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miniature review Casabianca: Arronox's Invention

Miniature Review
Casabianca: click to enlarge

Miniature text:

"Secret Cargo 4, Run Silent"

  • Collector Number: 3
  • Rarity: C
  • Type: Submarine
  • Nation: FR
  • Year: 1939
  • Cost: 9
  • Speed: 1
  • Defense: 3 / 6 / 2
  • Attack: T:2 2 1
Arronox's Invention

written by mastercommander
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(This is for Colringbk's Contest)

General description:
February 14, 1870

Dear Journal,
I am writing all this down so that someday in the future a young bright mind may discover this and realize the genius and ingenuity of one man - namely, myself, with the knowledge and foresight of a certain Captain Nemo. (Who, I might add, is a vile, despicable worm of a man, despite his brilliant engineering skills.) This foresight has lead me to develop my own submersible, The Casabianca. Some people scoff at my ideas, saying I am too old to understand "real" science. Real science, I laugh. Me, who has gone on a journey beyond imagination, a journey of outstanding scientific discovery. A Journey that took me 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea.
With that in mind, I will say that my "Real Science" and discoveries about The Nautilus are what inspired me to create this wonderful sub. I hope that maybe someday it will be used in a world war, if one arises. Of course, the scholars laugh at this theory as well.

~Prof. Pierre Arronox

June 10, 1870

Dear Journal,
The testing of my submarine went extremely well. I was very very pleased with the results. I have built in a secret hold to protect the cargo of the ship, as well as specially designed engines to make the ship run silently. Being France's only submersible is a downfall, however I'm sure that the idea will catch on within the next 100 years. My Casabianca can be used as a support ship, holding back behind the warships or sniping down targets.


Strategies and game play:
July 1, 1870

Dear Journal,
I have decided to wait until the year 1939 to release the prototype of my sub, and until all my adversaries are dead. Seems like all of France is against me...By then the whole field of warfare will have changed, I guess, and this ship will be more useful in combat. I am already planning the strategies to use with it. Perhaps to sit behind blockades of ships and then pop out and fire. Or maybe to dart in the midst of a battle, firing torpedos at anyone within range.

~P. Arronox

Combos with other miniatures:
July 4, 1870

Dear Journal,
Those foul Americans were celebrating their independence today, cheering so loud I could hear them across the Atlantic. It gave me a headache. It is of my opinion that France should have left them to suffer in the hands of England back in 1776. Perhaps then we would have peace. Ahem...
Anyways, back to my invention. Sadly, it is France's only submarine, and so it is impossible to team it up with another French one. French battleships can do nicely, preferably swift ones that can make up for the Casabianca's slowness.

~Prof. Arronox

Ways to counteract it:
July 31, 1970

Dear Journal,
I have discovered a flaw in my design. Sadly, the specially-built engines have sound-reducing propellers that do not propel this ship forward as quickly as anticipated. A faster ship could easily catch up to it and blast it to shreds.

~Prof. Pierre Arronox

Good Attack
France actually has a sub!
Relatively cheap

Can you say slooooowww?

Artwork and aesthetics:
August 20, 1870

Dear Journal,
I have finished decorating the interior of the sub. Definitely looks nicer than the outside.


Overall rating:
7/10 and Jules Verne would be happy



Modified on June 17, 2013 04:51 pm

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Author Message
United States

Avatar for colringbk
Subject:    Posted: February 19, 2011 10:10 am Reply with quote Report content icon

This was really fun to read. I like the Journal entry ideas for each section. However, being a Verne fan, I find it hard to read Arronax being so malicious sounding. But, thats a side view of mine.

This really was nice. Interesting on how you comment on the interior of the sub looking better than the outside. Very clever.

I gave you a 5 for the pure ingenuity of this. You should have, though, commenting on the attack ability of the submarine, like its range. And the Casabianca, like all submarines, is slow, but there are ships that have abilitites like "Slow 1" which forces the player to roll a die to discover if that ship has a -1 to its movement that turn. Thankfully, no subs have that to my knowledge.

Great job. You should promote this review.
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United States

Avatar for ned_lands
Subject:    Posted: February 21, 2011 04:36 pm Reply with quote Report content icon

MasterCommander! pretty good bro!
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