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miniature review Le Terrible: Fantasque

Miniature Review
Le Terrible: click to enlarge
Le Terrible

Miniature text:

High-Speed Run

  • Collector Number: 4
  • Rarity: C
  • Type: Ship
  • Subtype: Destroyer
  • Nation: FR
  • Year: 1939
  • Cost: 9
  • Speed: 2
  • Defense: 2 / 7 / 2
  • Attack: M0:5 M1:5 M2:4 M3:0 / A0:5 A1:0 A2:0 A3:0 / D0:2 D1:2 D2:1 D3:0 / T0:2 T1:2 T2:1 T3:0
Le Terrible

written by  Premium Member LV18
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General description:
Part of the French destroyer class Fantasque, Le Terrible and her sister ships, Fantasque, and Malin were created in 1933. Le Terrible became the faster ship ever in 1935 when she hit 45.1 knots. She entered battle soon after with her sister ships. Due to the speed of these ships, they were sent on the task on capturing convoy ships like the German Santa Fe in 1939. When France fell in 1940, the Germans took control of the Fantasque class ships and put them to battle in the Battle of Mers-el-Kebir where she exited the harbor and started to fire torpedoes on the bigger ships of the British Fleet. The Germans recalled her before she could do too much in order to guide the Strasbourg to Toulon. She was also involved in the Battle of Dakar in September of 1940. Then, after Operation Torch, The Fantasque class was taken back by the allies where in 1943, she got a refitting in Boston to get two radars, a new ASDIC, new anti-air weaponry among other improvements. This reclassified her as a "light-cruiser" class and she was sent back to the Mediterranean for warfare. She took part in Allied invasion of Italy, bombarding shore targets and repelling German planes. in December of 1943, she landed 250 men in Ajaccio. In 1944, she formed the 10th Light Cruiser Division along with her sister-ships Fantasque and Malin, attacking Axis convoys in swift night actions in the Adriatic Sea. In August, she took part in Operation Dragoon, the Allied invasion of south France. In December, she was heavily damaged in a collision with the Malin, which left her under repair until 1945. After the war, Le Terrible was put in the reserve, and reclassified as a "swift escort" to match NATO standards. She served as an escort to the French carriers La Fayette, Bois Belleau, and Arromanches. In 1956, she was used as a training ship in Brest. Eventually she would be decommissioned and scrapped June 1962.

This is a very underrated ship in the eyes of Axis and Allies. It should be a lot better than what they show it to be and have more bonuses on the bottom. It's good for long distance torpedo attacks and probably a good addition to a balanced French Fleet.

Strategies and game play:
French fleet=Awesome addition. Also, it has a speed of 3 once per game which can be helpful with luring ships out of their comfort zone to pick them off with 2 range torpedo attack

Combos with other miniatures:
Good addition to French fleet. Very good in combination with a heavy cruiser and submarine to be a formidable force vs. a Battleship. If you have it with two other good torpedo destroyers, it can do heavy damage against anything, especially if one of them has sub hunter.

Ways to counteract it:
Due to the weakness the Axis and Allies company unjustly gave this ship, it is pretty weak against anything heavier than itself. That, and it is pretty useless in the 3 range.

-Good main gunnery of 5:5:4
-Can go speed 3 once per game
-Great torpedo attacks
-Low cost for a heavy Destroyer

-Mediocre defense
-If you use speed 3, can't claim initiative
-Weak armor of 2:7:2
-Can't fire from range 3

Overall rating:
5. It's a destroyer, but a hell of a good destroyer seeing it's French


Modified on October 1, 2014 04:30 am

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Avatar for lt_v
Subject:    Posted: October 1, 2014 04:30 am Reply with quote Report content icon

As a destroyer it is better then average, it needs to be compared against other destroyers to determine its true value. Good review
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