basically has one use, and one use only, but it excels at it. As a 4 striker (3 ATK +1 for being a ground unit) it has a great chance to take out any objective it targets. It's high DEF and droid icon make it tough to kill

Strategies and game play:
This fits into a classic "Objective Rush" and / or "Droid Damage Reduction" build. They are hard to kill and cheap to bring back. Very deadly cannon fodder.

Combos with other miniatures:
I like to advance 2 of these in tandem with the Knik clan armored sandcrawler. These 3 ships can withstand a tremendous amount of damage. A good supporting deck of C-3PO's & Lock it Downs can buy you plenty of time to decimate the opponents objectives.

Battle of Hoth OBJ allows this to deal damage if in the same zone. If your opponent plays that OBJ, it can actually hurt their HZ defense more than it help's it.

Ways to counteract it:
Imperial Blockade in the CZ will slow it down, but not for long. Cards that deal damage automatically before or after the actual combat phase can kill it.

Cheap. Dangerous. Forces your opponent to deal with it. Not many 1 star ships can do that.

Doesn't deal Damage.
Factionless - doesn't gain Rebel card or OBJ bonuses

Artwork and aesthetics:
The model is awesome. It looks just like it does in the movies (Only tinier and made of plastic).

Overall rating:


Modified on June 20, 2011 08:15 am

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cleverpun Premium Member
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December 6, 2008
Subject:    Posted: November 3, 2010 10:22 pm Reply with quote Report content icon

Pretty good review; short and to the point.
The biggest problem with this unit besides the lack of damage is the 1 shield. I like my droid units to be repairable, in case you don't happen to draw a damage stopping card at the time it gets attacked. And since it doesn't do damage, people don't mind attacking it a lot!
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