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miniature review SPARTAN: You feelin' lucky, punk?

Miniature Review
SPARTAN: click to enlarge

  • Unit #: 002
  • Faction: USNC
  • Points: 75
  • Rarity: Common
You feelin' lucky, punk?

written by timberwulfe
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General description:
I like how if you move more than 4 spaces, you don't subtract 3 from its attack value. It comes in handy when you want to get dirty in the midst of your opponent's group.

Take out opposing weak units, and upgrade him whenever you can.

Strategies and game play:
Use the "Move and Attack" action to take advantage of his ability, just move him where he has cover.

Combos with other miniatures:
The Spartans armed with the Spnkr Rocket Launcher, and the Spartan armed with a Fuel Rod gun to protect him.

Ways to counteract it:
Take him out early, or if you are using Grunts like you use the Marines (as cannon fodder), you'll be hurting.

His "If you move more than 4 squares and attack, don't subtract 3 from the attack value" ability, and also the Quick-Swap ability comes in handy as well. If he gets injured (like a football player) you can swap him out, and he'll be safe for later.

His Quick-Swap ability doesn't come into play until his is down to his last 3 hits.
This becomes problematic. You wouldn't want one of your average attacking units to move, just to get run down, would you?

Artwork and aesthetics:
All I can say is this, "You feelin' lucky, punk?"

Overall rating:
10/10, good attacker, average defender. And also because this is my favorite unit.


Modified on June 21, 2013 05:04 pm

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