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miniature review Mister Mind (Unique): Why'd it have to be bugs lord?

Miniature Review
Mister Mind (Unique): click to enlarge
Mister Mind (Unique)

  • Collector's number: 88
  • Rarity: Rare
  • Team Ability: Superman Enemy
  • Point Value: 68
  • Powers: "MCtl, Will, Pplx"
Mister Mind (Unique)
Why'd it have to be bugs lord?

written by alpha_omega
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OR #088 for the 88th review posted here.

I think I am going to change things up for this review and just tell 'The Story' for this guy - the telling will explain it all.

First, I ran this guy just once. I made up an anti-superman team for my venues Origins tourney. This guy was obviously part of that squad.

(The other figure I had was the Icons Lex Luthor, and 2 protect-ed's, 1 on each, and a pog.)

I forget the full team that I was facing, but the match basically came down to Mister Mind for me & an OR Experienced Supergirl for my opponent.

Let me back up and first say that my foe brought down his wrath and leveled Lex early - not an unsuspected action. However, from then on the 'worm turned' and I basically used bug to destroy his moral by eliminating 3 of his 4 man force by mind controlling Supergirl on 4 of 6 turns and using her as a 'board of correction' to my opponents belief system.

He tried desperately for 10 turns to hit The Bug's '19' Defense to no avail, 5 times with the same figure. I lasted about 32 minutes in the game with just The Bug, whittling down his team to just Supergirl, and his composure as well, as he uttered several expletives repeatedly each time he rolled and missed the '19' he needed to shut Bug down. The fun was awesome, I finally had a game where I was in the cat-bird seat. Of course, once he had no one left to mind control, it was just a matter of time until his dice evened out and he put Bug in the jar for good.

Still, it was one of the most memorable games I ever played and no one ever looked at The Bug the same at our venue.

I love the figure, the sculpt, and the playability of the piece. It is an overall solid '7' for me, and that applies to today's level of game as well as then. I would give him a little more love, if they were to remake him and give him a little more to work with, but he's good as is.


Modified on July 14, 2013 04:51 am

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