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miniature review Armadillo: The Villain - Hero, Villain - Hero, Villain?

Miniature Review
Armadillo: click to enlarge

  • Collector's number: 036
  • Rarity: Rare
  • Team Ability: Marvel Unaffiliated
  • Point Value: 89
  • Keywords: Animal, M.O.D.O.K.'s 11
The Villain - Hero, Villain - Hero, Villain?

written by alpha_omega
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General description:

Armadillo, Antonio Rodriguez, is one of those interesting characters from Marvel that has walked both sides of the line since his inception. I actually have his first appearance, Captain America #308, and he kind of captured favor with me as of that episode. Not only that, but he also took on the West Coast Avengers, another comic I collected from inception, and was a favored one at the time. Armadillo the character, like the heroclix piece itself, is really just a secondary character - 'window dressing' for the comic universe itself. In that vein, however, he shines like all the other such characters that we still have yet to get clix of; he is an essential part of the Marvel Universe that lends it soul, a life's blood so to speak. Let me try to explain.

Armadillo was one of the individuals who Dr Karl Malus turned into a super-villain. From there Armadillo went back and forth from villain to hero to bum to villain to hero to villain - you get the picture. This trend in his life was sparked, like so many other men in history, by the love - or lack thereof - of the women in his life. While it gained him some slack with the hero's he ran up against, it essentially assured that he was never to get a break.

In any event, the point is that Armadillo is as human as a 9 foot tall armadillo looking bad-guy can be. As such, he is readily identifiable to those who read the comics as someone that any of us might wind up as, if our shoes were to have fallen on the others feet. He is a tragic figure, like any of us see ourselves at times, and, with all of his foibles, he can still find a place in our hearts, if only to share misery with.

Armadillo the Heroclix oddly enough kind of follows the basic precepts of the character himself. It is a low-level threat that can be used to either great effect - if your lucky - or it can drag down a team by not coming through in the clinch. His average numbers across the board belie his "super-villain" status, and almost harken him to that common man he so often resembles in the comics - armadillo appearance aside. For the 89 point investment he commands (and the reason he is being offered as the 89th figure review), he fills the bill adequately, though not overtly. He has move and attack ability, damage reducers, and damage addition ability that makes him a basic brick. His numbers are not going to overly worry anyone - except perhaps those who cannot make Impervious rolls that is.

He is a figure that I was waiting for, and, given his dial, do not think that he was overly worth the wait. He is not a major asset to any team, more of a decent harasser in my opinion, and other than theme, is not completely worth the 89 points he costs - maybe if he was a little less expensive, say 70 points, he would be an asset to any team that could use a low level brick to round it out. Still, I am very glad he finally saw the clix light; like so many others of his ilk, he HAD to be made.

Why you ask? With such a half-hearted review? Because he is part of the HEROclix world, and deserves to be made. Hello Kitty(HK)? PULease! All these weird and useless additions to the Heroclix line need to be assigned their own appellations. They are NOT HEROclix. They may be clix, but not HEROclix. The fact that we have gotten so few of the actual characters that make up the rich environments of DC, Marvel, and the independent comic hero's, is only exacerbated by the insults of adding things like HK to the franchise. I cannot stress this fact enough to cover the ire it instills.

All that said, I will still look for a way to field this guy in some squad in the near future, he deserves it.

Uses: - As I mentioned above, the only real use of this guy I myself might employ is as part of a theme team - MODOK's 11 or Animal in this case. Maybe - and its a big stretch - I might throw him on a non-theme squad just to create a comic accurate team, such as when he teamed up with Puma & Nightshade [a team I will post shortly]. Others may feel the need to use him for his brick factor, perhaps due to his BCF as well.

Strategies and game play: - Armadillo is not a figure to ignore. He may not have stellar numbers, and not be able to run around the board to major effect, but he can really hurt figures if given the chance. His ability to break Impervious/Invulnerability on every clix is no joke. Granted his numbers are so average as to inspire overconfidence, but that can actually play right into his hands, err, claws.

Combos with other miniatures: - He really needs back-up to be effective. Without it, his 89 point price tag is gonna cost you in the end. A Taxi with the ability to get him where he needs to be can make all the difference. TK, at the least, is essential.

Ways to counteract it: - His lack of speed and real mobility is a detriment. His low Defense numbers, and mediocre rest of his dial are not going to impress anyone - not in today's game. A simple Outwit and tactical placement is all that's required to hamstring him, or flat-out finish him. {Just watch out for those BCF's clix, they can really sting, lol.

Strengths/Pros: - See above.

Weaknesses/Cons: - See above.

Artwork and aesthetics: - For all the whatever, he does kind of capture the look and feel of the character - though the "opening the door" pose is really lame. Even the pose above would have been better, if also less than thrilling. For my money, I would have preferred seeing him slicing through a wall or some thing, rather than the lack-luster pose he got. Ah well, such is the lameness of WK for the nonce.

Overall rating: - I would give Armadillo a solid 5. He is useful to a degree and like I said, I had wanted to see him made, so they get kudos for that. He is not the where-all and end-all of sculpts or dials, but he is fun to have. When it comes down to it; what more needs to be said, when I can go on and on about a second string character for this long. As the big man would say; "Nuff said".


Modified on December 31, 2013 02:45 am

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