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miniature review Mimic (Unique): Imitate this!

Miniature Review
Mimic (Unique): click to enlarge
Mimic (Unique)

  • Collector's number: 86
  • Rarity: 6
  • Team Ability: X-Men
  • Point Value: 87
  • Powers: Running Shot, Charge, Leap, TK, Toughness, Barrier, Energy Shield Deflection, RCE
Mimic (Unique)
Imitate this!

written by alpha_omega
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General description:

Ah yes, the imitable Mr Calvin Montgomery Rankin, better known as the Mimic. (Circa Uncanny X-Men #19, first appearance.) He was the first character to be added (and 'added' being a polite euphemism for 'blackmailed into acceptance') to the team after the original line-up, and the first X-Man who was not an actual mutant. Calvin is a 'Jersey boy', who, like a lot of the characters in the comics, got his powers the old fashioned way; by accident. In this case, by an accidental exposure to chemicals mixed up by his father Ronald Rankin. I submit this review of him in honor of his point ranking; nee 87 points, as the 87th review posted here.

The exact level of his abilities to this day are still a matter for some conjecture, but it is a known fact that this clixed version of the character would have to have the powers of the original 5 X-Men [Cyclops, Beast / pre-fur, Marvel Girl - Jean Grey, Angel, Ice Man] and also Professor X of that time period, as these were assumed to have been permanently absorbed. I have to say that, in addition to his being a son of Jersey, I have always had a liking of this guy, as he combined a lot of the powers that I favored in the comics in 1 guy - though his being a bit of an irritant, and bad-guy, does tend to level out that like to a bit less than complete, I must admit.

Like my last review of the character Titania from CT, this review of Mimic is for posterity more than anything - and maybe in the forlorn hope that WK might just start to catch on that it is long since time for some upgrades. The character is, for all intents and purposes, outdated beyond any real use, other than thematic. While his numbers and abilities are near spot on (see below however), he is not in any way capable of standing to-to-toe with any of the modern age characters for anything other than an opening click situation. He is basically mere support after his top click, and dangerously fragile in that role in the arena of the modern game. His numbers across the board from click #3 - 6 are so woefully low that they beg to have him be taken out in a single hit in most cases (though he still can break Imp/Inv if he can manage to hit, ha ha). His movement is actually kind of stellar, for his first 2 clicks, even in today's game, as well as his range being good, but again, that means little if the balance of his stuff stinks.

So we come to it again; why the heck bother with a review of such an inadequate piece? For the sheer fact that he is lucky to have made it into the game at all, in this day of the massive repeated reissue of the same 25 - 30 or so characters in every set these days. I would love to see even clix of this sad caliber being issued, rather than getting 40 Batman's, Superman's, Spidey's, etc. I mean, come on already, how many of the prime guys do we need? Especially when they are sad representations of them to begin with. It is time that the 'meat' of the respective universes got their clix due. But I rant....


As alluded to above, I do not see any real usefulness other than for thematic purposes. He does have great support/taxi uses, and that top click makes him a good ranged attacker, but watch out for that first hit - it is all downhill from there...

Strategies and game play:

This guy, while tentative, is no easily ignored piece. As I said, he can break Imp/Inv on a lot of his dial - it is just highly unlikely he can do so, without help. If he is paired with the right assistance, and kept out of harms way, he can be a real asset. It is just that keeping him out of the way that is the key factor. (Putting it in the simplest terms; he is an easy 87 points to anyone who knows the game well enough to see it.)

Combos with other miniatures:

If you were to use him as a Taxi for a really heavy-hitting Brick, he could be a great help, but again, he is just begging to draw fire in that case too.

Ways to counteract it:

Too many to really go into. Read the above, you'll get the idea.


His movement and range is above average in today's game. His capability to break Imp/Inv is not to be taken lightly - just his ability to actually use that power is in question.

Weaknesses/Cons: See above.

Artwork and aesthetics:

His sculpt is one of the better ones, though his lack of the uniform of the period, as well as the lack of Cyclops' visor on the figure, makes for a bit of a let-down. Otherwise, I find the sculpt is actually the best part of the figure.

Overall rating:

I would rate him at a '4'. If we go on sculpt alone, a '5'. He is a great piece, nostalgia-wise, and I am glad we have him, be he needs a solid remake to play in the big-boy league.


Modified on February 2, 2014 02:47 pm

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